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#BeforeAndAfter I have a plethora of "fat" pictures that show a life long struggle with weight. Than MARIAN326 124 DIPAFRODITA
5/18/18 10:45 P
My half marathon pic. I had to borrow a medal because they ran out of half medals. My own medal we FUSCHIA6 264 DLDMIL
5/18/18 7:43 P
First week weigh in since restarting my fitness journey. Starting weight was 203. I am excited!!! TRENAMED 119 ALLYLIZZY
5/18/18 3:46 P
Tuesday's funny... RAYMOSSISTER 92 MASSANA
5/16/18 1:59 A
#BeforeAndAfter Wow!!! Must be on the right path. Starting to love the way I'm seeing myself.#sparki CYWILLIAMSON461 24 ZRIE014
5/14/18 1:05 A
Over 40 pounds lighter. Have about 25 more to go CGH-ARTYPANTS 44 MAWMAW101
5/15/18 6:45 P
It's been one year and 3 moths that I started my weight loss journey. I've lost a total 86 pounds I BALU1127 304 PAUTCHES1950
5/10/18 9:16 P
5/4/18 7:41 P
I am 8 months Addiction free. This is the longest I've been without and still going strong. 💞 AMYMBUNCH 79 EO4WELLNESS
5/2/18 12:59 P
I just had my first haircut at the salon since losing my hair to chemo almost three years ago. My h TIGERSEYEHEART 179 CHERRYKOOLAID
5/16/18 5:16 P
100 days, guys!! Changing my life 1 day at a time. MLMRN13 129 MDOWER1
4/29/18 3:48 P
I'm almost at my 299 goal, the pounds are slow, but I'm getting there. I'll be when I get out of the MAMACHANGED37 304 MAMACHANGED37
4/27/18 11:27 A
After 4 weeks of dealing with the same 3lbs, I saw a new, lower number this morning!!! Patience, ha STACEYAKAMAMI 216 CHER2SHINE
4/30/18 8:40 A
Made time before company today & got steps in... WINGSDREAMS 16 JAMER123
4/23/18 11:43 P
Today a friend tagged me in a photo from 3 years ago. Wow! I'm always struggling to stay on track. DOLLIPS 135 RBVRE565
4/23/18 6:19 A
Down 0.2 lbs I’ll take it! I’m just so thankful I have stayed out of the 230’s! NVRGIVINGUP 14 DINIEPUCKETT
4/24/18 7:17 P
Today, I am smiling, because my husband hugged me and said, "you feel like you've lost some weight." ZINASP1 76 DINIEPUCKETT
4/24/18 7:11 P
400lbs came quickly, just like how fast the days go by. You don't realize your getting bigger and bi MANDARI87 304 PWILLOW1
4/14/18 9:14 P
First major goal met. My doctor ordered I lose 50 lbs last August. He said it might take a year. I d ELF41978 236 RSSSLHB
4/26/18 10:12 A
Good morning from Tennessee SparkPeople! I am officially down 20 pounds, which is a huge deal for me ALIP112886 112 DMDANGELO
4/12/18 2:11 P
Well I hit another milestone in weight loss today!! So excited. May 2017 started me at 271 pounds an ARTASONG 303 NANCYA8689
4/12/18 6:31 P
4/11/18 5:41 P
Thanks for exercising with me this week - Your presence and discipline made THE difference for me. VISUALLYRICS 3 VISUALLYRICS
4/1/18 1:01 A
Dragged myself to the gym this morning...mentally, this week has been a struggle for me. But consist VISUALLYRICS 7 VISUALLYRICS
3/29/18 6:46 P
My first goal was 20 lbs, then my second was 10 and I'm keeping my goals 10lbs each. Here's to my ne PAMMIESUE81 205 PAMMIESUE81
4/1/18 7:37 P
My walking buddy and Our view this morning. Just IWANNAGOAT 134 KENTTUPPENCE
3/29/18 3:42 P
Biked 13 mi with DH near ocean. 2 sharks were dragged by fishermen back into the ocean after biting COLUMBINE2 2 VISUALLYRICS
3/29/18 8:39 A
Happy monday make it a great day KBICK214 123 JAZZEJR
3/26/18 1:39 P
Im just starting this out my first day hoping it helps trying to lose sone weight and be healthy so BONITA8300 24 PBVHCCVH
3/26/18 2:53 A
I'm now in the 250s! Starting weight was 276 January 2018. KEEPGOING01 108 TMP0418
3/26/18 2:44 P
Yessir... got it in before work... #goaldigger MERCEDESMCCALL 141 GEORGE815
3/20/18 4:46 P
Down 36 pounds since my restart in November. I feel better and have more energy! Still have a long TEXASHSMOMOF3 236 TEXASHSMOMOF3
3/21/18 1:28 A
Within calories today! GRATTECIELLA 25 WHYTEBROWN
3/15/18 6:38 A
215 to 148 my goal weight is 145 SWIFT6913221 304 MPLSKEN
3/7/18 12:52 A
Boom! I think I was a child last time my weight started with a 1! LEMYNADE 148 BAT_CAT
