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I am so honored to have gotten an email alert that I am a Spark Motivator today (though I think it m OOLALA53 14 GABY1948
9/18/19 9:51 A
So post road trip update: After being on the road 3 weeks with a goal of not gaining weight but losi ASHLIE_STRONG 21 ALLYLIZZY
9/16/19 1:12 P
Today is a new day! I have gained an additional 10 pounds since my shoulder replacement surgery. I MRUNGE54 6 TABATHA_CAIN
9/16/19 6:49 A
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 8 DARCY-B
9/16/19 6:37 A
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 17 BANEWLAND
9/16/19 8:16 A
9/16/19 8:15 A
Have a Strong week in all that you do! LITTLEREDHEN8 21 FLASUN
9/17/19 5:14 A
Wishing my Sister, Donna a very Happy 62nd Birthday today! Meeting at Joe's for Lunch!! Enjoy your FLASUN 35 LIS193
9/17/19 10:31 A
Happy New Week Sparkers! Make it an AWESOME one. 8~) HAPPY-CATHE 26 FAITHP44
9/16/19 9:17 A
Gained 3.2 lbs. ugh. Thankful for a new week to get back on track. CONRAAMY74 5 ALLYLIZZY
9/16/19 12:49 P
I did 3 separate dog walks in a row yesterday, in addition to a pretty intense gym session. I have t LINSEYBAKER82 19 ALLYLIZZY
9/16/19 12:48 P
3/180 Monday workout done. _WARRIOR4LIFE 17 FLASUN
9/17/19 5:13 A
Have a great day! 🧡 LUVMYLIFE57 22 ERIN_POSCH
9/16/19 11:02 A
Miss Bitty Mae says good morning and have a great day! JEWELRYLOVER 21 TMP0418
9/16/19 10:40 A
Happy Birthday B.B. King! DARCY-B 2 KHALIA2
9/16/19 6:55 A
It’s a new week! Let’s crush 💥 those goals! #motivationalmonday #goals #crushem SPAUKEN 15 BANEWLAND
9/16/19 8:14 A
…::Wherever I go-my water goes with me! #h2whoa 2BDYNAMIC 42 AIYANASMAMA
9/9/19 9:32 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 37 GABY1948
9/8/19 10:20 A
Starting my day with this.... EJBLANCO1212 17 GEORGE815
9/7/19 4:55 P
Working on the healthy way, and not making excuses RAERAERAE62 28 COMEBACKKID12
9/7/19 11:40 P
Week one down! #moveit #moveit MENTALMAMA 36 GOODGETNBETR
9/15/19 8:32 P
🌞Happy Saturday! RAERAERAE62 16 GEORGE815
9/7/19 4:56 P
After losing 185lbs I'm finding more and more reasons to smile. It's fun now to shop and go out with HELLOHOLLY76 164 PURPLEMOON1
9/7/19 11:04 P
Getting up early for a long run; totally worth it! Lake Superior Sunrise #exploreminnesota #sunrise J2002HEIDS 121 MOMMACAT57
9/7/19 8:38 P
#BeforeAndAfter I don't know the exact date for the first picture🤷‍♀️ I know there's technically DOUBLELSMOM 25 ROSIEKO1
9/8/19 2:31 A
Make today awesome and if you stumble along the way today, tuck and roll. Never let a stumble be the DLDMIL 9 ELENAWEST1
9/6/19 8:54 P
If it is to be, it is up to me ! EGGBASKET1 5 HARROWJET
9/6/19 9:08 P
Made all 7 days, what is next? #fitnessfeats WILLIAMJM 6 TOMATOCAFEGAL
9/7/19 1:58 P
I thought about taking the family out to eat but instead had a grilled meal at home! Win! ACHICAGOGIRL 11 RYCGIRL
9/7/19 8:29 A
I am making some small lifestyle changes. I'm not going cold turkey, but am slowly adjusting my diet FOREVER_AGAPE 26 STILLSPARKLEIGH
9/7/19 7:35 A
Kicking Off Fall By Cleaning Roasted Green Chile! Most folks don’t have the patience, but I like to PELESJEWEL 33 PELESJEWEL
9/7/19 2:41 P
I was so tired today and didn't want to do this at all! DISCOVERING_VAL 17 PATJOONWW
9/8/19 6:22 A
From a rapper and a poet: DARCY-B 9 STAR135000
9/4/19 11:52 P
Success is my only option, failure’s not. Eminem TUFKAS 5 DARCY-B
9/4/19 6:44 A
What you guys all got on the menu today? FAFAF_PROGRAM 4 NEW_CATS_MEOW
9/4/19 9:42 A
~Happy Wednesday~ 1st day of school was a success! Finding a new vehicle not so much. I am not picky 2B-ME-AGAIN 8 TABATHA_CAIN
9/4/19 6:54 A
