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Today will be my first day back at work after my 2nd gum graft. It was nice to get some rest and use SURFIE 18 DAWNWATERWOMAN
5/25/20 9:59 P
Waterfalls of the World Tracking Thread LOSINGLINNDY 118 MARCIALS51
5/26/20 11:45 P
Had a nice walk today no tracking distance or steps or even length of time just enjoying the weather DISCOVERING_VAL 13 DISCOVERING_VAL
5/20/20 3:17 A
5/21/20 1:03 P
This is a raw post about my life. March 9th I had 2 surgeries. Leading upto this I had been to the D DISCOVERING_VAL 9 FRANKIE2019
3/23/20 7:16 A
…::Has anyone seen this guy? 2BDYNAMIC 21 52BINCE
3/21/20 4:22 P
I'm having a bit of a rough patch. I binge ate a ton of popcorn and chocolate last night, and was su SURFIE 31 DAWNWATERWOMAN
3/20/20 11:12 P
3/27/20 12:20 P
Good morning! 🌞 I woke up with my back still aching from yesterday, not a good sign for work today. SURFIE 41 FRANKIE2019
3/7/20 1:54 A
My newest niece has arrived! Thank you so much to everyone who sent up prayers yesterday. It was ext SURFIE 18 NEVERORNOW
3/7/20 5:44 A
Some beautiful birds from the grounds of The Walton House MIAMI_LILLY 18 FRANKIE2019
3/2/20 7:01 P
Spring is just around the corner! Heehee! πŸ˜‚ I'm ready to MARCH into spring. Who's with me? πŸŒžπŸ’πŸŒ·οΏ½ SURFIE 20 WALKINTOFIT
3/3/20 12:26 P
So what I *really* need is a new workout wardrobe? πŸƒπŸ’ͺπŸ‹πŸ»πŸš΄πŸ» #activewearonpoint πŸ˜‚ SURFIE 45 SURFIE
2/27/20 10:38 P
Had surgery yesterday. The ulna nerve on my left arm is now happily nestled in muscles. Praying the KPINAZ 37 GEORGE815
2/27/20 4:27 P
2/21/20 10:11 P
Fitbit seems to be down, can't connect, when I checked I saw a number of other areas are having prob KURTZIE1998 8 WIZARDHOWL
2/15/20 11:21 P
So grateful to Barb from #sheerblissfamilysalon for fixing this monstrosity hair of mine! DISCOVERING_VAL 15 DISCOVERING_VAL
2/13/20 12:51 A
An unexpected gain has me in tears this morning. _WARRIOR4LIFE 10 KIMJ01
2/18/20 12:37 P
Happy Hump Day, guys!! is just STRESS right now. My mind feels like that upper right box. MIAMI_LILLY 26 AMYINTHEWILD
2/13/20 7:51 A
I CAN EAT PANCAKES!!! They may not be "healthy", but this is the first food I've been able to eat th SURFIE 33 FRANKIE2019
2/9/20 8:49 P
What was hard about this, you may ask? Today my bike setting was on the highest resistance level and DISCOVERING_VAL 13 FRANKIE2019
2/6/20 8:42 P
Still working on my goals for 2020 #recumbentbike DISCOVERING_VAL 22 FRANKIE2019
2/3/20 8:56 P
Posted a photo DISCOVERING_VAL 22 FRANKIE2019
1/24/20 7:58 A
Posted a photo SIMPLY_JAE 26 FRANKIE2019
1/24/20 7:57 A
I just got up from the couch and my knees sounded like Rice Krispies, (snap, crackle and pop). Gett PAMBROWN62 35 7STIGGYMT
1/17/20 3:00 P
2/21/20 4:05 P
Your Emoticon For The Day DISCOVERING_VAL 56 WILDKAT781
5/25/20 10:36 P
Sleigh Bell Slim Down ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 485 KPACE7
2/24/20 9:33 P
Message Removed CD23711701 10 DISCOVERING_VAL
1/24/20 1:54 A
2/27/20 9:14 P
The Four Seasons January 2020 Challenge ECOAGE 16 KURTZIE1998
1/31/20 10:45 P
Small, consistent changes will add up to big differences this time next year. _BELINDA 6 MHUMBERS1950
12/31/19 10:42 P
Posted a photo LINDA! 26 DSJB9999
12/28/19 1:54 P
Merry Christmas !!! Lost 85 lbs and have kept it of a full year!! My best Christmas gift to myself MOMS3KIDS 41 123THERESA123
1/1/20 9:04 A
A heartfelt thanks for all the Birthday wishes! πŸ₯° I'm exhausted but very happy to have such wonder CINDY247 37 FRANKIE2019
12/25/19 12:54 P
To the moderators, advisors, coaches, and behind the scenes people that maintain this site !!! I wan PRINCESSPP 11 _RAMONA
12/26/19 5:54 P
High Fiber & High Protein Chili that's what's for dinner! Every year I place my Husbands, Mother's CINDY247 33 AMYINTHEWILD
