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TOWN SQUARE- Where everyone gathers! OILPAINTER 10136 ALOHAEV1
5/20/18 8:17 A
Checking in VTRICIA 4208 NELLJONES
5/20/18 5:20 A
Road Runners - General Discussion Topics JERIBERI1 1636 BECKYANNE1
5/20/18 7:20 A
5/18/18 5:21 P
5/17/18 8:12 A
Nickelodeon Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 246 JEANKNEE
5/20/18 12:54 P
Mustang Debut Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 524 KATIE3908
4/18/18 2:30 P
Another bike ride, my joint pain is flaring up so praying for healing and resting as I can. JODIRICHARDS 4 BELLACUDDLES
4/5/18 8:39 A
I was able to get a run/walk in last night with my friend! So grateful to have that time to visit w GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
4/5/18 8:07 A
power walked with a friend this morning - great way to start the day! VISUALLYRICS 2 GLORIAMAJDI
4/4/18 8:39 A
I got in 38 min of bodyweight exercises and 30 min of walking yesterday. 2018ISTHEYEAR 2 GLORIAMAJDI
4/4/18 8:16 A
Boot camp this morning, I hope I can add to my minutes with an evening run but it all depends on my GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
4/4/18 8:23 A
Early gym time this morning! Feeling empowered! VISUALLYRICS 3 BELLACUDDLES
4/3/18 8:35 A
Another bright and early morning on the treadmill, have to fit the workouts around the job and right GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
4/3/18 7:46 A
Nice and easy treadmill run before work this morning! GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
4/2/18 9:10 A
Went for a short walk with hubby. It’s a rest day but walking is always okay!!!! GLORIAMAJDI 1 GLORIAMAJDI
4/1/18 9:55 P
Very slow half marathon this morning.... GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
3/31/18 7:56 P
Traveling today but had to work for a while beforehand....I got up early and did 10 minutes on the t GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
3/30/18 8:21 A
Dragged myself to the gym this morning...mentally, this week has been a struggle for me. But consist VISUALLYRICS 7 VISUALLYRICS
3/29/18 6:46 P
I'm sort of confused about what day it is, lol, I worked 13 hours yesterday with no breaks but manag GLORIAMAJDI 3 VISUALLYRICS
3/30/18 8:22 A
Great 40 minutes of running in this evening!!! GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
3/28/18 11:11 A
Good Morning All! This past weekend I did a 200 mile relay (running) with a team of 12....great fun GLORIAMAJDI 4 VISUALLYRICS
3/27/18 2:07 P
I think the dog walked me tonight.😜 JODIRICHARDS 3 GLORIAMAJDI
3/27/18 9:15 A
Just back from spin class! Love when I get it in early! PAULALALALA 3 GLORIAMAJDI
3/27/18 9:15 A
Gym time at 5 a.m. - I had to drag myself this morning - but so GLAD I did! VISUALLYRICS 4 VISUALLYRICS
3/27/18 8:55 P
Yoga, spinning and a walk with my DW! 1DAY-ATA-TIME 3 GLORIAMAJDI
3/20/18 10:36 A
Got those weights lifted; off to a 55+ luncheon a little later and listening to a speaker who was a BELLACUDDLES 3 GLORIAMAJDI
3/20/18 10:35 A
Was busy yesterday so I didn't post. Already did a WATP DVD before electricity goes out. So far 4 in MTNGRL 3 VISUALLYRICS
3/20/18 11:10 A
Nice yoga session tonight. Working on my chaturanga! Need more upper body strength for sure :) LIFEFOUNDONARUN 4 LIFEFOUNDONARUN
3/20/18 11:43 P
Early morning treadmill run before work! :-) GLORIAMAJDI 3 MTNGRL
3/20/18 10:11 A
Went to the boot camp class this morning, I love this class! GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
3/19/18 8:57 A
On my way out the door to walk with a friend early this morning. VISUALLYRICS 2 GLORIAMAJDI
3/19/18 8:12 A
Ran for 36 minutes and then did a 60 minute yoga session. GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
3/19/18 7:10 A
February: Daily Hi’s JUDY1676 49 JUDY1676
2/26/18 11:14 P
Question of the Day 2BDYNAMIC 4377 CHERIRIDDELL
5/20/18 1:23 A
2018: Question of the Day JUDY1676 167 STITCHINGNAN
5/18/18 7:47 A
Chit Chat Corner... HOMEBODY67 173 SPARKLINGME176
5/17/18 11:30 P
4/12/18 11:00 P
5/9/18 3:43 P
What Are You Eating Today? INARI_FOX 435 JSTETSER
5/19/18 5:33 A
In 2014 I was 268 lbs and diagnosed with onset diabetes. I was taking three insulin shots a day to c LISA_KYLE682 249 DINZEL
2/15/18 6:12 P
4/2/18 8:51 P
