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What Emoticon Are You Today? FIT4BRIT 41605 FERRETLOVER1
12/5/19 7:14 A
Did you take your vitamins today? HARLEYANGELONE 61392 FERRETLOVER1
12/5/19 7:15 A
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 37916 GABY1948
12/5/19 9:12 A
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 117263 ELFISHER56
12/5/19 11:25 A
Poll: Today I feel.. LIANNALIANNA 59057 SUNSHINE99999
12/5/19 10:29 A
Did you walk today? RICK1947 131843 KRAFTYKRAFT
12/5/19 11:53 A
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 154403 HAPPYCPA1965
12/5/19 11:02 A
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 156007 HAPPYCPA1965
12/5/19 11:02 A
Are you at peace and grateful right now? IAMJOYFUL2 15616 BKLYNGAL2073
12/5/19 2:08 A
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 60647 GDANE3
12/5/19 10:07 A
Are You Happy Right Now? SMYLEERED 41952 GDANE3
12/5/19 10:08 A
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 18885 GDANE3
12/5/19 10:08 A
How motivated are you today? Scale from 1-10 OODELETEDOO 48875 GDANE3
12/5/19 10:08 A
Have you ever been called fat? MELISSAFTS 479 DIETER27
11/7/19 7:28 P
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 14213 SUNSHINE99999
12/5/19 10:30 A
Turtles Over 50 Can Reach Their Goals Too LJCANNON 11031 SPARKARINO
12/4/19 9:07 P
What is your favorite fruit? CHALLENGER15 3860 FMAX168
12/4/19 8:06 A
12/5/19 1:51 A
What is your Weather today? RAEBONNEY1 15399 MIZKAREN
12/4/19 6:48 A
Bike or Walking????? CDAUPHINET 2078 MIZKAREN
12/4/19 6:45 A
Hi, Iโ€™m just starting what Iโ€™m calling my great adventure! At 56, at need some friends to cheer me o SWIFTEAGLE08 16 CHANGINGDEDA
4/19/19 4:26 P
In my first week lost 3 pounds already. LISAHEALTHY2019 11 CUPKAKE137
4/18/19 6:28 P
Going into the long weekend to celebrate Easter and we have our martial art Easter Potluck tonight w NATASHA_D1 8 TEENY_BIKINI
4/19/19 3:39 A
So happy spring is finally here. Been walking with my little buddy almost every day, he seems to e MONICACONQUERS 16 MONICACONQUERS
4/20/19 1:01 P
Reached my second mini goal.. ~happy dance time~ #seeingisbelieving #BeforeAndAfter #mylossismygai DEM-TOM 34 TAYGRL
4/22/19 7:48 A
Off to a good start for my first week. Lost 3 pounds. LISAHEALTHY2019 18 ARNETTELEE
4/18/19 11:12 P
These capris used to be skin tight CHEYNESMOM948 43 ARNETTELEE
4/18/19 11:12 P
7/1/19 8:44 A
Are you drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily CLMART3 2256 ELFISHER56
12/5/19 10:47 A
Are you happy with your progress? ZIGGYSTARSHAY 1193 BOB5148
12/5/19 10:05 A
TAP water or BOTTLED water? WIZZLEWOLF1 801 GABY1948
6/11/19 3:02 P
After taking a photo yesterday, I am pleased with how far I have come since last year! No more tyre BECCALOU09 10 ALLYLIZZY
4/17/19 4:49 P
I love this! Haha! I have this hunger that won't stop! But I'm trying to keep control. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’œ ANGELICMOMMA 22 GRAMMYEAC
4/17/19 9:54 P
I take lots of pictures and I am happy I do. I realized today I am wearing the same outfit as one of KOBRIEN13 13 KITTYRITTI
4/17/19 5:43 P
My son had a presentation at school about the new food guide, this is his plate he made! JANIMOEN 13 KITTYRITTI
4/17/19 5:42 P
Walk in Punts del Este, Uruguay CGARR442 7 FLASUN
4/18/19 5:06 A
Pure confidence today ๐Ÿ˜ light colored clothing I'm so use to black black and more black..... I actu TMP0418 90 LIVINGHEALTHY16
4/18/19 7:02 A
Down 225 pounds! Sw:450 (445 in first photo) Cw:22 BREBBY3 237 _RAMONA
4/18/19 1:39 A