12/14/19 8:33 P
The December 2019 Four Seasons Challenge ECOAGE 10 MKBWNSUGAR
12/3/19 8:57 P
12/24/19 6:13 A
I shouldn't complain because I know others are worst but I must say 4 Years of this struggling is re RBOYD913 22 RBOYD913
12/12/19 10:17 A
I AM SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE: Today I hit the 200 Pounds Lost mark!!!!! I am so so happy. I've worked h DAWNWATERWOMAN 26 JLEE123
11/22/19 1:13 P
Saturday project Wallpaper the kitchen! I've never wallpapered before! We love it!! πŸ₯° CINDY247 19 PATRICIA-CR
11/10/19 11:28 P
The November 2019 Four Seasons Challenge ECOAGE 13 SPARKFRAN514
11/30/19 10:13 P
Halloween humor! I have no candy in my house, so it’s a win for me, big boo for the costumed kiddos. MIAMI_LILLY 12 TEXASHSMOMOF3
10/31/19 11:59 A
Finishing the day for me(overnight worker) at 20+ cups of water. I work an active job and biked home CATHYGO7280 8 CATHYSHELEG
10/29/19 4:13 P
…::Changed the banner on my page to this. Do you like? 2BDYNAMIC 38 JANTHEBLONDE
11/4/19 9:52 A
Back at it! _WARRIOR4LIFE 14 THOMS1
11/4/19 10:15 A
Grilled veggie and hummus wraps, packed with jalapeΓ±o hummus, zucchini, roasted red peppers, onions, MIAMI_LILLY 31 FITFORME17
10/17/19 2:57 P
Dress rehearsal for my upcoming 40th high school reunion this weekend I'm wearing the black dress CINDY247 43 CSROBERTSON621
10/17/19 4:45 P
Please say a prayer for my brother. He was found after having a heart attack this morning at work. H CGARR442 66 COMEBACKKID12
10/10/19 2:07 P
Finally raining in Virginia β˜” We've had 23 days with no rain! So, this rain is very welcomed!! Loo CINDY247 8 FRANKIE2019
10/8/19 5:51 P
Holly's new wig! I love it. Insurance pd for this COOKWITHME65 32 AMYINTHEWILD
10/8/19 8:31 A
Kicking off the 5% challenge with a trip to the gym. Here's to 8 weeks of accountability, hard work, _WARRIOR4LIFE 8 FRANKIE2019
10/5/19 4:11 P
October 2019 Challenges ECOAGE 15 KURTZIE1998
11/1/19 8:21 P
Ok...I’m back to sharing my very healthy, high carb meals. LOL. This recipe is a Forks Over Knives r MIAMI_LILLY 19 MICHELLE_391
9/27/19 7:33 P
Hey Spark Fam...I’m back. I think. I haven’t posted in almost a month. September has been a horrib MIAMI_LILLY 36 HELLOHOLLY76
9/26/19 2:01 P
9/27/19 5:40 A
September 2019 Wonderland Trail Challenge ECOAGE 26 MKBWNSUGAR
9/30/19 11:35 P
Tracking Tread for Around the World in 5 Days LOSINGLINNDY 110 TRIMMINGTERRA
9/2/19 9:02 P
Been way off schedule for 3 weeks which has led to a 3-4 pound fluctuation for these past weeks. To VIRGINIAGIRL 2 FRANKIE2019
8/12/19 4:51 P
August 2019 Italian Riviera Challenge ECOAGE 18 ITS_MY_TURN_NOW
8/30/19 1:21 P
Prayers for my Mom Carol. Her lungs keep filling up with water πŸ’¦. She is 89 years young and an ange AOKDIET21 79 7STIGGYMT
8/1/19 4:32 P
Here's to looking for beauty, life, and joy in the everyday including in ourselves... BECCAELI 24 _RAMONA
7/16/19 3:06 A
Lately, I've been feeling out of sorts... still having leg/muscles issues aches, pain & limping... CINDY247 33 MYMOMMA1142
7/11/19 3:43 P
July 2019 Mauritius Marathon Challenge ECOAGE 19 KURTZIE1998
7/31/19 11:23 P
My results came back and just got alot of Muscle pain and my leg is banged up. They are giving me pa AMYMBUNCH 17 RREDFORD5
6/16/19 10:59 A
Flab-U-Less Summer ~ Chit Chat LOSINGLINNDY 369 KPACE7
8/18/19 4:28 P
6/26/19 7:09 P
Prayers please for our Virginia Beach, Virginia co CINDY247 30 LAPPEROO
6/3/19 1:25 A
Low Carb Food List , 8% or less (see first post) -JAMES- 132 -JAMES-
5/14/20 11:54 P
What's your story? NIGHTSKYSTAR 623 BABCIATEA
5/23/20 7:39 A
3/26/19 12:31 P
Pre Challenge Garden Fun Tracking Thread LOSINGLINNDY 172 MARCIALS51
3/5/19 6:46 P
Question of the Day CD14456645 5094 WIZARDHOWL
5/26/20 4:23 P
1/16/19 8:13 A