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My husband spoils me! ELIZABETHBECK1 14 PATRICIA-CR
5/19/18 9:55 A
I encourage anyone starting to exercise, especially young (I'm 66) to use Jessica Smith walking tape BUTTERFLYRFR1 4 DIGER718
5/18/18 6:55 P
Before at 55 years old. After, I will be 68 on May 25! Yesterday, I celebrated 7 Years of Maintainin MIRAGE727 269 MADEINBRITAIN
5/18/18 3:54 A
I thought this was FUNNY, if this offends "You Know Who You Are", please just move on. RD03875 12 75HEALTHYME
5/16/18 7:30 P
Ask me about Keto!! 11 months in, 370 lbs, to 211. QUADDAWG 145 CSROBERTSON621
5/14/18 9:36 P
This mornings hike pretty good I think for a 51 year old woman. HOLLYLPRINCE 7 HOTPINKCAMARO49
5/12/18 3:59 P
Got serious with my keto way of eating and it's working. Down about 2lbs. Yay! SHARONB76 12 I-AM-TITANIUM
5/12/18 2:44 A
I made carb free cloud bread. AFITHIAN 11 GGRSPARK
5/9/18 1:08 P
Joined by a pair of coyotes on our walk today. So... I cut it short. I rarely see them in this clos AMYINTHEWILD 10 B_RAZORSHARP
5/4/18 10:29 P
Hi everyone, I'm diabetes and I need to loss 60lbs. It's so hard. TXCHERRERA19 25 KATHLEENVIB
5/4/18 2:18 P
So beautiful day here in Ky. Took a nice hike, tripped over a snake and found 3 ticks on me so yea p HOLLYLPRINCE 4 HOLLYLPRINCE
5/2/18 10:09 P
I love this idea. Why not just have a section of the train for yourself. Why wait for a party? We CA PAUTCHES1950 20 WLHOPE
5/2/18 10:37 P
Finally winter is over. Got to hit the trail and get seven miles in. HOLLYLPRINCE 4 SMALLERMELORIE
5/1/18 1:29 P
4-30-18 I didn't Eat Any Sugar Today ANNAMAY2018 10 JULIENSMITH
5/1/18 9:43 A
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was walking my dog Flash. How about you? SPARKGUY 100 XERXESTHEGREAT
5/8/18 3:32 P
Hope everyone has a blessed day. HOLLYLPRINCE 18 SMALLERMELORIE
5/8/18 10:16 A
Got this as a gift today for getting totally off diabetes medication. It's glass with an organic bam KWEENIE1971 13 HOLLYLPRINCE
4/26/18 5:09 P
It's a beautiful day here at Yosemite Park for a hike. SANDYOBESO 45 PWILLOW1
4/24/18 9:05 P
Yoo hoo surgery caused a 50 pound weight gain to all my hard work but reached the halfway point toda HOLLYLPRINCE 4 ORTATK
4/24/18 8:14 A
When you ask your nonverbal autistic son what he wants for dinner, and he pulls out Ramen noodles ou ST3PH 31 JEN-JENG
4/19/18 7:59 P
Lunch salmon salad wrap, grapes and crisps I made a ww courgette cake which I will post on my blog T LUCYH75 10 LUCYH75
4/20/18 2:31 A
I just read the success story of a man losing 90 lbs running. Very inspirational, however, even when KWEENIE1971 13 KWEENIE1971
4/20/18 11:58 A
My Easter Cake was a huge hit this year, I’m proud SHANDRA49 227 SASSYSUZAZ
4/19/18 8:16 P
Good Morning... BEZZYWIFEY 46 CGARR442
4/17/18 7:54 P
#keto #lowcarb homemade wrap for pizza crust. I love these way better than fathead pizza dough. http DEEO12 20 BCROWLEY1
4/17/18 11:17 P
Rainbow: tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pineapple, lettuce (and Brussels sprouts later), blueberries, and *GINA* 12 JHADZHIA
4/16/18 12:18 A
I made zoodles with pepper,onions,mushrooms, tomatoes, spegghetti sauce and mozzralla for dinner ton WALTSGIRL74 23 JHADZHIA
4/16/18 12:09 A
Saw this challenge posted last night and thought it would be a perfect way to amp-up my SP program a TRYINGINTEXAS 24 TRYINGINTEXAS
4/15/18 4:35 P
My Sister may be in her last hours. Hospice has given Carolyn 3 day's, maybe. We'll be with her toni BEVERLY1501 269 LRJUSTUS1
4/9/18 11:54 A
my lunch dessert RADIOWIFE 20 BILLTHOMSON
4/7/18 8:53 P
Discovered PB2 powered peanut butter. Low calories and low fat makes it easy to add to protein shake JUDY4FITNESS 10 HOLLYLPRINCE
