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It's my birthday today! BIRBKITTEN1234 11 BIRBKITTEN1234
1/21/18 11:26 P
Good morning everyone. Today is my first day here. SBANN65 7 CMAGURL
1/21/18 3:13 P
Going to attempt to post everything I eat for 7 hopefully keep me from eating everything b AMARIE013 16 SPDOINGIT
1/21/18 12:04 P
1/21/18 12:34 P
Clamp It! PICKRELL19593 10 FRABBIT
1/8/18 11:38 P
So happy.. It may be a long time but it is so much fun and to hang out with friends.. The best TIMESCAPEYT 2 GWENHAVEN
12/16/17 4:18 P
No excuses people! Get your bike out and own it! Cops and robbers with a gun willing tonsiless back LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 21 SWIFT6913221
1/4/18 3:59 P
As of this morning, I am 9 down some starting low carb (started week and a half ago), 12 down since OBSIDYAN2 16 OBSIDYAN2
12/16/17 4:19 P
I have started on my new goal for 2018. Arthritis makes it hard for me to exercise but I'll be conce MAMATRAUB 3 GWENHAVEN
12/16/17 4:08 P
I have hit a plateau. I am exercising so much, and about to add in another 45 minutes 3 times a week MSMITH8636 5 GWENHAVEN
12/16/17 4:02 P
I feel like my weight is a yo-yo, but as long as I can stand in a 5 pound range I’ll be happy🙏😃 TBOYD5000 4 CINDY247
12/16/17 7:22 P
I made it! Worked out u til the day baby was born. Meet Mr. Major born 8lb 11oz on 12-13. My heart i MASHAUNDAB 43 MASHAUNDAB
12/17/17 10:33 A
View at the end of my 3 mile cardio training. Pretty sure I looked silly to some people out there wi WALKIETALKIE 12 ECMSGURL1205
12/16/17 5:32 P
Do people hide painted rocks in your communities? Found this as we left tge restaurant ladt night. EMSTERMO5 18 JULIENSMITH
11/12/17 12:54 P
I’ve been using spark for awhile but never posted anything. I’ve regained back 29 pounds of the 70 JENALEIGH09 9 VANBJA
11/12/17 1:52 P
How to do this, the last 2 days I have been under my calories goal and today I am going to end up wa MOUNTAINEER1984 5 FUTUREFOCUSED
11/12/17 1:45 P
To all who ask why the fat old guy is exercising a CHEFTONITO 2 GWENHAVEN
11/12/17 12:24 P
Went to the gym this morning, and now I want to eat a whole half a chicken! #mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 5 7STIGGYMT
11/12/17 2:39 P
Super glad that I exercised today! I have a lot going on with a theatrical performance at my communi YISKAMIRYAM 4 7STIGGYMT
11/12/17 2:38 P
So today I had another head smacking moment. My mother in law kept saying how concerned she was beca REDTEDDY 9 THIMLIE
11/12/17 1:48 P
Ugh.. Saturday choices were not on point and I can feel it. I need to do better. Thank goodness toda LIZLIVESFIT 5 ALLENLISA5357
11/12/17 2:51 P
#BeforeAndAfter TEHF0XY1 15 TEHF0XY1
11/12/17 5:14 P
I’ve only lost 6lbs since mid October, but a little is better than nothing ANIMEGIRL 12 333HONEYBABE333
11/27/17 9:09 P
Today is Saturday. It’s shaping up to be a great day. But weekends tend to be my downfall. I am NEEDBU66 17 MISTRESSOHORROR
11/5/17 11:55 A
10/27/17 7:06 A
90 pounds gone! WAISTNAWAY 81 HEALTH_NOW
10/27/17 9:38 P
Have been losing about 1.5 lbs a week. Work has be PETERSMILTINS 5 PETERSMILTINS
10/2/17 1:51 P
Which little black dress do you like more? 1, 2, 3, or 4? ALLYLIZZY 304 POLARPAW
11/8/17 7:54 A
Don't you? I look at this at least once a week! SMCMAHON8 8 MCFHARPIST
9/29/17 1:15 A
Needing some encouragement. With very young children sometimes it's hard to get exercise in. But I'v GHOSTILYUSHA 4 GHOSTILYUSHA
9/28/17 11:21 P
This was dinner tonight. First time making this and it turned out amazing in both presentation and SHEBA3 41 HIKINGSD
9/29/17 3:16 A
Well i was off line for awhile going threw 2 knee surgeries and healing and being sick. But back on PDXGIRL571 3 GWENHAVEN
9/16/17 5:19 P
Starting over AGAIN ugh WENDIWU 8 STAR135000
9/16/17 6:01 P
I may not be where I'm supposed to be, but I am go ARHUNT71 205 CSROBERTSON621
9/16/17 7:39 P
Not feeling very motivated but I didn't exercise. A little is better than nothing. Plus I worked yes PRINCESS0143 2 GWENHAVEN
9/16/17 5:10 P
Although I haven't really lost any weight according to my scale, I feel like I can see a big differe RACHELLENH 11 RACHELLENH
9/19/17 8:55 A
I got in a workout 6 out of 7 days this week with a wide variety of workouts. It took some planning NANMC 10 NANMC
