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The Cooper-dog and I are chilling out after racking up over 9 miles of walking miles together today. LESLIELENORE 16 BONNIEMARGAY
6/23/18 2:31 A
NO dancing last night - held concert outside instead -too hot for us! A/C mall walking and eating ou FLASUN 22 1958TMC
6/17/18 3:34 P
Happy Father’s Day to all those who fill that role in whatever fashion. This is my dad, with his ot LESLIELENORE 25 ROCKYCPA
6/18/18 2:17 A
I only walked him for 45 minutes and he’s exhausted! He’s not a hot weather sort of dog(or a wet we LESLIELENORE 44 CHERIRIDDELL
6/18/18 1:36 A
Woohoo lost a pound this week!! Not celebrating with food, but with laughing watching Izzy play wit DIANEDOESSMILES 23 MAYIE53
6/18/18 11:47 A
Several people asked for an action shot of the Cooper-dog... this is the closest I can get with my p LESLIELENORE 21 MARYJOANNA
6/15/18 5:22 A
Gm hope you all had a great night and have a great day today 😍😍😘 KEENA47 31 LIZZIE138
6/5/18 9:24 A
I kind of feel like this today... a bit shy, and a little on the worn and tattered side... but still LESLIELENORE 16 CHERIRIDDELL
6/6/18 1:26 A
Woo Hoo. . just booked my vacation for August 2nd to Sarasota to visit my Mother. I am taking her t STEEPERSLOUNGE 26 CVRONEK
6/7/18 6:09 A
My dad got my a Fitbit Alta as a very, very early birthday present (it’s not until July) I like the LESLIELENORE 109 CHERIRIDDELL
6/6/18 1:25 A
Gm I’m on my 3rd 12 hour shift and I’m still smiling πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ a lil sleepy tho KEENA47 37 KEENA47
5/30/18 11:11 A
Is this a crane? Sure have seen some birds we never used to here in Maine. Today's walk was along DIANEDOESSMILES 11 CHERIRIDDELL
5/30/18 1:27 A
It turned into a rainy, gray day... and after my solo walk early this morning, followed by a medium LESLIELENORE 16 CATHYSFITLIFE
5/27/18 2:24 P
As he reached the very top, I took a few more of Chipper the Squirrel. ALLENJOSEPH 3 MBPP50
5/27/18 11:48 A
I think he likes living dangerously. ALLENJOSEPH 6 MBPP50
5/27/18 11:48 A
6/22/18 5:55 P
6/13/18 1:17 P
Even dizzy as all get out I can still wear out my Jack Russell Terrier... lol... I have to admit tha LESLIELENORE 12 CATHYSFITLIFE
5/27/18 1:05 P
It was the monthly birthday celebration at work and I was one of the birthday people. They bought a GINASPARK3 6 LOSE72
5/25/18 12:10 P
Received my Fitbit Flex in mail yesterday! Anyone use this one...didn't know it was so tiny!! Set u FLASUN 14 JAMER123
5/25/18 11:30 P
Posted a photo RACHAQUINO 15 YMWONG22
5/24/18 8:58 A
f lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, doesn't it follow that electricians can be delighte MARYALICE411 4 CHERIRIDDELL
5/25/18 1:19 A
Good morning Sparkers DAY 150 and still " NO" STEEPERSLOUNGE 23 MPLSKEN
5/24/18 11:17 P
I miss this... NANHBH 24 ROCKYCPA
5/25/18 12:06 A
Things have been difficult lately. Managing to maintain, but that’s about it. The pain in my back an DRHUBSKY3 7 FLORIDASUN
5/24/18 8:36 A
I am being brutally honest with myself. I never have pictures taken and I’ve got to say I’ve been cr TIFFANYCH27 273 ELLEYANNA
5/24/18 1:57 A
#BeforeAndAfter I am out of town working at another location and realized yesterday that I had never STITCHWITCH2017 207 DJ4HEALTH
5/20/18 11:00 P
Here we go!! I need all the advice that you all are willing to give me!! I suffer from depression an JANETTU1 5 DNETHERS
5/14/18 10:15 P
I used SparkTeens as a teenager 5 years ago to lose 35lbs (187lbs to 152lbs) and did a fairly decent ELLEGETSFIT 18 ELLEGETSFIT
5/15/18 9:16 P
I woke up in an anxiety attack and the Cooper-dog did his job and soothed me... either that or he re LESLIELENORE 16 BONNIEMARGAY
5/12/18 5:18 P
Gm 😘😘😘😘 it’s my Friday 😘😘😘😘 IF I COULD HUG KEENA47 62 DJAYBX
5/5/18 3:36 P
I gotta get back up on the horse, so to speak. I haven't ridden my bike in six months because I had WIZZLEWOLF1 26 SPEDED2
5/2/18 11:36 P
This is the mountain of bags of books that I am donating to the used book store... so far... there m LESLIELENORE 44 _CYNDY55_
5/11/18 12:21 A
After reading everyone's comments yesterday after I posted that I was very discouraged and didn't se DBETTS68 147 DINZEL
4/30/18 1:48 P
#BeforeAndAfter seeing changes... He has lost 50 and I’m down 15 since January 1st πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ NAZYTEACH 120 LVMS61516
4/28/18 12:07 A
I was going to a drop in boot camp class tonight but for some reason they started early (4 Toronto s KAMELIA71 12 ROCKYCATSMAMMA
4/25/18 9:21 P