Persistence~! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 31 GABY1948
9/5/19 8:49 A
Had no junk snacks yesterday - got too busy to increase water intake or eat my prepacked orange snac RASPBERRY56 12 REGILIEH
9/4/19 12:31 P
9/4/19 8:18 A
Have a great, Wednesday! 🧡 LUVMYLIFE57 25 ERIN_POSCH
9/4/19 11:35 A
9/4/19 10:16 A
All kidding aside, if I were to open a fortune cookie this would so be my fortune! I don’t know what NOVMBRBLUE 21 PRAIRIECROCUS
9/3/19 3:25 A
Day 2 of the walk challenge 🙂 DMAZSALON 15 PRAIRIECROCUS
9/3/19 3:17 A
Drank 5 16.9oz bottles of water today #h2whoa PAMPERINGME 13 BONNIE1552
9/3/19 8:32 P
9/3/19 3:16 A
Hope everyone had a safe and restful Labor day and ready for Tuesday keep Sparking . Good SPARKFRAN514 15 DEE107
9/4/19 12:08 A
This little girl will be a sophomore in high school tomorrow. Ugh. Why does time have to pass so qu SIMPLYME_LORI 17 PRAIRIECROCUS
9/3/19 3:14 A
I think I did pretty good today! Did some line dance, played football, ate good! Today was a good da JASMINEFAT2FIT 29 ARNETTELEE
9/3/19 7:59 A
Posted a photo HARROWJET 23 L_DROUIN
9/3/19 3:14 A
Another day done. My goal this month. Make my steps every day LIVINGLOVINLIFE 28 STAR135000
9/3/19 11:14 P
Hope everyone had a fine weekend. Thank you to those who worked today and keep things moving for us DARCY-B 3 STAR135000
9/3/19 11:14 P
Today I am starting the big's called..... 15day FAFAF plan.... does anyone want updates o FAFAF_PROGRAM 3 FAFAF_PROGRAM
9/2/19 9:31 A
Well Spark Family, I'm excited!!!!! Some of my family members are driving up from Louisiana now, for F5-FURY 34 STILLSPARKLEIGH
9/2/19 3:25 P
9/2/19 7:48 P
Lost myself for a couple weeks but back at it again! It's a new and beautiful day :-) #moveit KSENN3 9 BONNIE1552
9/1/19 6:40 P
Today I wore a regular large Tshirt DEBYDOINGIT 13 JOCELYNH711
8/31/19 7:56 P
I ran a lot of errands today and made my friend a lasgne and froze it for her as I dog sit for her. BOMBCHELL23 4 JOCELYNH711
8/31/19 7:57 P
Down 1.6 this morning VHAYES04 8 TCANNO
9/1/19 4:17 A
It’s been a while since my last post. Going through chemo and I’ve gained 20 lbs. Here’s me trying o KITTY5060 23 TITLETOWNROB
9/2/19 7:53 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 YMWONG22
9/1/19 3:17 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 YMWONG22
9/1/19 3:17 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 YMWONG22
9/1/19 3:17 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 YMWONG22
9/1/19 3:16 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 5 GIGIQUE
9/1/19 11:07 P
9/1/19 4:17 A
PLEASE PRAY!!! There is a shooting spree in Odessa Texas streets and my son is very near it. Please, AMYMBUNCH 16 EO4WELLNESS
9/1/19 6:01 P
I've been slacking a little this week after my minor surgery. I'm starting to get back on track thou VIKINGWITCH79 13 DARCY-B
8/31/19 7:48 P
Not bad in 2 months!! Onward to month 3!! VHAYES04 14 RD03875
9/1/19 4:18 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 9 YMWONG22
9/1/19 2:58 A
Did 45 minutes of chair yoga #moveit PALUTE1 6 BONNIE1552
9/1/19 6:39 P
With my August weight loss, I have entered the 150s. This is the final decade of my journey. I hav PAMBROWN62 27 OHMEMEME
9/2/19 7:37 A
Fell off the wagon so hard I busted the wheels and I am dragging it behind me. Accountable yes, do b NATASHA_D1 12 EO4WELLNESS
9/1/19 1:59 P
I know it’s only day two but goalmet! #goalfeats DAD_AINT_HIP 9 BONNIE1552
9/1/19 7:22 P
I'm making healthy choices but damn it's hard! CHEETARA79 7 EO4WELLNESS
9/1/19 1:59 P
Morning meditation walk 7500 steps before work. Peaceful is the best way for me to start the day! RECOVERYMAMA 7 GEORGE815
8/29/19 2:58 P