9/16/17 6:11 P
Oh dear lol. It's not true, but I found this hilarious. I don't know why it thinks I haven't done an GWENHAVEN 9 BARCLE
9/16/17 6:18 P
#deliciousdailymoment So today was my birthday. I wore this shirt for the first time! I bought it m LINZHORN 94 LINZHORN
8/25/17 2:58 P
I've been slipping on the food tracking, and been at a plateau for weeks as a result. Got back on th GWENHAVEN 4 KATIE520
8/15/17 2:01 P
So I make eggplant with colors peppers so 👍 😋 😋 healthy lifestyle ty Lord have bless 🌙 everyone SIMMON72 9 -POOKIE-
7/12/17 1:42 A
344 calories! I scrambled up what was left of the egg and milk mixture, and it's surprisingly nice t GWENHAVEN 9 TREYSONZ
7/9/17 4:23 P
Day one. Tired of not being able to keep up with my 4 kids at 242 pounds. Time to kick it into high N42542 177 MDOWER1
7/9/17 3:48 P
8/31/17 1:38 P
Whey Protein powder, White Flour, Eggs... TURQUINHA 7 HAWKTHREE
8/12/17 7:37 A
Posted a photo VINA506 3 GWENHAVEN
7/8/17 11:01 P
So proud of myself, was offered papa John's for dinner but declined and stuck with salmon rice and v FBAILEY24X 4 FBAILEY24X
7/9/17 4:18 P
This morning i done my exercise of two chair video exercises from sparkpeople. then i went out with STRENGTH_HOPE 4 LINDA058
7/10/17 3:17 P
I'm really wiped out! I worked extra hard on my walk this morning and improved by 5 minutes. But, I' BAYBNJOE2 3 GWENHAVEN
7/8/17 10:52 P
So this morning my 4 year old daughter called me fat to my face twice. It hurt so bad I started cryi JOSISWAN 11 GWENHAVEN
7/8/17 10:49 P
Well I found 2 bullets at work in the parking lot. Just missed a car. God was looking out for fools REDDYOUNG 9 SPARKLYEYES71
7/9/17 1:59 P
Does anybody else have a problem with eating until you are uncomfortably full and then it seems like ANTHROPOLOGY1 7 7STIGGYMT
7/8/17 11:51 P
I'm unhappy with water wekght . SHIMMERSPARK 2 GWENHAVEN
7/8/17 10:36 P
Today I fixed a favorite breakfast, French toast with butter, powdered sugar, and bananas. I usually GWENHAVEN 4 GWENHAVEN
7/8/17 10:26 P
My vest came!!!!! So growth spurt: I just learned for every 3500 calories you eat you gain a pound. LEALONIE19 9 LEALONIE19
7/9/17 7:54 A
Just got back from family picnic , enjoyed myself tremendously tried to eat modestly, however my au LEILEI13 4 GWENHAVEN
7/8/17 10:17 P
Really bad sweet tooth tonight so made myself some sliced strawberries with a dollop of cool whip an HEATHER736 5 -POOKIE-
7/9/17 4:01 A
Fell off track this holiday told my husband, rt back on tract tomorrow. He laughed at me and said th JMASSEY4 4 LKMANNING7
7/9/17 4:37 P
#coach Tomorrow Im going on my 2nd bike ride in years. I probably ride less than 6-8 mph if I don't SUMMERFODRIE 12 7STIGGYMT
7/9/17 12:28 A
When you wait until you're way too hungry to think and end up eating 2 egg sandwiches for dinner lol FITNAPTURAL 4 GWENHAVEN
7/8/17 10:10 P
Made crock pot chicken tortilla soup for dinner! Was a big hit even the kids liked it! CSTAUTZ 20 KOHLRABIGIRL
7/8/17 11:18 P
What do you eat when you are having a chocolate attack? FAYELP1 11 -POOKIE-
7/9/17 3:57 A
8 hours last night! JUDY1676 3 GABY1948
7/9/17 5:36 A
#postpartumweightloss trying to show my post partum body some love but at only 3 weeks after baby no CINDYDECISNEROS 9 SADIEMYERS
7/8/17 10:36 P
So i make 🍕 for dinner .before and after .as from tomorrow going change my eating by adding more ca SIMMON72 6 -POOKIE-
7/9/17 3:37 A
The scale has been going back and forth at 223/224 for the last two weeks. It's frustrating but thes JFIALLO 155 NOSKINNY
7/12/17 1:11 P
7 months after my diabetes turned autoimmune and 6 months after finally being diagnosed with a heart MORGIEL82 13 SKANTRA
7/8/17 6:09 P
I bought shorts! It's been years.. I mean years since I have worn shorts. Hitting 154 has me feeling BARBEDWIREKITTY 44 BARBEDWIREKITTY
7/14/17 2:30 P
So, after a great #MCM training run, I came here to Honeymoon Island (just down the street) to have MIRAGE727 11 MIOSOTIS3KIDS
7/13/17 3:35 P
Weigh In - Group Weight Tally KETTLEBELLJUNKY 1160 BERRY4
3/16/18 7:24 P
Fifty+ Fall Challenge FRANNIEDID 49 BERRY4
12/16/14 7:05 P
Hello from Wasilla, AK! GWENHAVEN 5 LINNIE52
9/14/14 8:32 A
New to the team, on SparkPeople for ages GWENHAVEN 4 TURTLE69
4/8/14 11:06 P
Introduce yourself here PAMELA984 2321 OKAYGM
6/20/18 8:26 A
6/29/10 9:44 P