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Happy 39th birthday to me. Reached my mini goal of getting under 300 and now I'm less than 10 lbs fr AKPIPER 16 123THERESA123
4/1/19 11:21 A
Sending all of you some wild cherry blossoms with blue skies along with Florida wishes for all of yo CONNIE2019 12 AQUAGIRL08
3/26/19 9:05 A
Yesterday was my birthday. It started with an amazing run. I’m training for a half marathon and I c NVRUNB4 15 DLDMIL
3/17/19 2:42 P
My 49th birthday... Ready to get fit CARESMAIL79 73 CONNIE2019
3/7/19 5:46 A
Posted a photo ANNI80 29 CONNIE2019
3/7/19 5:46 A
My baby of 13 years, passed away tonight. 😢💔 AMYMBUNCH 48 RREDFORD5
3/7/19 11:50 A
#BeforeAndAfter 25 lb difference Different lighti KITTY5060 42 BLESSOME
3/3/19 2:22 P
Hope you get all the things crossed off of your to do list this weekend! LITTLEREDHEN8 34 ALOFA0509
3/2/19 4:59 P
Bad morning for me. I'm going through a breakup so not handling things well KIWIKAT48 5 HAPPS819
2/28/19 9:10 A
I couldn't believe my eyes! I got on and off the scale 3× just to be sure. Down 4.2 lbs! Finally I h MSMITCHELL2696 15 TIGERSEYEHEART
3/1/19 9:07 A
Just for kicks DGFOWLER 31 HAPPYSOUL91
2/28/19 9:24 A
All set for the day! Got some rowing and jogging in this morning and meals all ready to go! MGRANT584 21 MGRANT584
2/28/19 6:52 P
Celebrating 65th birthday! Feel fit and fabulous 😉 NEWAGAIN 194 ALLENJOSEPH
2/17/19 8:09 P
Up early on my birthday to get a trainer ride in.... GIANTOCR1 15 NANCYANNE55
2/18/19 9:02 A
These birds help keep me active with their care. Have a great Saturday! MARALYNN47 13 LIZZIE138
2/16/19 12:08 P
15 days clean from alcohol and hard drugs. About t OPTICALXILLUSIO 20 VEGANNATURELOVE
2/16/19 4:05 P
Omg spark people.. I messed up tonight really bad.. Had a super bad day found out a friend died. The DARKHARMONEY 13 DARKHARMONEY
2/16/19 9:01 A
Anyone have good tips for emotional eating. Finding this to be my biggest struggle. BAYERNBABE 9 FUTUREFOCUSED
2/15/19 7:30 P
I am officially a "Senior" and happy to be a part of the Platinum Club of those exercising regularly NEWAGAIN 18 WANAKA
2/18/19 8:50 A
I woke up and went for a run, 8.29mi. Then I did a runtastic results workout which kicked my behind NYARAMULA 22 BEACHTIME9
2/27/19 10:02 A
Here's my home made yogurt that I have been making for years and years and years.You can put a small CONNIE2019 10 URBANREDNEK
2/15/19 10:16 A
So I haven't been very successful at losing weight by not counting calories...So I will start counti CTRUSTY1983 19 ALLYLIZZY
2/15/19 1:07 P
Down 36 lbs in 4 months with WW. 1GODISMYROCK1 20 CLOUDWALKING
2/12/19 1:30 P
Today is my birthday I am excited to be 40. TEKISHIAC2 19 URBANREDNEK
2/12/19 10:19 A
Posted a photo DIVAGLOW 42 1CRAZYDOG
2/6/19 2:01 P
To all of those who are slogging through and not seeing results. Remember WE are attempting to chang JMGARDNERSMITH 18 DOLPHINAGGIE
2/6/19 8:37 A
15 lbs down since January 2nd. Whoohoo! It's been POSTBABY4102015 160 MIRAGE727
2/7/19 10:09 P
Not big but little differences ERINMAUREEN82 23 KSE1018
1/29/19 8:28 P
#BeforeAndAfter Transformation Tuesday😊 JEANA45 53 ALLYLIZZY
1/30/19 12:55 A
I’m on my break at work and there’s all this junk and it’s staying right there because after 2 weeks FILMINGLIFE 4 JUDYBEAR216
1/29/19 8:51 P
Posted a photo ADDISONLJONES 22 YMWONG22
1/27/19 10:19 A
Ok so who do I talk to about this..... I cut over 50 onions 7- 2 pound bags this has to count for so TMP0418 82 TMP0418
1/26/19 4:42 P
It's been a very long time since logging in. In the before pic, I had ballooned to well over 350 lbs STARRYKAT87 92 TMP0418
1/25/19 7:36 P
In these cold winter day's I've struggled with planning and eating right. I thought about buying pre BEVERLY1501 5 CONNIE2019
1/24/19 6:57 P
Last night my mama curled my daughter's hair. My d ST3PH 38 CONNIE2019
1/24/19 6:53 P
2/1/19 2:42 A
Today I used a program to follow called A New Way 2 Move and did cardio-sqats-with my 10 lb bar bell CONNIE2019 4 LASOLA1
1/24/19 7:30 P
