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Daily Sign In CATLADYX8 423 PAULA3420
3/21/18 7:18 P
The challenge from American Heart Association. #21daysofgratitude Day 1: Write down one thing you' CHRISSYMACD66 12 MDCALIFORNIA
1/11/18 8:47 P
I'm doing a SOBER November! But what do I call it? Sobz Novz? Sobvember??? NOPONY 9 CHRISSYWILSON80
11/2/17 9:58 A
My Geraniums are still blooming down here in Florida, but we're having our first COOL day in the 60' GREEN-EYED-LADY 23 1CRAZYDOG
10/30/17 2:43 P
Ever tried a PLUOT? They are a crossbreed of 70% plum and 30 % apricot. With only 80 calories, th GREEN-EYED-LADY 16 SPARTANJAI
8/12/17 6:21 A
Happy 11th Anniversary to Me and My Sweetheart ! (I baked the cake myself. Now I have to resist GREEN-EYED-LADY 31 NANCYANND55
8/10/17 8:56 P
So hard waking up and getting out of bed! But I did it... MURPHEE88 2 GREEN-EYED-LADY
8/8/17 12:29 P
Brunch today: a two egg omelet of red, green, & yellow bell peppers, and onions with a homemade rol GREEN-EYED-LADY 12 TOMATOCAFEGAL
8/8/17 1:32 P
Roasted Veggies Seem to be Popular This Evening ! (Red Potatoes, Carrots, and Vidalia Onions with "L GREEN-EYED-LADY 7 KATHYJO56
8/8/17 12:33 A
Took my almost 2 mile walk tonight, but did three short run segments. Proud of myself, couldn't do t FUR-MOM 26 KAMAHULME
8/7/17 1:54 A
Made a delicious quiche this morning for a brunch/birthday for my son's girlfriend. It has bacon, b GREEN-EYED-LADY 8 KATHYJO56
8/6/17 12:15 A
This mare was practically "starved" to death. She has new owners now and is being nursed back to he GREEN-EYED-LADY 8 1CRAZYDOG
8/4/17 12:27 P
This pretty black horse lives at our mobile home park now. I enjoy seeing him on my nightly dog walk GREEN-EYED-LADY 4 KATHYJO56
8/4/17 12:32 A
Check out the blog I just wrote about a new treatment for depression, from an article in TIME magazi GREEN-EYED-LADY 4 RSCHWARTZ2
8/3/17 8:29 P
Had about 4 hours of sleep last night. Worked all day. Open house for school tonight. Got home and I LYONSFARM 12 MWARNER211
7/28/17 11:50 A
Decided to weigh myself today. I've been eating tons of salads and walking about 3-4 miles a day. I DRINKALOTH2O 29 1CRAZYDOG
7/26/17 12:46 P
My evening snack: a fresh seedless Mandarin orange. Sweet and delicious. GREEN-EYED-LADY 12 RAERAERAE62
7/28/17 9:43 P
My new favorite breakfast! Fresh fruit with yogurt and honey. So delish!!! HEALTHYMOMMABEE 5 GREEN-EYED-LADY
7/24/17 1:46 P
I don't normally share what I eat, but it was so pretty. Eating my colors for lunch. SVELTEYOOPER 13 SVELTEYOOPER
8/23/17 2:30 P
Made some fried rice today. (brown rice, carrots, celery, onions, green pepper, scrambled egg, and GREEN-EYED-LADY 22 MARYJOANNA
7/24/17 5:37 A
Well, I gained 3 pounds on vacation. Time to get b JENNIFERBR51 5 LEEWORD
7/15/17 11:58 A
Morning, spark. Off to a good start today. My daughter and I walked De Soto Lake, 3/4 mile of sparkl RCANDEEYUM79 11 JELENA16
7/15/17 12:11 P
True wealth is celebrating the present moment. Gail Lynne Goodwin 1CRAZYDOG 10 1CRAZYDOG
7/16/17 10:59 A
Saturday sunrise make it a special day! GOULDSGRANITE 13 KATHYJO56
7/16/17 12:25 A
I'm a #newbie here! Fiancé left me almost 6 months ago because he was "no longer attracted" to me an SOCONFUSIFIED 13 PNUGENT24
7/16/17 10:52 P
Today's lunch: ground turkey with peppers , shaved parmesan cheese and onions.... barley and kale mi TARSHELL 6 TARSHELL
7/15/17 4:25 P
I just returned from a two week vacation, during which I thought about what I was eating but didn't LAEROPORT 8 GOODYBAR58
7/15/17 11:45 A
Starting the morning off right BELYNDAJOLLY 11 SCYANKEE46
7/15/17 1:25 P
Down a few more!! God is so good! JWIEST1 26 JWIEST1
7/17/17 12:01 A
Sometimes it is hard to see change from day to day...the left photo is me and my wife a year ago. Th ANDANTE379 13 SHERRYE2014
7/15/17 12:43 P
Dinner tonight: Baked swai filet with cayenne and jalepeno garlic seasoning, cilantro lime brown ric MISTERTARA 29 PREJEANR13
7/14/17 10:59 P
My snack for tonight☺ ST3PH 11 TIBURONA
7/14/17 10:33 P
So my fren in Florida send me my mangoes how nice 💘 you 👧 ty.👍 🌙 everyone bless SIMMON72 7 -POOKIE-
7/15/17 3:28 A
I made a veggie tray this afternoon for some healthy snacking. (The dip is low-fat cottage cheese a GREEN-EYED-LADY 9 MARYJOANNA
7/15/17 5:29 A
