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I am down a size smaller. I haven't been a size 16W since my senior year of high school (1997) It ma SKINNYHRT 64 MEEMERS2010
3/4/18 1:36 P
Goal!! & a little bonus 🙂 ST3PH 18 TCANNO
3/3/18 4:37 A
Posted a photo LIVEFULLY03 8 LIVEFULLY03
3/3/18 7:53 A
I have gone from 180 to 155. I don't have a before picture because looking at my body made me cry. I LPEEBLES5 27 MDOWER1
3/3/18 8:11 A
Oh boy...I’m struggling tonight. I’m on Day 5 of tracking/recommitment AND my in-laws are coming for PREEMIEMOMOF2 15 PREEMIEMOMOF2
3/3/18 2:13 P
They say whats your WHY?When I realized I was havi JJOHNNISE 23 -POOKIE-
3/3/18 2:45 A
Good evening Spark Family hope you are have a great Friday. Raining her in California. Had a fanta ERICALEAHA 20 ZRIE014
3/3/18 1:02 A
Creamy chicken & spinach soup with some quicky, microwaved cheddar/jalapeño crisps. It's what's for LRJUSTUS1 23 PIPPAMOUSE
3/3/18 1:56 P
Seriously who steals plants??!?! I went out to get some mint leaves to make some bottled detox wate RECRUDESCENTIVA 23 VICKICHICKI123
3/3/18 8:54 A
I know I post a lot of these and I'm sorry. I use them to keep me motivated. #BeforeAndAfter PAMMIESUE81 70 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/3/18 7:36 P
#BeforeAndAfter been tracking for a year and I am TRINA 127 GRUMPY85
3/3/18 7:40 P
This man has been so supportive on this journey. He never made me feel like I needed to loose weight MANDA2091 17 ANNIEANNYANNEE
3/2/18 4:08 A
Ok y'all ik it's only been 2 months but I have to show off what I looked like before n after red is BRUCEJRSMOM25 70 QUESTIAL
3/2/18 7:58 A
Ok so this is difficult to post, but I feel like I’m safe to here because SparkPeople is always a ve GETTINLEANIN18 304 GETTINLEANIN18
3/2/18 2:15 P
Say how do you lose weight when you injured your knee NCLARK27 9 WLHOPE
2/3/18 10:09 P
Please help! I was 168 Thursday weighed this morning 175! I lost 1inch and three quarters. What is g JOURNEYCHICKGO 6 SUESALLA1
2/3/18 8:53 P
Falling back into some old habits today... Which isn't necessarily a bad thing! I've been knitting a RIPDJEANSNROSES 16 SKMINNY
2/4/18 9:57 P
Wow probably the best I've ever done. ORIGINALGDP 14 FRANCES-AGAPE
2/3/18 8:11 P
I came across this on the net today. I printed it out for me & then I thought maybe there are sparke RONDAJO56 11 2AWESOME4U
2/3/18 8:46 P
30 min stationary bike ride - DONE ✔ Looking forward to strength training next! #moveit SUMMARAH 12 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/3/18 9:46 P
A few years ago I didn't even know what this was. The first time we tried to cut it, my husband almo BONNIE1552 15 LAH1222
2/3/18 11:15 P
2/3/18 9:45 P
Sooooo, Im super excited guys.... After 3 months, I just opened my shop today! ⭐Wish me luck!⭐ @p BIOLUMINARY85 32 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/3/18 9:07 P
#keto #lowcarb Dinner tonight was chicken and brussel sprouts with jalapino and mozzarella cheese on DEEO12 38 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
2/13/18 5:07 P
I hate my photo taken, but I want to look back and see where I came from so here it is, me at my sta MRSFITPANDA 67 LORIAPO
2/3/18 11:58 P
I haven't been doing very well the last few weeks so I'm posting now to remind myself where I am now WALKN4WARD 22 WALKN4WARD
1/25/18 11:50 P
Cab n’ Cheese is definitely my #Keto comfort food PHEONIXRIESLING 20 BLESSOME
1/26/18 8:11 P
Down 3 pounds this week and i behaved myself at Red Robin with my boys!!!! AEAGLE65 20 AEAGLE65
1/23/18 1:48 A
My before and after thus far JCOOK0110 92 PEARL79
1/23/18 4:13 A
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was weights! How about you? SPARKGUY 71 EDLEAR
1/24/18 2:57 P
Saw this and thought it was a great idea NIKKIGONZALEZ 180 CRYSFOOTE
1/23/18 9:08 A
Why are the calories burned in exercises different here than what I'm seeing on the machine? For exa SUNITA37 6 -POOKIE-
1/22/18 3:09 A
My new motivation PICKRELL19593 17 FRANCES-AGAPE
1/22/18 12:19 A
Posted a photo VHAYES04 17 STAN_CALIFORNIA
1/22/18 12:23 A
I'm very excited to begin going to the gym and dieting by cutting carbs and eating healthy after my LOVINGLIFEMLI 4 FRANCES-AGAPE
1/22/18 12:18 A
Got it all done today, plus sledding with the family. Look at her smile, priorities 2AWESOME4U 8 B_RAZORSHARP
