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Sessions beer & homemade fig goat cheese arugula spinach on 1/2 of a naan bread ENNAZUS176 10 EVIE4NOW
10/18/19 10:13 P
#leanforhalloween Coming to the homestretch! DRURY14806 9 EVIE4NOW
10/18/19 10:11 P
Posted a photo LADYKT 24 EVIE4NOW
10/18/19 10:10 P
Today I am sad and depressed so I de ide to get out and get some sunshine and take care of me KARENFLINT1 29 SEXYCECE
10/18/19 10:21 P
Size 12!!!! Woo hoo!!! MOONMAMA43 20 TLV106
10/18/19 11:02 P
Sunset in the hood JIMIPAGE29 18 TLV106
10/18/19 11:02 P
After a long time away from this site I'm back with progress pics... September 20th was my 1 year su L25833 22 TLV106
10/18/19 11:01 P
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 28 EVIE4NOW
10/17/19 9:25 P
Have a great day, SP peeps, and make it yours! DAD_AINT_HIP 23 NANHBH
10/18/19 2:17 A
10/17/19 9:24 P
Good morning! The Cooper-dog slept through my entire early morning workout. Just shy of an hour on LESLIELENORE 38 MARYJOANNA
10/18/19 5:11 A
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 19 GABY1948
10/18/19 1:17 P
So far I’ve been good! So Santa better notice!! DAD_AINT_HIP 17 NANHBH
10/18/19 2:17 A
Cauliflower “fried rice” with sliced pork in a spicy garlic ginger sauce. 😋👍👍 #keto GANBA20 10 LE_SIGH
10/17/19 6:49 A
Looked alot more fall like today. HUFFELPOWELL16 18 HUFFELPOWELL16
10/17/19 12:08 P
Tonight’s dinner! Chicken sausage & butternut squash with a side of sprouts. So delish, I’m loving a CHRISTINAMAR1E 18 LE_SIGH
10/17/19 6:48 A
#BeforeAndAfter My weight has been mostly stable f SYZYGY922 81 TOMSGAL85
10/18/19 5:14 A
Dress rehearsal for my upcoming 40th high school reunion this weekend I'm wearing the black dress CINDY247 43 CSROBERTSON621
10/17/19 4:45 P
I live in the Greater Portland ME area and later on tonight/early AM we are expecting a wee bit of w DIANEDOESSMILES 13 AALLEY2
10/17/19 5:16 P
Alfredo shell pasta with peas and shrimp, and cheesy scalloped potatoes and avocado on the side for ALLYLIZZY 15 COMEBACKKID12
10/17/19 11:13 P
After my plan A didn’t work out, I created a “Plan B” last night. I realized the workout program I w LUCKEE50 28 PYNETREE
10/15/19 12:56 P
Ok, here’s my next challenge. Get my wedding ring on my hand-not by force-and keep it there! Who’s w CONNIET88 42 PYNETREE
10/15/19 1:10 P
Posted a photo LOVENHWOODS 22 MOSLEYG1
10/15/19 6:58 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 16 GABY1948
10/16/19 4:49 P
Have a wonderful day! Take time to focus on your health and what do you want to see in a month from HEALTHYME98 14 PATRICIA-CR
10/15/19 1:12 P
10/15/19 6:55 P
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 59 MUGABI123
10/15/19 11:12 A
Newbies...take a BEFORE photo!! When I started my journey 9 years ago, there was no smart phone with MIAMI_LILLY 100 COMEBACKKID12
10/17/19 11:23 P
Posted a photo TRULY_LAST_TIME 24 AMYHOW2
10/15/19 11:44 A
"Listen, kid, if it were up to me, I'd be happy to let you sit in, but it's really up to the top bra NANASUEH 6 JUDY1676
10/14/19 8:05 P
"I get a reel good laugh whenever I lure people into fishing puns." NANASUEH 10 GABY1948
10/18/19 1:29 P
"Wow, ma'am! My whole troop'll have to help me deliver this many cookies!" "Oh, I'm counting on it NANASUEH 18 GABY1948
10/18/19 1:28 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 8 GABY1948
10/16/19 4:54 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 17 GABY1948
10/18/19 1:28 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!! It’s weigh in day for me and I have to be honest the s TEXASHSMOMOF3 165 CGARR442
10/17/19 9:19 P
10/14/19 12:49 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 14 PATRICIA-CR
10/14/19 8:10 P
