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6/23/18 12:45 A
Hanging out with these two hooligans...getting in some exercise too. 😎 BLUECAFE 15 EO4WELLNESS
6/22/18 4:31 P
6/23/18 12:46 A
Struggling to stay on track with family visiting from out of town. DANCEMAMMA 7 MISSCNJ
6/22/18 1:48 P
6/20/18 10:00 P
Strawberry soup for the first course of dinner! There’s enough for tomorrow night, and the leftovers GRATTECIELLA 18 TCANNO
6/21/18 3:26 A
Cycling at the gym while on a conference call GRATTECIELLA 23 LAPPEROO
6/22/18 10:12 A
Part of yesterday‘s farmers market haul. I just love stone fruit season! GRATTECIELLA 10 CHERIRIDDELL
6/21/18 1:17 A
Couldn’t log my food this evening because of server issues. #firstworldproblems but it was a good da GRATTECIELLA 13 CHERIRIDDELL
6/21/18 1:19 A
With my favorite veggie, purple radishes! GRATTECIELLA 13 1CRAZYDOG
6/20/18 11:18 A
With my favorite veggie, purple radishes! GRATTECIELLA 3 NANCYANNE55
6/20/18 8:53 A
Lots of walking in beautiful weather with the kids today! GRATTECIELLA 10 CHERIRIDDELL
6/20/18 1:16 A
Yummy fresh choice at Panera GRATTECIELLA 24 EVILCECIL
6/19/18 6:44 A
6/19/18 1:24 A
Ended today with in calories! Turned in my report! Cooked a delicious and healthy dinner for the fam GRATTECIELLA 8 CARMACHAMELEON
6/14/18 3:32 A
Just got an injection of hyaluronic acid into the knee joint. Here’s hoping that it helps with the k GRATTECIELLA 4 JOC36BROWN
6/13/18 8:04 P
Just got an injection of hyaluronic acid into the knee joint. Here’s hoping that it helps with the k GRATTECIELLA 10 1CRAZYDOG
6/14/18 3:01 P
I got my first kayaking in for the year this afternoon. It was so peaceful. The water like glass. M KATBRUNNER 28 GOULDSGRANITE
6/13/18 10:10 A
I bought this T-shirt years ago, and have not worn it much because it felt too tight. Well, today I GRATTECIELLA 88 WHYTEBROWN
6/14/18 8:14 P
Shopping at the farmers market today - always my happy place, especially on a sunny early summer day GRATTECIELLA 9 TCANNO
6/13/18 4:17 A
Within calories today! Not even at the top of my range :) GRATTECIELLA 15 CHERIRIDDELL
6/13/18 12:48 A
Enjoyed a beautiful beach ride today. AND got my workout in! GRATTECIELLA 14 TCANNO
6/12/18 3:55 A
6/12/18 1:45 A
I just got back from a holistic conference. I am a little tired and need to get back to my routine. BETTIDA 3 WOMANOFLOVE
6/12/18 12:08 A
6/11/18 5:19 P
Yesterday was a very busy day and at my book club, GRATTECIELLA 12 CHERIRIDDELL
6/12/18 1:46 A
Backyard workout complete! #sweatyselfie GRATTECIELLA 8 TCANNO
6/11/18 3:32 A
Proud of myself for making good choices and staying within calories today! GRATTECIELLA 17 CHERIRIDDELL
6/11/18 1:10 A
Within calories for the day and got my exercise in! GRATTECIELLA 8 WHYTEBROWN
6/9/18 12:53 A
Had a great beach bike ride today ... But my knee ached all day long when I walked. So upset and fea GRATTECIELLA 10 DOLPH79
6/8/18 9:42 P
What a beautiful day! Hoping for a beach bike ride today my knee can handle it. GRATTECIELLA 7 CHERIRIDDELL
6/8/18 1:23 A
Today will be a tough day. Very busy, lots of running around. And my knee is really hurting, to the GRATTECIELLA 13 CHERIRIDDELL
6/8/18 1:24 A
Within calories! Even on a very tough day where I was running around all day long. Bam! GRATTECIELLA 12 DOLPH79
6/7/18 8:52 A
I make the best salads. #lunchgoals GRATTECIELLA 12 ALICIA214
6/7/18 12:38 P
Since I don't work today, and I don't know how active we'll be in dance class, my goal is to not tak SHIMMYSHAKER 2 GRATTECIELLA
6/6/18 2:19 P
Up 0.9 lbs even though I did everything right this week. Grrr. GRATTECIELLA 10 ADRIENALINE
6/6/18 3:09 P
Knee: not great. But the rest of me is worked out solid. Added 5 lbs to my bench press! GRATTECIELLA 5 DOLPH79
6/7/18 9:00 A
Within or under calories today. Arm workout in the evening. A good day! GRATTECIELLA 12 CHERIRIDDELL
6/7/18 1:14 A
Scene from my favorite shopping venue, the local farmers market. That's a balloon rainbow unicorn sh GRATTECIELLA 16 TCANNO
6/6/18 3:39 A
I did a water class called Cardiowave tonight. We exercised on a think board on top of the water. VICKYLYLES 3 GRATTECIELLA
6/5/18 10:23 P
