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Sometimes, when things arent moving at the pace you want, you must take a step back and focus on how ELF41978 54 DLDMIL
5/19/18 8:45 P
Did a color run today! ๐Ÿ˜ PHOUSE99 6 MERLECHRIS
5/19/18 2:45 P
My 1st attempt at embroidery. Not great but not too bad. SYLBA61 11 RESILIENTBELLE
5/19/18 3:42 P
Iโ€™m emotional eater. I binged yesterday but i tracked it and moved on from it. Not every day will be MRSKENNEDY17 28 TM403J
5/19/18 4:24 P
Did some walking, used the Total Gym and finished cleaning the house yesterday. Didn't get to go fo CATHYSFITLIFE 7 BONNIEMARGAY
5/19/18 4:45 P
3.81 mile walk. I am very thankful for my walking partner, my oldest son Cale-- he kept me moving! P_CLARK 11 MNEME2
5/19/18 4:57 P
Feeling proud of my progress so far, so today I'm wearing fun leggings to the gym!! EMBEEONESIX 14 MNEME2
5/19/18 4:56 P
Holy butt ๐Ÿ˜‚ not where I wanna be but what a difference ๐Ÿ˜Š I'm so proud of me and thankful for all o TMP0418 179 SADIEMYERS
5/20/18 8:55 A
I snapped a quick, no-thought, no-makeup selfie in the car after a Royal Wedding-inspired workout be MUFFIY831 87 MNEME2
5/19/18 4:56 P
Last letter starts next word USMAWIFE 4304 USMAWIFE
5/20/18 8:15 A
emotion to show how you are feeling at this moment USMAWIFE 5984 USMAWIFE
5/19/18 7:24 A
Log in/bonus spin points USMAWIFE 4856 USMAWIFE
5/19/18 7:26 A
What do you currently have on your needles??? GEAUXSAT 7809 AFERRARI
5/19/18 8:21 P
5/19/18 7:28 A
After a lengthly workout session & to satisfy my sweet tooth, i decided to pamper myself a little wi DEM-TOM 27 _RAMONA
5/18/18 10:33 P
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 9 THANKFUL2018
5/18/18 9:04 A
Day 2 Week 1 of C25K! Had my running buddy with me the entire day today. GECKO722 12 AUNTRENEE
5/18/18 9:52 A
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 27 JTHEALTHY1
5/18/18 4:54 P
First week weigh in since restarting my fitness journey. Starting weight was 203. I am excited!!! TRENAMED 119 ALLYLIZZY
5/18/18 3:46 P
My half marathon pic. I had to borrow a medal because they ran out of half medals. My own medal we FUSCHIA6 264 DLDMIL
5/18/18 7:43 P
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 41 JTHEALTHY1
5/18/18 4:52 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 144 and still sugar free ! Physical therapy today. Need to build my shoul STEEPERSLOUNGE 56 I-AM-TITANIUM
5/19/18 3:12 A
#BeforeAndAfter I have a plethora of "fat" pictures that show a life long struggle with weight. Than MARIAN326 124 DIPAFRODITA
5/18/18 10:45 P
5/18/18 5:35 P
sock kal for may USMAWIFE 3 GETULLY
5/16/18 11:33 P
How will you exercise today? USMAWIFE 2982 USMAWIFE
5/19/18 7:27 A
I felt it this morning but Iโ€™m staying below 15 and 16 minute mile times! Speed training is kicking JRKESTLER 14 KATBRUNNER
5/16/18 11:16 A
What the hell just came out of my pouch of frosted cheerios?!?!? Itโ€™s smearing on my fingers like c THELADYMOON 24 MIAMI_LILLY
5/16/18 12:05 P
Beautiful day today ! STEEPERSLOUNGE 24 I-AM-TITANIUM
5/16/18 10:51 P
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 5 ASPEN
5/16/18 11:41 A
I've heard over the years not to weigh everyday... which is usually coming from someone who has neve MIKESWIFEDEBRA 35 MIKESWIFEDEBRA
5/16/18 9:48 P
Posted a photo DIGER718 116 _RAMONA
5/16/18 1:51 P
Posted a goal MRSKENNEDY17 130 GRAMMYEAC
5/16/18 1:48 P
I'm almost in tears! I have never been able to lose weight by counting calories and exercising more. DMSPEER93 158 JAMER123
5/16/18 10:58 P
#BeforeAndAfter โ˜บ8 pounds down this month, Slow but steady 67 pounds down total in 6 months,I never OLIE07 310 QSHEPP
5/18/18 5:06 P
.8 loss this week not what I wanted but it's a loss ๐Ÿ˜Š every ounce counts right total 67.8 Keep spa TMP0418 166 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
5/17/18 6:28 P
Oh yeah. And still moving. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ MAY_TO_MAY 4 GETULLY
5/14/18 8:25 P
Ask me about Keto!! 11 months in, 370 lbs, to 211. QUADDAWG 145 CSROBERTSON621
5/14/18 9:36 P
