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What did you do today? KMCGILL828 976 DENNISBISHOP
6/19/18 10:09 A
Login points daily! DOUG1948 22248 DENNISBISHOP
6/19/18 10:08 A
What did you have for breakfast today? PLMITCH 6366 DENNISBISHOP
6/19/18 10:07 A
Sparkpeople Trivia Points Daily HEALTHIERKEN 11257 ADKISTLER
6/19/18 4:58 P
6/19/18 3:50 P
2018: Share What’s Happening in Your Life JUDY1676 639 MOOKBALL
6/19/18 12:16 P
2018: Question of the Day JUDY1676 277 JOANNS4
6/19/18 5:50 P
I get to go home today, Ava may have to say because she isn't eating as much as she should. MELB1287 104 SUSIEMT
6/19/18 4:24 P
Loving this 😊 1.2 this week still going slow and steady. I'm eleven pounds from my first goal then TMP0418 166 SUSIEMT
6/19/18 4:23 P
3.5 months and 40.4 lbs. 1/4 towards my end goal. GIGGLEZSMITH0 141 RSTEINER1313
6/19/18 5:34 P
Goodmorning,down 2.8lbs. It's a good and positive feeling seeing the scale comply w your efforts,lol JUSTSTICKWITHIT 65 TIGERSEYEHEART
6/19/18 5:59 P
After 3 years of working at Texas Roadhouse I got a new job! I also passed all my assignments for my FITSISTA79 166 FITSISTA79
6/19/18 4:23 P
Reached my goal and then some!!! Now to maintain!! SWORTHING6 246 LEOACHIEVER22
6/19/18 6:39 P
Almost half way to my goal ... I wish it would come off faster but I’m making progress so I’m happy TAMMYSCHOEP 99 SUSIEMT
6/19/18 4:26 P
Didn't lose anything last week, but seeing how far I've come has given me so much more confidence!! ESTEVES02 44 SUSIEMT
6/19/18 4:25 P
Fess up. What did you snack on today? LORAXVT 1211 GEORGE815
6/18/18 10:47 P
Did You Run, Bike, Swim or Weight Train Today? BYFTHALONE1 6056 BIGPOPPAPUFF
6/19/18 4:11 P
Today's breakfast😋 LISA_LOVES_FOOD 176 SYLBA61
6/18/18 7:51 P
Weekly Weigh In No loss this week but no gain either so I’m good with that. I’ve added weights back TEXASHSMOMOF3 199 FISHGUT3
6/18/18 4:18 P
Good morning Spark Family!!! Shhhhh!!!! Tiffany doesn't know yet but,.....i woke up this morning jus F5-FURY 136 TIGERSEYEHEART
6/18/18 11:33 P
Lunch: Arabic bulgur pilaf with home-made marinara ISNESS 6 GEORGE815
6/18/18 1:25 P
Walk is in...too hot to do 3 miles, but I at least got two in. BECKYVELT 11 FISHGUT3
6/18/18 4:25 P
BBQ ribs for Father's Day. These are basted with a sugar free sauce. #lowcarb #keto SADIEMYERS 31 SOUTHTXXRNNR
6/19/18 5:07 P
Happy Monday keep Sparking keep pushing!! "WDD" 💜💜 GPALMER29 34 CHERIRIDDELL
6/19/18 1:25 A
…::For you my friends a token of friendship. Have a wonderful day and week! 2BDYNAMIC 44 PATRICIA-CR
6/19/18 12:38 P
Today I hit the 180s! Ahhhh I started at 268.2 and I just weighed in today at 189.6! I'm just shy of ITSASECRET6915 243 ITSASECRET6915
6/17/18 9:49 P
My 1st grandchild was born this week! Welcome Mila Elizabeth!❤ Just one more reason for me to get fi PEARL79 183 PWILLOW1
6/17/18 7:21 P
I started out as a 305 second week in May. Today I'm 298. I let go many inches. I'm so excited!!! RINAGRAVES 112 TCANNO
6/17/18 5:06 P
HOT today, humidity is going to make the heat terrific here in SW Ontario, Canada. Whew! How is it GLORYB83 23 HAPPYSOUL91
6/18/18 9:52 A
Walked the three this morning and they are pooped! VIRTUTE 11 RSTEINER1313
6/17/18 5:21 P
15 Minute Walk #moveit ANNAJUNE1218 23 DMDANGELO
6/18/18 10:30 A
#BeforeAndAfter I feel great you guys ANDYLATG4 18 DAWN1830
6/18/18 2:58 P
Guilty Pleasures? PLMITCH 930 GEORGE815
6/16/18 6:32 P
I fell into an exhausted heap last night and forgot to close the bedroom shades. Waking up to this v J2002HEIDS 204 DLDMIL
6/16/18 7:51 P
Hard to believe I looked like that just a few years ago and now I look like this. Since then, I rece SHAMQUEEN83 136 LILPRISS
6/17/18 10:59 P
Good Morning Spark Friends! I wish you all an awesome day! 😊 NANCYANND55 101 BCHARIE
6/16/18 2:14 P
"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." SWEETHEART4321 94 QSHEPP
