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How can I move all friend addresses to my own comp CTUPTON 3 SPARK_MERLE
6/17/21 4:14 P
Is there a way to move my "SP friends addresses to my own computer? Thanks, chris CTUPTON 5 LIS193
6/13/21 3:56 A
Apr, May, June, July :Moving onward and upward! CTUPTON 199 1AVERY
7/28/21 6:17 A
What's Your Decluttering Project For Today? SIERRASAGE 9664 MILPAM3
7/28/21 11:41 A
Finally, after a medical procedure, I am feeling like cooking. Not vegetarian, but a nice chuck roas CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
4/25/21 12:33 P
Our daughter is visiting. I hope she eats some of these Misfits veggies. I have too much! chris CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
4/15/21 11:17 A
So many veggies. So little time! CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
4/8/21 4:06 P
OK. Finally Misfits produce arrived. Now I can easily eat 5 veggies a day! CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
4/1/21 7:22 P
My son and I decided to rejoin our old gym. Had first work out in over 2 years. Looking forward to g RAMONA1954 8 JAMER123
4/2/21 10:36 P
New year, New Start, Jan, Feb, March AAAACK 242 1AVERY
3/30/21 7:20 P
I am expecting a produce order from Misfits. I wonder where it is. It is late. chris CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
3/30/21 11:43 A
Welcome to our challenge's private chat. Use this space to say 'hi' and let us know how you did today. 😁 CTUPTON 3 CTUPTON
3/28/21 5:13 P
Wed and Fri are PT days. So I always wexercise on those days. I am there an hour! Not all exercising CTUPTON 2 REDSHOEBLUE
3/29/21 9:41 A
I need to finish up or freeze the rest of the Misfits produce. More is coming Saturday. It can be ov CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
3/25/21 10:23 A
I know I am putting the number of freggies early in the morning. I have some veggies and fruits read CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
3/25/21 10:21 A
online history was deleted. I can't see my SP page CTUPTON212 5 SPARK_MERLE
3/24/21 6:58 P
Finally the weather here near Buffalo is warm enough for my lunch group to eat in the park again. I CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
3/24/21 1:22 P
Today is physical therapy day so I know I will be exercising ! chris CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
3/24/21 1:19 P
I fell a few months ago so my exercise is limited. But if I don't move, well you know what happens! CTUPTON 8 LIS193
3/24/21 5:58 A
3/22/21 12:03 P
A spark recipe for a drink: orange juice with club soda. Way fewer calories than orange juice! chris CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
3/17/21 7:45 P
Hi, anyone else up at 1:40 am and cannot sleep? My cpap mask hurts my chin and keeps leaking. Gave u TREKPURRSON 23 CTUPTON
3/17/21 1:13 P
So far it has been a day of contrasts. The joy of the first Iris blooming, a good PT session, and a LESLIELENORE 23 GARDENCHRIS
3/16/21 11:26 A
Yes prepackaged cut up veggies are a godsend! I like the salad mixes! chris CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
3/15/21 12:26 P
It helps me to eat at least 2 veggies for breakfast. Today roasted butternut squash pieces and a pea CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
3/14/21 12:23 P
Message Removed CD3802882 7 CTUPTON
3/13/21 11:14 A
You are such wonderful friends! You all cheered me and hubby on. It has been such a hard year. It is CTUPTON 8 TREKPURRSON
3/14/21 11:00 P
Posted a photo CTUPTON 23 ERIN_POSCH