This is what I do to keep us on track. We come home tired and food is waiting for us. We get lazy, w SJOYOUS 19 _LINDA
7/14/17 3:45 P
280 calorie lunch and it was crazy filling. 1 Ole ANIMALISTICNEED 7 MAYIE53
7/14/17 4:45 P
Just a quick healthy lunch :) GGUARDASC 15 CINDYB0905
7/14/17 3:42 P
Healthy lunch. Tuna with light mayo and dill pickle relish. Spinach, tomatos and small flour torti MIDGIEDAWN2 10 PATRICIA-CR
7/14/17 6:13 P
Look what a friend of mine brought me this morning ! red potatoes, red bell peppers, English cucumb GREEN-EYED-LADY 23 _RAMONA
7/14/17 4:58 P
I always start my day by drinking a full glass of water with fresh squueze juice of one lemon = 12 c SOLMAR2 6 GREEN-EYED-LADY
7/13/17 12:24 P
7/13/17 10:52 P
Feeling great in Colorado!!! NIKKISTALL 9 MDOWER1
7/13/17 2:21 P
Yesterday I was so proud of myself! SARAHCABANA 17 JELENA16
7/13/17 2:36 P
I'm feeling some kinda way today. I'm discouraged. FITSISTA79 316 LADYJLUVLIFE
7/14/17 4:00 P
Side view :) JEMMSIE 16 BRENDA_77039
7/13/17 6:37 P
I'm including veggies in my breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with sautéed Vidalia onions, green bell pep GREEN-EYED-LADY 12 CKOUDSI617
7/13/17 7:20 P
Group run cancelled due to severe thunderstorm watch, so I do something else. ZORBS13 10 MBROUSSAR2
7/13/17 12:57 P
3 egg whites scrambled with peppers and onions and 1 slice of whole wheat with water and coffee onl CALLMEKARMA 11 MERIWYLE
7/13/17 2:40 P
I'm thankful that here in Canada it is now law to JEMMSIE 22 JEMMSIE
7/14/17 9:58 A
1/1/18 7:07 P
Decided to make some butternut squash french fries NANCIE223 22 NANCIE223
7/16/17 2:19 P
Good food...healthy happiness SARAH_ARAUJO 4 4METHISTYME
7/12/17 3:56 P
What's for lunch? Delicious vegetable sushi ROCKLAND2010 2 GREEN-EYED-LADY
7/12/17 1:44 P
Wasn't prepared today for lunch but was able to find decent choices in the employee cafe. MADDIEBSMAMA 18 THICK2FIT527
7/12/17 2:26 P
Poke bowl is what's for lunch. ZORBS13 7 GGRSPARK
7/24/17 12:57 P
What is the saying? Starve a fever, feed a cold? #mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 16 CINDY4JOY
7/14/17 11:54 A
Ok so is breakfast really necessary? I feel like when I eat breakfast , I'm then hungrier all day lo DOCMICAH1 6 SPARKFRAN514
7/12/17 1:10 P
Morning walk with the girls and my grand daughter. CGARR442 8 COMEBACKKID12
7/12/17 1:19 P
Here's my lunch today: a salad including Roma tomatoes, Vidalia onion, green bell pepper and cucumb GREEN-EYED-LADY 6 DEBYDOINGIT
7/12/17 3:24 P
Wow!! Last yrs clothes! Hard to believe!! 110lbs gone, 17 to goal! DIANEPAG 303 TAB2017
7/12/17 6:35 P
I was SO excited to get out of bed this morning because Wednesday is Weigh Day! Not only did the 2 v LKMANNING7 83 BECKYKAY1
7/12/17 12:58 P
Lost 21lbs in 8 weeks, and now the scale hasn't budged for the past 2 weeks. I loathe plateaus!! Hop AOLSON80 32 COOKWITHME65
7/28/17 10:13 P
7/11/17 4:51 P
#deliciousdailymoment Brunch....Spinach,pepper.onion,garlic fritata made with plain almond milk,eggs STARFISH1961 8 NANCYANND55
7/11/17 9:24 P
This was on my Timehop and I'm just shocked! Had to share so I can keep it on my memories! Keep tr PHOXYM 154 AMYBRO1
7/12/17 11:15 A
Good mrng! New and still fumbling around SP, wondering if you can help. Is there an actual SP diet?? LIMB53 7 LIMB53
7/10/17 11:39 A
Light lunch.... tuna ,cucumbers and lemon water TARSHELL 5 LEEWORD
7/10/17 11:33 A
Enjoying God's world today as I move toward my goal! JBLESSER 4 KBOUGHE1
7/10/17 11:36 A
Dinner tonight: Roasted chicken breast, scalloped potatoes, and green beans with balsamic vinegar. GREEN-EYED-LADY 11 MARYJOANNA
7/9/17 5:34 A
Thank you awesome husband! MARIAJESTRADA 62 EVILCECIL
7/6/17 6:57 A
Made these Zucchini pizza bites for dinner last night SO GOOD....Oh and Turkey pepperoni gets 🖒🖒 u AMBERB1231 21 AMBERB1231
7/6/17 11:30 P
Try fresh fruit salad for a healthy dessert. Mine has red seedless grapes, nectarines, pears, red d GREEN-EYED-LADY 12 SUNSPOT_BABY
7/5/17 3:54 P
Time for a cup of Earl Grey😊 MARIEB441 13 PINKPIXY22
7/1/17 11:25 P
Made a homemade pasta salad with a bag of frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Even made my o GREEN-EYED-LADY 13 KATHYJO56
7/2/17 12:24 A
Dinner- London broil and veggies GSANGHERA 9 REDROBIN47
6/30/17 10:53 P