6/16/18 7:41 P
Have a great weekend! GARDENSFORLIFE 25 DEE107
6/18/18 12:12 A
Never give up I'm 7lbs from my goal RJUAREZM 110 MOMMAKW
6/17/18 1:56 A
I wake up at 5:30 am so I can catch the sunrise ov CINDY247 57 LIZZIE138
6/16/18 12:04 P
Happy Friday! FELICIA611 112 HELOVESUS
6/15/18 2:53 P
I've lost 10lbs since I started my journey on May 28th!! 24.5lbs more to goal weight 😀 I was gettin CEL3131 133 MARKSMOM3
6/15/18 6:41 P
I finally broke 150!!! TATIANALEVI5417 144 K-BOBETTY
6/15/18 6:43 P
If we keep this stray I figure I’m about four kittens short of Crazy Cat Lady. NEEDBU66 69 PWILLOW1
6/15/18 9:35 P
Tomorrow is my 40th birthday. The small picture was taken yesterday morning. Big picture was my 30t ZORBS13 104 SLYDE-GLYDER
6/15/18 8:39 P
🎉🎊I CAN FINALLY SEE THE CHANGES!!! Tears in my eyes right now!!! Left is today weighed in at 178.8 KIMBERLYASHLYN 79 PAMISBLESSED
6/17/18 1:09 P
Happy Friday, peeps!! My goal today... to run a mile in 13 minutes. Have not been able to for months MIAMI_LILLY 25 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/15/18 10:09 P
Heading up to camp here today--woohoo! (Stillwater at Lake Grandby, CO.) SBABEYTA1 42 JUST_DEBORAH
6/18/18 2:30 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 171 still sugar free Botanic Garden Shift today - four hour calorie burn STEEPERSLOUNGE 113 MPLSKEN
6/14/18 11:53 P
Posted a photo LALAP1012 116 MIDNIGHT7135
6/14/18 4:14 P
Working the core, arms and back with this exercise... BOOHOOBEAR 79 DEE107
6/15/18 12:22 A
6/15/18 8:25 P
I'm going to say, sitting on the floor watching ca FELICIA611 89 PENGUIN012
6/14/18 5:02 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 6 GRAMMYEAC
6/14/18 11:08 A
Red-faced and dripping wet, I had a great workout this morning!! WYTCHHAZYL 22 MOMMY445
6/14/18 11:50 A
I could have used alot of excuses this morning.... Too tired, my back hurts, my weigh in sucked, its ELF41978 32 KIMJ01
6/14/18 10:19 A
6/13/18 11:33 A
Hummor to start the day CTMOM 97 DEMONCLOWNZ666
6/13/18 4:06 P
WiW. Losing very slowly. NDSTOIC44 137 DEMONCLOWNZ666
6/13/18 4:02 P
Chicken-bacon-avocado-ranch lettuce wraps and a sm CMCLIFTON06 101 CMCLIFTON06
6/13/18 4:38 P
It isn't much but I finally broke below 180 today! Down 2lbs and pushing for more. Not giving up thi KRISSALYN 210 1UCB4U
6/14/18 1:39 A
This rainbow was fleeting, but sometimes that’s all we need to keep going. I was just thrilled to ha LKMANNING7 22 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/15/18 7:28 A
Tuna melts on whole wheat English muffins with a delicious salad; zucchini, cucumber, radish, onion, NATASHA_D1 14 JAMER123
6/13/18 12:09 A
I have actually hit the 160's. Took me since feb 28. Was 178. Now finally, Wahoo!!!!! RAVENWITCH66 130 NOCALORIES
6/12/18 4:01 P
1.4 pounds this week woo hoo 72.8 total 😊 My nutritionist is gonna be very happy when she sees my TMP0418 205 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/13/18 8:06 A
Posted a photo WATSONSL06 109 NIKKINIKKI136
6/12/18 2:49 P
My filth grandchild was just born.. A boy 7lbs 13 STEEPERSLOUNGE 38 LOTUS737
6/13/18 11:31 A
5 month transformation! I had already lost 70 lbs when I joined the Y in January. I joined to help p WINDMILLS18 61 LINDASOUTHER
6/12/18 5:54 P
Another 5 pounds gone... I WILL win! IMMARRA 14 ALLYLIZZY
6/12/18 1:46 P
Oh my!!! I did it! Slid the BIG weight for the la QUADDAWG 301 JIACOLO
6/11/18 5:53 P
I have lost 45 pounds still more to go but I am determined to lose it TEXASGIRL994 175 TEXASGIRL994
6/11/18 9:22 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 127 KRISSYWHITE3973
6/11/18 3:05 P
A lovely filling salad bowl with a wholemeal pitta LUCYH75 18 MRS_KAS
6/11/18 3:42 P
Weekly weigh in! Another one bites the dust!! Down one pound this week! I’ll take it!! Just TEXASHSMOMOF3 191 CAROLYNINJOY1
6/12/18 1:31 A
Posted a photo MOUCHE 10 MJ7DM33
6/11/18 10:48 A