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Starting a two week belly buster challenge with plexus! JPUMA62 4 COLOURFULL
4/16/18 1:13 P
I could use all of the prayers, positive thoughts, good juju, plus tips and tricks to get 10 more po GLL3335 3 DYANNE4293
4/12/18 10:51 A
#BeforeAndAfter Size 22-24 to 12-14 Size 3x to large TMP0418 21 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
4/13/18 5:30 P
Really wanted a sandwich, but trying to stay away from bread. Found a pouch of salmon on my shelf. F NEWMOMMA0810 64 NEWMOMMA0810
4/10/18 5:34 P
What is the way to eat to lose weight ? I have heard more calories out then in, low carb or keto is HOTIPODMAMA 11 PWILLOW1
4/7/18 9:11 P
Dinner was BBQ Chicken salad, so good! Made with 3 oz chicken tenders, 15 med asparagus spears, 1/3 GLL3335 8 CHERYLHURT
3/29/18 8:06 P
I delete pictures that show my legs, no matter how skinny I get they are always embarrassing to me. KATHRYNEPARRISH 14 MDOWER1
3/29/18 6:13 P
Question? Does anyone think it's silly for me to w ST3PH 307 TESSWILDFLOWER
3/30/18 6:21 A
Hello SparkFamily! It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted.. My husband and I are EXPECTING!! Oh bt SIMPLYKEN32 246 SIMPLYKEN32
3/28/18 3:23 P
I have exerted exceptional control since early January. I have lost 22 pounds and have lost 2 full CMBMARIE 12 CMBMARIE
3/26/18 9:19 P
#BeforeAndAfter The picture on the left was taken at the gender reveal for my anxiously awaited gran IDREAMINPURPLE 76 GBENN777
3/27/18 7:13 P
I am wearing a size large shirt and 16 pair of jeans, that are alittle baggy in the legs... I fit in MANDARI87 210 JACKSMK
4/14/18 12:07 P
I did 30 squat sidekicks and 30 sitting triceps with the dumbbell behind the head lifts I forget wha KYLIE 8 KYLIE
3/23/18 10:25 P
10 months of pole fitness later, and I can really see the muscle I’ve gained and how my strength has JUSTDOIT011 23 LWLAR7
3/22/18 3:55 A
#BeforeAndAfter Which one looks healthier? I'm close to underweight now but I like how my stomach pu KAYLARP3 30 DOLPH79
3/21/18 8:35 P
296 Calories of goodness. Thank you Lord because my family and I always have food in our table. SOVERYBLESSED23 13 SANDYTOES612
3/21/18 8:52 P
I went from over 270 lbs in 2014 to this currently TXSUNSHINE512 157 QSHEPP
3/16/18 6:57 A
Breakfast today. 275 calories 1 fried egg, sauted mushroomd and mixed greens with a Japanese purple GLL3335 7 ANGGEL40
3/11/18 1:05 P
#BeforeAndAfter I am finally posting my before picture 😲 I am now 8 weeks into this. Picture sho CRBOSS1966 26 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/11/18 10:07 P
From 22W to 14 regular jeans... gotta keep Sparking LINZHORN 100 PELESJEWEL
3/21/18 1:21 A
I'm just starting a keto diet (along with a sugar 1975SARAJO 6 SANDYBFROMNZ
3/9/18 3:04 A
Hey everyone, I need suggestions!!! My chest is hurting kinda bad, so I am kinda weary about exercis ANGELICMOMMA 5 SIMBA437
3/8/18 2:18 P
Hi my Spark Friends. I was excited this morning to see myself in a picture today. I could finally te TMZ777 8 TMZ777
3/8/18 12:24 A
I'm starting right now. One of my kids took this picture of me today. I am not sure how I let myself APAL225 52 PUDGY48
3/7/18 5:54 A
This is a fun visual for me. I love hearing the plink of the beads, marbles, etc. hitting the botto IDREAMINPURPLE 40 PROVERBS31JULIA
3/26/18 9:20 P
Has anyone here tried Thrive? And if so what do you think the Pros and/or Cons are? Im not looking f GYPSYMOTHER76 11 REDBIRDFLY
3/5/18 9:12 P
So ladies. What are some "rules" you follow? How many cals you stay between... Not eating past a JPAPUGA27 130 PEGJW111
2/21/18 1:58 P
