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TODAY, I WILL.... ........ MOMMA48 1517 FITMARY
6/24/18 9:12 A
'New Game: Word Association' NAN041 20311 CARPROTH
6/24/18 7:18 P
Fine Tuning Self Accountability Challenge Group PASSIONATETIGER 952 PATTI24
6/24/18 9:32 A
6/24/18 9:11 A
Finish this sentence...Today I'm Thankful For.... IWANNABEALOSER 27349 SKEMERICH
6/24/18 11:39 A
Say it in A WORD! ROG190 3115 FITMARY
6/23/18 8:09 A
Life is tough, but I've got the Spark to make me tougher! JSTETSER 25 JERZEEJAP
6/24/18 10:46 A
happy international yoga day! SHINEFROMWITHIN 5 MOMMALGT
6/21/18 10:15 P
I came upon 3 bears while hiking yesterday! JSTETSER 19 LIS193
6/21/18 12:34 P
6/17/18 12:18 P
What book are you reading now? MOM2ACAT 1251 BTRFLYDOG
6/24/18 7:11 P
6/16/18 12:55 P
Books Read in June, 2018 LADYCALICO 14 FRABBIT
6/24/18 5:20 P
6/11/18 7:13 P
Long-Term Goal: Exercise at least three days a week. Action #1: Make a list of three activities th PENNY-55 2 FITMARY
6/11/18 10:05 A
The most steps I have ever done in one day. CHERYLE51 60 SPARKLEIGH61
6/9/18 8:41 A
Even if you did just 10 minutes of exercise a day, that is 70 minutes of exercise for the week, whic PENNY-55 2 FITMARY
6/8/18 5:48 A
Coach Nicole video saved me yesterday! FITMARY 3 FITMARY
6/7/18 7:31 A
John and I will have our 10 year Anniversry TH 6/7 PENNY-55 3 GIAARNOLD
6/12/18 11:14 A
hot humid summer days mean embracing my wild hair (but sometimes helping the flat pieces with a curl SHINEFROMWITHIN 4 FITMARY
6/4/18 6:06 A
Reach 50 pounds down today! GIAARNOLD 3 FITMARY
6/3/18 8:43 A
Up and at 'em! FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
6/2/18 10:35 A
Be flexible. Have a backup plan when weather, illness or an unexpected appointment gets in the way o PENNY-55 2 FITMARY
6/1/18 8:57 P
still OT and PT PENNY-55 2 FITMARY
6/1/18 8:56 P
We are hitting the 100 to 104 for the next 10 days. Wow, I am drinking water all day. I thought 10 8 GIAARNOLD 3 FITMARY
6/1/18 8:34 A
I'm really dragging today, but I hope things pick up before the end of the day. FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
5/31/18 2:15 P
Walking to and from lunch with colleagues FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
5/31/18 2:46 P
What have you learned since tracking your food? MY__JOURNEY 121 TBRYAN-LU
6/18/18 1:58 P
I took my son's dog for a walk and did NOT take the shortcut! FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
5/30/18 1:23 P
Making incremental progress step by step! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
5/30/18 8:52 A
Celebrating my mother’s 84th birthday 🎂 CHERYLE51 5 SABLENESS
5/29/18 9:36 A
Books Read in May, 2018 LADYCALICO 18 LADYCALICO
5/29/18 12:01 A
Set smart goals. Individuals who set goals had greater adherence to their programs than people who h PENNY-55 3 PENNY-55
5/28/18 8:14 P
I did a lot of gardening yesterday, and the plan is to do that again. FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
5/28/18 9:07 A
"Just 10 Minutes" works!!! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
5/28/18 8:47 A
I missed it too somehow, but will come roaring in at the end! FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
5/27/18 11:53 A
It's time to restart all my exercises today, I can't baby my leg forever PENNY-55 2 FITMARY
5/27/18 11:08 A
Backup meal ideas? NADINE200 45 POPSECRET
6/4/18 8:30 A
It'll have to be videos with Coach Nicole today, along with a quick walk with the doggy! FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
5/24/18 8:59 P
choose joy! JSTETSER 10 LIS193
5/19/18 12:54 P
Had a great day, got to the gym to exercise - it felt so good too. What has happened to me? GIAARNOLD 2 FITMARY
5/15/18 8:48 A
