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Hi sparkers. Put in work at gym. Work on abs, arms and cardio today. Did pretty good. Tired but feel GRACIE6121 11 CGARR442
6/16/19 2:47 P
Yeee lets go weight loss! Day one! πŸ˜πŸ’œ GINGERSMISSION 19 GEORGE815
6/15/19 3:30 P
I’m excited and very happy! It’s been 3-1/2 months since my accident, and I am finally transitioning DARFINKLESDREAM 31 GEORGE815
6/15/19 3:28 P
Be patient, focus, stay positive, & don't give up. Change doesn't happen over night. Keep on Keepin HAPPY-CATHE 16 GEORGE815
6/15/19 3:27 P
Posted a photo LIFENPROGRESS 12 GEORGE815
6/15/19 3:28 P
Posted a photo LIFENPROGRESS 14 GEORGE815
6/15/19 3:26 P
Yes I did it I got rid of 50lbs so far. Woah in one day I went from 310.0 to 307.6lbs I checked it t JASMINEFAT2FIT 207 EO4WELLNESS
6/16/19 2:01 A
Good morning sparkers.πŸ€— Starting my morning with a cup of coffee.β˜• And then to a work out at gym. M GRACIE6121 8 GEORGE815
6/15/19 3:25 P
Putting in work @gym. Really sore but managed to hang in there. πŸ’ͺI know it will pay off later but m GRACIE6121 23 CGARR442
6/5/19 4:57 P
After a awesome work out. I came home to make lentils soup with turkey for lunch. And a green tea. K GRACIE6121 6 SJH6149
5/1/19 7:01 P
Completed Day 6 with a 60 minute, 3.3 mile walk. #moveit BIGGIESMALLS76 4 JOCELYNH711
5/2/19 6:01 A
Went hard at gym today. I woke up full of energy. Exhausted but feel goodπŸ’ͺπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ. Go get it sparker GRACIE6121 7 GRACIE6121
5/1/19 5:15 P
Lots of protein, veggies, and fruit for breakfast. KA2CHAT 17 HAPPYCPA1965
4/29/19 12:33 P
Not a lot of noticeable difference yet but I'm finally under 200 for the first time in years. First JHODGES6479 147 KAREN_EDMONDS
4/25/19 4:59 P
Hello everyone, I just started Sparkpeople yesterday. I am a married woman with 4 grown children (1i NEWLIFE1975 6 MAHEDAGO
4/24/19 3:31 A
Arm, abs, and cardio workout. πŸ’ͺ. Have a happy Tuesday. Just remember, discipline and keep active sp GRACIE6121 8 GRACIE6121
4/23/19 9:55 P
So bored. Sprained ankle. Can't exercise. Eating out of boredom. Any suggestions? VALERIASUE 17 VALERIASUE
4/24/19 11:19 A
Couldn't make it outside today due to the crazy weather so I did some strength training and used the DIAMONDWIFE2018 2 GRACIE6121
4/23/19 4:58 P
Stopping in to say Hello and wish you a happy Tuesday KURTZIE1998 15 LAPPEROO
4/24/19 12:09 P
Traded up my Innova Giant for a Batch 5004 Series. Rode home from the Bike dealer. Woo hoo ! What STEEPERSLOUNGE 17 LAPPEROO
4/24/19 12:07 P
An unexpected #NSV today... Marketing manager at my gym asked my permission to use my pictures for t DEM-TOM 91 MAUREENESTER764
5/5/19 10:05 P
Today I hit 25 lbs down! πŸ˜€ BAKE5151 26 MAHEDAGO
4/17/19 1:02 A
Hello everyone, hust a quick progress update. I'm down 25lbs! Went from size 18 to 14πŸ’ͺ and still go STEFFZ 16 TLV106
4/16/19 10:18 P
Went to a family sweet 16. This weekend. Haven't seen some family in 10 yrs. Plus. I love to get dre GRACIE6121 14 QSHEPP
4/4/19 7:05 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday!! I had to get in on the #tbt action! πŸ˜‚ First picture TEXASHSMOMOF3 120 HOWELLPC
4/5/19 8:06 A
I never posted a full body pic, but here u go. 335.8lbs stated weight 358lbs JASMINEFAT2FIT 32 JASMINEFAT2FIT
4/5/19 5:29 P
Hello sparkers, having cream of wheat and coffee this morning, after my morning walk. Stay active an GRACIE6121 6 GEORGE815
4/4/19 6:04 P
Happy Birthday to me! I turn 33 today and this is the best birthday I have ever had simply because t KERRIBERRI86 192 DLDMIL
4/4/19 7:32 P
Good morning! Good morning! Good morning sparklers! Happy Saturday! Positive vibes and keep pushing GRACIE6121 5 GEORGE815
3/30/19 1:14 P
I wanted to make waffles from scratch but I don’t have milk. Do y’all think it’s okay to substitute LM1272 36 MIHAELAA
6/19/19 10:45 P
Today I reached my half way goal. 25 more to lose.. I went into my closet and I was able to get in MARILYNN814 33 ALLYLIZZY
3/29/19 12:49 P
Back at it again. Felt good to be back at the gym. Have a great Monday sparkers! GRACIE6121 6 QSHEPP
1/7/19 5:01 P
Oh my biceps! This pic was the motivation I needed to get back on the healthy food choice wagon. Ima JESUSLUVSYOU 19 ITSMEAGAIN0
12/4/18 9:31 P
Hello sparkers, I'm back! I had a small stroke. It was scary but I'm good now. Thank God. Today was GRACIE6121 12 CINDY247
12/5/18 9:30 P
I loss 200 lbs I was in 34 now I'm in a 16 MICHELLE2631 69 PBVHCCVH
11/7/18 3:00 A
Burning those calories!!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ GRACIE6121 14 ALLYLIZZY
11/7/18 2:06 P
Lost another 8lbs. Feeling good. This is the best I've felt. GRACIE6121 16 ALLYLIZZY
11/6/18 1:56 P
Lunch-grain brown rice with vegetables and green tea matcha GRACIE6121 9 GREYTDOLPHIN
10/27/18 6:35 P
Today I am celebrating my 6 year anniversary of LIVING my LIFETIME below goal. SIX YEARS!!!! It to JOYCEHARRIS3 154 KATHRYNGC
3/8/19 2:11 P
Down 35 lbs. today since Jan 1st! From size 26 to 22 pants and size 3X to 2X shorts! Slow and steady PRSPLACE 94 LOSTNSPACE4NOW
11/2/18 6:10 P