3/14/21 11:12 A
Message Removed CD26026042 17 75HEALTHYME
3/13/21 6:07 P
The day is just starting but I easily can eat a fruit and a veggie for breakfast. A friend reminded CTUPTON 1 CTUPTON
3/13/21 10:21 A
Something funny or good that happened today? CTUPTON 172 GRAMMACATHY
6/4/21 1:39 A
Posted a photo CTUPTON 31 PICKIE98
3/14/21 12:11 P
why do pinterest graphics always pop up? CTUPTON 3 CTUPTON
3/10/21 1:36 P
YEAH! YIPPEE! HURRAY! : ) Tuesday I have an appointment to actually be with my hubby in his nursing CTUPTON 17 CTUPTON
3/10/21 1:32 P
Posted a photo SLIMMERKIWI 23 BERTAB63
3/9/21 5:25 P
Be that frog!!! SLIMMERKIWI 18 CTUPTON
3/6/21 1:38 P
4 oz 93/7 burger; 1 oz special reserve cheddar cheese; red, orange, yellow peppers with red onions a WYTCHHAZYL 20 CTUPTON
3/2/21 3:30 P
We all know toxic negativity when we see it, but we can also be unhelpfully positive sometimes, if i AMELIASURVIVING 15 CTUPTON
2/28/21 11:28 A
I have reconnected to my love of books since I am not eating so much. I had not been able to focus f AMELIASURVIVING 47 CTUPTON
2/28/21 11:24 A
Message Removed CD13668887 5920 AKA_TROUBLE
6/27/21 6:55 P
To avoid a yukky chore what do you do instead? CTUPTON 38 AAAACK
6/2/21 4:40 A
Movies you'd like to watch over and over? CTUPTON 164 CTUPTON
2/26/21 1:33 P
Message Removed CD11945874 26 CD11945874
3/30/21 2:52 P
What is the weather in your area? LEANJEAN6 9614 GEORGE815
7/8/21 5:38 P
Welcome back to EE team! Pick a mantra pls. CTUPTON 82 CTUPTON
2/24/21 11:48 A
Dad got his full sized farm tractor stuck in the ditch while plowing, so a neighbor came with his BI LESLIELENORE 22 MARYJOANNA
2/23/21 5:18 A
Message Removed CD11945874 54 CTUPTON
2/22/21 11:16 A
6/4/21 6:15 P
Focus on the evening eating problem. CTUPTON 168 AAAACK
3/26/21 5:30 P
Mardi Gras SPEDED2 27 LIS193
2/17/21 3:18 A
A THOUGHT FOR TODAY: The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent upon it, can CTUPTON 9 LIS193
2/17/21 3:17 A
The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchinson COLLEENMOC 2 CTUPTON
2/14/21 5:56 P
BeforeAndAfter I keep this b4 pix of me to remind me Im not going back but moving forward GRNEYEDSPANIARD 55 CTUPTON
2/8/21 10:46 A
1/26/21 1:57 P
Message Removed CD11945874 260 SPARKLINGME176
5/14/21 7:10 P
Team topics in forums. CTUPTON 7 SPARK_MERLE
1/22/21 7:20 P
Sign of the Times #133 SPEDED2 18 LIS193
1/23/21 4:17 A
What am I willing to do for ___days to be healthy? CTUPTON 29 CTUPTON
1/21/21 5:15 P
New members ! Whoopee! If you haven't yet, please CTUPTON 23 CTUPTON
1/20/21 2:47 P
7/23/21 8:49 P
Posted a photo CTUPTON 21 -POOKIE-
1/19/21 8:02 A
1/25/21 9:20 A
You are gonna LOVE! Just focus on changing habits. Over the years my spark friends h CTUPTON 7 LIS193
1/19/21 4:02 A
Posted a photo CTUPTON 13 PICKIE98
1/21/21 2:40 A
2020 Sept Oct Nov Dec Anything Goes! CTUPTON 352 CTUPTON
1/15/21 7:38 P
12/14/20 8:45 A
change daily calories on nutrition tracker CTUPTON 4 CHERYLSCOTT54
12/12/20 8:13 P
Do you have favorite places to be near the water? CTUPTON 3 CTUPTON
12/11/20 5:34 P
what foods have B12? CTUPTON 8 KRISUA
12/20/20 12:06 A
Knee replacement CAROLMYER1951 9 MS-MOXI
4/16/21 9:36 A
B12 is a nutrient I'd like to track CTUPTON 5 SPARK_MERLE
12/5/20 11:23 A
How do you combat Cravings? What treats satisfy? PATBPRICE 18 CHERYLSCOTT54
12/5/20 8:53 P
nutrition tracker problem CTUPTON 6 SPARK_MERLE
12/4/20 4:13 P
Message Removed CD11945874 41 CD11945874
12/5/20 8:55 A
Questions about the challenge? Ask here! SPARK_COACH_JEN 14 CTUPTON
12/4/20 12:44 P