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Angels Team Chat KRYS210 5523 KRYS210
5/22/18 8:57 P
Good, better, best. Never let it rest. β€˜Til your good is better and your better is best. St. Jer 1CRAZYDOG 22 REGILIEH
5/19/18 10:34 P
GOOD MORNING!! πŸ™βœ¨β˜€οΈ β˜•οΈ πŸ’—βœ¨πŸ™ #lookforit #findit SARASMILING 23 SPEDED2
5/20/18 12:09 A
I'm up watching the Wedding! Anyone else a Wedding watcher? ALABAMASUSAN17 19 NANHBH
5/19/18 11:49 P
#BeforeAndAfter Just posting for my page. 34 pounds down . Off to PT. STEEPERSLOUNGE 74 GOODGETNBETR
5/20/18 11:30 P
My oldest Seraphina and I RASMUSSEN5 7 JUDITH316
5/16/18 1:46 P
I went for a long walk in my neighborhood instead of the gym last night to destress. I work at home EPSTAR2016 23 TMP0418
5/16/18 10:01 P
Had a beautiful scenic view while I walked 2.8 mph SONNY49 47 DLDMIL
5/16/18 7:27 P
Yeah. I get this!!! WIZZLEWOLF1 18 SPEDED2
5/16/18 7:43 P
.8 loss this week not what I wanted but it's a loss 😊 every ounce counts right total 67.8 Keep spa TMP0418 166 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
5/17/18 6:28 P
I'm almost in tears! I have never been able to lose weight by counting calories and exercising more. DMSPEER93 158 JAMER123
5/16/18 10:58 P
Starting again! I lost 100lb a year and half ago and since then i have gained 15lb back. I have to g MBLACK2085 66 COOP9002
5/15/18 10:37 A
AWWW I'm up 3 lbs!!! BUT... this is my last day and then summer break. Graduations and other situati BEVERLY1501 13 GETITDONE79
5/15/18 5:30 P
Good morning.. I was just thinking I only have 3 more classes then graduation time. I can’t wait to KEENA47 76 KEENA47
5/16/18 5:46 A
#BeforeAndAfter I am out of town working at another location and realized yesterday that I had never STITCHWITCH2017 207 DJ4HEALTH
5/20/18 11:00 P
Been at this for 2 months now, so far I've gotten rid of 26lbs!!! Started at 214. One step closer to ESTEVES02 124 TMP0418
5/15/18 4:38 P
Here I go, starting...again. This time has to be different. I am weighing in at 198 pounds and I am LIGHTERLISSA 303 DJ4HEALTH
5/20/18 11:07 P
Good morning sparkers. Day 139 and still sugar free! Gardening at home today. Happy Mother's Day. STEEPERSLOUNGE 14 MPLSKEN
5/13/18 11:37 P
Up bright and early for the color run!!! 40k for 40 years THECOZE 54 RESILIENTBELLE
5/13/18 10:31 A
Conga line with words.. KATHRYNLP 2225 JANICEONE1
5/22/18 12:40 P
Do you wear a PEDOMETER? CAROLYN0107 12 KAYDE53
5/17/18 9:57 P
This Weight Journey has been a lifetime battle ! I have the most supportive partner and working so h TEAF85 29 FISHGUT3
5/11/18 2:38 P
Still have a long way to go...but slowly i'm getting there AUDREYINCA 158 _RAMONA
5/12/18 2:18 A
So I finally hit the 40 pound mark!! WOOP NEKOMINI 140 LIZZIE138
5/11/18 5:56 P
Posted a photo SHRNJOSHUA 176 COOKWITHME65
5/13/18 12:03 P
God is so good!!!! I have been struggling like crazy these last few weeks and through His grace He b DMSPEER93 42 TEXASHSMOMOF3
5/14/18 6:26 P
#BeforeAndAfter I had to weigh yesterday morning and I was in awe. 40 pounds gone since 2014 and 30 NOLAHORSERIDER 235 JMAHNKEN
5/13/18 9:34 P
I finally out of the Obese part of the chart took me 2 years to go from 255 to 194.8 I still overwei REN0303 231 SINDI1213
5/8/18 6:19 P
Counting Calories Walked Drinking Water Fruits Veggies DEBBIEPOE53 18 SPARKKITTY2016
5/9/18 9:23 A
5/7/18 9:34 P
AAU Fill in the word ABC game KRYS210 30 JOANNS4
5/20/18 8:57 P
TORTOISES...Who is still on the TEAM? CAROLYN0107 23 DMSPEER93
5/7/18 10:17 A
I was looking at my pictures and I can really tell the difference. The one in green was 12/24/17 RWILLCUT 102 POLAR63
5/5/18 1:11 A
What a difference a year can make! #Face2Face #BeforeAndAfter NERDYMAMA2 65 LOWFATVEGAN
5/18/18 1:41 P
I finished 4 weeks of Bodyboss pre training.. I see a little change not much. I even gained a pound. LINDAG2018 103 LINDAG2018
5/5/18 10:39 A
Getting my life together 1 step at a time. It's been a struggle, but with Christ, all things are pos AMYMBUNCH 27 ANNAMAY2018
4/27/18 10:25 A
#BeforeAndAfter Six months and 30 lbs down. 175 was goal one. On to goal 2 and more toning. #progres ICEDNCFIRE 60 DLDMIL
