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Life is amazing. And then it's awful. And then it's amazing again. And in between the amazing and th DXTECH 15 GMACAMI
6/19/19 1:22 P
I’ll start with this before photo. Loved the day but sure drives home a need to establish better hab MARTYMULLEN 5 GMACAMI
6/19/19 1:21 P
#BeforeAndAfter second day I weighed in at a 40 pound loss. Another job interview today. MISSYJ0507 51 KAYDE53
6/19/19 1:44 P
My view during my morning walk. ☺️ DARIALEIGH 9 SCOOTERTVRPV
6/19/19 1:48 P
One of my favorite places to go has this tree; at one time I was majorly confused about the tree. I RANDERS33 9 PWILLOW1
6/19/19 1:49 P
skyline with storm clouds last night - perfect view while gardening, watching for the coming rainsto RECOVERYMAMA 11 SCOOTERTVRPV
6/19/19 1:47 P
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 117297 BUTEAFULL
6/19/19 12:09 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!!! Yesterday was AMAZING!!!! A couple of good things.. TEXASHSMOMOF3 33 GMACAMI
6/19/19 1:38 A
Trying bike riding this week. 😁😁 LUZ214ANN 7 GMACAMI
6/19/19 1:31 A
We walked the trails at the park today. We’re expecting thunderstorms soon so it was super humid. CGARR442 20 FLASUN
6/19/19 4:15 A
Made it to Sunset Rock last night as planned. Love love love. Will plan more lingering time at the t WHIRLEDP 37 GMACAMI
6/19/19 1:30 A
Does anyone know what the purple flowers are? More surprising survivors. Also; my avocados are growi FIREBRTHR 14 GMACAMI
6/19/19 1:27 A
Posted a photo SOOKIE 14 GMACAMI
6/19/19 1:22 A
As seen on my walk #walkstreak day 2 STRIVE4BALANCE1 19 GMACAMI
6/19/19 1:20 A
Pretty good for a “sick” person PUPPYTUMMY0 9 EDWARDS1411
6/19/19 2:07 A
Weekly Goal - 2019 - 06/16/19 - 06/22/19 ROCKMAN6797 29 GMACAMI
6/19/19 1:05 A
Word Association _CHUBBS 5039 HANOVERLADY
6/19/19 1:50 P
Word Association III COCOA999 24804 HANOVERLADY
6/19/19 1:50 P
Word association TNMITCH 4211 HANOVERLADY
6/19/19 1:49 P
Word Association LAURAMILES1986 9488 HANOVERLADY
6/19/19 1:49 P
Two Words Change One JUDYGENTRY 33013 NASFKAB
6/19/19 4:51 A
6/19/19 1:47 P
6/19/19 1:49 P
6/19/19 1:48 P
Word Association DEB62BIE62 2993 HANOVERLADY
6/19/19 1:50 P
Did a ropes and zip line course yesterday...still can’t move my arms but it was a great workout and MRSLANNING83 16 GMACAMI
6/18/19 1:17 A
Walked about 2.5 miles around the village, including through the Commons in the middle of town. Publ LESLIELENORE 22 GARDENCHRIS
6/18/19 11:28 A
The Cooper-dog decided to take us a different route this morning, we passed these red roses... golly LESLIELENORE 38 GARDENCHRIS
6/18/19 11:28 A
Think about lugging 4 gallons of milk as you walk a mile home from the grocery store. NO WONDER I h RUTHIE254 34 GMACAMI
6/18/19 1:10 A
Almost 7 yrs difference... ANIMAI27 154 GMACAMI
6/18/19 1:09 A
I stared down the doughnuts today. I used my mantra, “Say yes to the dress.” I was instantly remin LEARN211 4 GMACAMI
6/18/19 1:08 A
6/18/19 1:07 A
Enjoying God's Beautiful Gift of Nature. ALLENJOSEPH 19 GMACAMI
6/18/19 12:55 A
Photo didnt load so again a nice day for a walk step by step to a lighter me LISSALUVMICKEY 8 GMACAMI
6/18/19 12:54 A
As I try to fit exercise into my hectic day, I rea DRAGONFLY2874 21 CJSLOVE
6/18/19 11:21 A
I know some people don’t think fruit belongs in salad. I say anything goes. The only thing that woul MIAMI_LILLY 41 KEEPITUP05
6/18/19 7:55 A
🤔 Told my grandson I'd pay him 10¢ per pinecone picked up...300 pinecones later 😂🤣 He wanted more LRJUSTUS1 12 GMACAMI
6/18/19 12:49 A
Didn't do so well over the weekend. Went to a wedding and also a cookout and forgot to track my calo TAMMYWES 17 LE_SIGH
6/18/19 6:39 A
Tonight's dinner - Veggie salad with balsamic vinaigrette, grilled chicken with hummus. Always my fa JSLEEKAW 26 -POOKIE-
6/18/19 6:07 A
Spending some time with a good friend at Mrytle beach South Carolina. Weather is amazing here. 🌞 MBLANKFORD 29 NANHBH
6/18/19 4:30 P
