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Today marks 20lbs lost!! I did it! I'm not stopping. I gave myself until my birthday (Aug 25) to los COLEYBANANA 85 THIA751
5/21/18 10:50 P
So today’s fun: Ruthless: Pure Willpower 20 mins/128 cals 21 Day Fix: Total Body Cardio Fix 30 m SHADOW2SOU1 8 VICKICHICKI123
5/21/18 6:19 P
The goal is reached! In April 2016 I weighed 234 lbs. I don't think that was my heaviest, but it is PSALMISTSINGER 194 LOSE72
5/21/18 11:12 P
Finally made it to one-derland! It's been a long journey from 378 lbs. But we can do this! 10 more l MANDA2091 304 LOSE72
5/21/18 11:59 P
5/20/18 1:59 A
No matter what weight I'm at, I am: Beautiful. Powerful. Amazing. I look forward to making myself a AGENTPANDA 129 FITWITHIN
5/20/18 1:57 A
(15 lbs.) Lost so far. #BeforeAndAfter BHOLT_63 56 BHOLT_63
5/21/18 1:08 A
Down 8 pounds in 3 weeks. I'm on fire! #keto #ketotransformations #ketolove #ketobody LSMALLWOO 6 FITWITHIN
5/19/18 9:02 A
Good morning sparkfam another wonderful day in the office. We have a very small pool very close to t GONTOP22 12 FITWITHIN
5/19/18 9:01 A
5/19/18 11:28 A
After a 70 hour week,...... It's finally time to take this whole day to rest, cook and enjoy some Fa F5-FURY 13 JAMER123
5/19/18 9:35 P
Today was not my typical rest day. I rose to the MURPH challenge with a friend today. We did live to KATBRUNNER 16 B_RAZORSHARP
5/19/18 9:50 A
Finished the BL Spring Challenge on Wednesday. Only lost 4.8 lbs during the 10 week period, but look HWNHMMBRD 11 SMALLERMELORIE
5/22/18 8:11 A
I am starting this program today. I weight 231. My goal is 120. Let's see how far I can go. RCCKLAHORST 168 FBAILEY24X
5/18/18 7:37 A
Starting to feel great! 30lb loss! #BeforeAndAfter AJS747 123 SQUIGGSIE
5/20/18 5:48 P
Ive just installed. I weigh 180 and my goal is 120. JILLYKENLACY 34 ANNIEANNYANNEE
5/18/18 9:03 A
5/18/18 4:28 P
3rd Full Marathon training has BEGUN! 3 easy miles this morning... RENZRYD 13 FITWITHIN
5/17/18 4:30 P
Married 40 years today -Ruby anniversary and just about 10lbs heavier ANNEMAC5 23 AGAPEJOY
5/18/18 8:41 A
2 month progress SMARIE1990 8 VICKICHICKI123
5/17/18 7:27 A
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 8 _RAMONA
5/17/18 1:41 P
My hubby took me on a surprise 3 day trip to Miami Beach for my birthday! FITSISTA79 123 SILKYSLIM48
5/17/18 9:51 A
I'm almost in tears! I have never been able to lose weight by counting calories and exercising more. DMSPEER93 158 JAMER123
5/16/18 10:58 P
#BeforeAndAfter ☺8 pounds down this month, Slow but steady 67 pounds down total in 6 months,I never OLIE07 310 QSHEPP
5/18/18 5:06 P
Posted a goal MRSKENNEDY17 130 GRAMMYEAC
5/16/18 1:48 P
Celebrated my grandsons 13th birthday today. Had a RWILLCUT 23 BCHARIE
5/15/18 4:29 A
Day 3, 30+ mins! Since I can only track one goal in a single post, I'm going with the more vigorous COLEYBANANA 5 FITWITHIN
5/14/18 5:09 A
Photo on the left was taken in September and the one on the right was taken this morning. Happy Moth JRKESTLER 114 FITWITHIN
5/14/18 5:07 A
Posted a goal AALLEY2 17 FITWITHIN
5/14/18 5:04 A
When I was really heavy I avoided cameras even more than I do now... and even went so as far at the LESLIELENORE 21 MARVELLYNN
5/20/18 10:54 A
Crazy self conscious to post comparison pics but I have to keep my motivation. Ive lost 62 lb total. AAMANDAA28 13 RWILLCUT
5/14/18 6:51 A
Four miles in this gloomy morning. Happy Mother's Day. MAPFARMS 6 FITWITHIN
5/13/18 3:08 P
I stayed consistent with my eating and water intake all week, but attended a wedding on Friday, and FITWITHIN 6 BONNIEMARGAY
5/13/18 9:07 P
Up bright and early for the color run!!! 40k for 40 years THECOZE 54 RESILIENTBELLE
5/13/18 10:31 A
5/13/18 9:06 P
#beforeandafter 200lbs - 164lbs CRYSTALVT1983 145 OLDSKOOL556
5/13/18 8:21 A
#BeforeAndAfter I changed my now photo to a face shot. I am still dancing for joy!! NOLAHORSERIDER 103 MIRAGE727
5/13/18 1:38 P
Listening to a long string of Motown hits to help break out of this funk today BONNIEMARGAY 6 CATHYSFITLIFE
5/13/18 1:07 A
Tomorrow I celebrate all the Mother's of our beautiful planet! The birds & bees & flowers & trees! & SPARKLINGME176 3 BONNIEMARGAY
