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You have huddled with the team today!!! ILOVEROSES 13926 MUSICNUT
6/23/18 2:03 A
6/23/18 2:02 A
Point from the spinning UNSURE 21497 MUSICNUT
6/23/18 2:02 A
Word Association Game CMALESSA 8659 SILVERWITCH59
6/22/18 10:07 P
Emoticon :) your mood! BELLACUDDLES 9880 ARTJAC
6/22/18 10:00 P
Are There Any Takers? MJRVIC2000 4283 DESERTDREAMERS
6/22/18 9:43 P
How Many Points From the Wheel Today? SILVER1369 7172 DESERTDREAMERS
6/22/18 9:41 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 CLO333
6/22/18 7:33 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 82 REGILIEH
6/22/18 1:44 P
Today is National take your dog to work day. I hope some of you can enjoy this day. Oh, how I wish t SHOCOSS 9 HICKOK-HALEY
6/23/18 2:24 A
If anyone finds one .. please tell me NOW!!! lol lol Have a wonderful Friday ! PRINCESSPP 11 SCOOTERTVRPV
6/22/18 11:23 A
I have some exciting news I’d like to share. I no longer wear plus size clothing! Yesterday was the ALLYLIZZY 233 EVANS1848
6/22/18 10:34 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 179 and still sugar and gluten free Still on plateau but I am melting TWO STEEPERSLOUNGE 83 SPARKLEIGH61
6/22/18 5:50 P
Tomorrow I run 40 miles for my 40th birthday. Picture is from last week. ZORBS13 153 MARINAMOON
6/22/18 11:57 P
Have You Huddled with Your Team Today? KETTLEBELLJUNKY 10669 MUSICNUT
6/23/18 2:02 A
Show how you feel with Icons each day! SPIRIT_ANGEL 6978 MUSICNUT
6/23/18 2:02 A
It’s been a great week!! Lots of happy days MISMISSYV 20 YMWONG22
6/22/18 6:49 A
Feeling good today! Meeting my Spark goals! #BeforeAndAfter MRCYCAMRNN 24 ALLYLIZZY
6/22/18 2:04 P
Had some young guys showing off their fuzzy new antlers tonight on my walk. 😊 BRENDA196122 32 YMWONG22
6/22/18 5:30 A
I'm still a long way from where I want to be, but I'm really proud of the progress I've made so far. LIZJV13171 59 ALLYLIZZY
6/22/18 2:01 P
This is a fun comparison for me to do. Roughly 2007/2008 timeframe and my most recent photo. #Before TXSUNSHINE512 64 ALLYLIZZY
6/22/18 2:01 P
...still holding down my weight/BMI 26.4 down from 33.3 #BeforeAndAfter STR458II 148 YELLOW09RED
6/22/18 8:22 A
Before: sedentary, eating nothing but junk food and burgers, unhappy with myself After: active, lift CHALSTERS 116 CSROBERTSON621
6/21/18 11:56 P
11 down today!! #h2whoa 1965KAREN 10 HURRY123
6/21/18 1:40 P
When you find a podium on the way home from your team rode you must stop and sing "we are the champi 2AWESOME4U 16 2AWESOME4U
6/21/18 7:50 P
Focus on your goals! Never give up! GARDENSFORLIFE 14 CATHYSFITLIFE
6/21/18 1:29 P
Strawberry soup for the first course of dinner! There’s enough for tomorrow night, and the leftovers GRATTECIELLA 18 TCANNO
6/21/18 3:26 A
I can't believe I forgot to post pics of the in-ground fire pit my husband and I put in! Well worth WILD_ONE 29 TMP0418
6/21/18 6:54 A
6/21/18 1:30 P
Apparently I need to start planning meals on Wednesday with enough wiggle room to go to Yogurt Mount LKMANNING7 22 DOLPH79
6/21/18 7:55 P
Login Points MOMOFMANY70 24926 MUSICNUT
6/23/18 2:03 A
It’s been a rough few days. It’s almost like my mo NERDYMAMA2 12 ALBERTA119
6/20/18 7:10 A
I finally made it out of the 300s!!!! JENNMELREILLY 144 MBLANKFORD
6/20/18 8:00 A
71 days since my last soda. An 8 week ‘meltdown’ to transition into a Keto diet. One mini-vacation JLINDAUE 32 STENOQ
6/20/18 11:36 A
That's the "best" I can be! : ) BERRY4 9 PAMBROWN62
6/19/18 3:47 A
Gotta get back to this size LORRAINE9311 6 LORRAINE9311
6/19/18 10:58 A
6/23/18 2:03 A
Ok so this is totally embarrassing to me but I’m posting for accountability. No judgements here righ ILOVEP17 239 DGARLITZ14
