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Best thing I have had in a week. A subway salad. It tasted so good. Now I just need some fruit. COOKIES450 13 FRABBIT
11/17/19 3:47 P
Been keeping track since midnight and woke up hungry but not sure what I want. COOKIES450 2 GEORGE815
11/17/19 1:54 P
Yesterday when I woke up I didn't bother going into a truck stop to get a bite to eat. I am having d COOKIES450 5 GEORGE815
11/17/19 3:00 P
Studied on how we have been doing and rewarded ourselves with a small two serving bag of chips from COOKIES450 5 GEORGE815
11/17/19 3:02 P
Posted a goal COOKIES450 7 GEORGE815
11/17/19 3:01 P
The other day my husband and I had a thrill. We watched deer behind one of our deliveries. Two bucks COOKIES450 16 GEORGE815
11/17/19 2:35 P
#metime got some time to myself for a little while before hitting the road again. Its quiet. No stre COOKIES450 2 GEORGE815
11/17/19 3:03 P
It is today for me and some you it is yesterday. I had to drive last night so my days and nights are COOKIES450 3 GEORGE815
11/10/19 12:15 P
Any time I see something new that I want to try or something that I haven't had in a while I ask mys COOKIES450 4 ALLYLIZZY
11/9/19 1:06 P
Posted a goal COOKIES450 5 TCANNO
11/9/19 3:53 A
While I was getting my breakfast I resisted getting a bag of my favorite gardetto chip bags and also COOKIES450 18 RYCGIRL
11/9/19 10:17 A
Well I am trying again. Its getting harder to do when all I am doing is driving and going into truck COOKIES450 6 COOKIES450
11/4/19 10:51 A
I have to laugh about this one because my husband is my alarm. Lol. COOKIES450 16 YOGA1973
11/4/19 6:16 A
I did resist buying junk food today. I guess that is my first step in making a change. COOKIES450 14 LASBELLASTAR
11/4/19 7:03 A
I am and will get this weight off of my body. I want to be better in being healthy and think of some COOKIES450 9 CSROBERTSON621
7/18/19 10:24 A
This my go to phrase. I know God is with me on this. Amen. COOKIES450 23 FROLICINFLORIDA
7/18/19 1:46 A
Day 2: working on snack control. I am way over my calorie count. Need to find something stable this COOKIES450 4 KOALA_BEAR
7/18/19 1:17 A
It is nice and warm outside today. COOKIES450 17 KOALA_BEAR
3/24/19 1:40 A
Posted a photo COOKIES450 12 GEORGE815
3/20/19 3:43 P
Sending happiness to all my spark family. Have a great spring day. COOKIES450 6 GEORGE815
3/20/19 3:44 P
Happy first day of spring. COOKIES450 5 GEORGE815
3/20/19 3:46 P
Can't believe how well I have done this week. Kept track of everything as best as I could, some time COOKIES450 2 GEORGE815
1/5/19 6:46 P
Good morning Sparkling family. Hope everyone has a great day. COOKIES450 13 ALLYLIZZY
1/3/19 12:49 P
Lol. COOKIES450 2 GMAM48
1/1/19 2:07 P
My family got me a fitbit for Christmas this year and I am impressed with it so far. Trying it out f COOKIES450 2 GOODGETNBETR
1/1/19 5:01 P
Posted a photo COOKIES450 5 POLKADOT7
12/31/18 10:24 A
Happy New Year's to everyone. God bless. COOKIES450 2 YMWONG22
12/31/18 11:04 A
Starting my water challenge today. Yeah #h2whoa COOKIES450 10 BONNIE1552
12/31/18 5:43 P
Gained 10lbs since started classes, now I am back and starting my diet after the holidays. COOKIES450 3 ALLYLIZZY
12/31/18 1:27 P
My goal was under 200 by my birthday... I still have 2 weeks to go. Look who did it!!!! ASHLEEMICAHSMOM 304 J-ALEXIS
9/25/19 10:52 A