5/12/18 5:20 P
I had a marvelous time at my Goddaughter wedding yesterday. You couldn't keep me off the dance floo FITWITHIN 10 BONNIEMARGAY
5/12/18 5:19 P
Posted a photo BEZZYWIFEY 18 ANNAMAY2018
5/11/18 1:50 P
Going to a wedding this evening. Going out to dinner on Saturday. Weight Challenge weigh in on Sunda FITWITHIN 7 BONNIEMARGAY
5/12/18 5:16 P
Yea me I did a full hour of exercise today! It was spaced out throughout the day as I'm not able t BUTTERFLYKIS3 12 PAMBROWN62
5/11/18 4:44 A
Posted a photo TEAGIRL49X2 10 DJ4HEALTH
5/12/18 11:27 P
267lbs to 169. 5'2. It's been 1.5 years. I'm not d LIL1IAN 234 TEXASHSMOMOF3
5/14/18 6:27 P
Ending the day on the low end of my calories range! GRATTECIELLA 18 CHERIRIDDELL
5/12/18 1:15 A
Enjoying my son Sam! JSTETSER 22 LIS193
5/11/18 12:55 P
I enjoyed some Roasted Brussels Sprouts for breakfast. #eattherainbow FITWITHIN 4 BONNIEMARGAY
5/10/18 5:45 P
Start drinking my water 4 o'clock this morning. #h2whoa FITWITHIN 2 BONNIEMARGAY
5/10/18 5:44 P
Breaking my workout up today, but getting it done. #moveit FITWITHIN 6 BONNIEMARGAY
5/10/18 5:45 P
Amazing day just got done at dr I am no longer diabetic all my blood work was normal. #reachinggoals MONI30LBS 146 BRITTNEYAJONES2
5/9/18 8:13 P
I prepare Roasted Asparagus, Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Stuffed Green Peppers. Keeping the veggies FITWITHIN 3 ANHELIC
5/10/18 11:26 A
I'm about to Roast some Asparagus, Brussels sprouts and Stuffed Peppers with extra lean Ground Turk FITWITHIN 2 BONNIEMARGAY
5/10/18 2:47 A
Hello Spark family I finished moving and getting my new place in order. Very peaceful quiet and the ERICALEAHA 23 N2SLIMMER
5/9/18 1:59 P
Posted a photo SAINTBERNARD6 15 EDWARDS1411
5/9/18 1:13 A
Week 7 - down another 4 pounds! I am so close to being in the 180's!!! Can't wait!! ESTEVES02 53 FITWITHIN
5/8/18 11:40 P
Officially at 209.5 lb today, which means that I am now considered overweight but not obese! It took BUTTERNUTTS 41 ACARDAMONE06
5/9/18 5:33 A
Beautiful day. No excuse to not get in 10000+ steps. Love walking by the river. Baby geese. MARSHASHADOW 19 TCANNO
5/9/18 3:35 A
Nice day to commute to the office by bike. There and back. Happy with my average speed given the win B_RAZORSHARP 16 CGARR442
5/9/18 10:12 A
Got 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep but I'm still so tired! 😴 SWALLIS7 23 AUNTRENEE
5/8/18 9:51 A
5/8/18 7:44 A
I started my morning off with a nice Green salad with red beams, 1/2 sweet potato, 1 boiled egg, 1/2 FITWITHIN 2 BONNIEMARGAY
5/8/18 6:15 P
Been a long road. I have switched to maintainece and am loving life. Not everyday is perfect, but i VANSMANPA 24 LINDASOUTHER
5/8/18 9:13 A
Drinking the 8-9 glasses of water makes a big difference in my health ! #h2whoa JSTETSER 14 SPEDED2
5/8/18 10:17 P
Hello. First time back in probably more than a decade. Couldn't even find the account to reset pas NWILLIAMS2018 21 SHARMIE2018
5/9/18 2:44 P
Started at 246, down to 189. 40 more pounds to go! My knees no longer hurt. Back is better. I aim fo ORGANICGMAMA 6 EVANS1848
5/7/18 11:26 P
hit my first weight loss goal of 299! My highest weight was 350. Next goal is from 299 to 265 #Befo MAMACHANGED37 94 GRUMPY85
5/8/18 8:26 A
2 lbs off this week, back on track. RHOOK20047 7 PICKIE98
5/7/18 8:56 A
Took a while but finally lost 2 pounds more! VANIEUMRAO 17 FITWITHIN
5/7/18 12:48 A
It's hard when someone else cooks and do not realize they are heavy hand with the salt. More water FITWITHIN 8 -POOKIE-
5/7/18 2:45 A
For once in my life I have been able to lose weight on my own without relaying on prescription diet CHICAGOGIRL26 31 LVMS61516
5/8/18 2:31 A
First 5 km of the season! Still getting over bronchitis but I am so excited to get out there today! HMBROWN1 18 REGILIEH
5/6/18 8:33 P
My Cinco de Mayo healthy dinner.... it was so delicious!!! MOMMALGT 13 _LINDA
5/6/18 10:59 A
First week of weight lost challenge is going well. I'll take the progress. Gave up soda and really FITWITHIN 9 BONNIEMARGAY
5/6/18 4:35 P
Enjoy the nature around you! JSTETSER 29 LIS193
5/6/18 12:09 A