I came across this big old tree while hiking today. I love finding old trees with such character! Th KARABELLA03 29 JAYNE3013
4/20/18 10:44 P
Posted a photo DARPALMIERI 29 GEORGE815
4/20/18 10:25 A
Winter, winter go away! ALLENJOSEPH 10 DEE107
4/15/18 8:17 P
The little Chickadees appear to be trying to take cover , surrounded by cedar branches. You wonder ALLENJOSEPH 9 DEE107
4/15/18 8:17 P
ice on the window--freezing rain falling LEANJEAN6 27 75HEALTHYME
4/16/18 2:13 P
Did a 3 hour bike tour in Salzburg, Austria on Saturday. Such an enjoyable way to get moving! CHICAGOGIRL26 15 DLDMIL
4/15/18 7:45 P
My workout today is going to be digging out my driveway! MAGICALBANDO 26 SMOKESMOKE
4/15/18 5:27 P
Down 66 pounds since Sept. 2017. Feeling So Blessed! My weight has slowed down some but still loosin MSSCRITCH 21 -POOKIE-
4/12/18 10:05 A
Morning Spin -Won 50 SparkGoodies!!! Hoping everyone enjoys your Thursday!!! FLASUN 21 ROCKYCPA
4/12/18 11:31 P
After losing around 100 pounds and now, after losing 220. No surgery. All SparkPeople. ~INDYGIRL 322 PETERSONLISA373
6/12/18 7:36 A
Lost 165 lbs since my heaviest 4 years ago. From a size 30 to a size 14. Still have a ways to go, b MANDA2091 289 ISNESS
5/21/18 6:02 P
NSV here! I went from using 2 TBSP sugar or Half sweetened cappuccino and half coffee with added su SERIOUSLY22 4 MJ7DM33
4/2/18 8:04 P
I have 25 years clean and sober today!! DYANNE4293 302 1958TMC
4/3/18 1:27 P
I’m reaching out to my community because I am not hungry but I want to eat salty stuff like chips, c COCEGU 8 LEVISGIRL4EVER
3/31/18 1:02 P
I am starting over...again! I feel overwhelmed. I lost 30 lbs on SP and when I stopped I gained back DISCOVERLLH 10 STRIVE2BBOLD
3/31/18 2:22 P
Gm..... It’s my 48th birthday πŸŽ‚ πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚ KEENA47 307 TEENY2018
4/2/18 9:15 A
My niece Chass 😍😍😍 KEENA47 25 KEENA47
3/31/18 10:03 A
Went for a walk this morning... was going to go for a run, but... it was snowing when I got out outs LESLIELENORE 12 BONNIEMARGAY
3/31/18 2:27 A
Warming up after my run with my cuddle buddy... the Cooper-dog... he was rather unimpressed with the LESLIELENORE 12 BONNIEMARGAY
3/31/18 2:28 A
Sunset at Treasure Island, FL last night! At Day's End, I'm Satisfied in Making It Count on the Jour MIRAGE727 41 CAROLINAGIRL69
3/30/18 11:03 P
Went and got my hair touched up today... after being sick and losing too much weight all at once I n LESLIELENORE 12 FLORIDASUN
3/17/18 9:44 P
305 calories 6 oz clams, peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, homemade sauce topped with par TMP0418 27 LADYARTIST41
3/15/18 7:34 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 23 FITPT4LIFE
3/15/18 10:40 P
3/15/18 6:20 P
Posted a photo OBIESMOM2 10 REGILIEH
3/15/18 6:33 P
This β€œbefore” photo is actually a β€œduring” photo! It was taken three months into my weight loss jou JBLESSER 255 SKYLAR_NIXON
3/16/18 11:36 P
Hotel room size coffee cup! What the heck am I supposed to do with this??? SHELLLEY2 81 PELESJEWEL
3/14/18 6:02 P
Gm love you all 😍😍 KEENA47 66 HAPPYCPA1965
3/13/18 12:20 P
It is really windy here (and the rain just stopped a few minutes ago)... so instead of my favored pr LESLIELENORE 30 FLORIDASUN
2/26/18 9:29 A
Good weigh in today - down 1.8 pounds so am now back on track. Cloudy, cold but at least it is not MARILYNS70 12 FLORIDASUN
2/20/18 5:58 P
SparkPeople has given me a new positive outlook on life. How many of you can say the same? ALLYLIZZY 5 SYLBA61
2/20/18 6:21 P
It’s been a hard few years for me. Have gained a lot in just a few years. I’m really not into calori STARSHOLLOW4321 11 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/20/18 9:49 P
I feel completely powerless to sugar. I know that it will make me feel like junk after I eat it...bu BELL4MUERTE 5 NYLAURA1
2/20/18 6:42 P
Yesterday was Meal-Prep-Monday! Banana Bread Muffins, Mini Quiches, and Lentil Sweet Potato Chili! VEG_GIRL04 20 SHEL003
2/20/18 6:20 P
Found out yesterday that I need my gallbladder out and a biopsy of my liver. I am trying to stay str ONETHM 9 WLHOPE
2/20/18 7:31 P
Finished for the day! EVAOLIVER 13 DAIZYSTARLITE
2/20/18 9:39 P
Not the normal progress photo on here, but thought I'd share my pictures from recovering from an eat LITTLEEMI2 245 RAMONA1885
2/21/18 11:56 A
Feeling GREAT for a 63 Year Old Lady Today! Come Celebrate my Years with ME SparkFriends!!!! FLASUN 310 JAMER123
2/20/18 10:54 P
Someone woke up and feels chipper... but it isn’t me. lol LESLIELENORE 38 CHERIRIDDELL
2/10/18 1:49 A