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BOSU BALL Jump Squat I Did IT, 1st time ever I wasn't scared. I was wobbly, but I was able to do PELESJEWEL 26 SOUTHTXXRNNR
4/9/18 1:28 P
Last summer I couldn't even pull this shirt down over my fat roll! 😎 LINZHORN 36 STAR0721
4/5/18 9:11 A
Down 55 pounds, another 20 to go till goal. ISLANDGIRL49 125 TEXASHSMOMOF3
4/5/18 11:43 A
40 pounds down in 6 months #lowcarb #beforeandduring CYALE76 124 BEZZYWIFEY
4/10/18 6:09 P
Lost 165 lbs since my heaviest 4 years ago. From a size 30 to a size 14. Still have a ways to go, b MANDA2091 288 PATSYGO
4/5/18 5:10 A
This is a quick look at my progress in 2018! I started my new lifestyle on January 8th, 2018 decide CHRISDUNNSON 118 JENNIFERQUINLAN
4/5/18 4:47 P
Posted a photo MLBSLK 15 PWILLOW1
3/31/18 8:42 P
3/31/18 3:25 P
#BeforeAndAfter I already posted that I'm down 21l MRSFITPANDA 68 COMMUTERRAIL
4/2/18 5:26 P
Staying motivated! Working hard toward my weight loss and health goals! Thank you Spark People for FFWONDERWOMAN 8 MJ7DM33
3/31/18 4:06 P
#BeforeAndAfter 21.6 lbs lost, 49.4 lbs to go 25% of 2018 over, 30% of goal achieved ELF41978 31 ADRIENALINE
4/1/18 7:30 P
Anything is possible when you put your mind and heart into it 😊 Keep sparking you will get there on TMP0418 153 WATCHINGSTEPS
5/2/18 7:10 P
Whooo.. We did it. He is too cute and I am dying f VICKICHICKI123 95 SHELLEYMCELROY6
3/31/18 8:41 P
Gm..... It’s my 48th birthday πŸŽ‚ πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚ KEENA47 307 TEENY2018
4/2/18 9:15 A
Enjoy your moments. Stay focused. GOULDSGRANITE 19 CHERIRIDDELL
3/30/18 1:30 A
3/29/18 1:03 P
Both of my daughters have new additions to their families. I’m blessed to welcome my first Granddaug CATHERINEKIRBY 35 BJUDYB4
3/29/18 2:30 P
...::: Always good to have a sense of direction ...have a great day everyone! 2BDYNAMIC 39 PATRICIA-CR
3/30/18 10:33 A
My walking buddy and Our view this morning. Just IWANNAGOAT 134 KENTTUPPENCE
3/29/18 3:42 P
"Failing to plan is planning to fail" We can do it!!!!! TMP0418 66 MAGICALPRINCESS
3/29/18 6:22 P
Wishing you a Happy Healthy Thursday!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ PAMMIESUE81 127 CHUBICHICK
3/29/18 3:44 P
My first goal was 20 lbs, then my second was 10 and I'm keeping my goals 10lbs each. Here's to my ne PAMMIESUE81 205 PAMMIESUE81
4/1/18 7:37 P
Feeling excited about the day! Focused on being successful with my eating today. Started with a prem DALLAS60 11 LANNET
3/22/18 5:25 P
I just want to say how much I ❀️ SparkPeople!!! Y TEXASHSMOMOF3 38 SLIMKIM121
3/22/18 2:35 P
I weighed in at 211 in January 2017. Feeling great!! #keto #lowcarb LESLIEJONES919 92 SUNWARDWINE
4/15/18 10:07 A
I’m officially down 64lbs! FAT-2-FEARLESS 108 ANDYLATG4
3/22/18 7:15 P
WOW!!! @fitdiggity .... LOOK AT THESE!!! Keto Egg, Cheesy beauties!!! I feel so PRO right about now! SHELLLEY2 77 KIWI3285
3/23/18 7:03 A
Everyday of my journey is a step closer to my goal in the mean time I am enjoying the progress and r MSANITAL 149 KATHYJO56
3/23/18 12:23 A
THINK ABOUT IT THURSDAY Cancer survivor, 100+ lost and counting, and today, I saw my OBLIQUES for t PELESJEWEL 133 TMP0418
3/26/18 3:00 P
Posted a bit ago, but wanted to give a comparison. December 1, 2017 on the left and March 22, 2018 o JUDYO58 242 ELISARAHMAN
3/27/18 10:05 P
The past few months I have been stuck in the upper 280s. Kept up with good nutrition and my gym clas BECCAN45 304 CHICAGOGIRL26
3/22/18 4:56 P
2/7/18 2:06 A
January goal was to get down to 238...SMASHED IT! Rewarded myself with a pedicure, which you'll see AMYJO1967 110 SPARKLINGME176
2/6/18 7:37 P
My daily reminder 😊 TFOSTER1978 149 RDCAGAIN10
2/6/18 2:45 P
Feeling a little unmotivated today, so it's Flashback Friday! #BeforeAndAfter GOODFELINE 272 CHELAPUG1
2/5/18 8:42 A
Drove for 6 hours to pick FAVORITE AUNT so she could be with our family for Thanksgiving...Wonderful ITALIANGAL44 8 LKEITHO