4/20/18 8:18 P
Leading a healthy lifestyle prior to pregnancy has made a HUGE difference during this pregnancy!! On SIMPLYKEN32 109 PWILLOW1
4/20/18 10:02 P
4-20-18 I can't believe it! I made it to my first weight goal of 160! I've been trying to do this fo ANNAMAY2018 267 KIPPER15
4/20/18 9:16 P
Transformation Tuesday KIMBERAKA 208 DLDMIL
4/17/18 7:13 P
We need some β˜€οΈ here in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦!! SERENEGRACE 27 1CRAZYDOG
4/17/18 3:27 P
Good morning sparkers Day 113 and still sugar free. Workouts done. 5 % Spring challenge. I lost STEEPERSLOUNGE 19 MPLSKEN
4/18/18 3:13 P
No longer have to apologize for sitting next to people on a plane! #nsv Phoenix, here I come! Oh FREEDOMBOUND18 123 QSHEPP
4/17/18 6:46 P
WOW! The stomach flu has taken me into onederland!! Now to just keep tracking, exercising, and depen DMSPEER93 31 JAMER123
4/16/18 10:06 P
Another 3 pounds gone this week 😊 total 60.4 All this was done by eating healthy, tracking food an TMP0418 295 THATBROTHER46
4/18/18 8:26 A
I've had this dress for 9 years. When I bought it, I needed to lose a couple pounds. Then a couple t NAQ2229 109 MIKE2378
4/10/18 6:08 A
Always good when the doctor walks in the room and MARIAN326 236 EO4WELLNESS
4/10/18 11:29 A
AAU April Question of the Week KRYS210 32 KRYS210
5/8/18 11:41 A
Enjoy Gods beauty today JOANIEMARIE642 18 JEWELZEE-
4/8/18 7:55 A
#BeforeAndAfter still have a long way to go, but TMOODY84 301 TICKLEBEE
4/8/18 5:47 P
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 21 AMYSUZEQ
4/8/18 9:08 A
Pretty excited! Haven’t been here in a while! Happy Saturday! Thank You, Jesus! DMSPEER93 29 JAMER123
4/7/18 11:14 P
My Mom turns 96 today! JSTETSER 306 WOMANOFLOVE
4/8/18 12:04 P
After losing around 100 pounds and now, after losing 220. No surgery. All SparkPeople. ~INDYGIRL 321 CSRICHMOND
4/12/18 6:55 A
I tjust weighed myself this morning and im at 178.6now. Ive passed the 180 mark finally. I started MMATHEWS1515 189 PWILLOW1
4/5/18 8:59 P
Good morning, Sparkers! You all look fabulous! PUDINTAYNE 103 FELICIA1963
4/5/18 3:23 P
If this were true I would have an entirely different issue to deal with lol being TOO skinny MWARNER211 125 NANCYANND55
4/5/18 6:16 P
Happy Birthday to me! I turn 32 today and I am the healthiest I have EVER been in my entire adult li KERRIBERRI86 302 CHADZBINDEN
4/4/18 4:27 P
1pound gone this week I'll take it after all it was Easter TMP0418 148 MPLSKEN
4/4/18 3:26 P
I actually lost weight this vacation. Managed to g KACKLEY5 184 CHRISTOPHER63
4/4/18 5:26 P
Caved a little to a stressful day back at work. NVRGIVINGUP 7 DAWNWATERWOMAN
4/5/18 5:59 P
I have 25 years clean and sober today!! DYANNE4293 302 1958TMC
4/3/18 1:27 P
So... This was yesterday. Family over and my wee ones birthday. Meh... Brushing it off. I indulged. VICKICHICKI123 28 PURPLEMOON1
4/2/18 10:34 A
4/2/18 10:34 A
#BeforeAndAfter NICOLE40150 184 MO-U-GO
4/2/18 4:09 P
I pray that you all enjoyed this blessed Easter Day. POGIRL17 18 TESSWILDFLOWER
4/2/18 5:26 A
No matter how much my family puts my weight down and says I need to lose more. I just gotta remind m AMYMBUNCH 66 SOVERYBLESSED23
4/2/18 11:26 P
Super proud of myself right now. Made it to the gym for a little cardio. What I'm most proud of is 3 BFOSTER616 82 PATSYGO
4/2/18 5:43 A
This is me before and after. Keep up the good work and stay strong. The results will show up slowly DOLLYIII 107 GOINGFORSKINNY
4/2/18 2:37 P
Posted a photo CINCMAC 65 GRAMMYEAC
3/30/18 12:35 P
My treat to myself for all the hard work I'm doing and making it to onederland woo hoo Don't forget TMP0418 80 -POOKIE-
3/31/18 3:12 A
I joined the spark people family last Thursday and I weighed 216lbs and today I jumped on the scale VICTORIAKLING 147 ADRIENALINE
3/30/18 4:23 P
AAU - today I learned... KRYS210 16 DMSPEER93
3/30/18 8:27 A
Renewed my driver license today. I was proud to put my new weight on it . 56lbs lighter!! IMCHRIS53 123 PAMBROWN62
3/29/18 3:27 A
Happy Hump Day, sparkle away your day. KURTZIE1998 11 JUDY1676
3/28/18 9:58 P