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New "Trivia" Question Every Day. ZANYGIRL1 3224 DONNA_CPS2
7/19/19 8:25 A
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 26 LIS193
7/19/19 3:00 A
7/19/19 3:49 A
So far I had for breakfast 3 slices of pineapple. #eattherainbow NANALULU2 4 ANHELIC
7/18/19 8:16 P
Fresh catch walleye and colorful bell peppers. TINACALLTINA 22 GEORGE815
7/18/19 4:54 P
It has been a minute since I have posted anything but I am feeling the need for some accountability LUCKEE50 28 GEORGE815
7/18/19 4:54 P
7/18/19 4:52 P
LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚ Wish it was that easy and simple. The struggle is so real! ๐Ÿ˜” SLYDES-BRIDE 17 GEORGE815
7/18/19 4:52 P
I am very fortunate to have a well maintained bike path in my community for my daily walk. MAMMADANNA 21 DLDMIL
7/18/19 7:54 P
Happy Thursday! RAERAERAE62 15 GEORGE815
7/18/19 4:51 P
Today's workout ๐Ÿ’ช DVD is Sculpt and Tone Pilates with Allison. It was 30 Minutes. I didn't want to FROGROBYN 11 CHIP8790
7/18/19 11:44 P
Posted a photo CLANPHERE 23 STAR135000
7/18/19 11:22 P
Good morning so excited I officially got rid of 60lbs that will never get back on me ever again... S JASMINE2019 186 DLDMIL
7/18/19 7:36 P
Had a big day yesterday! Now Iโ€™m stuck working at my desk today, will have to fit in little walks wh JANIMOEN 16 DLDMIL
7/18/19 7:56 P
I'm a little tardy on the post, but from June 26 to July 9 (14 days), I rode my bicycle from Memphis MNCYCLIST 46 BAILE1MA
7/18/19 8:41 P
This picture tells its own story. The funny thing about it is, this ruffled blouse is a a plus size ALLYLIZZY 87 CHIP8790
7/18/19 11:44 P
Fruit or vegetabl .......A to Z ZANYGIRL1 1972 ZANYGIRL1
7/19/19 7:24 A
Lunches from the past week #NoMoreBoringSalads SHANNYPOOHOO 10 _RAMONA
7/18/19 2:20 A
My giant 120 pound shepherd pretending I canโ€™t see her (sheโ€™s not allowed on the furniture)! JANIMOEN 9 ELENAWEST1
7/17/19 8:28 P
I am now down 40 lbs. Half way to my goal!!! Here is a before and after. The first pic is an action ANNANS1984 15 ARNETTELEE
7/18/19 8:06 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 15 GABY1948
7/18/19 9:17 A
The Queen and training walking partner MJNIGHTWOLF 8 ELENAWEST1
7/17/19 8:24 P
From 244.0 it is coming down slowly but surely MILKATRENA 17 MILKATRENA
7/18/19 4:17 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 5 CHEIVOUS
7/18/19 10:25 A
I ate 5 Fruits and Veggies today #eattherainbow KITTYHAWK1949 5 SPEDED2
7/17/19 11:28 P
Keeping my fingers crossed that the storm passes us so we can have water aerobics class tonight. VICKYLYLES 3 JASMINE2019
7/17/19 6:35 P
Zoe thinks she is flying ALESIATAYLOR 20 ELENAWEST1
7/17/19 8:17 P
#BeforeAndAfter HSEGELKE2 25 _RAMONA
7/18/19 2:24 A
I mean are there actually people who say no to tacos? ๐Ÿค” Last nightโ€™s workout nearly killed me but h MOWWOW77 11 ELSCO55
7/17/19 10:45 P
Have a great day everyone ๐Ÿ˜Š INCREDIBLE_EM 17 FROLICINFLORIDA
7/18/19 1:46 A
So one activity or hobby I enjoy is crafts. I create and paint flower pots then plant flowers and gi MYKDSRDRVNME2 16 FROLICINFLORIDA
7/18/19 1:47 A
Amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰ Summer sale at Walmart- Hanes/Fruit of Loom underwear t shirts socks and more. Menโ€™s, wom AOKDIET21 11 KNYAGENYA
7/18/19 7:19 A
7/17/19 7:30 P
Monday was a relaxing day. Mediated, took nap and watched TV. 618LILY1 15 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:31 P
Been a week so far and lost 7 of the 20 lbs I gained back ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ DAISYKRULL 20 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:31 P
Breakfast two turkey links, strawberries, pineapple and coffee KEENA47 10 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:30 P
I am grateful for this day. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 10 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:31 P
