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Off to the gym for my 2 a.m. workout. FITWITHIN 2 MARCIE_ELAINE
10/14/19 2:31 A
86lbs down so far! Yessss JASMINEFAT2FIT 52 CINDY247
10/13/19 9:38 A
Wasn't able to get to the gym this morning, so I improvised. Carried 8lb weights while I walked the CHRISSY182 77 CLOUDWALKING
10/12/19 9:22 P
#BeforeAndAfter wow God truly help me get this far, and continuing going further. This is crazy and JASMINEFAT2FIT 117 FITWITHIN
10/12/19 9:05 A
Today I did 45 mins. Silver Sneakers workout class followed by another 45 GLO-RI-A 4 FITWITHIN
10/12/19 9:04 A
My hard work is paying off! I gained a lb last week but that's ok!! I'm just working harder this wee TINAPHILLIPS215 62 SMILEY82
10/13/19 1:34 P
Meeting my challenges! #goalfeats JSTETSER 33 JAMER123
10/10/19 11:35 P
Down 14 pounds in 7 weeks. What is it that the tortoise says? Slow and steady wins the race? JUPO0110 10 _RAMONA
10/10/19 1:59 A
I started my journey today. I will lose 75 pounds MSCRYSTLE 18 NEW_CATS_MEOW
10/9/19 11:32 A
104 lb loss in 5 months doing keto. CJTWEED2 50 _RAMONA
10/10/19 1:58 A
Doctors visit was all good. I’ve lost 46.9 pounds. GINGERMONKEY21 156 _RAMONA
10/10/19 1:56 A
This weekend we are going to a family reunion at a resort hotel in the Poconos. Pictures of the bre GOLDTAG1 13 DJAYBX
10/9/19 6:38 A
Exercise Snacking- What Did You Do Today? ~INDYGIRL 19 TREKPURRSON
10/11/19 1:43 A
Lunch prep done for my short workweek. My goal this week is to get plenty of whole foods especially SGDISIS 26 LE_SIGH
10/7/19 7:57 A
Harvest Hustle 5k CC122981 17 SWEETGABROWN1
10/7/19 9:02 A
My SIL and I took my grandson to the Sonoran Desert Museum yesterday. Did a lot of walking and saw KARMANNPOWELL 16 GEORGE815
10/6/19 3:08 P
Fancy roasted vegetables tonight! Tahini, maple, lemon juice and garlic dressing on brussel sprouts, -POOKIE- 31 ADELE66
10/6/19 6:47 A
What is your goal this week? ~INDYGIRL 93 NEWSPARKDEBBIE
10/13/19 8:00 P
Only managing 5 miles of walking a day. QUOTES87 21 QUOTES87
10/7/19 11:52 P
Alzheimer's is the most devastating disease I have ever witnessed. I thank God my MIL is at peace n MIMAWELIZABETH 14 IAMAGEMLOVER
10/3/19 11:35 A
My kids ready for the park! I love them JASMINEFAT2FIT 45 FITWITHIN
10/3/19 5:56 A
Confessional- Forgive Yourself Here! ~INDYGIRL 22 NEWSPARKDEBBIE
10/13/19 8:12 P
Got to hold our new granddaughter this morning. What a blessing! KARMANNPOWELL 57 ARNETTELEE
10/3/19 7:13 A
I have posted this once already but I really believe in this and wanted to share it with as many peo BEAGLEGIRL79 153 DUGDIXIE1
10/8/19 1:41 A
Fall to 2020 Official Journey Weigh Ins ~INDYGIRL 43 NEWSTARTGIRL
10/10/19 6:58 P
10/13/19 9:02 P
#motivate DIVAGLOW 23 KHALIA2
10/1/19 3:52 P
I hope u all have a great night sleep! Tomorrow I will start planning my new goals for the new month JASMINEFAT2FIT 9 RREDFORD5
9/30/19 10:02 P
Happy Monday to everyone! I made my goal for the month of September. My goal was to be out of the 29 FITWITHIN 19 PEGJW111
9/30/19 7:34 A
Day 30 of doing workout videos or going for a walk every day for the month of September 🚶‍♀️🙂 Deci ST3PH 18 NIKO27
9/30/19 10:41 A
12K race around the lake? Nap time now? TIKITAMI 42 FITWITHIN
9/29/19 9:50 P
This boy will forever be my WHY. Why I am so happy, and why I want to be a healthier, better version BOBCATGIRL76 31 GABY1948
10/3/19 9:24 A
i don't have a photo of right now but i am starting the keto diet and i really helps #BeforeAndAfter SNHUAR11031 24 JOCELYNH711
10/1/19 5:24 A
90 fitness minutes #moveit XTINEMAS 9 BILLTHOMSON
9/29/19 5:16 A
Made 2 cakes today.....didn't lick the KBROWER804 34 ALLYLIZZY
9/29/19 2:22 P
A 3-mile wall, a trip to the groceries, laundry, lots of yardwork — it’s 5:30 and I’ve stepped almos LKMANNING7 29 TMP0418
9/30/19 8:46 A
I need to speak with management immediately 😂🤣🤣 TFOSTER1978 43 ORTATK
