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2018 How long will it take? Ballpark Challenge. GOLFCHICK2-0 105 NUHUSKY95
5/21/18 8:16 P
I’m in a lot of pain. I got injured at work February, I been trying to recover and work out at the s CHASINGFOXES 16 TICKLEBEE
5/6/18 3:02 P
Wanting to track carbs instead of calories DMAYS1959 5 FRISKYCRITTER
5/6/18 7:28 P
2 hours of yardwork. Getting more energy every time! GOLFCHICK2-0 3 COMEBACKKID12
5/6/18 7:02 P
Might not be the place to ask but I went to log in my food tiday and I see a meal plan for every mea JUBERANN 4 JUBERANN
5/1/18 3:03 A
Remember its a weekend, not a WEAKend. Stay strong and keep on Sparking!! GOLFCHICK2-0 9 COMEBACKKID12
4/27/18 11:34 P
I started a challenge & forgot to log it on Sunday. It won’t let me go back & enter data. It keeps MLBSLK 4 JHADZHIA
4/24/18 12:42 P
Me my scale isn't getting along this week 😔😔😔 GOALDIGGER79 26 KRISTINA_SLEE20
4/20/18 4:56 P
Need your help and encouragement! Just started on my weight loss journey. Don’t know what to eat. I NICLOV2000 10 ANDREAGZZ145
4/20/18 2:21 P
A new quilt for a new grandson! JSTETSER 23 1CRAZYDOG
4/22/18 11:52 A
I think I made my goal too easy lol. But at least it is motivating being able to meet it each day. DOTCHILATHAM 7 BONNIE1552
4/20/18 7:39 A
If I break a sweat while doing house cleaning ( moving furniture etc) can I count that as cardio? WALTSGIRL74 17 CGARR442
4/17/18 7:54 P
My sister bought me these workout dice last year and I am putting them to good use. It’s an easy way DARKMUSE 9 PELESJEWEL
4/13/18 10:16 A
I just won 1,000 sparkgoodie points... Who needs a pick-me-up?? #sharethewealth GOLFCHICK2-0 4 COMEBACKKID12
4/10/18 11:40 P
So frustrated!!!!! I had lost 7 pounds but on easter I spent time with my family and went off of Pal GHOSTILYUSHA 3 RUSTIEGURL
4/6/18 1:03 P
#Progress ELF41978 12 SKCASON
4/7/18 1:03 P
#coach my friend told me she couldn't get on here BRENDA_77039 18 BRENDA_77039
4/4/18 8:45 P
So, I got talked in to doing Zumba this morning af SOUTHTXXRNNR 16 MASHAUNDAB
4/4/18 11:53 A
So I’ve been doing a circuit training type DVD - w TEXASHSMOMOF3 11 TEXASHSMOMOF3
4/4/18 12:25 A
Anyone know exercise that won’t affect knees with mcl strain that is good for weight loss? RODEOFLOWER8 3 LUANN_IN_PA
4/3/18 3:09 P
Another day, a new beginning. I ate some junk last night and felt so sick this morning! Unhealthy ea YISKAMIRYAM 3 7STIGGYMT
4/3/18 1:37 P
Packable Breakfasts FTSOLK 28 GOLFCHICK2-0
3/30/18 11:58 A
Keto diet....good or bad? Where is the best info? Thinking about changing to that diet, I hate sug KILLINGIT1 4 WLHOPE
3/29/18 11:16 P
Opening Day 2018 starts with style!! GOLFCHICK2-0 2 MILLISMA
3/30/18 1:20 P
My legs r so sore from my walk last night but it is good to day my walking will be home depot Walmar ECMSGURL1205 3 GOLFCHICK2-0
3/29/18 12:49 P
Soooo....I snapped this pic at a red light yesterday...just struck me as hilarious..I mean, the Mich MOM4HOCKEY 13 SPARKLYEYES71
3/29/18 9:57 P
Water is my drink of choice i add a squeeze or two of lemon and it gives it a zing. I need to try t JAYNE3013 3 TRULYNDEM
