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5/26/18 4:33 P
Daily Baltimore Chat! SHAPEITUP3 2388 DEBIGENE
5/26/18 8:37 A
Feeling better today. Had a bout of food poisoning yesterday God bless. ANHELIC 10 ZUZUPETALS10
5/25/18 12:54 P
Planting yellow marigolds & 'blue' flowers like flag of #Ukraine (plus showy pinky-purple hydrangeas SPARKNB 22 TCANNO
5/24/18 8:43 P
W/L Chart for 2018 DEBIGENE 43 8BALANCE8
5/21/18 5:38 P
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. #goalfeats ANHELIC 8 PAUTCHES1950
5/6/18 12:03 P
Love Map My Walk app. This is for getting out at lunch last week and Sunday's scheduled walk with fr ROBEC4175 8 DLDMIL
4/30/18 8:18 P
I just splurged on a Birthday cupcake. DEBIGENE 3 DEBIGENE
4/16/18 3:42 P
Made it to 75 years today despite Friday 13th. #fitnessfeats ANHELIC 19 DEBIGENE
4/14/18 8:30 A
Had a quinoa stuffed tomato with dinner tonight, YUM !!! DEBIGENE 4 MINNIEUK
3/29/18 7:39 A
Fruits and veggies are never a problem for me altho I'm not a vegetarian I eat a min of 5 per day us DEBIGENE 5 VEGGIEPAT
3/28/18 11:16 P
We're almost at the end of the week. Shall I start a new challenge for next week? Comment "yes" or NIGHTGLOW 5 VEGGIEPAT
3/26/18 9:13 A
Happy Sunday! I'm going to finish out the week with a healthy bang! Also, it's Greek Independence Da NIGHTGLOW 2 DEBIGENE
3/25/18 5:59 P
Today is the start of the last week of the 1st 1/4 of 2018. How have you done? I have been success DEBIGENE 5 MOLUX252627
3/26/18 11:48 P
I have reached my 20th day without a drop of soda. After reading and posting the inspirational quo MOLUX252627 5 WINTERFLOWER
3/25/18 10:43 A
4 goals met today .... so far. DEBIGENE 3 NIGHTGLOW
3/20/18 3:33 P
Dragged wife and I to the pool for some water jogging. She and I have both been told to exercise mor NIGHTGLOW 13 DEVORA54
3/21/18 12:40 P
So my husband comes home last night and says, "I don't mean to brag, but Chris (his manager) says I DISNEYDAMSEL1 6 DEBIGENE
3/18/18 8:37 P
I am so bummed that my Fitbit did not sync the steps I walked today. I really enjoyed finally getti DEBIGENE 3 MOLUX252627
3/18/18 8:55 P
Best comment ever from my husband. "You're jeans look like they're getting pretty loose!" DISNEYDAMSEL1 8 KSTEVERSON
3/15/18 11:01 P
Time to ice up my leg. It felt good to have an active day, but perhaps it was too active. Darn recov DISNEYDAMSEL1 3 DEBIGENE
3/12/18 7:59 P
Great message for me right now. Being kind does not preclude being strong. NIGHTGLOW 8 LJSHRINKS
3/2/18 5:33 A
Celebrating my 4-year veganversary today! Feel great. Lowest cholesterol ever! #produce5X #eatthera NIGHTGLOW 25 ANHELIC
2/24/18 6:58 P
#innerpeace NIGHTGLOW 16 PNUGENT24
3/6/18 2:48 P
Finding healthful fruit in the winter is challenging but doable. Gonna keep trying to #eattherainbow NIGHTGLOW 12 ZORO22
2/14/18 2:49 A
Lunch, chock full o' veggies. Water-sauteed mushrooms and my own garden vegetable soup. So good. Won NIGHTGLOW 14 RDCAGAIN10
2/13/18 7:15 A
Spent the rainy afternoon going through the bins of clothes under my bed. There is stuff i can wear DISNEYDAMSEL1 5 DISNEYDAMSEL1
2/23/18 7:58 A
8 Habits of Successful Weight Loss DEBIGENE 3 8BALANCE8
2/10/18 9:49 P
Time to go to Dave and Busters with friends for my husbands birthday. His birthday is really Valenti DISNEYDAMSEL1 3 GOODGETNBETR
2/11/18 11:39 P
Thanks for well wishes everyone! I had a low-key #happyBirthday. Tho was not counting on shoveling # SPARKNB 3 DEBIGENE
2/9/18 7:02 P
Okay heres a dumb question/ How are people getting so many sparkpoints in a day. I log my food, exer VICKIEBROACH52 5 DEBIGENE
2/1/18 7:01 P
It is Official! We have booked flights to Scotland for the end of April! 17 pounds to ONEderland! I DISNEYDAMSEL1 7 -POOKIE-
2/1/18 8:35 A
Love the SP article "Are You at Your Happy Weight?" I thought it was excellent regarding not being s DEBIGENE 6 MOLUX252627
1/29/18 10:21 P
Tape Measure Challenge DEBIGENE 1 DEBIGENE
1/22/18 7:08 P
~Had a blast yesterday in Lansing, MI @ the Women's March!!~ CHARLEYW929 5 MICHIGANHIKER
2/14/18 8:49 A
Tape Measure Challenge 2017 8BALANCE8 22 8BALANCE8
1/22/18 3:04 P
Daily Chit Chat--the anything goes topic JUDYPOPPINS 4617 OUTDOORGIRL73