Tofu: love it or hate it? ACLANCY1 28 RKOTTEK
5/6/18 7:22 P
WFB (What's for Breakfast) KAT321123 860 HOLLYSTORMCLOUD
5/18/18 12:39 P
Name your favorite thing about vegetarian meals. MRSJOCCO 56 BECCABOO127
5/19/18 1:53 P
Nutrition and running first thing in the morning KAPELAKIN 11 BECKYANNE1
3/30/18 5:08 P
Didn't set my fitbit for biking instead of walking this a.m., so it thinks I walked for 20 min (inst COLUMBINE2 4 GLORIAMAJDI
2/10/18 6:15 P
2/10/18 6:15 P
Well done everyone! Feels great to finish strong! ...If someone else wishes to start another challe VISUALLYRICS 4 COLUMBINE2
2/11/18 12:57 A
Ran today in driving least it was warm, in the 50s! There is a lot of standing water. It w GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
2/10/18 5:15 P
Rest day for me but I made sure to get a walk in so I’d meet my goal for the day!!! I’m having some GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
2/9/18 9:43 P
1st bike ride of 2018. Along the Pacific Coast. Realized I would break my walking streak (oh, no ! I COLUMBINE2 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/9/18 8:51 P
Yesterday was challenging... daughter became sick, and my time was spread thin. Fingers crossed I am VISUALLYRICS 7 LIFEFOUNDONARUN
2/9/18 9:51 P
WFD (What's for Dinner) KAT321123 841 MISSHARTUNG1
5/16/18 9:14 A
Getting on that treadmill shortly walking:talking with my good friend from Oregon! BELLACUDDLES 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/9/18 9:17 A
Ran this evening...tired and having tummy trouble so it wasn’t my best run but it wasn’t my worst ei GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
2/9/18 8:52 A
I walked on the treadmill for 1 hr tonight, even though I didn't feel like it:-) You all inspire me! 2018ISTHEYEAR 5 GLORIAMAJDI
2/8/18 9:43 A
Rough day but made time for more yoga! LIFEFOUNDONARUN 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/8/18 9:43 A
Walked for 20 minutes at lunchtime and then ran for for 67 minutes tonight!!! Feeling good! GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
2/8/18 12:00 A
WFL (What's for Lunch) KAT321123 775 HOLLYSTORMCLOUD
5/18/18 12:39 P
World Radio Day Maintenance Challenge JEANKNEE 551 NELLJONES
2/14/18 6:36 A
After a 12 hour workday yesterday and a 10 hour day today (with no breaks and a long commute) I sett GLORIAMAJDI 5 LIFEFOUNDONARUN
2/7/18 11:06 P
Good evening from Pennsylvania! Ice storm is hitting our area tonight ! GLORIAZ 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/6/18 9:01 P
30 minutes of Yoga this evening! LIFEFOUNDONARUN 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/6/18 8:06 A
Lifting those weights and toning cords! BELLACUDDLES 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/6/18 8:06 A
I did 1hr of intervals on the treadmill this morning. Hope everyone is having a great day! 2018ISTHEYEAR 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/6/18 8:05 A
Got it done...the glad I had a friend to walk/talk with by phone...goes so much faste BELLACUDDLES 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/5/18 9:13 A
Got up at O Dark 30 (3:45 a.m.) and went to my favorite boot camp class - had to leave after 45 minu GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
2/5/18 9:01 A
Thanks for including me. I've been having some health issues and have only been doing small amounts MTNGRL 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/5/18 8:13 A
Yay!!! I love these challenges!!! Thank you Laura!! This morning my friend and I went to the track ( GLORIAMAJDI 2 VISUALLYRICS
2/4/18 7:08 P
Hitting the comeback trail DCT2018 9 DCT2018
2/6/18 10:47 A
I am usually very motivated & very active, but I am struggling this week with fatigue & with losing DIROB57 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/3/18 10:13 P
I have enjoyed this week's challenge with you guys! it has kept me focused. VISUALLYRICS 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/3/18 10:13 P
I wasn’t sure how I would fit it in today but I managed to squeeze in a 45 minute walk! Mission acco GLORIAMAJDI 3 VISUALLYRICS
2/2/18 6:23 A
I've had 3 hard workout days in a row and my body is saying I MUST take a rest day today or I will b DIROB57 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/1/18 9:15 P