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Finally made it to one-derland! It's been a long journey from 378 lbs. But we can do this! 10 more l MANDA2091 304 ADRIENALINE
5/22/18 4:01 P
5/28/18 1:40 A
Is Spark Premium worth the money? KLYNNHOK 68 GKOCHER2
6/20/18 11:30 A
I love being entertained by these beauties! ALLENJOSEPH 8 MBPP50
5/21/18 12:33 P
Is there anyone in the community who has OCD but has still managed to lose weight and keep it off? DISCOVERLLH 1 DISCOVERLLH
5/20/18 9:21 P
Today is National Rescue Dog Day LOWFATVEGAN 14 ROCKRS
5/20/18 9:46 P
I had to eat out this whole week because of what was going on at my job, so I avoided logging it. I NODAIRYISI 5 NODAIRYISI
5/19/18 11:21 A
5/19/18 10:20 A
Good morning Sparkers Day 145 and still sugar free My husband and I are going to a International Mi STEEPERSLOUNGE 40 MPLSKEN
5/19/18 11:03 P
Totally binged last night and ending up feeling sick. The good news is my body is changing and can't DISCOVERLLH 3 ICECUB
5/19/18 9:48 A
Beautiful day for taking my sweetie to his happy place and getting some vitamin D and 🌊 HWNHMMBRD 27 HOTPINKCAMARO49
5/18/18 11:19 P
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 27 JTHEALTHY1
5/18/18 4:54 P
Hiking with my boys! ❤️ PETSHOPGAL1 15 ANNIEANNYANNEE
5/18/18 8:36 A
My half marathon pic. I had to borrow a medal because they ran out of half medals. My own medal we FUSCHIA6 264 DLDMIL
5/18/18 7:43 P
Starting to feel great! 30lb loss! #BeforeAndAfter AJS747 123 SQUIGGSIE
5/20/18 5:48 P
I am starting this program today. I weight 231. My goal is 120. Let's see how far I can go. RCCKLAHORST 168 FBAILEY24X
5/18/18 7:37 A
Not a good day. Off plan all day and feeling very discouraged about it. DISCOVERLLH 7 FLUTTERFLI
5/17/18 10:10 P
My exercise has consisted of working in the yard instead of the gym over the last few weeks. Trying INKBUD 198 BUFFCOAT1445
5/19/18 11:39 A
Before at 55 years old. After, I will be 68 on May 25! Yesterday, I celebrated 7 Years of Maintainin MIRAGE727 269 MADEINBRITAIN
5/18/18 3:54 A
I have just realized I am less likely to eat healthfully when I have a third cup of coffee in the mo DISCOVERLLH 3 GEORGE815
5/17/18 3:39 P
#BeforeAndAfter Just posting for my page. 34 pounds down . Off to PT. STEEPERSLOUNGE 75 ICUC2ONWARD
5/27/18 9:16 A
Had a beautiful scenic view while I walked 2.8 mph SONNY49 47 DLDMIL
5/16/18 7:27 P
#BeforeAndAfter ☺8 pounds down this month, Slow but steady 67 pounds down total in 6 months,I never OLIE07 310 QSHEPP
5/18/18 5:06 P
Tuesday's funny... RAYMOSSISTER 92 MASSANA
5/16/18 1:59 A
Here I go, starting...again. This time has to be different. I am weighing in at 198 pounds and I am LIGHTERLISSA 303 DJ4HEALTH
5/20/18 11:07 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was stretching in the sunshine. How about you? -- chris/spa SPARKGUY 33 FIREANDRAIN13
6/19/18 9:08 A
Down 44lbs; 21 more to go (for my initial goal). Pounds are dropping more slowly these days, but pau COURTPHX 133 SUMMERGAL2016
5/16/18 7:21 A
I cooked tonight instead of stopping for fast food. Came out AWFUL but at least I tried! LOL DISCOVERLLH 5 DCWILLIAMS831
5/14/18 9:08 P
I just bought a Nutra Ninja! Any suggestions for g DISCOVERLLH 1 DISCOVERLLH
5/14/18 1:35 P
Commit yourself!!! #lifestyle #thrive BRANDICOOK 89 DISCOVERLLH
5/14/18 1:34 P
5/14/18 3:07 P
5/14/18 11:38 P
I am down 3 pounds of the 4 I gained last week. Even though I was out of town at a convention for t TEXASHSMOMOF3 108 MIRAGE727
5/14/18 3:44 P
Feeling healthy and fit at 56 is a wonderful feeling! ANYAAMERICA 142 DAVES74
5/26/18 11:28 P
Mothers Day 3 mile walk! Beautiful day! DIANEWITHASMILE 29 DLDMIL
5/13/18 6:49 P
My friend who is also on spark got me a new water bottle it has a piece inside that takes frout to i JENNMACNEIL2 10 MDOWER1