7/17/19 7:31 P
Login streak milestone. ZORBS13 9 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:32 P
Posted a photo TZAPP22 10 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:32 P
Posted a photo THOMPSONK23 11 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:34 P
Playtime at the park! Exercise for everyone ๐Ÿ˜„ KERRIBERRI86 9 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:32 P
Food for thought. HUFFELPOWELL16 97 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:39 P
It has been one week of counting calories and using SparkPeople and I am down 7.4lbs! 58 more pounds MEGANLORAINE 15 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:34 P
The chicken that I made for dinner tonight will have cauliflower with it ๐Ÿ˜€ CHEYNESMOM948 23 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:36 P
Yessssss! Have a great day! Hit those goals! #keepsparking N33D2LOSE50 19 _RAMONA
7/15/19 1:56 P
Another morning in motion! Happy Monday Sparklers๐ŸŒบheading off to have breakfast w my folks, who are OUTSIDEJOJO 25 _RAMONA
7/15/19 1:56 P
Loving this! THOMPSONK23 15 _RAMONA
7/15/19 1:55 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!! Yesterday was a great day!! I had all these plans for TEXASHSMOMOF3 43 MADEINBRITAIN
7/16/19 3:57 A
Just finished getting my sweat on!!!!! NATASHA_D1 16 JAMER123
7/15/19 10:13 P
Having fun! CINDY247 19 SRENATA
7/15/19 4:19 P
I've tried to lose weight plenty of times in my ad JASMINE2019 127 NANASUGE
7/18/19 9:37 A
Happy Monday! Officially lost 170lbs as of today. I can almost smell the finish line. HELLOHOLLY76 124 MADEINBRITAIN
7/16/19 3:54 A
I will eat 5 Fruits & 5 Veggies today and have had 3 of each so far. #eattherainbow PATRICIAANN46 8 PHATPAT18
7/15/19 7:56 A
Enjoyed walking around a beautiful sunflower farm. ๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ SLYDES-BRIDE 21 DLDMIL
7/14/19 8:02 P
My fridge is so colourful #costcohaul RENETTAJUNE 16 MJ7DM33
7/14/19 10:15 P
7/14/19 9:13 P
Apple chips LAM200514 15 MJ7DM33
7/14/19 10:13 P
This last week was my husband birthday with me watching what I can eat we didn't plan on a cake. But NIGHTAIR 15 PUPPYTUMMY0
7/15/19 8:07 P
๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ’–Happy Sunday from the garden๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒป TEENY_BIKINI 38 GARDENCHRIS
7/16/19 12:08 P
Posted a photo TUCKERKIMBERLY5 16 MJ7DM33
7/14/19 10:12 P
111 pounds gone as of this morning. I like that number. Have a shiny day everyone. BERNI-313 20 ELENAWEST1
7/14/19 9:11 P
Still working hard, but just not moving as fast as I would like. 60 lbs down and 75 to go. Starting MSPALMR1123 52 LE_SIGH
7/14/19 10:07 P
Do you remember this kid? 75HEALTHYME 33 REGILIEH
7/15/19 9:32 A
I am thinking about getting a wireless doorbell.. do you have one?? Do you think it is a good idea? 75HEALTHYME 36 REGILIEH
7/15/19 9:32 A
Fresh smoked pork shoulder and farm fresh purple hulls. Yes I did have a second plate but they both MISSYJ0507 16 LE_SIGH
7/14/19 10:07 P
Posted a photo RAERAERAE62 25 GRAMMYEAC
7/14/19 10:45 P
The first pic was taken January 10th and the second was taken today, July 14th. Still got a way to g NEVAPATE3 160 PUPPYTUMMY0
7/15/19 8:07 P
7/13/19 11:59 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 DONNA_CPS2
7/12/19 6:17 P
Posted a photo NOOKA_74 23 GRAMMYEAC
7/12/19 10:29 P
A true love story?! Uppie: Do you remember the first few weeks we were dating? Heids: (Thinking all J2002HEIDS 9 BAILE1MA
7/12/19 9:17 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 CATNAP629
7/12/19 6:17 P
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 21 RETAT60
7/12/19 10:34 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!! Yesterday was a weird day ๐Ÿ˜‚, but some good things.. TEXASHSMOMOF3 29 DONNA_CPS2
7/11/19 9:20 A