5/13/18 9:01 A
First day of this new challenge, got in 20 min. today. Weather is suppose to break and be a bit on t COVDAR9 8 PRAIRIECROCUS
1/23/18 2:16 A
I hope everyone is having a terriffic Tuesday! DISNEYDAMSEL1 5 DEBIGENE
1/16/18 7:24 P
servings of banana, grapes, cucumbers, snap peas, 3 mini colored sweet peppers, salad with mixed gre DEBIGENE 1 DEBIGENE
1/16/18 7:22 P
So far 42 mins of walking today, not all at once but 3 different opportunities. Hope to get more to DEBIGENE 6 PRAIRIECROCUS
1/23/18 2:17 A
4.4 pound loss! First week of winter 5% challenge, Sat weigh-in today. Ramped up exercise to 120 m SPARKNB 10 DEBIGENE
1/14/18 8:43 A
Today apparently is Marzipan day, which got me to thinking... I don't think I've ever had it. I've h DISNEYDAMSEL1 2 DEBIGENE
1/12/18 8:41 P
I need to find some pictures of me from my heaviest weight, so i can see a side by side. I feel like DISNEYDAMSEL1 7 DEBIGENE
1/10/18 7:07 P
Did you exercise today? GAILWINDS1 1810 BIGPOPPAPUFF
5/26/18 4:47 P
Today is National Bubble Bath Day. DISNEYDAMSEL1 5 DEBIGENE
1/8/18 6:49 P
This month's weigh in says i am down 8.5 pounds!!!! DISNEYDAMSEL1 6 CANDYLIND
1/8/18 6:11 P
If you're doing a big shopping trip, say, at Costco, do you count the time and movement as exercise NIGHTGLOW 11 BERRY4
1/7/18 2:19 A
I am starting over today. I went 369 days at walking over 10.000 steps and over 3 miles daily. Then VICKIEBROACH52 8 DEBIGENE
1/5/18 7:14 P
Did I plan the majority of this weeks meal around being able to eat my peppermint stick ice cream? Y DISNEYDAMSEL1 3 DEBIGENE
1/5/18 7:12 P
Now that my appetite post surgery seems to be returning I had better get back to logging DISNEYDAMSEL1 3 DEBIGENE
1/4/18 12:05 P
Posted a goal SPARKNB 4 DEBIGENE
1/2/18 9:33 P
Good Morning SP. Happy New Year and have a wonderful day! CHARLEYW929 4 DEBIGENE
1/2/18 7:35 P
It was a wonderful holiday this time around, Christmas and New Year's celebration. Did well with ea DEBIGENE 3 _LINDA
1/2/18 4:21 P
Going to the grocery store! It is my first real outing since my surgery. DISNEYDAMSEL1 3 DEBIGENE
1/1/18 8:08 P
Well it isn't the new year yet and I have lost inches, not real ones, but I am slowly going to be ab DISNEYDAMSEL1 9 DEBIGENE
1/1/18 8:34 A
W/L Chart for 2017 DEBIGENE 144 8BALANCE8
1/14/18 3:46 P
I got an instant pot for Christmas! However since i am still immobile from surgery i guess it will g DISNEYDAMSEL1 7 DEBIGENE
12/28/17 8:29 A
I hopee everyone has a magical Christmas!!! DISNEYDAMSEL1 11 DEBIGENE
12/26/17 11:02 A
12/25/17 9:02 A
1/8/18 1:10 A
I am having my roughest day post surgery. I am going to take my next doses and go to bed. Maybe a na DISNEYDAMSEL1 5 DEBIGENE
12/21/17 7:54 P
Weigh in Challenge Spring 2017 SHAMROCKY2K 53 DEBIGENE
12/16/17 8:35 A
My surgery has gone well. Behold my giant splint. DISNEYDAMSEL1 49 DEBIGENE
12/16/17 8:20 A
Today is the day of my ankle surgery. Since I will be immobile I will have to ve extra careful about DISNEYDAMSEL1 7 DEBIGENE
12/15/17 8:25 A
Bite of the Week K80DALY 46 DISNEYDAMSEL1
1/9/18 3:24 P
I am ready to face this challenging month staying as mindful as I can to make good healthy choices m DEBIGENE 4 HIPPICHICK1
12/4/17 8:51 A
Starting my day with a 5k. Jingle bell run for arthritis! It is cold but worth it!!! DISNEYDAMSEL1 32 DEBIGENE
12/3/17 9:41 A
Starting off the new week reaching my step goal for the day. Good Monday I'd say. DEBIGENE 5 HAWKTHREE
11/27/17 10:02 P
It's official. I am addicted to bread products. I can do without noodles, rice and potatoes...but br CHARLEYW929 7 DEBIGENE
11/26/17 6:31 P
Why do some of the shortest work weeks seem so much longer?! DISNEYDAMSEL1 3 DEBIGENE
11/20/17 8:21 P
tracker device icon DEBIGENE 4 SPARK_MERLE
11/16/17 4:25 P
~~Good Morning SP. Wishing everyone a blessed and productive day!~~ CHARLEYW929 15 LINDASOUTHER
11/16/17 11:00 A
How do I change the notifications for meal times. I tried editing the time and clicking the check m PUGLUVR4 2 DEBIGENE
11/14/17 8:20 P
I'm doing what I need to do and making good progress. It's exhausting and motivating at the same ti DEBIGENE 5 GCWILLI1
11/2/17 10:21 P