I'll do a Spark video with my 92-year-old mom for Mother's Day! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
5/13/18 10:48 A
I did much better last night: no binge snacking! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
5/9/18 6:43 A
High cholesterol on my most recent test so I need to get more serious with my food choices. FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
5/8/18 8:52 P
5/8/18 7:25 A
My "downfall" is always the evening... So, today I will buy some gym and start chewing the second I FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
5/8/18 8:52 P
I can and will do this, even with a crazy liquid diet! GIAARNOLD 3 FITMARY
5/5/18 8:30 A
I did a mile walk today even though I woke up aching. I actually feel less sore. I really forced mys CHERYLE51 11 EDLEAR
5/4/18 3:08 A
I am off any food except cream of wheat. No exercise as well, until doctor figures out what is wrong GIAARNOLD 2 FITMARY
5/1/18 8:14 A
Books of Spring - April 2018 TEXASTITCHER 31 FRABBIT
4/30/18 10:58 A
Me in my $8.99 denim dress from Aldis. Who would think? CHERYLE51 16 EDLEAR
4/30/18 4:52 P
Do not forget to track your food water on your Spark page , it all adds up here also PENNY-55 2 FITMARY
4/29/18 9:11 A
Tracking again after not having to. Eye opening! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/29/18 9:10 A
Two days in a row walked over 9,000 steps. Not bad for someone who had a hip replacement 10 weeks ag CHERYLE51 8 EDLEAR
4/29/18 3:10 A
Still here. Struggling a bit, but here! FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
4/28/18 10:39 P
Fitbit says 93133. Almost bedtime. Not quite the magical 10,000. CHERYLE51 5 EDLEAR
4/27/18 3:10 A
4/21/18 9:57 A
Every day I do my sit ups and push ups just because I want to fill in my daily challenge. Silly, bu JSTETSER 25 MIRAGE727
4/20/18 10:22 P
Down 4 pounds. About 10 more to go. Beautiful day for a walk. CHERYLE51 8 GRALAN
4/23/18 8:11 P
Exercise will be a challenge today, but I'll fit it in somehow! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/19/18 8:07 A
Got myself to yoga yesterday. Woo hoo! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/18/18 7:22 A
So happy I made it to the gym yesterday! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/16/18 8:01 A
a good day meeting my goals i can do this just need to take it one one hour at time not look at SPARKFRAN514 2 FITMARY
4/15/18 9:23 A
I had a wonderful time in Pilates & More class. How wonderful to be back! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/14/18 7:26 A
Having some pain today. Obviously I overdid it yesterday. Some groin pain. Ice, ice baby. Lol CHERYLE51 4 I-AM-TITANIUM
4/12/18 11:38 P
The first walk outdoors in quite a while... Nice! FITMARY 2 PENNY-55
4/12/18 11:06 P
Went for a 20 minute walk with snow flurries. Tonight and tomorrow will tell if I am in pain. I HA CHERYLE51 4 FITMARY
4/10/18 7:40 A
I will get myself to the gym today. FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/10/18 7:39 A
Spring is near! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/9/18 9:20 A
Looking for a new start today! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/8/18 10:41 A
I passed my physical therapy tests! Time to get back to work....slowly. FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/6/18 8:45 A
I got to jump on a mini-trampoline in physical therapy today! FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/5/18 9:57 A
Busy day today. I will try to conserve my strength to make it to the end... FITMARY 1 FITMARY
4/4/18 8:40 A
When 7up makes you sick, you know you have a bug. Spent day reading devotionals. The rest you do no GIAARNOLD 3 GIAARNOLD
4/3/18 12:39 P
One mile walk with Leslie Sansone. It seems very small but I don’t want to overdo my new hip CHERYLE51 11 EDLEAR
4/3/18 3:06 P