3/28/18 5:12 P
Interesting problem. I seem to have an over abundance of snack foods. When I started my journey 4+ m MSMITCHELL2696 10 CAROLYNINJOY1
3/25/18 9:14 P
Free agent tracker...aka "In Bill we trust???" GOLFCHICK2-0 23 ALLELUIA525
4/27/18 12:11 A
Hi all! I’m looking for a free or cheap workout program that will focus on strength training. This a KAYLAMARIE 3 GOLFCHICK2-0
3/21/18 12:42 P
17 Days until our trip to Cancun! Plot twist - now I have to go to Boston for 3 days RIGHT BEFORE ou VEG_GIRL04 7 OBIESMOM2
3/22/18 9:32 A
Im getting there ❤ MRSDANIELAL 10 LUISYOGA863
4/19/18 12:51 P
I've been really struggling lately with binge eating. My weight loss came to lull, then all of a su CARRIEMETODAY 17 SPRINGFLOWER4
4/18/18 12:55 P
How do i get my fitbit to connect to my spark?? ASHLEYN2813 6 USMAWIFE
3/19/18 8:08 P
I used to do the 5k Shamrock run in Portland every year. The crowds got crazy and I could never find GOLFCHICK2-0 6 COMEBACKKID12
3/18/18 9:17 P
Just a reminder to take your measurements!! Sometimes the scale doesn't move, but your waist, hips, GOLFCHICK2-0 10 WONDERCUTIE
3/16/18 5:21 P
Hello fellas new here... Starting keto...i am not yet in keto. Will let u knw once am in ( may be in NIRWAL123 5 NIRWAL123
3/16/18 11:28 P
I've changed my diet around completely and lost 13 lbs so far but I seem to be taking in alot of car STIPTON803 10 -POOKIE-
3/16/18 1:33 P
#lowcarb So I've been maintaining low carb for a while.. keto on some days. I'm careful with my macr JOANNEELIDRISSI 20 JOANNEELIDRISSI
3/27/18 6:59 P
My first can of Coke in over a week. And I'm realizing that I don't even really want it now that I'v GOODBREAKER 7 GOODBREAKER
3/16/18 11:39 A
Really getting frustrated that the weather won't stop being cold/snowy. I NEED outdoor walks. Can' LIZSPRINGSTEEN 9 LIZSPRINGSTEEN
3/16/18 2:47 P
Tracker failed me!! I walk the same route every day during my lunch. My tracker failed to pick up ARNINE 5 7STIGGYMT
3/14/18 1:42 P
I have downloaded this app to help me log my calorie carb and food intake. I have decided after a l KATIESTEWART151 7 KATIESTEWART151
3/14/18 1:30 P
New co-worker in the office so donuts, apple fritters, maple bars and more show up. Thankfully there GOLFCHICK2-0 4 COMEBACKKID12
3/14/18 11:57 P
~ CHEW the FAT: Special (long-weekend) MONDAY! _RAMONA 208 KATHLEEN624
5/22/18 3:32 P
Who is your Favorite Red Sox player? GOLFCHICK2-0 5 TINATC26
4/4/18 7:58 A
Many of us are struggling. A wise friend of mine once told me to never talk about myself as I would GOLFCHICK2-0 4 KELLY_SS
3/9/18 1:25 P
I am trying some thing new to bust the Plateau I've been on for over a year now, I am going to eat o CHANGING-TURTLE 13 PATRICIA-CR
3/9/18 6:59 P
From 1/10/2018 sw 212 cw 181or is it 182? Gw 155. Almost saying goodbye to the 80's woo hoo!! CELESTIALDUCK 11 LOTUS737
3/9/18 1:53 P
havnt did a cardio work out in a long time i did an easy 7 min one today.....only it wasnt so easy f MOMMA0228 5 GOLFCHICK2-0
3/8/18 11:49 A
Ok, so I am thinking of joining a gym. I have been gymming in the past, but quit when I didn´t know 11SNUGGLES11 8 11SNUGGLES11
