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Happy Tuesday all! Going to be another sunny day here. Was thinking about trailering the horse somew COUNTRYGIRLY 1 COUNTRYGIRLY
4/24/18 9:22 A
One week of birthday fun and my March weight loss went out the window. Ugh....5 lbs gained back. Alt COUNTRYGIRLY 5 GEORGE815
4/12/18 11:56 A
Everyday is a new beginning! You choose how the day will start and end. COUNTRYGIRLY 3 DAKOPP
4/2/18 10:02 A
Still have a ways to go but 67 lbs down and still more to go! JMSKREDE 105 MIYAMO
3/30/18 9:26 P
I joined the spark people family last Thursday and I weighed 216lbs and today I jumped on the scale VICTORIAKLING 147 ADRIENALINE
3/30/18 4:23 P
My official weight in today, but will weigh again March 31, was 170.8. So close to 160's! This first COUNTRYGIRLY 4 ORTATK
3/29/18 10:23 A
Who else hates shopping for jeans??? It took me 3.5 hrs and I don't know how many stores to settle o COUNTRYGIRLY 3 LUANN_IN_PA
3/28/18 6:55 P
And we are having a cuddle 😁😁😁 and off to the gym I go #fitness #gymtime #igotthis #anewday DRAGONFLAMERS 6 FITNFABMOMMY
3/28/18 10:31 A
I am ecstatic this morning! I have been fighting the 172 ish range and think that I won't see 169 fo COUNTRYGIRLY 3 NYARAMULA
3/28/18 9:20 A
Trying something different with my apple pecan chicken salad this time. Decided to order hot tea wit COUNTRYGIRLY 1 COUNTRYGIRLY
3/27/18 3:08 P
Alrighty. Time to get my Tuesday morning going and get kids ready for school. I am already feeling o COUNTRYGIRLY 8 COCEGU
3/27/18 10:19 A
Weighted myself...144.8, that didn't seem right so I tried again 142.2....hmmmm, nope not right. Wa DANYGIRL40 5 DANYGIRL40
3/27/18 1:54 P
3/27/18 11:19 A
So today I got a rude comment that I decided to delete. I was venting about how hard it is to stick BROKEN89 25 FRISKYCRITTER
3/27/18 2:26 A
I just read an article on a woman that lost 100 lbs. One of her tips: eat more foods without labels. COUNTRYGIRLY 3 MUSTANGMOM6
3/27/18 12:29 A
2 pounds until I hit my goal! PHOUSE99 138 MICHAELPACH
3/27/18 9:36 A
Today is the start of the last week of the 1st 1/4 of 2018. How have you done? I have been success DEBIGENE 5 MOLUX252627
3/26/18 11:48 P
Posted a photo BOOHOOBEAR 74 DEE107
3/25/18 6:43 P
After snowing all day yesterday I can't wait for sunshine today! And I have completed 24 out of 31 d COUNTRYGIRLY 3 RETAT60
3/25/18 12:06 P
I feel terrible and all I want to do is cry. WILSONDRAKE4 13 BEBAUGH1
3/24/18 11:24 A
NSV: There has been Easter candy in my office for 2 weeks now and I haven't touched any of it, YAY!! FITFORME17 5 COUNTRYGIRLY
3/24/18 9:23 A
Snowing this morning, but make it through today and it will be sunshine! COUNTRYGIRLY 3 GEORGE815
3/24/18 9:55 A
Cleaned out the closet and dresser today. Feel so much better! COUNTRYGIRLY 2 PHDGRAD2018
3/22/18 4:37 P
I weighed in at 211 in January 2017. Feeling great!! #keto #lowcarb LESLIEJONES919 92 SUNWARDWINE
4/15/18 10:07 A
Another 0.8 lbs I don't have to carry around anymore. Here's to this next week of hard work to see t COUNTRYGIRLY 4 ORTATK
3/22/18 10:12 A
I jumped on the scale this morning and down 0.2 from last Thursday to make 172.0. probably not gonna COUNTRYGIRLY 2 MOLUX252627
3/20/18 10:41 A
I went out of town for a girl's weekend and completely overdid it. Time to get on track. Luckily all ANNIM80 6 COUNTRYGIRLY
3/20/18 9:40 A
3/20/18 10:07 A
Posted a photo DRAMAQUEEN926 11 LNPAVOLKO
3/20/18 11:23 A
Transformation Tuesday: Yesterday I was lifting weights at the gym and as I walked past the large m KATBRUNNER 306 TMP0418
3/26/18 3:12 P
3/20/18 9:14 A
Cup of coffee and spark to get my morning going! COUNTRYGIRLY 2 GEORGE815
3/18/18 11:08 A
I really fell off the wagon yesterday and truly, full-out, BINGED. I had so much fun going out to ea NIMBUS-2OOO 21 ALOFA0509
3/18/18 11:00 A
3/18/18 11:13 A
Good morning Spark People. This is officially my first day. I downloaded the app a few days ago and LOLALAURA 15 SIMBA437
3/18/18 11:36 A
Missing my family today and feeling a little blue. I moved to Wisconsin for one last attempt to make FREEDOMBOUND18 12 FREEDOMBOUND18
