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There's nothing like the lovely fragrance of Lilacs. πŸ’ CLO333 18 SPEDED2
6/9/19 9:31 P
Posted a photo ALLYSSA_P 10 GEORGE815
6/9/19 1:45 P
πŸ˜‚ A Chuckle for Your Day 🀣 CLO333 14 PATRICIA-CR
6/10/19 11:36 A
Posted a photo ALL-FOR-ME80 10 KEEPITUP05
6/9/19 2:13 P
First Cucumber for today’s salad JUSTFURKIDS 49 JAMER123
6/9/19 9:59 P
Happy Sunday spark family hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!! I been really hard on myself the TMP0418 49 ROSALIE28
6/10/19 6:50 P
New painting that I painted last night. Had to po STEEPERSLOUNGE 109 HAPPYDAZ1
6/10/19 10:03 A
Fresh strawberries from this morning’s farmers market. Soooo good! NEWBARBARA2017 25 29WINEGAL
6/8/19 6:24 P
I love this shirt. I love lifting weights and I love tracking my progress. It is amazing when I star STATSCAT 13 WHYTEBROWN
6/8/19 5:12 P
#beforeandafter #keto #lowcarb 50 pounds down GYPSYJACQUELINA 45 MLJ272004
6/20/19 12:03 P
Some Saturday humor :D HELLODANAE 25 PATRICIAAK
6/8/19 6:47 P
NSV: I tried on a size 16 of pair jeans (for the h FREEDOMSKEY 42 DLDMIL
6/8/19 6:52 P
I am very pleased to say on Sept 1, 18 I weighed 300 lbs. Today June 8, 19, I weigh 200 lbs. It took SCRIMP1 209 GMACAMI
6/9/19 2:56 A
Bring It On! MSROZZIE 12 GEORGE815
6/7/19 8:22 P
That's right! Keep moving Sparkers. #moveit BONNIE1552 16 GEORGE815
6/7/19 8:24 P
Just wanted to share a Throwback of me and my two sons πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ Dont laugh I was 14 mo KEENA47 23 CINDY247
6/9/19 4:50 A
Cancel meetings means I got to do my work out after all today! GRATTECIELLA 20 TESSWILDFLOWER
6/8/19 3:38 P
#BeforeAndNow I'm wearing shorts! With a belt!! What the?πŸ‘Š Both have never happened like ever in m DOUBLELSMOM 162 _RAMONA
6/8/19 2:54 A
I still have more to go but it’s a big difference and I feel wayyyyy better#BeforeAndAfter EVYLOVESRUGER 120 JDB50177
6/13/19 7:22 A
Lovely Spark Menu choices for lunch today. Oven baked Tilapia with couscous and the Garlicky Mushro ARTSPARK 22 1GOLFNUT
6/7/19 9:28 P
The picture on the left was at the beginning of what I call "my heaviest time." I have no idea how m WINDMILLS18 144 TESSWILDFLOWER
6/8/19 3:37 P
Two Words Change One JUDYGENTRY 33062 PMORENA
6/26/19 8:32 A
6/26/19 12:05 P
6/26/19 12:26 P
6/25/19 10:40 A
Sunny or cloudy today? TRISHZ 49424 PENNYSAVER2
6/26/19 11:15 A
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 75905 DINZEL
6/26/19 2:07 P
Two Word Phrases A-Z LIGHTHOUSE0403 42673 JACFRANK
6/26/19 11:15 A
change one word JUDYGENTRY 11586 DARCY-B
6/26/19 12:26 P
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 117347 ZOEYBLU
6/26/19 12:33 P
write the first word this word makes you think of KEEPITUP 99199 PEGJW111
6/26/19 1:35 P
My outfit for the leprechaun 5k next week. Still deciding which hat, and if I can tolerate the big e TALULAHLES 28 SAVEDCIN
3/10/19 5:58 P
Second Spring project assembled. New patio furniture. I will remove plastic after I Safeguard spra STEEPERSLOUNGE 16 CONNIET88
3/10/19 6:15 P
Reposting a friend's post... (just in case you missed it !) 75HEALTHYME 18 WALLAHALLA
3/11/19 9:15 P
My Lil crew and I. My daughter-in-law Joni came do KEENA47 30 AMYINTHEWILD
3/10/19 6:13 P
β˜” 🌧 Stay warm and dry! 🌧 β˜” CLO333 21 PATRICIA-CR
3/11/19 12:12 P
I hit 200 pounds today! That is a total of 78 pounds from my very heaviest I had lost weight but gai NEKOMINI 62 MRSE1994
3/10/19 6:54 P
#BeforeAndAfter it's only 10 pounds, but celebrating the little goals! Gonna keep on sparking! GREENEMERALDGRL 138 CONNIET88
3/12/19 8:21 A