6/19/18 8:06 P
Hi from my holidays back home in Canada. I'm overeating but not insanely out of control like the pr TIGERSEYEHEART 6 GPALMER29
6/19/18 7:20 P
Date night with my hubby. Calories don't count. 😁 CHRISSYMACD66 8 TDICKRN
6/19/18 8:29 A
After 3 days of driving, my granddaughters are feeling a little gruff! LOL GMAM48 14 1CRAZYDOG
6/19/18 3:35 P
Between the limited pool hours, my husband's workload, and my 4yo needing supervision, it has been h ALATONA 30 NASFKAB
6/19/18 12:51 A
6/15/18 8:25 P
I'm going to say, sitting on the floor watching ca FELICIA615 89 PENGUIN012
6/14/18 5:02 P
Posted a photo LALAP1012 116 MIDNIGHT7135
6/14/18 4:14 P
How many login points today? ZEE1960 1832 DESERTDREAMERS
6/14/18 12:37 A
6/23/18 2:01 A
Another special Visitor yesterday was this cute little Chipmunk in my back yard . Could not resist ALLENJOSEPH 7 MBPP50
6/14/18 10:14 A
I felt like this Robin was posing for me! ALLENJOSEPH 13 MBPP50
6/14/18 10:14 A
Me at around 250 (my highest was 280) vs 183. Thi M86265 124 TKFRIEND
6/14/18 7:51 A
I could have used alot of excuses this morning.... Too tired, my back hurts, my weigh in sucked, its ELF41978 32 KIMJ01
6/14/18 10:19 A
Hummor to start the day CTMOM 97 DEMONCLOWNZ666
6/13/18 4:06 P
@tmp0418. Came across a good laugh. Hope it gives you a smile. DJAYBX 22 TESSWILDFLOWER
6/13/18 12:13 P
WiW. Losing very slowly. NDSTOIC44 137 DEMONCLOWNZ666
6/13/18 4:02 P
It isn't much but I finally broke below 180 today! Down 2lbs and pushing for more. Not giving up thi KRISSALYN 210 1UCB4U
6/14/18 1:39 A
I’m worried because we have family coming to town, and I’m scared I will get off track. They do not MOMMAKW 10 ISNESS
6/13/18 8:54 P
Does anyone know how to get to the step tracker on here? Do I need to have a premium account? GIGIT6742 13 GOODFELINE
6/13/18 9:46 A
On a two day streak. Drank all my water, tracked my food and got at least 30 mins of activity 🙂 BMEIER2543 9 ZRIE014
6/13/18 12:48 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 28 CAT-IN-CJ
6/13/18 11:58 A
I bought this T-shirt years ago, and have not worn it much because it felt too tight. Well, today I GRATTECIELLA 88 WHYTEBROWN
6/14/18 8:14 P
So I weighed in this morning and I have officially lost 30 lbs! I'm super happy and proud of myself GABY9327 148 WONDERGALE
6/19/18 6:31 P
Thinking about where I was 7 months ago and while I’m not where I would have hoped to be by now I’m HARRINGBONE825 27 MDOWER1
6/13/18 8:34 A
I drank most of my water during my exercise class, but hopefully i keep it up tomorrow without the c HUSKYGRRL 8 1CRAZYDOG
6/12/18 6:55 A
So excited! Went shopping today and bought 2 pairs of 16w! I was wearing 24's!!! I think over tim JUNES-HOPE 104 PAULA3420
6/12/18 8:52 P
6/12/18 4:38 P
Posted a photo MISTRESSOHORROR 111 IAN2409
6/12/18 6:45 A
I have lost 45 pounds still more to go but I am determined to lose it TEXASGIRL994 175 TEXASGIRL994
6/11/18 9:22 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 127 KRISSYWHITE3973
6/11/18 3:05 P
Wishing you a Sparktacular Sunday! 🌞😻🌻 CLO333 10 GRAMMYEAC
6/10/18 9:02 P
Challenge yourself! JSTETSER 21 LIS193
6/11/18 12:54 P
Me waiting for Peapod grocery delivery. 🙃 CLO333 9 PWILLOW1
6/10/18 9:12 P
get ready to have a GREAT week! OBIESMOM2 6 SISTERPRETTY
6/10/18 7:26 P
I hope everyone is haveing a great Sunday I know I am. I've increased my walking routs and distances POLAR63 94 JEN-JENG
6/10/18 9:21 P
#BeforeAndAfter #crushinggoals RAESJOURNEY 196 TKFRIEND
6/11/18 9:10 A
such a busy day today in the garden LEANJEAN6 59 WALKIN4JEANIE
6/11/18 9:49 A