3/18/18 1:35 P
Not sure if I will see the 160's on my Thursday way in this week but it will be darn close! COUNTRYGIRLY 6 ALLYLIZZY
3/18/18 5:22 P
Doing good on healthy choices. Trying to choose chicken over red meat when hubby and I have our date COUNTRYGIRLY 6 STAR135000
3/18/18 12:50 A
Excited to start week 3 of my plan! COUNTRYGIRLY 3 DYANNE4293
3/16/18 10:29 A
Feeling awesome this morning. Lost 1.8 lbs this last week! So far I am down 3.8 lbs since March 1. I COUNTRYGIRLY 1 COUNTRYGIRLY
3/15/18 10:54 A
The cold air on my cheeks, fresh air, a good book and a cup of tea and kisses from my dogs. What are VALERYEE 29 ALLYLIZZY
3/14/18 1:35 P
"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" Wake up each day with a positive attitude tell TMP0418 44 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/14/18 5:02 P
Posted a goal FITFORME17 109 GEORGE815
3/14/18 5:48 P
2018 is my year of summiting mountains that have been too big and too powerful for too long. My weig SAMK1981 114 FITNFABMOMMY
3/14/18 9:47 P
Out of the 200's!!!!!; CELTIC79KITTEN 302 RUTHSHEPHERD1
3/14/18 4:49 P
Went over top calories yesterday by only 88 calories, but I am okay with that. It seems I always nee COUNTRYGIRLY 4 MSMITCHELL2696
3/14/18 10:16 A
Today is a rest day for me. It's rainy, but I can't complain after the sun and warm weather we have COUNTRYGIRLY 4 LAURAFOOTE
3/14/18 10:04 A
Day 12 of trying to get healthy again. Going strong! I am taking one day at a time and by doing this COUNTRYGIRLY 1 COUNTRYGIRLY
3/12/18 11:34 A
Hard work really pays off!!! AMYMBUNCH 158 EO4WELLNESS
3/11/18 7:50 P
3/10/18 11:05 P
So all I am hoping out of my eating today is that by taking in more calories than normal (2400 total COUNTRYGIRLY 2 MAIZIEPAIGE
3/11/18 12:06 A
So I fell off the wagon this week. With a combination of depression, back pain, and a full schedule ASHLIE_STRONG 59 MERLECHRIS
3/10/18 11:45 A
#BeforeAndAfter What a difference eating right and exercising can do! LR237787 148 IAN2409
3/8/18 11:21 P
Feeling great this morning....even though it's snowing, yuck....I lost 2.2 lbs this last week! COUNTRYGIRLY 7 GEORGE815
3/8/18 11:28 A
Yesterday I feel was a a good nutrition day. While I went over my top calorie range by 50 calories I COUNTRYGIRLY 2 STEEPERSLOUNGE
3/6/18 8:58 A
Went a little bit over on my sodium today but all in all my calorie count was good. I made tacos for COUNTRYGIRLY 4 NANAOHMEN
3/5/18 12:24 A
My healthy 311 calorie breakfast! COUNTRYGIRLY 11 FITFORME17
3/8/18 12:52 P
Rockin my sodium levels today! Way below recommended mg? COUNTRYGIRLY 5 COUNTRYGIRLY
3/4/18 10:04 A
Just trying to keep myself motivated to keep going! It’s getting harder to see results as often as i GOLDIEFOXX 142 ROSEANNECARLSON
3/4/18 6:36 P
March goal: day 3 a success of a non alcohol month! COUNTRYGIRLY 2 JHADZHIA
3/3/18 8:17 P
March goal: dry month (no alcohol) Who is with me! COUNTRYGIRLY 5 WLHOPE
3/2/18 10:56 P
Having a tough time getting my calories balanced out. COUNTRYGIRLY 5 COUNTRYGIRLY
3/1/18 12:59 P
Been about a month now started at 188lbs MAGSINNER 57 KMMR87
3/1/18 3:19 P
I lost 12lbs!! WOO HOO!! Today marks one FULL month of clean eating and going to the gym 4 days a we FINAL2018 189 SPARKLINGME176
3/1/18 8:09 P
Lunch! Garden salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and yogurt with granola; everything measured/ KERRIBERRI86 12 GEORGE815
2/26/18 1:18 P
A few hiccups along the way this last week but doing okay. COUNTRYGIRLY 2 GEORGE815
2/26/18 1:29 P
Here's to 2018! The journey continues.....and boy have I been hungry today! COUNTRYGIRLY 1 COUNTRYGIRLY
2/22/18 6:16 P
September 5lb Challenge COUNTRYGIRLY 13 GJH143ADH
9/24/15 1:49 P
What helps keep you motivated? PUNKGIRL5003 155 LISA_WAS_HERE
4/10/18 6:08 P
July 2015 5lb challenge KIM--POSSIBLE 9 JES_IN_ME
7/27/15 11:10 A
4/9/18 1:25 P
Share Your Week 2 Challenge Goals HERE! SHOSHANA192 198 RETIREESMITH
4/24/18 10:30 A
Spooky Halloween Challenge! STARSLOBBER 18 STORMAMI
9/21/14 1:24 P
Please Introduce Yourself HERE. SPARK_COACH_JEN 6589 MIRANDABOO93
4/25/18 3:16 A
5/6/15 1:40 P