This is my 56-year-old self. I still have 20 pounds to lose to get back to my "ideal" weight, but I LISALU910 27 MDOWER1
1/24/19 3:45 P
Okay , I started a challenge today due to an invite. Walk every day for 30 days ending up with 35 mi JANISFREE 121 BCMAPGIRL
1/27/19 11:41 A
My baby boy crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. He was my best friend and my yoga buddy. He will b GOODFELINE 254 FIDDLISH
1/25/19 9:14 A
Kids today are just plain cruel. Got an email tod ST3PH 309 AZMEMA
1/24/19 12:23 P
Posted a photo JEWELRYLOVER 18 TMP0418
1/23/19 1:17 P
I can't lie when I say that I almost cried this morning when stepping on the scale & I stepped on it TASHADSLOVE93 54 ADVENTURESEEKER
2/7/19 7:23 A
Long time gone... fell off the planet ... no... in August I was hit with some some very concerning c SISNEROSMD 19 SISNEROSMD
1/25/19 12:19 A
I am learning there is a difference between loosing fat and loosing weight. I have stayed at the sam SHANNONMCNULTY1 24 CONNIE2019
1/23/19 6:43 A
Need some help now. Try posting for first time. Began at 208, now 168 & maintaning. Lost husband jan DJMCVAZ 13 LUVOFME
1/23/19 8:19 A
Well I hurt my foot two days ago from an old injury so I have not been on my treadmill until it get CONNIE2019 8 XTRACATE
1/23/19 7:00 A
I had a seizure today but I cleaned up after myself. Made my kids their after school snacks and did DMS100680 5 KAREN_EDMONDS
1/23/19 5:34 P
1/22/19 8:59 P
I’ve been really struggling these last few days - unmotivated to exercise, just want to eat sweet, f ENGINEERMOM 7 ENGINEERMOM
1/22/19 10:03 A
Any tips for making the treadmill more interesting? I prefer walking and running outside, but it's m ODDR1NA 12 RREDFORD5
1/21/19 9:54 P
#BeforeAndAfter. My granddaughter born 4 1/2 months early gets to come home this week!!! We have bee VLCHROSTOWSKI1 95 PWILLOW1
1/21/19 9:08 P
I did it! This was a big goal for me especially since my highest weight was around 332lbs. It took SHAWNTIS0504 59 ALLYLIZZY
1/22/19 2:48 P
Weekly weigh-in! And down 4.8 pounds! What?!? I guess my new trainer knew what she was talking ab TEXASHSMOMOF3 202 ALLYLIZZY
1/22/19 2:16 P
I woke this morning to my kitty of twelve years taking her last breathe on my kitchen floor! I absol MYKDSRDRVNMECRZ 307 RSSSLHB
4/18/19 3:34 P
Breakin a sweat for a few gone by days now.Help me Lord to keep it up. #moveit CONNIE2019 4 BILLTHOMSON
1/22/19 7:30 A
I'm finally in One-derland! Yay! I haven't been in the one hundreds in over 5 years. Happy Monday! LIVINGHEALTHY16 304 PHILLIESFAN2
1/21/19 6:13 P
Need a little something to get in in gear this morning. Too cold to be out, so all exercise will be BONNIE1552 11 MIZKAREN
1/21/19 7:30 A
35 min walk today. NEPTUNE1939 5 URBANREDNEK
1/21/19 9:00 A
Its 32 degrees O/S. NEPTUNE1939 6 URBANREDNEK
1/21/19 9:00 A
Okay here goes.. these are from 2015 $ 2016 both June Back when I first began my weight loss journe DOROTHY02301 15 FUTUREFOCUSED
1/21/19 11:31 A
The Blood Red Wolf Moon in total eclipse last night courtesy of the Darkside Observatory Waverly, PA ARTMICHELE 29 PURPLEMOON1
1/21/19 8:49 A
How many Spark Points Today? AUTUMNGIRL51 620 DJ4HEALTH
7/13/19 1:00 A
30 minutes today on the treadmill at 2 miles an hour(forgot to add yesterday's 30 min) and some othe CONNIE2019 18 KARENINAS
1/21/19 7:51 A
12 days and finally lost 5 lbs.This is a war that I will keep on keepin on. CONNIE2019 19 CHIKAODI
1/21/19 12:58 A
My Farmers Market finds. Spent Sunday cutting, slicing, dicing and freezing all. Found recipe for Z GERRYD68 30 AIRIS_MOM
1/14/19 10:11 P
I'm new here. I'm on a low carb diet. Wish me luck BAMAMANRL65 233 WLHOPE
1/14/19 10:52 P
Day 14... today is the 14th day in a row I’ve work COLORADOGIRL95 5 DLDMIL
1/9/19 5:13 P
I was SO excited to post my weekly weigh in this morning.... THANK YOU to everyone who posts, "likes SIZE8NOTSOMUCH 183 SIZE8NOTSOMUCH
1/9/19 6:56 P
Lunch! ANIMAI27 11 ANIMAI27
1/10/19 5:43 P
Happy 36th Birthday to me! I'm cashing in on my free redbox after work. Dinner will be spaghetti and YISKAMIRYAM 203 YISKAMIRYAM
1/10/19 10:21 A