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Daily Team Chatter! ANGLER491 5848 SCAREOFMYLIFE
5/21/18 8:57 A
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 14 POGIRL17
4/17/18 9:08 A
Posted a photo JUDITH316 22 DEE107
4/15/18 8:19 P
I am wearing a size large shirt and 16 pair of jeans, that are alittle baggy in the legs... I fit in MANDARI87 210 JACKSMK
4/14/18 12:07 P
RA Research - Comments Welcome BKWERM 10 DEDICATED2HIM
1/19/18 12:46 A
I finally got up the nerve to post my before and current photos. I was shocked by the difference! Wh BUNNY_SHAWE 263 NANAOHMEN
12/10/17 10:02 P
Good morning. I just felt like announcing that today is my birthday 🤓🎂. I am bouncing around all h BUNNY_SHAWE 263 SCYANKEE46
12/2/17 9:49 P
It's a little cold today. Fortunately rain stop this morning. I finish another 10 K. STARMONICA 33 STARMONICA
11/28/17 10:07 A
Thanksgiving feast is over, time to get back to working on fitness and healthy choices. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 29 KITT52
11/25/17 1:54 P
11/24/17 6:45 P
This Apple Watch will be the death of me or the life of me. I just had to get in a 5K this morning t AMYBRO1 20 SOTEIRA75
11/23/17 10:31 A
I'm gonna use this for looking back on simply because I feel mortified looking at this so hopefully 2SHAWT2BTHISFAT 14 2SHAWT2BTHISFAT
11/25/17 1:58 P
I didn’t start my journey until July but here is a picture from last Christmas and a picture from to JMSKREDE 252 PWILLOW1
11/13/17 8:44 P
#BeforeAndAfter MADISONGREB 45 TMP0418
11/21/17 3:07 P
Even though my time in the Navy was cut short because I got hurt, I still am proud to have served. A AMYMBUNCH 114 NOCALORIES
11/11/17 8:00 P
I'm struggling to stay motivated since my miscarriage 2.5 weeks ago. I do good for a day. Then terri SHASHYK 9 DEDICATED2HIM
11/5/17 1:22 A
Made it to the Hat to get my groceries & errands done. Trans Canada was ok in SK but as soon as we WALKN4WARD 4 MCFITZ2
11/5/17 2:16 A
My husband is my greatest supporter and he has also joined me on this “healthy lifestyle” journey. I SIMPLYKEN32 23 RUSSELLFORD
10/31/17 11:31 P
I just like this cat's attitude. KILTORE 47 JUDY1676
10/25/17 11:21 P
Today is my brother's RE-birthday!! He's getting his stem cell transplant today from our other broth ODAT1117 131 FRAN641
10/12/17 9:35 A
Ain't it the truth!! DEDICATED2HIM 9 LKMANNING7
10/8/17 1:54 P
4/16/18 4:56 A
I wanted to do a side by side to perk myself up during the slower weight loss weeks. I'm surprised a CSILVERS 236 CSILVERS
9/24/17 12:17 P
This is me today. 50 pounds gone! ISABEAUSROSE 255 FRABBIT
9/23/17 1:36 P
Went to Greece in 2013 when I was probably at my heaviest....returned this month to the same place. TARAHA 23 DESKJOCKEY925
9/19/17 6:06 A
This morning I was tired, so I tried to sleep in. I told myself if I did that I would still do inter JAPANGURL17 82 SASSY631
9/15/17 9:16 A
I'm creating a new pattern of thoughts and a new belief system in myself. I'm stronger then I was ye FITSISTA79 53 1DAY-ATA-TIME
9/14/17 8:47 A
Can't remember the last time I saw the 100's. I am amazed and thrilled to have found spark and see t LRYAN0696 285 TH3PH03NIX
9/13/17 8:03 P
Today was an intense booty / leg / core day for me DANILEANNC 6 STAR135000
9/11/17 4:20 P
63 pounds gone and more to go!!! BECKY_US 188 MAIZIEPAIGE
9/10/17 9:18 P
While out shopping, I didn't pick up an extra bag of chips for the football game this afternoon! WALKIN4JEANIE 5 MYTIMETOLOSE17
9/10/17 6:05 P
Good morning all! Im having coconut stawberry bake SMURFS 30 SMURFS
9/3/17 10:53 A
9/3/17 5:01 A
To those who feel like giving up. I have been there myself telling myself "maybe I'm just supposed t MCOOKE-CO 8 KINDGIRL56
8/31/17 2:54 P
Sooo close to 60 pounds lost, printed my monthly weight loss to put on my fridge to keep me accounta BECKY_US 9 FISHGUT3
8/31/17 2:45 P
Weighed in this morning and I have lost 100 pounds! So excited! HRODGERS4 304 ROCKS8ROX
9/12/17 4:32 P