11/21/17 7:39 P
11/21/17 7:32 P
Low carb jalapeΓ±o popper chicken and zucchini Alfredo for dinner. #keto Lost 3 pounds in 8 days! AMYBOOKIT 21 AMYBOOKIT
11/24/17 11:20 A
1 more pound until I reach my 1st goal!!! KRISSYPOO9 11 LINGOD2010
11/21/17 8:01 P
230 pounds down to 171 JNICKLIN89 187 ZRIE014
11/22/17 1:05 A
Never give up. Happy Thanksgiving! MSROZZIE 14 MSROZZIE
11/22/17 10:48 P
A beautiful hiking trail! Well worth the climb! KEITHTURNEY85 21 CONSTANCE067
11/21/17 10:50 P
Dropped a jean size. New to this app been working hard at this for 2 months finally get to retire th DORTCH2795 34 ZRIE014
11/8/17 11:45 P
11/9/17 7:27 A
The early darkness is beginning to get to me. November is full of changes because of the time, the c GGRSPARK 11 SRWYLIE
11/9/17 8:12 A
What an amazing workout! Those are the ones that you’re going to feel, later on. But will pay off do W2GFIT 7 SMSUZIEQ36
11/8/17 6:25 P
I’ve lost 49 lbs. Yeah For Me!! This is when I weighed 230 lbs. & now I weigh 181 lbs. LOULOU1709 140 CKOUDSI617
11/10/17 1:51 P
Today we used aqua joggers after our initial water DIALYSISCHIC1 33 DIALYSISCHIC1
11/9/17 11:36 P
Found the 160s on this official Weigh Day Wednesday! Down 39; 24 to go! LKMANNING7 182 ZRIE014
11/8/17 11:45 P
Today is my birthday πŸŽ‰I am 56 yrs old. I feel healthy and strong and would like to thank and praise MBLANKFORD 310 NEWME2BSKINNY
11/12/17 1:09 P
Last Vegetable(s) Eaten? GODSCHILD2_2011 656 BUTEAFULL
2/1/18 1:16 A
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 72597 MCJULIEO
5/20/18 10:12 P
Happy Halloween....somewhat healthy snack for coworkers today. SKEETER111 17 ZRIE014
10/31/17 6:41 P
When I joined SparkPeople a month ago I weighed 217-220lbs.... I am 7 months postpartum and needed t PENDILA 21 PENDILA
10/31/17 10:20 P
Can you relate? DINK254 122 ZRIE014
10/31/17 5:29 P
10/31/17 6:30 P
Made a non scale victory today when I put on a shirt I’ve never been able to fit because my mom got AMBERH16 36 MDCALIFORNIA
10/31/17 9:33 P
Happy Halloween everyone KATONTHEMAT 136 ZRIE014
10/31/17 5:49 P
My tall, skinny husband weighs 172. For the first time since we were married in 2010, I weigh less t LKMANNING7 150 NOCALORIES
10/31/17 6:34 P
Good morning everyone have a bless day. My home for the next few days 😊 TMP0418 167 MBLANKFORD
11/4/17 3:55 P
#BeforeAndAfter wish there was more of a weight loss but have lost in inches BEKA3B 18 INSPIRED26
10/28/17 2:53 P
Had a great walk this morning it was pretty cold to πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— KEENA47 17 KEENA47
10/29/17 11:34 A
Lunchtime! Couldn't decide what I wanted for lunch so last minute I threw together a couple of tuna TOMMYSON23 19 SMSUZIEQ36
10/28/17 2:50 P
Lowest weight of my adult life and over half way to my big goal of 140! SASRA1 118 CIERAPOET
10/28/17 8:43 P
Well I've done it I've made it under 202 I said I'd try hard this week. I did it! LILACLICIOUS 238 ZRIE014
10/28/17 10:13 P
Decide to do Breast cancer walk instead of going to gym. BELLSH1BELL 98 TERRI1458
10/28/17 2:16 P
Would you rather have? MEWHENRYSMAMA 2731 SUSANH1230
5/20/18 8:49 A
So I weighed myself this morning not what I usually do but I was curious and I reweighed myself 4 ti MILKATRENA 40 BETRHO48
10/27/17 12:19 P
Week 16 Weigh In: I'm 2lbs down since last weigh in! That's 37lbs total since I started this weight SLKIRK487 20 ZRIE014
10/26/17 9:05 P
47 pounds down. 3 pounds until 50! I've got a long way to go, but I keep reminding myself how far I' MARKSKRI 45 STRONGERLEANER
10/26/17 7:43 P
So today is my 4th day and i'm down 3 lbs by just cutting out soda and cigarettes. I am struggling w BEAIREMILY 19 TOMMYSON23
10/26/17 11:31 P
20 lbs in one month 227 vs 207 RYARE19 121 LINDASOUTHER
10/26/17 6:26 P
Same shirt, four months apart, 25lb down⬇️ MELDAMAY 211 MELDAMAY
10/26/17 11:09 P
a-z double letter words COLEENCOLE 55567 ADAPTINGANNIE
5/20/18 10:54 P
4/26/18 10:17 A