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5/27/18 8:59 P
Went for a nice walk this evening!! RADCLIFFE33 15 4CONNIESHEALTH
5/27/18 9:45 P
Heat index 101Β°!!! Not ready yet! C'mon, we had snow on easter!! But can't change the weather! So to PRAIRIEOMA 5 LMAG3578
5/27/18 9:26 P
Train your mind and the rest will follow. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻 LORI_LIFTS 16 ALOFA0509
5/28/18 12:27 A
Haven't posted for the last 4 weeks, but have tracked food, or at least tried to. Finally found out SISTER0614 5 GOODGETNBETR
5/27/18 10:47 A
Great way to start a Sunday! SCAREDOFSCALE 22 GEORGE815
5/27/18 12:49 P
Our new puppy Cooper. He’s a 5 month old English Setter. SCOTGIRL1972 27 GEORGE815
5/27/18 12:46 P
I know it's close to 170....but maybe I'm going to start losing again. Sometimes I don't feel like I BEVERLY1501 83 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
5/27/18 4:15 P
Rain rain β˜”οΈ go away, come again another day.....So, off to the gym i went. Love that I can watch a OUTSIDEJOJO 7 GEORGE815
5/27/18 12:54 P
Breakfast- gluten/ sugar free tortilla w/scrambled free range organic eggs. Non GMO spinach slightl STEEPERSLOUNGE 53 MPLSKEN
5/28/18 12:41 A
As I have no news to report except that I'm still on bed rest for my injury, I'll post a photo of my DANNY_LCF 9 SADIEMYERS
5/27/18 9:02 A
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb Snack time Avocado deviled eggs! X-TINAKETOFIED 20 X-TINAKETOFIED
5/27/18 8:11 P
17 pounds down since May 6! I dont see a big diffe MELAMA210 14 ILARIAMARCUCCI
5/26/18 8:30 P
Onion crusted Tilapia, black bean, corn and cilantro brown rice, and romaine salad with blueberries HANNAHK13 11 EDWARDS1411
5/26/18 1:29 A
Someone got their pedicure :) NOMASHOTCHEETOS 10 GREEN-EYED-LADY
5/25/18 6:29 P
It was a gorgeous day, and I got off of work early, so I hit the trails! PROUDMOMSHERI 12 PROUDMOMSHERI
5/25/18 9:03 P
5/25/18 2:52 P
5/25/18 2:22 P
I'm proud to say I lost a total of 26 pounds since the new year! My goal is 45-50 lbs. At first it s JUSTDAY 8 ETCH12
5/25/18 5:28 P
Posted a photo QUADDAWG 142 DININA48MN
5/25/18 11:54 P
Down 43 lbs. So excited!! #BeforeAndAfter PAMMIESUE81 60 BEANGELE
5/25/18 9:09 P
Salad with grilled chicken and ranch dressing; 665 Cals D_CONNOLLY 11 MPLSKEN
5/24/18 11:18 P
At the eye Dr. eyes dilated can’t see to good #butgoodenoughtoseemysnapchatfilter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ KEENA47 9 KEENA47
5/24/18 4:11 P
Today was tough! This is my third day not eating refined sugars. My high school students decided to MUSICLADY923 29 REEDSKI
5/25/18 3:38 A
Hello all I am just starting my challenge I weigh 280 I want to get down to 150 so I have quite the DANAKNOWLES 23 CHERRYZMB60
5/24/18 4:28 P
This is my vegetable garden. There are fruit trees on the left, and a grape arbor in the back ground LSTONESTREET1 26 LILIANN400
5/23/18 8:12 P
Beautiful day to walk around the wildlife sanctuary today. 3 miles. Seen a family of geese with six MSMITCHELL2696 26 ZRIE014
5/23/18 7:29 P
Posted a photo FINNICUS 15 RAERAERAE62
5/23/18 7:42 P
Made Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie) for the first time. It was fun to try something new. I had ne GREEN-EYED-LADY 10 KATHYJO56
5/24/18 12:19 A
My walk this evening BLEARY 13 MISSDAISY23
5/23/18 5:49 P
Hi. New to SparkPeople and trying to figure how app works. HOMEBUNNY2014 5 SLASALLE
5/23/18 1:48 P
Went shopping this morning and bought all kinds of healthy produce ! GREEN-EYED-LADY 11 CHEROKEE1946
5/23/18 12:53 P
I hut a big goal today!! I am now under 200 pounds. I weighed in at 199 pounds this morning. That m BRANWENDREW 10 MPLSKEN
5/23/18 11:27 P
Feeling better....2nd day at 181! Rock out 35 min on the bike. MARIAN326 21 PATJOONWW
5/23/18 1:21 P
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 42 _RAMONA
5/23/18 2:44 P
5/23/18 5:37 P
.8 pounds this week slow and steady 😊 TMP0418 147 4CONNIESHEALTH
5/25/18 7:31 A
I’m so proud of this guy. My husband is coming up KETO365TRANSFOR 316 PLANTSNOTPILLS
5/25/18 10:35 P
Good morning Sparksβ™‘ What are you waiting for?β™‘ Blessings on your hump day.😊 THE-CHEERY-ONE 20 LAURAFOOTE
5/23/18 9:17 A