4/5/18 10:07 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 66 REGILIEH
3/31/18 8:48 P
create your own happiness.. lol😂😂😂 GAMMYB18 15 MWHIGGINS
3/31/18 10:15 A
Ok looks like Keto has me heading back down, super excited. Surgery and severe back problems sabotag HOLLYLPRINCE 13 BLH507
3/30/18 2:46 P
Joined the gym yesterday and today i got my hubby to go with me. He hasnt been supportive at all dur BFOSTER616 9 CINDEQUIZ
4/7/18 2:37 P
Lost a lot of weight even met my goal but had surgery and gained 50 back, started Keto 3 weeks ago HOLLYLPRINCE 2 PATJOONWW
3/25/18 9:09 A
WooHoo! Down 33lbs! Half way to goal ... doing my Happy Dance with the Kitchen Wolves! JUSTFURKIDS 141 TMP0418
3/26/18 2:49 P
What an Easter tree! I can just imagine how delighted kids would be to see this. KILTORE 25 MORTICIAADDAMS
3/23/18 10:45 A
#Keto at Kroger ? ? ? Kroger's Carb Master Yogurt (80 cals. 4carbs, 3g sugar, 12g protein) Healthy JUSTFURKIDS 16 JUSTFURKIDS
3/18/18 8:42 P
Ok pretty new to Keto for a lifestyle change. I’m really doing well with far. Anyone else do HOLLYLPRINCE 3 HOLLYLPRINCE
3/15/18 3:58 P
My husband said one and I say as many as I can without vomiting. KILTORE 33 MORTICIAADDAMS
3/16/18 10:45 A
Take notes to the grocery store and place them next to tempting foods not on your list but you still KILTORE 15 MOGLO61
3/15/18 5:28 P
Trying to find my new normalHave you ever been through something so heartbreaking that it breaks you ANGEL275 6 JENNABEAR2020
3/15/18 4:31 P
3/15/18 8:35 P
This is my favorite flavor!! What's yours? 🍧 FYTGURL 18 FYTGURL
3/15/18 1:58 P
New Neighbors Moo-ving In! Just love seeing the little ones frolic like puppies. Nope don't want to JUSTFURKIDS 16 HOLLYM48
3/13/18 1:01 P
Bahahaha! TARADAWNEM 16 SAMMYW1992
3/9/18 12:00 A
3/5/18 2:59 P
O yes I think I am back to normal. Did my normal walking 4 miles in a hour after being give the gree HOLLYLPRINCE 2 GAILYPOO
2/26/18 8:13 P
It all starts with what I put in my fridge!😘 FITSISTA79 80 SILKYSLIM48
2/22/18 9:10 A
Beautiful day for February in Kentucky so I took advantage by taking a 3 mile hike at Cumberland Fal HOLLYLPRINCE 13 MIYAMO
2/19/18 10:17 P
Going on 6 months, addiction free from something I AMYMBUNCH 66 ZRIE014
2/16/18 1:10 A
2/16/18 3:47 P
Why o why couldn’t it have been a basket of fruit??? Now the question is do I want to waste 100 calo HOLLYLPRINCE 15 APRIL7832
2/13/18 9:51 P
430 calories 30 shrimp, onion and mixed greens with lemon garlic avocado oil TMP0418 27 -POOKIE-
2/14/18 6:16 A
I thought this was cute. Just about sums it up. LJKSHS 12 MUSTANGMOM6
2/13/18 9:00 P
2/13/18 4:11 P
Waiting List for a Spring Challenge Team Closed LOSINGLINNDY 161 SLEEPINGBLOOTY
3/20/18 6:10 P
February is a month of healing and celebration so even if it’s cold and raining I feel blessed today HOLLYLPRINCE 3 LINDASOUTHER
2/10/18 12:39 P
Finding Myself a day of reflection......a year ago a book I wrote got published I only tell this bec HOLLYLPRINCE 3 ETHELMERZ
2/8/18 2:58 P
Posted a photo LATEASHA2 21 DAKOTAGRL852
2/3/18 2:31 A
1/31/18 11:59 P
Ok just a quick question? I am wanting imput on Keto? Anyone use that lifestyle change as a means of HOLLYLPRINCE 5 HOLLYLPRINCE
1/28/18 4:53 P
Couples who lose together stay together! AELICIAJEAN 134 MIYAMO
1/28/18 7:47 P
Posted a photo WATSONSL06 78 ESCHULLER22
1/26/18 1:57 P
I weighed 250 my highest ,weigh 226,my goal is to lose 111 more lbs. Hopefully by next yr. Im trying MISTYTRACEY 15 POKEY4321
1/15/18 6:21 P
Which emoticon describes you today? MSHELEN21 9473 TWEETYKC00
2/24/18 3:32 P
I'm concerned about losing my SPARK...SO... CATHOLICCORGI 125 BECCABOO127
1/5/15 9:33 P