5/13/18 6:14 P
5/13/18 12:06 P
Photo on the left was taken in September and the one on the right was taken this morning. Happy Moth JRKESTLER 114 FITWITHIN
5/14/18 5:07 A
For those days when we slip a step, a cute meme to remember. GIAARNOLD 12 MLBSLK
5/13/18 1:37 P
Amazing bews. I have hit the 100 pound mark. #Befo MATTMICH23 43 MIRAGE727
5/13/18 1:04 P
Today I crossed the 50 pound weight loss mark! Since October I've gone from a size 26 to an 18, dro BETHINCHAOS 90 LILIANN400
5/13/18 2:51 P
Good morning sparkers. Day 139 and still sugar free! Gardening at home today. Happy Mother's Day. STEEPERSLOUNGE 14 MPLSKEN
5/13/18 11:37 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 24 SPEDED2
5/13/18 7:44 P
Up bright and early for the color run!!! 40k for 40 years THECOZE 54 RESILIENTBELLE
5/13/18 10:31 A
6/18/18 4:27 P
5/13/18 1:44 P
Last Letter Starts New Word TEXASTITCHER 3161 KITTYHAWK1949
6/23/18 12:12 P
Posted a photo ANNAJUNE1218 13 CATHYSFITLIFE
5/12/18 1:51 P
Posted a photo WALTSGIRL74 11 BIZZIEE
5/12/18 10:37 P
WooHoo! I'm finally out of the 230's. Now my next goal is to get out of the 220's! KNIT59 8 TKFRIEND
5/11/18 10:21 P
Posted a photo WALTSGIRL74 30 BIZZIEE
5/12/18 10:33 P
Saw this sick looking racoon laying in my neighbor CINDY247 11 PATRICIA-CR
5/13/18 9:46 A
Still have a long way to go...but slowly i'm getting there AUDREYINCA 158 _RAMONA
5/12/18 2:18 A
5/10/18 9:28 A
Goodmorning, barely hit 10000 steps yesterday....barely, but hit it! Have a great day. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 51 SONDRAHARRIS
5/12/18 9:47 P
When i started this journey on Feb 9th i was tipping the scale at 250...i was told in order to have CAROLJORDAN49 143 LILIANN400
5/10/18 10:34 A
Amazing day just got done at dr I am no longer diabetic all my blood work was normal. #reachinggoals MONI30LBS 146 BRITTNEYAJONES2
5/9/18 8:13 P
Hey. New to Spark. DNLGORZ 193 SOVERYBLESSED23
5/9/18 9:20 P
Weighed in today and lost another 1.6 lbs bringing me to a total weight loss of 35lbs! Which doesn't GIRAFFERULES24 302 RAYMOSSISTER
5/9/18 8:27 P
5/8/18 10:22 P
Hi All, usually don't post but wanted to share my progress. I am down 51 pounds since January, rewa FENDERDUDE 27 JAYNE3013
5/9/18 10:11 A
This is the type of happiness i have never experience and i feel great ....started at 198lbs now im CAROLINEMEJIA11 193 CSROBERTSON621
5/8/18 11:20 P
I just found out my bloodwork was normal! Yay! DISCOVERLLH 6 ALLYLIZZY
5/8/18 5:24 P
I finally out of the Obese part of the chart took me 2 years to go from 255 to 194.8 I still overwei REN0303 231 SINDI1213
5/8/18 6:19 P
13.8 to get to my goal 😊 I'm 5'4 42 yes old and 175 is what my nutritionist says I should be. Hones TMP0418 72 DISCOVERLLH
5/7/18 10:47 P
You have to love yourself enough to do anything 😊 and today I love me. Thank you spark family for h TMP0418 48 LADCA2003
6/13/18 1:41 P
I found an ice cream that I can eat! It's only 75 calories and 11 carbs per 1/2 cup. I don't need t WALTSGIRL74 22 CGARR442
5/8/18 9:39 P
I downloaded a notepad app today and am listing each positive choice I make to remind me that over t DISCOVERLLH 3 PGHMIMI1
5/7/18 10:52 P
Posted a photo BP_GONZALEZ1113 14 ELIZA361
5/7/18 11:25 P
Posted a photo MRSTUGGY 6 MOGLO61
5/7/18 11:33 P
Motivation moment.... RHOOK20047 15 MOGLO61
5/7/18 11:28 P
today’s weigh 354.8 I’ve hit a milestone 25 pounds GLENDAK72 300 KMILLER31
5/7/18 7:13 P
Tonight I did a 10 minute walk outdoors. It was because on the 5% Challenge we are able to earn o DIANEDOESSMILES 32 DJ4HEALTH
5/7/18 3:24 A
#goalfeats Mowed the grass for 92 minutes! Crosses off my 60 minutes/week of exercise goal in 1 day. DISCOVERLLH 6 DOLPH79
5/7/18 8:40 A
5/6/18 5:56 P