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Happy Monday, Spark friends!! Hope you all had a MIAMI_LILLY 29 NGCHILD
6/9/21 2:18 P
Posted a photo DAN751 8 ROBBIEY
6/7/21 8:44 A
My brother Tim and his sweet grandson (pic taken last year). He was checked out at the trauma hospit TOMSGAL85 22 BCHARIE
6/7/21 8:59 A
Blueberry crumble for breakfast just blueberries at bottom of muffin tin mixed with a pinch of flour VLRPRKS 18 FURRYMOM1
6/7/21 9:20 A
Have a wonderful day! DOLLYMELISSA1 2 ROBBIEY
6/7/21 8:45 A
Morning stretching routine done ✔️ LESLIELENORE 10 GARDENSFORLIFE
6/6/21 6:22 P
So. I did an hour two days ago and my watch only recorded 36 minutes. And I did 45 minutes yesterday MARGARETYAKODA 11 STILLSPARKLEIGH
6/6/21 7:48 A
Moving forward! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 17 LIS193
6/7/21 3:37 A
I have been bike commuting to and from work. I got an Apple Watch for safety reasons. Still trying t HWNHMMBRD 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
6/6/21 9:27 P
6/6/21 4:12 P
Message Removed CD27638591 20 AZMOMXTWO
6/6/21 6:00 P
Have a blessed Sunday! DOLLYMELISSA1 2 NISSANGIRL
6/6/21 6:42 A
Posted a photo AQUAFINA98_98 21 ERIN_POSCH
6/5/21 11:43 A
Our subdivision collected & delivered 498 pounds of essential items needed for Operation Support Our NANHBH 18 HICKOK-HALEY
6/6/21 3:15 A
Posted a photo -POOKIE- 16 TMP0418
6/6/21 9:23 A
I can do it! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 18 LIS193
6/6/21 4:03 A
6/5/21 9:18 A
6/5/21 9:48 A
Have a wonderful weekend! Today is Blazes birthday! He is 7 years old today! DOLLYMELISSA1 14 ANNA907
6/5/21 11:59 P
Have a wonderful Friday! I will be going to my oldest sons graduation from elementary school today! DOLLYMELISSA1 6 DOLLYMELISSA1
6/5/21 5:17 A
I wish this app worked better, but it's just not tracking for me. I can't seem to get it to calculat SANDRADEE100 10 DOLLYMELISSA1
6/4/21 5:25 A
Loving this #airfryer! Any air fryer recipes y'all want to share? CANNAWRITER2020 20 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/4/21 5:21 P
I got one of these in my ointment today. It rained all day and I just barely made my minimum step g NITEMAN3D 19 CD7889752
6/7/21 8:01 P
Think I'm in stone fruit "heaven". Just had my first fresh peach of 2021.. JANETEMILY 13 JOYCEHARRIS3
6/4/21 6:56 A
Morning stretching routine done ✔️… the Cooper-dog slept through it, but of course it’s 4am and real LESLIELENORE 14 ROCKYCPA
6/4/21 11:25 P
My brothers girlfriend got me London Fog concentrate. It’s not quite as good as Tim Hortons, but it LESLIELENORE 16 ROCKYCPA
6/4/21 11:24 P
OK midnight exercisers! Tell me how you’re doing! I’m on it! WHOO 🎉 MARGARETYAKODA 12 -POOKIE-
6/5/21 4:09 A
Morning stretching routine done ✔️ LESLIELENORE 15 ROCKYCPA
6/3/21 11:04 P
Chicken, ratatouille and salad #eattherainbow LIS193 29 WALLAHALLA
6/3/21 1:30 P
Have a wonderful Wednesday! DOLLYMELISSA1 15 DOLLYMELISSA1
6/3/21 5:08 A
HAPPY THURSDAY Spark Friends!! Found this beautiful plate tray of Flamingo's with their Martini's - FLASUN 25 GLORYB83
6/4/21 9:42 A
Hey Sparkers.... skipping in to say Hello & to wish you an AWESOME day! 8~) HAPPY-CATHE 34 HAPPYDAZ1
6/3/21 6:39 P
Feeling lazy this morning, my plan is to do this workout with my full name. SPORTY_1 18 SPORTY_1
6/4/21 4:55 A
I’m ready for the weekend! Are you? DOLLYMELISSA1 6 JUDITH316
6/3/21 11:27 A
Have a terrific Tuesday! DOLLYMELISSA1 12 DOLLYMELISSA1
6/2/21 2:05 P
I hate when my battery 🔋 runs low. 🥺 6PACKKKK 8 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
6/2/21 6:03 A
From last nights kayaking. Sunset paddling. So pretty! LESLIELENORE 31 ROCKYCPA
6/2/21 11:18 P
Walking around Granite Lake today! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 21 LIS193