9/29/19 7:54 A
Posted a goal STARGAZ3R 39 ALLYLIZZY
9/29/19 2:18 P
Today was my last day of work. I'm officially retired! NANHBH 72 LILIANN400
9/28/19 11:01 A
Good morning Sparklers! As soon as the break of dawn gets here I'll go for my 3 mile daily walk! The MEROBERTS21 22 FITWITHIN
9/27/19 6:50 A
Staying busy this week! So much to see So much to do!! Enjoying every minute of "Our Anniversary CINDY247 65 VIRGINIAGIRL
9/30/19 4:18 P
First full day without a coke!! Drink mostly water today and one cup of coffee! #simpleGoalsFirst TRMDRT08 25 ALLYLIZZY
9/27/19 8:59 P
Let's take chances! NANHBH 41 ROCKYCPA
9/27/19 1:35 P
Focus on you ✌👍🏻💪 #BeforeAndAfter MRSDANIELAL 21 LE_SIGH
9/27/19 7:41 A
I've spent most of September away from the computer. I'm happy to be back on SparkPeople. It's such MARANATHAS17 11 NITEMAN3D
9/26/19 4:55 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 22 KNEESOCKS1945
9/26/19 6:57 A
9/26/19 6:05 A
Keep sparking friends🌟💫✨ WOMANOFLOVE 19 EO4WELLNESS
9/26/19 4:36 P
Alexandria's birthday at Applebees POEDAUGHTER7 13 FITWITHIN
9/25/19 8:02 P
Walked 30 minutes for the first time in a long time today! SASSYQUILTER 4 SJH6149
9/25/19 8:09 P
The kids dont really like fried rice anyway so I figured they wouldn't notice if I used brown rice t KBROWER804 25 KBROWER804
9/26/19 11:44 A
Hit the gym this evening. Wasn't in the mood to workout, but I did. FITWITHIN 6 GREYTDOLPHIN
9/25/19 11:15 P
1 year since delivering my twins and 40 lbs gone! I’ve worked so hard to come this far and even thou SIMPLYKEN32 54 SIMPLYKEN32
9/24/19 11:02 P
Walk in Cottage Grove, California CGARR442 12 FLASUN
9/25/19 4:51 A
Day 1 - at least 10 minutes! MARYPS139 26 SEPTEMBER009
9/24/19 6:51 A
Not a huge change but still in the right direction. Last week had some trouble exercising due to inj ELLYMOUSE 11 BCHARIE
9/26/19 5:28 A
I lost a little over 6 pounds this week. I am fairly certain at least half of that was water weight, LESLIELENORE 14 GOINGFORSKINNY
9/24/19 10:44 A
Have a Marvelous Monday!! #goalfeats JSTETSER 32 JAMER123
9/24/19 10:27 P
Happy Monday! Let's rock this week! 🤘🏾🤘🏾😎 LOS101 19 KAYDE53
9/23/19 9:11 P
I like this quote SINCLAIRMICKLE 8 RAVEN145
9/23/19 1:06 P
I don’t think a little over 20k steps would be considered lazy, but I took a break and didn’t run th ALLYLIZZY 13 GINNABOOTS
9/23/19 7:31 P
Showing my last progress picture since I have been down for 2+ weeks with a cold and just got back t SHELLEYERWIN 50 DLDMIL
9/23/19 7:58 P
Good day to you all. Walked the mountain again today. Can't necessarily say it was better. Still too FIREBRTHR 32 ALLYLIZZY
9/22/19 10:45 P
Today is my birthday and I'm happy to see another year! JASMINEFAT2FIT 19 JASMINEFAT2FIT
9/22/19 2:46 P
21 down in less than a month JENNAZION 25 GOINGFORSKINNY
9/24/19 10:48 A
Where are you from? ~INDYGIRL 57 SPARKFRAN514
10/11/19 3:36 P
Words cannot describe the feeling of accomplishmen DOUBLELSMOM 90 LOS101
9/25/19 6:55 P
Today’s happy: I HAVE LOST 50.5 POUNDS!!!! My BMI is NORMAL! I am no longer officially overweight. THE_FAE 174 ARNETTELEE
9/23/19 7:46 A
Will be deleting 7 inactive Sparkteams. FITWITHIN 5 GRANDMABEAST63
9/22/19 6:29 A
One month going strong 👊 I'm down 10 pounds woo h TMP0418 182 ARNETTELEE
9/21/19 7:23 A
It's amazing how easy it is to work 10 minutes of exercise into your day. A week of no excuses feels STUCKINMYCUBBY 13 RETAT60
9/20/19 11:35 A
Can I get a 💥boom💥 shakalaka?! #friday #theweekend #boomshakalaka SPAUKEN 32 ALLTHINGSNEW81
9/20/19 8:19 A
I say let's rock this Friday out with a rocking Panda bear! LOL! I finally got a decent night's slee BOMBCHELL23 26 BANEWLAND
9/20/19 9:58 A
45 mins of mowing the hilly back yard. #moveit TOKIEMOON 8 GARDENCHRIS
9/20/19 12:56 P
Who Needs An Invite to The ~Indygirl Journey Team? ~INDYGIRL 7 3VEGGIES
10/13/19 1:54 P