3/7/18 3:11 P
Okay feeling a little down had my weigh in this morning still the same weight I was a month ago😕 ev CLL1229 5 CLL1229
3/7/18 1:49 P
My weight has been up and down in the last week partially due to my meds. I was on prednisone for a LEOWITARIES 5 MWHIGGINS
3/7/18 1:43 P
I had a bad day yesterday and went off program. Today, I'm back!! Getting ready for a work trip and GOLFCHICK2-0 16 CHERRYZMB60
3/3/18 2:36 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 7 JUDY1676
3/2/18 11:43 P
Not sure where I'm going wrong can't cut carbs anymore than I already have I was down to 15 total ca DREAMADOVE 6 JVANAM
2/27/18 3:31 P
Hello, my name is Connie and I just joined. The program? I was wondering if there is a blog for begi MOLLY20054 3 MOLLY20054
2/27/18 3:13 P
Lunch @ Panera with my lovely daughter..keeping it #keto (hopefully) with the green goddess salad & LRJUSTUS1 17 DGRIFFITH51
2/27/18 10:01 P
Resetting my goals (Weight, BMI, Fat % and retaking all measurements, strength, stamina, limiting TV GOLFCHICK2-0 4 COMEBACKKID12
2/27/18 9:44 A
Ready for a great day! I'm on the move! JSTETSER 26 IDICEM
3/1/18 9:20 A
Met with my trainer today, and I have another session next Friday. I will be traveling 3 days next w GRATTECIELLA 13 I-AM-TITANIUM
2/22/18 10:42 P
#BeforeAndAftergoood!!!!!!! 50-60 more!! AIXA0609 64 CHERRYZMB60
2/22/18 7:55 P
I don't know what to do. It's 6 pm my time and I'm just now eating dinner, I'll be in bed by 10. Any STARGAZER838 10 LOVEWINTER
2/21/18 7:12 P
Does ginger ale count as pop? Got nauseous today and had some. Didn't know if I need to start my cou VARNDT1 6 ALBREDA1980
2/21/18 7:55 P
2017 Spark People New England Patriots Team Line-u CATE195 4 GOLFCHICK2-0
2/21/18 1:29 P
Day 23 and down 12lbs. Weightloss has started to slowed down this week, but i am still going at it. SCGRAVER 6 JUDYBEAR216
2/21/18 2:03 P
I went to the gym today and workout. I measured my waist and the inches are decreasing. CASCOTT62 6 ZUZUPETALS10
2/21/18 1:39 P
A pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle. But it sure does look and feel better. Be sure GOLFCHICK2-0 7 JENDY3
2/13/18 12:23 P
Just finished a walk of just over a mile at 18 mph. Wish I could've been faster but I'll take it! An MALD1983 4 LUANN_IN_PA
2/12/18 5:39 P
CHEW the FAT: Jan 1/18 - March 1/18! _RAMONA 189 _RAMONA
3/13/18 9:30 A
Dinner last night. Prosciutto wrapped around a mixture of cream cheese, butter and boursin cheese. SADIEMYERS 24 COOKWITHME65
3/19/18 5:32 P
Can anyone suggest a good weightloss "symbol"? Like a temperature chart showing pounds lost, or 2 ja MRSFITPANDA 11 NDSTOIC44
2/7/18 1:27 P
The second week in February is typically when people start abandoning their New Years resolutions. B GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
2/7/18 11:51 A
Spring Training Challenge?? GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
2/6/18 7:19 P
Went to Seattle for the weekend. I walked. A lot. Seattle is very hilly. My calves and shins are rem GOLFCHICK2-0 2 MMEQUEEN
2/6/18 6:39 P