Good morning, Monday! What are you doing to start the week right? I programmed in new recipes from t WILDBOTANIST 15 KMILBURN7
10/14/19 6:35 P
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 8 GEORGE815
10/13/19 3:30 P
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 11 GEORGE815
10/13/19 3:30 P
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 9 GEORGE815
10/13/19 3:31 P
I'm kind of stuck. Not a plateau, stuck. Other than the same 3 pounds that go up and down, my weight SWEETTEANFRUIT 13 FUTUREFOCUSED
10/13/19 6:50 P
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 10 GEORGE815
10/13/19 3:27 P
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 17 GEORGE815
10/13/19 3:28 P
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 26 GEORGE815
10/13/19 3:26 P
A day for church and family. An easy day! Much needed! VICKI27655 16 GEORGE815
10/13/19 3:26 P
This is in the crockpot now... HOPPYGAL67 20 GEORGE815
10/13/19 3:26 P
Today I am 79 but feel about 30. May everyone have a wonderful day. REDGINGER1 277 GRVPLSV
10/14/19 9:30 A
Omg. I am so excited. I have not seen this weight in 29 years. I am 5 pounds away from my mini goals DARLINGD1970 70 COVDAR9
10/13/19 8:32 P
Posted a photo RED_DIRT_HEART 32 EVIE4NOW
10/12/19 9:47 P
43:36 5k Love running _WARRIOR4LIFE 15 EVIE4NOW
10/12/19 9:48 P
Some just can't hang... 🐾😂 ABBY-ETHIE 22 EVIE4NOW
10/12/19 9:50 P
🎵 Mother and I got a good walk today. Some of the time we walked to fast-paced music. 🎶 SISSYSTEPHENS28 20 MHUMBERS1950
10/12/19 10:49 P
Mounds State Park, out for a stroll in the woods. HARRYFMUDD 43 LIVINHEALTHY9
10/11/19 8:50 P
It's a great day and tomorrow we are taking the kids to the Rennaisance Festival so I know I will de HOPEBLOM 11 AQUAGIRL08
10/11/19 10:36 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 18 PATRICIA-CR
10/12/19 1:46 P
Good morning sparkers. Day 655 processed sugar and gluten free. Photo of Lioness... My neighbors cat STEEPERSLOUNGE 26 LOVENHWOODS
10/12/19 10:18 A
Wow, I walked down to the basement this morning and didn't forget why when I got there. It's gonna FAYFITZ 13 DLDMIL
10/11/19 7:37 P
We are starting to get some fall colors! Stopped on the side of the road to get this shot! Happy Fri GINNABOOTS 47 TEXASHSMOMOF3
10/11/19 8:30 P
I may not have lost weight this week, but I lost inches! Yeah baby!!! RANDERS33 55 MJ7DM33
10/11/19 8:55 P
A spot I pass on one of my walks...just down the way from our home! October is impressive! LOVENHWOODS 57 MJ7DM33
10/10/19 10:42 P
I was so scared to buy 2×l pants so I got 3 fitted leggings in my new size and omg I can fit them an JASMINEFAT2FIT 35 MJ7DM33
10/10/19 10:39 P
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 13 STAR135000
10/12/19 8:13 P
Hello old friend, it’s been too long!!!!! BREN1198 48 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
10/10/19 6:28 P
#BeforeAndAfter JANIMAL45 145 CONNIET88
10/11/19 7:40 A
Posted a photo FMAX168 12 SUNSET09
10/9/19 12:12 P
Posted a photo FMAX168 9 SUNSET09
10/9/19 12:11 P
Posted a photo FMAX168 13 SUNSET09
10/9/19 12:14 P
Posted a photo FMAX168 16 AMYHOW2
10/9/19 12:12 P
"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt NANASUEH 27 GABY1948
10/11/19 8:49 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 28 GABY1948
10/10/19 8:56 A
Am workout complete!:) Bike pushed lv10 fastest mile so far. Tried at lvl15, woooooooooo, that hurt FREEDOMSKEY 15 DLDMIL
10/9/19 1:08 P
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 18 DUCKTURNIP
10/11/19 12:09 A
Made some hearty discoveries, and have answered my questions and came up with a plan !!! I CAN DO TH PRINCESSPP 21 GMAM48
10/9/19 6:55 P
Posted a photo FMAX168 28 NOSALTMAN1
10/9/19 12:27 P