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It's been 12 days since hernia surgery. I'm still mostly in bed and in pain. I'm happy for how my ea MARANATHAS17 7 MARANATHAS17
5/16/19 7:49 P
There are two parts to determining how well you maintain your motivation. Reasons to keep going or ANNALISSAS 6 LDB122012
5/15/19 8:15 P
Just amazing to see just how important it is to log every single bite. I am always eating much more NEEDBU66 14 SCHECK5
5/15/19 8:08 P
Sat with my friend today 😍 His Pastor's came by CINDY247 16 PATRICIA-CR
5/16/19 11:28 A
Needing prayers for my 13 year old daughter (turns ST3PH 278 LOVEKOLE17
5/16/19 3:51 P
Two days ago it has been 4 months since I started this journey. 32 pounds down! 1st with coat was ta MISSYJ0507 141 LE_SIGH
5/14/19 6:54 A
The best dessert hummus recipe... MIAMI_LILLY 14 LUCKEE50
5/14/19 9:42 P
Happy Mother's Day πŸ’ Wishing everyone a fabulous day. Had an amazing day enjoying the blossoming ou LRJUSTUS1 21 GZELLEFRO
5/13/19 7:29 P
Happy Mother's Day to all the spark moms SCHECK5 3 GZELLEFRO
5/13/19 7:29 P
I just want to wish all you Mothers out there a wonderful Mother's Day. And also all you women tha FLUTTERFLI 4 JROCABRUSHPHOTO
6/26/19 12:16 A
5/14/19 1:14 P
HI #foodfeats ANHELIC 4 SPEDED2
4/26/19 9:16 P
I had a horribly stressful afternoon and that’s usually a time where I would binge. But I’m happy to DRBENGSCH2021 23 LINOVER
4/26/19 10:04 P
Got back to water aerobics today :) AFWWTX 17 HOTPINKCAMARO49
4/26/19 10:08 P
Hydrated. Yes. #h2whoa TOMATOCAFEGAL 4 RDCAGAIN10
4/27/19 9:27 A
Small success but feel sooooo good. I had my husband to check the scale as I couldn't believe it; I MOMTOLJ 8 ALLYLIZZY
4/26/19 11:37 P
I didn’t feel like working out today, but thankfully my husband convinced me to workout with him!! I IRMATUTON 15 ALLYLIZZY
4/26/19 11:35 P
The 11 miles I walked and ran today brings me over AMYINTHEWILD 20 JAY61
4/27/19 7:54 A
Bike ride with my little one Saturday morning! KIMMYG420 4 DLDMIL
4/8/19 6:49 P
83.4 pound difference 19 months and counting πŸ˜‰ Do you see that collarbone yippee 😁 Love yourself TMP0418 85 MIRAGE727
4/9/19 7:16 P
Not losing weight as fast as I want but something in better than nothing 😊 _K_OTA 76 REYNAJUST4KIX
4/8/19 3:14 P
Happy Monday spark family 😁 let's reach our goals TMP0418 90 NIKO27
4/8/19 4:58 P
Happy Monday everyone!! I should have gotten some memory foam shoes a long time ago πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ HELLOHOLLY76 113 HEALIN1
4/8/19 3:21 P
Was 300, now 219. Every pound lost is significant. I love updating my visual trackers in my kitch SCRIMP1 129 KNEESOCKS1945
4/8/19 5:23 P
#BeforeAndAfter MAHEDAGO 239 123THERESA123
4/21/19 8:31 A
OFFICIALLY ENTERED ONEDERLAND! I have not been under 200 I think back for at least 40 years... I adm SLIMMER150 119 RUGBUG95
4/8/19 5:02 P
This amazingly beautiful & gracious couple has become our almost daily guests to swim by our back ya DEM-TOM 69 CLOUDWALKING
3/27/19 10:41 P
Today’s unanticipated gift: I can button my velvet overcoat and it stays together! Progress. FLOWERBELLELEE 27 CLOUDWALKING
3/27/19 10:39 P
Just under 300 calories Rutabaga, broccoli, shrimp, garlic, onion, homemade sauce and parmesan chee TMP0418 32 SUNNYWORKOUT30
3/30/19 1:17 A
3/28/19 5:03 A
I finished my granny square blanket today. I love how it turned out. This is for my in-laws. I ho POOBUS 41 CLOUDWALKING
3/27/19 10:34 P
How I feel when I break a streak! I failed to log-in one day last week and broke 175 day streak. I BBDELTA 28 QSHEPP
3/27/19 10:35 P
Did a 20 minute walk outside. I'm a week post surgery, but the walking exercise will keep me from h LAPPEROO 3 PATRICIA-CR
3/26/19 1:11 P
Hoping everyone is having a great day! My back is still complaining so I have been taking it easy. S GHELBY 19 GPALMER2019
3/25/19 9:56 P
3/26/19 2:15 A
Just back from our afternoon walk on this bright and sunny day. Still a bit chilly. The Cooper-dog LESLIELENORE 25 CHERIRIDDELL
3/26/19 1:16 A
New to SP! I gotta make this weight loss thing happen. I know *what* to do, but the motivation and s JOA629M 38 AMYDEES
3/25/19 7:50 P
#foodfeats JELLEBEANS 14 _RAMONA