Well guys...I haven't stayed active on the app, but I have stayed active. Officially down 21 pounds HOLLYTUTTLE1 144 COOP9002
5/23/18 2:18 P
Let's keep pushing, little by little I'm starting LUIS 124 LUIS
5/23/18 9:40 P
Walked nearly 60 miles these last seven days at Disney World. I absolutely love the Flower & Garden BIKEORAMA 15 CHRISTINEBWD
5/23/18 1:00 A
Can anyone help me find the e-mail page on this site? Thanks in advance! LABRADOODLEMOM 4 GREEN-EYED-LADY
5/22/18 9:25 P
Wrote down a few goals today... Simple things. Hafta (re)start somewhere. My summer clothes are ti SIEGESA 24 RESILIENTBELLE
5/22/18 5:56 P
Posted a photo _KANDY 9 GEORGE815
5/22/18 5:42 P
A festive day deserves a festive #keto dinner: Chicken brochette with a portobello filled with mozza DEM-TOM 33 EVANS1848
5/22/18 11:28 P
Starting point A 68DODROP 11 GEORGE815
5/22/18 5:50 P
Am looking for an ounce equivalent for a "glass" of water. JACOBFLOCK 6 GEORGE815
5/22/18 5:52 P
Since March !!!! KWEENIE1971 26 GEORGE815
5/22/18 5:39 P
Making better choices, and getting back on track. PINKMUSTARD21 13 GEORGE815
5/22/18 5:52 P
I'm agervated where do you go to change your curre DARKOCEAN 3 ANDREAGZZ145
5/22/18 2:56 P
🌻 Happy Tuesday!!! RAERAERAE62 8 BCHARIE
5/22/18 12:02 P
breakfast muffins for the win! πŸ₯šπŸ½ I used a small serving of 2 ingredient dough, eggs, veggies, tur LOMAEQ 12 LOMAEQ
5/23/18 3:29 A
Wanted some juice instead I had peppermint tea. What kind of tea do you drink? TCARTER29 8 LOTUS737
5/22/18 3:04 P
I hope everyone has a great day. I'm meeting with the surgeon this afternoon. Supposed to find out w CHITWN1 11 TMP0418
5/22/18 3:50 P
Time for another reminder to keep those hummingbirds happy! Keep the feeders and anti ant moats full JUSTFURKIDS 16 DGRIFFITH51
5/22/18 10:04 P
Hi guys, I’m not even as small as I used to be..Since my transplant I have gained a few pounds back( TRAY1229 14 QSHEPP
5/22/18 4:42 P
So I set a goal to do a 5k walking race on July 4 th. I have done really well on the distance but I LCWARREN50 14 EVEINCOLORS
5/22/18 11:38 A
The scale was absolutely not budging for over a week. I was getting worried. I am still too heavy fo LINSEYBAKER82 7 LOTUS737
5/22/18 3:04 P
Happy Tuesday. I feel good today. :) NOCALOVE1 5 JHADZHIA
5/22/18 11:22 A
Posted a photo SASSYTHING52 5 MJ7DM33
5/22/18 11:34 A
Signed up for a gym membership today with my best friend! Cheers to motivating each other into a hea JMRSHMELLOWS 7 MOMMY445
5/22/18 10:41 A
307 to 304 the first week. Slow and steady wins the race this time around! DOINGITFORL 100 GREYTDOLPHIN
5/22/18 11:38 P
Took. 2.5 mile walk after dropping my daughter off at school then did a leg stretching video. My leg MAY_TO_MAY 4 MAY_TO_MAY
5/22/18 11:14 A
I have been posting blogs about my 100 goals and am rewarding myself with getting my hair dyed brown CHANGING-TURTLE 20 LOTUS737
5/22/18 3:06 P
Posted a photo JASMA55 7 MISSYCAMERON
5/22/18 11:59 A
My Onederland Reward! Shirt only, but i love it!! BRANDICOOK 13 BRANDICOOK
5/22/18 4:06 P
This was delish!!! Only 178 calories and very filling. Egg whites, turkey ham, Parmesan cheese and f BIZZIEE 11 RSTEINER1313
5/22/18 11:40 A
Just signed up. I’ve never lost more than 10 pounds on a diet. I’m disappointed in myself for how NASAS_SIS 7 MOTHER_OF_CHONG
5/21/18 9:54 P
So my baby boy, Chong, is not fond of Ohio thunderstorms. He started hiding in the shower years ago; MOTHER_OF_CHONG 42 ADRIENALINE
5/22/18 4:02 P
My weekly weigh in and I finally did it!! I hit 50 lbs gone!!!! Woo hoo!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I’m actually TEXASHSMOMOF3 92 ADRIENALINE
5/22/18 4:02 P
The goal is reached! In April 2016 I weighed 234 lbs. I don't think that was my heaviest, but it is PSALMISTSINGER 194 COOKWITHME65
5/22/18 11:18 A
Finally made it to one-derland! It's been a long journey from 378 lbs. But we can do this! 10 more l MANDA2091 304 ADRIENALINE
5/22/18 4:01 P
Down 2 more pounds, that's 107 total! Feeling great and seeing changes! So thankful for Sparkpeople! WINDMILLS18 32 ISNESS
5/26/18 3:45 P
Down 2 more pounds, that's 107 total! Feeling great and seeing changes! So thankful for Sparkpeople! WINDMILLS18 53 CSROBERTSON621
5/21/18 3:45 P