6/3/21 3:38 A
Having a bad day. I think I have spent my entire life with weight issues. I. Am. Tired. I wake up MGBLUM05 12 MGBLUM05
6/2/21 7:20 A
Covid19 and the horrible state of our country have shook my world. I have found myself cooking and b JEN60187 10 BDMACE1967
6/1/21 7:16 A
Happy Tuesday Spark Friends!! I been doing very well with my Steps this week - Using my Peddler alm FLASUN 24 LIS193
6/2/21 4:18 A
6/1/21 7:15 P
Morning stretching routine done ✔️ LESLIELENORE 11 ALLYLIZZY
6/1/21 1:54 P
Hello sparkers #eattherainbow #eattherainbow LOSEWEIGHT1212 14 KENNAN123
6/1/21 10:19 A
It’s a good morning to be alive! ❤️ DOLLYMELISSA1 16 DOLLYMELISSA1
6/1/21 3:36 A
Have a blessed Sunday! DOLLYMELISSA1 17 DOLLYMELISSA1
5/31/21 5:36 A
Yoga To Feel Your Best LIS193 8 WALLAHALLA
5/31/21 7:48 P
Wishing ALL a very Happy Memorial Day - Let's have Peace & Remember those who have died for this cou FLASUN 29 JAMER123
5/31/21 9:52 P
A pretty tree I saw in the park today on our walk. Not sure what it was, but it was beautiful OPTICALXILLUSIO 45 DGRIFFITH51
5/31/21 8:51 P
hope everyone enjoyed world parrot day RKOTTEK 6 BOB5148
5/31/21 7:14 A
Joke time: How do you paint a bunny? With hare spray😁 TWIGBISKIT5 18 PATRICIA-CR
5/31/21 3:20 P
Have an Amazing Day! LITTLEREDHEN8 21 CD3802882
5/31/21 8:27 A
So I struck up a conversation with a spider today...Seems nice. He's a web designer. JUSTJ2014 16 GEORGE815
5/30/21 1:23 P
Q:What do you call a laundromat for pigs? Hogwash. JUSTJ2014 15 CD27711231
5/30/21 3:58 P
Keep going ❤️ grow through it VLRPRKS 15 GEORGE815
5/30/21 1:22 P
How do you resist your favorite food temptation? HOPPYGAL67 15 GEORGE815
5/30/21 1:21 P
Have a goal reaching wonderful day! DOLLYMELISSA1 7 DOLLYMELISSA1
5/29/21 7:56 A
I wonder how much I weigh? Last I checked it was 155 from 225 but who knows😌 6PACKKKK 9 JOYCEHARRIS3
5/29/21 6:55 A
I am working on my self control to not eat at bedtime. This is difficult for me because my sleeping OCEANXSONG 13 OCEANXSONG
6/1/21 12:20 A
Posted a photo ALLENJOSEPH 30 CHIP8790
5/29/21 9:53 A
Another vegetarian meal (and I'm not a vegetarian): baked sweet potato and fresh steamed green bean GREEN-EYED-LADY 15 JOYCEHARRIS3
5/29/21 6:54 A
flowers from my super sweet hubby, I had VGS surgery and I had wanted to be at 199 by today and I di TEALBUTTERFLY1 31 CHIP8790
5/29/21 10:29 A
Life is such a blessing! DOLLYMELISSA1 11 DOLLYMELISSA1
5/28/21 7:46 A
Good morning, NSV, I'm on the plane and I don't need an extender belt oh sweet joy. MSJOFUNNSEXY 35 PREMAM
5/28/21 9:46 A
Just because you start your day late doesn’t mean you have to give up! DOLLYMELISSA1 13 DOLLYMELISSA1
5/28/21 5:15 A
I'm on a struggle train. I am holding steady at 140 to 142. I want back to 135 to137. I have Been as QNDAWNY 9 JOYCEHARRIS3
5/28/21 7:24 A
5/28/21 12:04 P
Good morning my beautiful sparkies 🌻😊 I hope you TMP0418 56 TMP0418
5/27/21 4:34 P
Time for another cup of coffee. NEPTUNE1939 14 FISHGUT3
5/27/21 2:51 P
No salt, no oil, lots of curry spices on vegetables ready to roast for dinner tonight. Serve with a -POOKIE- 42 MARGARETYAKODA
5/28/21 5:24 P
I have a question. I hope this is where I post it. If not, please advise. I have been counting calo ROSEYINFLORIDA 14 HEATHERDAWN55
5/27/21 8:39 A
Top ' the mornin' to ya ☕ "Today only happens once--Make it amazing" 🎵 Have a sweet Thursday DXTECH 26 JAWEDFAHMIDA170
5/27/21 11:57 A
It’s a wonderful Wednesday! DOLLYMELISSA1 10 DOLLYMELISSA1
5/26/21 1:59 P
Jerusalem Artichoke and potato soup with scallops. This soup just warms my soul 🙂 Please share what CHANTELFRANCES 17 CXKCLL
5/26/21 6:55 A
Today will be a great day! #goalfeats JSTETSER 24 HAPPI_PAULA
5/27/21 4:48 P