Hiking prep!! πŸšΆπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸŒ΅πŸœ NICE_TREVI 7 COOP9002
3/9/19 2:21 P
Makes sense to me! NANHBH 13 ROCKYCPA
3/10/19 11:13 P
How many steps will we get walking though the house changing our clocks Happy Saturday eve SPARKFRAN514 15 DEE107
3/10/19 10:17 A
Unlike this critter, here, I have cleaned my house, bought my groceries AND took a3 mile walk. THIS NEEDBU66 9 KOHINOOR2
3/9/19 1:21 P
Posted a photo ALLYLIZZY 26 CINDY247
3/10/19 6:16 P
Lost three lbs this week. So happy. LITTLEBABIES18 66 COOP9002
3/9/19 2:20 P
I'm down fifty pounds! WLLMS1988 187 JANA58
3/10/19 9:04 P
Finally to my first goal! I have been stuck on a plateau for months and finally lost the last 5 lbs. AKIMBRE1 127 FUTUREFOCUSED
3/9/19 5:31 P
Move one house to the right πŸ˜‚ I must have an easy car clock to change. I can even do it without the NANHBH 9 JRDUPREE
3/8/19 8:49 P
Would be nice! 😁 SLYDES-BRIDE 14 ALLYLIZZY
3/8/19 11:15 P
Dinner πŸ˜‹ This week is DONE!!!! πŸ’ƒπŸŽ‰ Chicken breast medallions & a stuffed HUGE button mushroom (abo LRJUSTUS1 29 COOKWITHME65
3/9/19 7:11 P
Love this!!! Being positive makes the difference. It's not what I can't do This it's what I CAN DO! DIANEDOESSMILES 34 SCUDDMISSILE
3/9/19 8:52 A
So excited that my Kiss My Keto order arrived!!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Love the bars & cant wait to try the Keto Ch GYPSYJACQUELINA 10 ALLYLIZZY
3/8/19 11:14 P
6/26/19 2:12 P
6/26/19 2:15 P
6/26/19 12:25 P
Love this so thought I will share it on this gloomy Saturday afternoon. Hope everyone is having a gr CHASSEBROCK_4 13 TANGERINESPY52
3/2/19 6:19 P
Thrift shopping today. New outfit for $1.00. Not bad til I need a smaller size. LIVINGHEALTHY16 29 LULU0809
3/2/19 8:04 P
Starting March down a pound ..... back on target my goal for the month 5 lbs. I CAN DO THIS! MRSCAT8314 7 MISSDAISY23
3/2/19 4:24 P
My last semester of nursing school killed me. Needless to say I gained all the weight back I had lo KORNY14 105 TANGERINESPY52
3/2/19 6:09 P
14 pounds shy of my goal weight. Had some ups and some downs but I know I can get there!! I know wha KIBBGIRL 65 TAYGRL
3/5/19 8:06 A
Now this I love 250 calories per container woo hoo TMP0418 37 YMWONG22
3/3/19 9:36 A
This is the longest I've consistently stuck to an eating regimen and I'm totally excited...feeling g NOLAGEM1 161 TAYGRL
3/5/19 8:05 A
I love the SparkMenu! These are 2 inch pancakes with seared Honey Luncheon Ham and Oikos yogurt. T ARTSPARK 10 FIDDLISH
2/10/19 1:22 P
In total.... MZRUTLEDGE 50 LIZZIE138
2/10/19 2:35 P
Morning spark fam. SANDIKI 32 ALLYLIZZY
2/10/19 1:57 P
2/10/19 2:02 P
This is what plant based eating did for me. 180 lost. TCRANE522 136 ELISHAKUNKLE377
2/10/19 10:38 P
Happy Sunday Spark Family!! Hope you find happiness and contentment today right where you are! #cho SPARKLEIGH61 77 I-AM-TITANIUM
2/10/19 9:25 P
Posted by a friend this morning. Using it to help me gain perspective. _WARRIOR4LIFE 93 ALLYLIZZY
2/10/19 2:44 P
Got my exercise in today! DPRITT 7 GEORGE815
2/9/19 7:45 P
berries, banana, salad, spinach, cucumber, mushrooms #eattherainbow ALIHIKES 10 SUNQUEE
2/10/19 12:34 P
I Just vacuumed without having to take a small 1 min break from weight induced back pain. Made it al JOY_ALWAYS 10 SISUGAL906
2/9/19 10:26 P
Got 2 hikes in today! DPRITT 13 GOODGETNBETR
2/9/19 8:30 P
Posted a photo TFOSTER1978 12 GEORGE815
2/9/19 7:44 P
Here I am today..22 weeks pregnant. Yay! I have be NOMASHOTCHEETOS 28 TMP0418
3/3/19 10:25 A
Have a lovely wheek-end! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ˜ JARAHLYN1 11 PWILLOW1
2/9/19 7:41 P