Not the normal progress photo on here, but thought I'd share my pictures from recovering from an eat LITTLEEMI2 245 RAMONA1885
2/21/18 11:56 A
I have reached my goal. Now I need to make sure I maintain it. 175 lbs. #BeforeAndAfter HOLLYWOODCORKER 307 HEAVENSCENT12
2/23/18 3:10 A
Have a great Tuesday! MRSTHOMAS8314 22 INPRAYER
2/20/18 4:37 P
I can't seem to get control of my snacking. Any ad LOSERLADY73 7 FRISKYCRITTER
2/18/18 5:36 P
Phew. No Pickleball today. Just occasional small walks. My body is tired today. Ive had 7 glasses of DRINKALOTH2O 3 TUBLADY
2/18/18 3:13 P
I’m over 40 and I am so unhappy with where I am physically. Not just appearance but also how I feel, FREYAMYM 6 FRISKYCRITTER
2/18/18 5:32 P
Heck yeah goodbye size 22-24 and 2-3x Hello size 12 jeans and large shirt woo hoo happy dance 😊 I l TMP0418 96 ALABAMASUSAN17
2/19/18 8:32 A
Plz excuse my feet. I’ve been through a lot yet, I NEVER gave up!! At 288 I was morbidly obese. Ju DIANEDOESSMILES 218 SKCASON
2/17/18 12:51 P
This week, I didn't lose BUT I didn't gain. My weight is literally the exact same as last week. I sh STARSOMEGIRL 5 SISTERMM
2/14/18 9:10 P
2/10/18 12:35 P
First time posting. I went from 277 pounds on the left, to 217 on the right. That was from April 201 ABBRAXOUS 149 NOCALORIES
2/6/18 12:50 A
Down 4 lbs this week, after last weeks gain. A total of 30 lbs lost since my restart! 🎉🎉 For t TEXASHSMOMOF3 99 CHRISTOPHER63
2/5/18 6:20 P
Progress ELF41978 143 ZRIE014
2/4/18 1:01 A
According to this I'm an angel. Lol. Which one are you? ALLYLIZZY 94 MYTIMETOLOSE18
1/31/18 9:26 P
I want to get under 200 lbs by May. That's my short term goal! My long term goal is to be 180 lbs. T POUDYAL14 27 ROSALIE28
1/28/18 7:37 P
28 days clean eating and 15 days at the gym. Seen an improvement inches but have not lost any weight STEPHANIECONGER 82 LANSELMI
1/28/18 5:15 P
#Before photo ALLISLINDA03 24 RENA0212
1/27/18 8:12 P
This is my starting weight, 295. I’m not proud of it. I know I can reach my goal without having surg CITYGIRL462 303 ELRIDDICK
1/28/18 2:16 A
#BeforeAndAfter PAR1251 304 FLASUN
1/28/18 6:31 A
Today I start my new lifestyle of not eating bread pasta rice potatoes candy cake cookies or chips. MZALEXANDRIACOL 14 ANOJAG
10/30/17 3:00 P
Starting day 5 of a Whole30. Doing great and down 4lbs! GLL3335 2 TSHAWGER
4/22/17 8:36 A
Did You Walk Today? DUSTYPRAIRIE 1992 JOMAMA
2/8/15 12:42 P
Are you NEW? GREAT! Introduce yourself here! TEACHINKIDS2 407 DUSTYPRAIRIE
5/6/14 12:18 P
11/22/17 12:27 A
Daily exercise Log METSMES 2006 SUNSHINE20113
11/4/15 3:02 P
Definitely Pregnant...Not So Much Fit -- YET! **PRICELESS** 16 GLL3335
4/10/11 1:17 A
Spring Challenge Sign Ups! March 29 - April 5th HOLISTICJESSICA 556 HOLISTICJESSICA
4/6/11 10:38 A
Sign up for our next challenge...A Fresh Start! SPARKPIXIE 70 JOE_ANNE2
1/9/11 9:29 A
Booty Week #3 - "Say NO to Crack!" CHERRYJONES66 28 CHERRYJONES66
12/27/10 9:40 P
Booty Week #2 - Myth to Magic CHERRYJONES66 32 CHERRYJONES66
12/17/10 12:49 A
WINTER - Booty Shiver Challenge! CHERRYJONES66 28 GLL3335
12/6/10 12:08 A
Welcome Challenge Junkies! Introduc ions.... CHERRYJONES66 143 BEBITA8
10/28/13 10:54 P
Sign up for December challenge; Nothing to Lose! SPARKPIXIE 80 SPARKPIXIE
12/7/10 6:41 A
7/2/09 7:56 P
5/26/09 12:05 P
Heartburn GLL3335 10 WANNABFIT34
5/23/09 7:22 P
May beginning to Shred KELLYFIT4U 397 WHOGRRL
6/11/09 10:31 P
General Team Chatter Box--Don't Be Afraid to Share CLADY326 206 LORETTA24
11/11/13 7:25 A
Looking for a Workout Buddy QQ2BFITWITHIN 5 GLL3335
5/16/09 7:41 P
Welcome, come on in and introduce yourself! AUDIE40220 10921 NEVERORNOW
3/17/18 4:31 P
7/5/10 7:00 P
New To Team; Introduce Yourself Here!! YAY!! WTG!! CLADY326 156 KYLASMOM2
10/12/10 9:18 P