So disappointed. I canโ€™t seem to get it together. I need to get back to my healthier friends so I am RAKEY1 4 ITSMEAGAIN0
5/14/18 8:48 P
Day 4, 30+ mins! I am covered in sweat and loving it! Today I managed the whole workout @ 15+ mph!! COLEYBANANA 4 EVIE4NOW
5/14/18 8:40 P
Day 15. Took my Girl Scouts on a 45 minute hike to Rainbow Falls. We learned about Leave No Trace. CKOLL22 7 CKOLL22
5/14/18 8:57 P
Some days do not go as planned.. Our cat is in labor & has escaped the house. Okay then, 23 acres of LRJUSTUS1 13 MWARNER211
5/15/18 4:26 P
A few days ago marked the 1 year and 1 month anniversary I began my weight loss journey. I started o B88895 14 KMILLER31
5/14/18 9:20 P
I am so freaking excited about my progress the last two months!! I have lost just about 6lbs and I h WAHMARISSA 10 LA_BENTANCOURT
5/15/18 9:58 A
#BeforeAndAfter Life may have set me back a little but I keep pushing forward...I am only 15 pounds FINDINGBOBBIE 100 LA_BENTANCOURT
5/15/18 9:57 A
As the weather gets nicer and nicer, more feathered creature are hanging around. I manage to get so ALLENJOSEPH 32 ROSALIE28
5/13/18 8:28 P
Happy Mother's Day! CHENICSMI3 11 FLUTTERFLI
5/13/18 6:25 P
Was a gorgeous day for ball! My team was so much better than last year! #didntstopmoving #sundayfun BABYSTEPS2015 26 FLUTTERFLI
5/13/18 6:26 P
Mothers Day 3 mile walk! Beautiful day! DIANEWITHASMILE 29 DLDMIL
5/13/18 6:49 P
Happy Motherโ€™s Day to Motherโ€™s of all kinds DESERTDREAMERS 8 ILOVEROSES
5/14/18 8:32 A
Spent the day in the yard (weird). Finally got the irrigation finshed.. Yay. Spent a while picking t VICKICHICKI123 9 VICKICHICKI123
5/13/18 9:49 P
Happy Mother's day to all of my mommy spark friends! Here is a selfie with my daughter. And a loud s JORIEFM 8 DLDMIL
5/13/18 6:48 P
Happy Saturday! SMITTY-B 12 YMWONG22
5/12/18 10:06 A
Good Morning Sparkers! Happy Saturday! Hope all have a super awesome day! It's the weekend, YAY!!!! BOOHOOBEAR 13 EO4WELLNESS
5/12/18 1:18 P
Good morning sparkers. Day 138 and still sugar free. Time for breakfast. Happy healthy Saturday e STEEPERSLOUNGE 15 MPLSKEN
5/13/18 12:08 A
Hiking the trails in Tennessee has been the best vacation . Hard work with a spectacular reward. Tr CARLOSLAKELAND 35 TEXASHSMOMOF3
5/14/18 6:24 P
Yeah, and that's m'story and I'm sticking to it. (sometimes you just need a little giggle to get th BOOHOOBEAR 16 EO4WELLNESS
5/12/18 1:18 P
Down 23 pounds! Yahoo! KLEWIS594 68 KITTYF54
5/12/18 3:04 P
5/12/18 1:18 P
It's a Minnesota postcard morning & perfect for a run around the lake. I don't think the scenery cou J2002HEIDS 226 SIMON1743
5/13/18 6:45 A
Today I turned ** years young! Birthday or not I've started my day @ the gym this morning... Upon re DEM-TOM 89 BLESSOME
5/12/18 3:31 P
God is so good!!!! I have been struggling like crazy these last few weeks and through His grace He b DMSPEER93 42 TEXASHSMOMOF3
5/14/18 6:26 P
Back on track with 2 scrambled eggs and mushrooms. I'm having grape tomatoes on the side WALTSGIRL74 26 CHRISTOPHER63
5/11/18 12:49 P
#BeforeAndAfter the date on the before was actually in December 2017. The after pic was from about a CAROLHALL13 79 CAROLHALL13
5/11/18 4:37 P
Posted a photo SHRNJOSHUA 176 COOKWITHME65
5/13/18 12:03 P
Morning walk turned into a morning run. Lol CARLOSLAKELAND 139 LIZZIE138
5/11/18 5:54 P
So I finally hit the 40 pound mark!! WOOP NEKOMINI 140 LIZZIE138
5/11/18 5:56 P
#BeforeAndAfter I had to weigh yesterday morning and I was in awe. 40 pounds gone since 2014 and 30 NOLAHORSERIDER 235 JMAHNKEN
5/13/18 9:34 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 136 and still sugar free Botanic Garden shift today Four hours of weedin STEEPERSLOUNGE 13 MPLSKEN
5/10/18 11:30 P
5/11/18 7:21 P
Smoothie with ISO100 chocolate, a half of it) strawberries, gelatin (for baking) against my painful ISNESS 9 AUNTRENEE
5/10/18 8:15 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 18 PATRICIA-CR
5/10/18 2:18 P
Last night's Dinner lemon pepper tilapia and spinach. 156 calories. Yum ๐Ÿ˜ƒ GBENITEZSITA 33 -POOKIE-
5/10/18 9:22 A
Moving to my best ROSEMAGNET 39 PINOT05
5/10/18 10:50 A
2 knit patterns free to 5/31 USMAWIFE 4 GETULLY
5/8/18 4:25 P