So starving bc I had to go out around dinner time and didn't get a chance to have an early dinner. I CWINIARZ34 5 KAYDE53
6/5/18 10:34 P
As I stay focused on my healthy lifestyle, I'm slowly starting to experiment in the kitchen. Tonigh LASTDIET2017 5 KMILLER31
6/5/18 10:36 P
Scene from today’s walk to school GRATTECIELLA 12 TCANNO
6/6/18 3:39 A
A disappointing day. Spent the whole day running sessions and rushing around. I only had 10 minutes GRATTECIELLA 19 SLYDE-GLYDER
6/5/18 1:47 P
A well-deserved snack of Greek yogurt and berries GRATTECIELLA 20 CHERIRIDDELL
6/5/18 1:20 A
Such an awesome day today! Spent it with my favorite people at a birthday party, a picnic, the libra GRATTECIELLA 16 CHERIRIDDELL
6/5/18 1:21 A
We bought a Bags game, and got out in the yard today and played that. It may not be considered an ex CARRIEMETODAY 4 RAERAERAE62
6/4/18 1:38 A
6/4/18 11:59 A
If you haven't started yet what's stopping you from achieving success? C'mon, join in and ignite yo BOOHOOBEAR 16 DEE107
6/3/18 6:50 P
Planning and logging my food for each day has really helped me find a better balance and get in the NEBRASKANNIE 4 GEORGE815
6/3/18 12:28 P
#BeforeAndAfter I've been struggling to get and stay on track lately. I didn't realize how much weig CHRYSTINA88 16 ALLYLIZZY
6/3/18 2:33 P
I had a great day yesterday! Lots of sunshine and exercise, within calories, avoided late night snac GRATTECIELLA 14 CHERIRIDDELL
6/4/18 1:12 A
Since I’ve been tracking my food I’ve noticed my emotions effect what I eat. I now have a system. I KAITYBGOOD 9 SWALLIS7
6/3/18 3:16 A
6/3/18 3:50 P
Kayaking today! A beautiful day on the water. GRATTECIELLA 17 TCANNO
6/3/18 2:43 A
Kayaking! GRATTECIELLA 7 TMP0418
6/2/18 6:06 P
It’s been a long short week and I deserve a healthy reward. Here’s my poke lunch! GRATTECIELLA 19 CHERIRIDDELL
6/2/18 1:02 A
I am down 3 lbs! What a great way to start the weekend! GRATTECIELLA 36 CHERIRIDDELL
6/2/18 1:03 A
In the last year I have lost over 120+ pounds . This journey has not been easy . I came back in cont TONYASALMONS199 6 TONYASALMONS199
6/1/18 2:42 P
Workout complete! Tweaked my knee a little - now time to ice. GRATTECIELLA 11 DOLPH79
6/1/18 9:14 P
Portion controlled non-triggering dessert: some fruit, a single piece of chocolate and tea. GRATTECIELLA 22 ALLYLIZZY
6/1/18 11:04 A
Went for a bike ride at the beach. Wonderful! (I went down and stuck my toes in the water too.) Why GRATTECIELLA 15 YOYONOMA
6/1/18 1:31 P
Earlier this year I set several challenges for myself. One of those was to pay myself $1 per mile th KATBRUNNER 145 CHEIVOUS
6/1/18 12:42 P
Not where I want to be... yet, but much better than where I was!!! 😎 LINZHORN 114 LIZZIE138
6/1/18 6:19 P
Eggowich with trout for lunch. Fish added because I was extra hungry :) GRATTECIELLA 8 MSGO72
5/31/18 6:01 P
I’m pretty sure the weather is going to clear up later today, and instead of going to the gym, I’m g GRATTECIELLA 12 OBIESMOM2
6/1/18 4:54 P
Dandelion on this morning’s walk to school. GRATTECIELLA 5 KOHLRABIGIRL
6/2/18 11:04 A
Today's goals: - run test session - finish grading - send sample report - 10k steps - eat within cal GRATTECIELLA 11 DOLPH79
5/31/18 7:48 P
Doing the June #100Squat challenge with the Blogilates team. Wanna join us? EO4WELLNESS 10 MADEINBRITAIN
5/31/18 4:10 A
Today’s good: work accomplished. Did a 15 min home abs workout. Ate on the low end of my calories. T GRATTECIELLA 10 KOHLRABIGIRL
6/2/18 11:01 A
Goals for today: 10,000 steps. Make good choices and eat below calories. Get in some exercise eith GRATTECIELLA 10 SPARKLINGME176
5/30/18 3:01 P
I just thought of another goal. When I go to the supermarket, I see these big scales to weigh yourse WIZZLEWOLF1 15 SPEDED2
5/30/18 9:21 P
When I am bloating like crazy and on a PMS upswing it always helps to review my #BeforeAndAfter GOODFELINE 159 LSMITH156
6/8/18 12:24 P
This was my favorite outfit back in the day - extreme stress made me go from thin to obese - I’m st MOMS3KIDS 115 SUNWARDWINE
5/30/18 9:30 P
#BeforeAndAfter It is hard to look at my before photo but I need the reminder of how far I have come DGIGGLES3 281 LSMITH156
6/8/18 12:23 P