How many cups of water today (or yesterday)? SNARDEESNIFF 18306 URBANREDNEK
12/5/19 9:56 A
This is my Emoticon today... LILBLUEYEDARLIN 8406 URBANREDNEK
12/5/19 9:58 A
Say it in A WORD! ROG190 3710 HEALTHYANDFIT27
12/4/19 3:26 A
Are You Walking and/or Running Today? MJRVIC2000 32891 URBANREDNEK
12/5/19 9:55 A
How did you feel when you woke up this morning? TWININGS12 12514 MISSDAISY23
12/4/19 11:06 P
Just another manic Monday.... LADY_KATHY 16 ALLYLIZZY
4/15/19 1:04 P
Good Morning Sparkplugs! May your day have easy miles to run, light weights to lift and a coffee cup MAYDAY62 15 ALLYLIZZY
4/15/19 12:37 P
Hi all, Not feeling it today. Hubby is still sick, and Doctors have no answers. I am trying to hold MSJOSIEFOREVER 41 WOODSYGIRL
4/15/19 6:06 P
4/15/19 4:02 P
Found a really cool rock in our cart yesterday at the grocery store! I guess it was part of some Fac MIKKYB1984 40 ALLYLIZZY
4/15/19 12:57 P
NSV moment.... they took a picture of me for the newspaper this morning and I didnโ€™t have the loose MSJWALKER52 28 CASHEERSMITH11
4/16/19 1:29 P
Week 1 of eating better, portion control, no soda, very limited sweets, water water water!, and at l ALL-NEW-SARAH 127 LKWQUILTER
4/15/19 3:34 P
4/13/19 12:04 A
Took a rare daytime walk. HWNHMMBRD 13 DAWNWATERWOMAN
4/13/19 5:12 P
Loaded down with grilled veggies and smoked chicken andouille sausage. ๐Ÿ˜‹ #keepsparking N33D2LOSE50 7 KITTYRITTI
4/12/19 11:42 P
@JIMA681 almonds are a good fat...eaten in moderation, raw, unsalted - 7 calories per almond. KA2CHAT 6 DALLASMAINE
4/12/19 9:53 P
Seven weeks to my son's high school graduation. Today's weight 170. Goal weight by graduation date KA2CHAT 12 KITTYRITTI
4/12/19 11:41 P
Dinner. ......... smoked pork chop with potatos....broccoli and cheese with carrots and pinto beans MAMACRUZ87 6 FLUTTERFLI
4/12/19 9:28 P
Love this! Happy Friday, everyone! BRANDNEWBUFFY 15 _RAMONA
4/13/19 2:33 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 FLUTTERFLI
4/12/19 9:28 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 BLONDELLC
4/12/19 8:01 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 FLUTTERFLI
4/12/19 9:28 P
Good afternoon. I hope your day is going well. Yay, the weekend is just around the bend. PAMBROWN62 6 FLUTTERFLI
4/12/19 9:27 P
Todayโ€™s progress so far SHELL1400_85 10 MWHIGGINS
4/12/19 7:35 P
4/11/19 1:04 P
What emoticon/word describes how you feel today? GLORYB83 4874 RUTHIEBEAR
12/5/19 10:19 A
10K Name Game KRYS210 217 KRYS210
5/1/19 11:52 A
Emote How You Feel Today! -DEIRDRE- 4777 YELLOW09RED
5/17/19 8:24 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday! Yesterday was an ok day, so here are a few good thing TEXASHSMOMOF3 34 FITFORME17
4/11/19 9:43 P
Happy Thursday!!! Have a great day! HEALTHYME98 19 DAWNWATERWOMAN
4/11/19 9:57 P
Trying to push through after my horrible day yesterday. I ate bad, I felt bad physically and mental CHRISTINAA41 22 ANNE2468
4/11/19 9:25 A
Apparently Percy thinks the treadmill is his ๐Ÿ˜‚ Happy Friday Eve, friends ๐Ÿ˜‰ Make it a GREAT day! WBASSETT2003 25 COUNTRYKID3
4/11/19 9:02 A
Writing this on my memory. Itโ€™s so easy to get distracted from taking care of yourself. If I donโ€™t t JLEWISDRYSDALE 23 JESSE0629
4/11/19 8:55 A
I might have chopped a few vegetables to roast! Salt free seasoning, no oil. Some for dinner tonight -POOKIE- 104 DRINKALOTH2O
4/12/19 1:26 P
Of all the health decisions I've made in my life - letting go of alcohol has been the BEST one yet! HEALTHY4LIFE360 212 ZINGIE825
4/12/19 12:09 P
12/5/19 11:03 A
4/26/19 8:12 P