I am a school bus driver and school started yesterday. The school administrators brought over cooki ANNKRAN 11 AUNTRENEE
8/29/17 8:23 A
I have to's 11:20 AM and I'm already over my calorie allotment for the day. I had a binge DEDICATED2HIM 6 PIXIEDUST22
8/17/17 12:25 P
TBT Me a month after my bike crash SOFLOKITTY 35 PWILLOW1
8/18/17 11:36 A
Didn't feel like it. But walking. ROBINLABELLE 134 MPLSKEN
8/17/17 4:13 P
WooHoo!! Got my butt back into my size 16 jeans after a temporary detour in the other direction. DEDICATED2HIM 4 LINDASOUTHER
8/14/17 9:18 A
I'm feeling confident, given that my sugars have dropped in a huge way since I started eating right MADCAPMADDIE 6 TCANNO
8/13/17 3:45 A
Visit to family at their cottage on Lake Simcoe. The highway was packed all the way , but finally gr GGRSPARK 17 GARDENCHRIS
8/13/17 10:47 A
Yesterday I picked up my MOH dress for my BFF's wedding. When I first went to try on dresses almost NSHAMROCK23 66 NSHAMROCK23
8/11/17 6:52 P
Even my chickens are eating healthy 🤣 (they love salad) HAMMONDC2 5 AUNTRENEE
8/11/17 4:20 P
Another pound beats the dust! LUNADRAGON 4 DEDICATED2HIM
8/10/17 12:03 P
Weigh in tonight! We started on July 13th and the last workout was last night. We met 4 days a week KOBRIEN13 221 KOBRIEN13
8/10/17 9:09 P
Team Leader Stepping Down BKWERM 6 JANNY316
8/3/17 3:28 P
Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis Group Forum AXMOMMY 1110 AKSHAYV
11/15/17 6:12 A
Sjogrens disease/ going with RA many times CASEYSPARKDIET 6 DEDICATED2HIM
8/3/17 5:42 A
Get it! TNELSON316 18 SCYANKEE46
8/2/17 9:58 A
My before pic it's really hard for me to post this honestly but my friend said you are a badass and SEXYSARAHLOVE 254 SCYANKEE46
8/2/17 9:47 A
RA Resources EGH291 102 DEDICATED2HIM
8/1/17 3:20 A
8/1/17 3:06 A
Wow. This is difficult. I am heavier now then in the photo. Here we go! We just suffered a loss of MAKEALITIME 18 APLAWHORN
7/31/17 6:25 P
My exercise plan for the summer, hand tilling this whole plot. I think I've already sweated off 10 p ZUNKLES 12 PAMELAJLORSON
7/31/17 3:38 P
The girl on the left is from day 1 I don't recognize anymore. She was depressed sad and angry all t MRSDCSUSEY 200 C38622
7/31/17 7:55 P
Posted a photo BEAUTYINGRACE 12 YMWONG22
7/29/17 6:52 A
I have battled my obesity for years and here I sit 30 years old at 340lbs. I am disgusted with mysel MAKEITCOUNT87 218 TCRANE522
7/25/17 7:14 A
So excited about this! Can't believe how close I am to losing 30 pounds or to reaching my first goal C97281 135 UNITEDLOFTS
7/24/17 10:35 A
#keto since May 7 2017. I feel so much better. Phy MRSMCSKINNY 60 KSTEVERSON
7/25/17 11:21 A
Good morning ☕☕😊🕇 Sharing my weight watchers rec DMC62 10 SILVAS7
7/24/17 9:15 P
#TransformationTuesday from 236 lb a size 18w /20w to 210 lb in a size 16 regular. I haven't lost a SKITTLESNINJA 302 REDROBIN47
7/18/17 9:50 P
7/16/17 4:47 A
I gave birth at 170 and I am already down to 145 just 2 1/2 months later. Thanks to this app and sup LUXWIFE 9 MARYLOTUS
7/15/17 2:11 P
7/17/17 6:16 P
Posted a photo ~INDYGIRL 24 CKOUDSI617
11/11/17 1:41 P
Longest plank to date. FEELING_FROGGY 18 MARINEMAMA
7/10/17 7:32 A
Hey, guys. I don't have a lot of weight to lose, but looks can be deceiving. I struggle everyday wit AAKONDA08 25 MARINEMAMA
7/7/17 3:29 P
One week after having cancer removed from my head! Doing really well and getting the hang of tying h CWILSON88 76 KOHINOOR2
7/11/17 12:04 A
I really don't know what to say! 52 pounds gone since February and 3 weeks cigarette free! It's hasn SUMMERFODRIE 304 KOHINOOR2
7/11/17 12:03 A
67 lbs down. From 380 to 313 as of this morning. :) SPARKE77 196 LARKDC
7/8/17 1:44 P
On September 2016 I set out on an amazing journey for self love and happiness. At the starting weigh THEJACKIEDEAN12 323 ANNDANDY
7/11/17 2:24 A
Let's enjoy this 4th of July and be thankful and continue to pray for our country. DRLMAZ 8 YMWONG22
7/4/17 8:56 A
One of the main reasons I joined SparkPeople was to get control of my blood pressure, which was 140/ PETIESGIRL 30 NOCALORIES
7/2/17 6:38 P