3/26/19 2:14 A
Last year at this time I was still in the early months of my weight loss journey. I am so happy tha SWORTHING6 53 C_LEIGH
3/27/19 8:39 P
BOO HOO for a week no exercising stay off it as much as possible CHERRYZMB60 26 LIZZIE138
3/19/19 7:58 P
Posted a photo LOVELLFLOWERS 8 KMMR87
3/19/19 5:49 P
Long walk today ! INKBUD 15 REYNAJUST4KIX
3/19/19 8:11 P
Left: chaperoning Prom 2014 (about 30 lbs lighter than my heaviest weight, spanx and girdle in actio WINDMILLS18 170 SILNEA
3/20/19 5:30 A
I had a bad start with rain Monday, good start Tuesday and again today. I finished a virtual Boston ANGDAV45 4 GEORGE815
3/13/19 5:07 P
Went to Nashville for a long weekend and, aside from the first day, did a good job of sticking to my NANCYANNE55 9 EO4WELLNESS
3/14/19 1:52 A
Awesome really tough workout today. GRATTECIELLA 15 CHERIRIDDELL
3/14/19 1:23 A
Walk in La Sorrueda, Las Palmas CGARR442 8 FLASUN
3/14/19 5:17 A
Onderland is right around the corner for me! πŸ€―πŸ’ƒπŸŽ‰β€οΈ Thank you all for the encouragement. Everytime JORIEFM 48 JOC36BROWN
3/13/19 8:10 P
#BeforeAndAfter Good morning spark family happy hu TMP0418 242 NVRGIVINGUP
3/25/19 2:48 A
Pretty much πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ CAROLINAGIRL69 33 SMALLERMELORIE
3/11/19 5:20 P
March break for the kids. Started my day with an awesome 2 hour (6 km) hike with the family. Fresh s KIBBGIRL 24 COOKWITHME65
3/11/19 7:38 P
Just got home from an hour work out and having a banana, avocado, and blueberry smoothie. My after w LITTLEBABIES18 10 OOKLATHEMOK
3/11/19 3:59 P
Mango, blueberries, strawberries and a little spinach(ran out). Protein and coconut water. #refuel KEEPITUP05 18 KEEPITUP05
3/12/19 9:04 P
3-11-19 wOO hOO! I've been Sparking DAILY since 3-16-12! 7 years!!! I LOVE SP land!!!! I am SO much SPARKLINGME176 23 WALLAHALLA
3/12/19 10:01 A
March 1, 2019 Back on track after 7 month off the wagon... March 11 2019 New start @ Sparkpeople... DEM-TOM 33 LILIANN400
3/14/19 3:38 P
Note to self.... RHOOK20047 12 GZELLEFRO
3/8/19 6:42 P
Good morning sparkers. I feel like i have been struggling so much with sleep, exercise,& food. I nee SUCHADIVA215 8 SUCHADIVA215
4/10/19 3:53 P
You know I've always found it funny that friends, LRJUSTUS1 14 GZELLEFRO
3/8/19 6:40 P
My first day back skiing in 10 years! I did great! GRATTECIELLA 27 ENGELKUH89
3/8/19 8:15 P
Walked the dogs since the weather was a little better. RHOOK20047 6 GZELLEFRO
3/8/19 6:39 P
Posted a photo YICHE12 13 GZELLEFRO
3/8/19 6:38 P
3/8/19 8:46 P
I weighed in today and lost 1.8 pounds. I know it isn't much, but I am proud of myself because I did GZELLEFRO 6 ALLYLIZZY
3/8/19 11:23 P
Went to the gym and burned 860 calories today! Now time for some fuel!! I'm a momma of 4 so I have t KEVSHAS 24 BONNIE1552
3/8/19 7:12 A
Day 4 in the books! Woohoo! #h2whoa TAGPOINTE 8 BONNIE1552
3/8/19 8:39 A
Didn't make my lunch before work and was going to grab a hamburger and fries at a nearby diner (my p ENGINERDGIRL 14 MYTURN215
3/7/19 10:55 P
Made a pot of creamy ,cheesy ,broccoli ,carrot & celery soup w/ low fat milk....turned out delicious STARFISH1961 12 MYTURN215
3/7/19 10:55 P
The oaks have been dropping leaves this week, the green glow of pollen on all of our vehicles will b BRENDA196122 9 SJH6149
3/7/19 5:06 P
Fur babies are sympathetic of me being sick today. KIMMYG420 16 KIMMYG420
3/7/19 9:11 P
I water walked for 45 minutes this morning. I truly love how good I feel after. One day at a time I WAANGEL36 21 WAANGEL36
3/8/19 12:53 A
Feeling a little (a lot?) discouraged this morning. Instead of eating my feelings (which I Really wo JEHOVAFAN 140 KAS10001
3/7/19 8:50 P
LOVING MYSELF today....not at my best today, but definitely not at my worst.....I have posted full b SPARKLEIGH61 72 TROUTPOUT
3/9/19 11:30 A
A month and a half of consistency and I can see results! 5 pounds down! 23 down total. Getting close JESSER07 49 ALLYLIZZY
3/7/19 9:04 P
Some spectacular flowers from my walk today. Mother Nature is my favourite artist! TIGERSEYEHEART 13 LILIWHEELER
3/4/19 10:40 P
Due to snow all last week I did all my walking inside. IMALOSERNOW 11 CLOUDWALKING
3/4/19 5:51 P