1/22/18 4:56 A
I have been over weight for about 4 years now.When BLANCHE3MCCARDE 164 GABIRUSZCZAK
1/22/18 9:49 A
My family only eats the good stuff. LUCKYYOUFETISH 9 GABIRUSZCZAK
1/22/18 9:48 A
Just joined! Excited to see everyone's progress an RAEJXN 14 RODNEY_PERRY71
1/22/18 12:50 A
Hello Spark Family 3rd week of January 2018. Make sure to set up meal plan & exercise routine for t ERICALEAHA 10 MOMWANTSNOWAIST
1/22/18 3:29 P
Got my steps in, my exercise in, was active for all 12 hours, and I lost 4lbs a couples week ago and COUNTRYMAMA8210 11 YMWONG22
1/22/18 1:51 A
Posted a photo CJPLUS3 17 YMWONG22
1/22/18 3:25 A
Below 300 finally! This totals almost 12 pounds lost since Christmas. Its not much but its a huge di MONA330 265 FITWITHIN
1/22/18 5:21 A
It took 10 years, walking almost every day and doi ACDANE 64 GABIRUSZCZAK
1/22/18 9:40 A
I started Spark People today. I’m not sure what to expect. My goal is to lose 70lbs. I’ve failed mis MOMONVACATION 302 WAWPROPERTYMANA
1/22/18 9:30 P
Posted a photo MKPARKE77 6 FRANCES-AGAPE
1/19/18 12:05 A
Hello I'm new here 🤗. I have lost almost 100 pounds still need to lose alot more. Feeling discourag CHARLISA6245 9 -POOKIE-
1/19/18 2:51 A
Finished day 3 of my weight loss journey. It was tough to stay on track today but I stuck to it and BEXLYNNLEE 7 FRANCES-AGAPE
1/19/18 12:03 A
I am trying to get back to being comfortable in my own skin again. I have a one year old little girl BESTLERLASHLEY2 20 -POOKIE-
1/19/18 2:52 A
Posted a photo FITSTARLIGHT 10 ROX525
1/19/18 5:41 A
Me and this girl walked 5miles today. My work out buddy took her nap SWIFT6913221 22 MPLSKEN
1/20/18 12:04 A
I hate taking or posting pictures but doing this h GREEN99EYEZ 40 GREEN99EYEZ
1/19/18 7:41 A
327 to 265 - I’ve lost 62 lbs since my heaviest tw WILDFLOWERSGROW 219 ANGIEN9
1/20/18 9:45 P
From 6X to here... this feels like a win. ABINATHRA 76 RAERAERAE62
1/19/18 10:03 P
Ok, I got the food tracking and calories back in line after the holidays; then I got the water back LKMANNING7 24 SUSANSKI
1/15/18 5:35 P
Got my steps in, and the extra three circles plus I was active for all 12 hours. Tried out yoga for COUNTRYMAMA8210 11 COUNTRYMAMA8210
1/15/18 4:34 P
Face shots! July 2017 and yesterday, January 13 2018 L25833 13 JULIENSMITH
1/17/18 1:13 P
Posting these pics are my motivation to stay on tr MUSICLADY923 38 SOOZIE12
1/15/18 8:28 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 11 JAMER123
1/16/18 12:19 A
The moon was still up at sunrise. What a great start to the day. INITFORLIFE3 54 ALICIA363
1/15/18 7:59 A
#BeforeAndAfter 101 lbs weight loss SHESACOUNTRYSWE 178 TENISWHIZ
1/22/18 9:09 A
5 workouts and 3 long walks this week. My momentum is going this week! Good for next week when schoo MADELYNOFHEARTS 12 YMWONG22
1/14/18 7:38 A
Honey-teriyaki chicken brown rice and steamed broccoli for dinner! TIFFANY3004 19 GOODGETNBETR
1/14/18 12:19 P
#BeforeAndAfter EGGY1254 28 MSMAKEOVER
1/16/18 2:59 A
1/14/18 6:33 P
We’re pregnant with our first (and only) baby! We couldn’t be happier and it’s giving me the motivat ERICAANN44 128 MAGGIESUE2016
1/14/18 10:41 A
My mother just passed this morning. I’m flying the 1100 miles to stay with my dad. Been passing th NEEDBU66 252 SMILINGBEAR
2/27/18 10:52 A
#BeforeAndAfter. This before picture is after one TXSUNSHINE512 253 TENISWHIZ
1/22/18 9:11 A
A little bit of a down day today. Went to the dr. yesterday and she put me on steroids and another JOANN25 4 FRANCES-AGAPE
1/12/18 12:14 A
I'm a full week into my #NewNormal. Trying to get back on track, yet again, to get my T2 diabetes un SHENZOSPEAKS 3 FRANCES-AGAPE
1/12/18 12:13 A
New Years Eve was great, but it was the last time my "muffin top" was going to make me uncomfortable BIGPALOMINO 6 CABET4
1/12/18 12:56 A
I am back on here because I thought I no longer had to track anything but accountability is an impor MONYBOLOGNA 7 MONYBOLOGNA
1/12/18 11:48 P
I was going to wait and try to lose 7 more pounds before a before and after picture but I might not FREEZE2B 35 KC2ED
1/13/18 7:50 P
#BeforeAndAfter 115 pounds off. JENNYBRUNO15 35 A-NEW-OLD-LAURA
1/12/18 11:00 P
I'm new to this app. I'm just trying to make sure AMBERHIGH26 19 MDOWER1
1/12/18 10:15 A