I did it!!! I stuck with it and finished the Beachbody 21 Day Fix! I went from a 37 waist to a 31! I LADYTA86 31 FISHGUT3
6/18/19 11:48 A
Posted a photo SIZE8TOB 132 PEGJW111
6/18/19 7:49 A
A productive Monday. CARRYONDANCING 27 FISHGUT3
6/18/19 11:47 A
Posted a photo LIGHTQUEEN 17 LOF7203
6/18/19 3:09 A
This mornings run was a struggle, but I stuck w it. Happy I did. Enjoy Father’s Day Sparklers 🌺 OUTSIDEJOJO 36 GMACAMI
6/16/19 8:19 P
Short walk with the Cooper-dog in the fog out at dad’s house... before starting brunch prep... LESLIELENORE 13 GARDENCHRIS
6/17/19 8:01 A
Down 23 lbs since April. Thank you Jesus. Now, 50 more to go. NEVAPATE3 26 GMACAMI
6/16/19 8:16 P
Walking in the morning STARMONICA 12 GMACAMI
6/16/19 8:16 P
Spent some time contemplating the pond the fog... LESLIELENORE 21 GARDENCHRIS
6/17/19 8:00 A
A pleasant spot for hiking and a picnic: NITEMAN3D 28 NITEMAN3D
6/17/19 4:05 P
I usually weigh in on Fridays but forgot this week, so I weighed Sunday instead. Down 3 lbs for a to IDGEEK87 27 GMACAMI
6/16/19 8:14 P
48 pounds gone! #Optavia #LifelongTransformation LESERLOU 26 JOCELYNH711
6/17/19 6:56 A
Feeling beautiful today! AMYJO1967 22 _RAMONA
6/17/19 2:44 A
I'm so sorry, but I have to vent for a second. I'm so tired of going visit my family... They've neve RASAYLOR 22 HEADRENEE
6/16/19 10:56 P
View from Moscow Mountain hike this morning. Tracked myself on All Trails app and threw in a C25K w SILVERSHOOK 17 GMACAMI
6/16/19 8:05 P
I had to eat mcds ( tomato, mozzarella grilled chicken sandwich with a medium fries and bottle of wa CHEYNESMOM948 14 CGARR442
6/17/19 8:22 P
Chilly here today so I made homemade chicken tortellini soup. KNITTINGKITTY 24 JOYCEHARRIS3
6/17/19 6:04 A
Summer salad with watercress, coeur de boeuf tomato, cucumber, egg, bean sprouts with a homemade cur DEM-TOM 81 COOKWITHME65
6/17/19 11:27 A
Getting ready for the week. Here are 8 chicken breasts seasoned with lemon pepper seasoning. Some ar CARINGFORMENOW 23 _RAMONA
6/17/19 2:38 A
Great way to spend the afternoon, throwing rocks into the river. TIKITAMI 29 FLASUN
6/17/19 5:14 A
Came down with strep last week, feeling better so Made a ride today 2AWESOME4U 15 MCJULIEO
6/16/19 9:11 P
I took the extra trail around our park this week to see how many more miles it was. Came across this ALLYSSA_P 17 GMACAMI
6/15/19 7:10 P
I have not lost anything in 3 weeks. However, I finished my Master's degree 2 days ago and my cloth AMICHELLE570 7 BAILE1MA
6/15/19 11:10 P
NSV! Shorts don’t fit, they fall off! So I’ve had these shorts in the back of my drawer for “someda GANBA20 11 DAIZYJ527
6/17/19 9:57 A
Good morning everybody. I’m walking before it gets hot. And boy it gets hot in South Georgia! MSJWALKER52 25 GMACAMI
6/15/19 7:08 P
Well I have hurt myself working out...shooting back of the butt and leg. Probably a glute strain. H PB1959 5 GMACAMI
6/15/19 7:07 P
Interesting lilies seen on my walk. Happy Saturday! OBIESMOM2 27 GMACAMI
6/15/19 7:05 P
I didn’t want to weigh myself (I was afraid I gained) so I faced my fears and just did it, and I’m s ALLYLIZZY 34 JRDUPREE
6/16/19 11:23 A
After a great morning walk I am going to enjoy some relaxation time !!! KATHYJOA 26 GMACAMI
6/15/19 7:01 P
Back from 14 day Alaska land and cruise tour - What an awesome experience. Not sure how it happened TOMSTUMP 5 GMACAMI
6/15/19 7:01 P
I haven't weighed myself in a while, nor have I been tracking, but I have still been trying to eat w GREENSUBMARINE 9 GMACAMI
6/15/19 7:00 P
My light didn’t turn green but this girl just drop another pound! I pray by next Sunday I’ll be down NVRGIVINGUP 16 PELESJEWEL
6/15/19 10:16 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 19 NANASUEH
6/16/19 10:29 A
Went for a walk around an historical preserved farm! Up and down the paths. Very beautiful!! #move AMINAHRAE 12 BILLTHOMSON
6/16/19 5:19 A
Nice 2 mile hike today across woods, grassland, small sand dunes, and an abandoned road. Made a home HIKINGSTEVE 16 HIKINGSTEVE
6/16/19 1:17 A