3/2/18 4:46 P
Lost 5.8 pounds this month. Same shirts but now smaller pants. The inches are really starting to sh FAD5209 142 ECMSGURL1205
3/2/18 4:37 P
Friday comparison. I actually have a waist now! KIMBERAKA 212 NOCALORIES
3/3/18 12:06 A
Put my daughter to sleep and dragged myself to the gym! Let's do this! SARAHMARIE1031 8 ZOOMTHOM
3/1/18 1:01 A
3/3/18 12:05 A
New hair new smaller clothes! Feeling like a million bucks! Shirt is a goal shirt. From a 4x last ye JMSKREDE 242 SFKRESS
2/27/18 6:57 P
Yes finally I am in the 147.8 so down 30 from Nov 2017 today my personal goal is 140. STEPHD3566 97 STEPHD3566
2/26/18 6:16 P
3 weeks apart, 18 lbs down! HEWOERNER 20 GODSCHILD2_2011
2/23/18 2:01 A
lost 25 lbs in 60 days! Feeling very inspired to keep going, have more to lose, but the start has be DEANNASCA 122 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/20/18 8:01 A
I decided to make a change on 11/12/17 and have since lost 30 pounds! It's been incredibly challengi AMANDAWHITEAKER 43 TIRZAHHEYWOOD
2/23/18 4:01 A
Moving forward...getting stronger. Have an amazing evening, Spark Friends! COCOAGOAL 14 7STIGGYMT
2/23/18 9:45 A
Month 1 complete and I can see tiny changes already! Woohoo!! LUNABELLE18 60 TIRZAHHEYWOOD
2/23/18 3:53 A
I finally made it to onederland. 199 pounds so excited. Now if I can only get my nutrition and food SEXESHARONJONES 86 POUNCEQUIK
4/22/18 10:37 A
My highest weight was 187 and today I am 166.. 21 pounds lost! I feel so much better and I can't sto DANYALE_29 107 NUTTYGIRL2105
2/22/18 7:36 P
My 10th month and progress so far even though I’d plateau for almost 2 month, that won’t hold me bac AMERICALDS 190 VRACHAL
2/26/18 10:54 A
Finally outta the 200’s yay! ANIMEGIRL 38 SCGRAVER
2/20/18 4:29 P
I have been on and off my routine lately. Time to get serious again! I've lost 66 lbs and needed a s KNAGREEN 120 SYLBA61
2/20/18 6:19 P
Woohoo!!! Bought size 18 jeans. OMG. Can't even remember the last time I could wear that size. At CONCOOP74 40 CHERRYZMB60
2/17/18 2:38 A
02/16/2018 - I was too embarrassed to show the ful GOODLUCKCHARLIE 18 LASTDIET2017
2/17/18 4:18 A
I know the picture is bad, but these are scarves that I crocheted. They aren't fancy but they keep m PAMMIESUE81 44 BELBINA123
2/17/18 4:51 A
10,000 meter stationary row this evening. Cardio and calories. RDMOORE01 11 RITA12312
2/17/18 11:00 P
How in the world has this happened?!?! Amazed at how much better I feel now that I’m eating right! BLINDLEMON92 12 BELBINA123
2/17/18 4:50 A
Plz excuse my feet. I’ve been through a lot yet, I NEVER gave up!! At 288 I was morbidly obese. Ju DIANEDOESSMILES 218 SKCASON
2/17/18 12:51 P
over a month now with no diet coke. 1st few days were very hard to do but now i don't miss it anymor SWEETCHICK87 7 GEORGE815
2/12/18 12:17 P
This week for our local gym fitness challenge, teams get points for posting a picture on the gym's F KATBRUNNER 251 LIVEFULLY03
3/4/18 5:20 P
#BeforeAndAfter this one is for my records. Sorry for overposting. Again 3 inches lost last week aro HEYPUDDIN 200 ROCKRS
2/12/18 5:17 P
Lasagna serving? COLUMBINE2 11 LIN1263
2/11/18 3:11 A
Well done everyone! Feels great to finish strong! ...If someone else wishes to start another challe VISUALLYRICS 4 COLUMBINE2
2/11/18 12:57 A
2/11/18 3:02 P
Happy February to me!!! PK-HOUSTON 93 TASHAV73
2/10/18 5:58 A
Its been awhile since I posted a pic of my change went from 256 to 146 😁💪 CRISTALO321 237 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/11/18 8:59 P
It’s hard to get fit, but it’s harder to look in the mirror and dislike what you see. # before and # MANONAMISSION73 39 TMP0418
2/12/18 9:22 A
Balance. That is how I live now. I went to dinner KATBRUNNER 58 TMP0418
2/12/18 9:21 A
Didn't set my fitbit for biking instead of walking this a.m., so it thinks I walked for 20 min (inst COLUMBINE2 4 GLORIAMAJDI
2/10/18 6:15 P
1st bike ride of 2018. Along the Pacific Coast. Realized I would break my walking streak (oh, no ! I COLUMBINE2 3 GLORIAMAJDI
2/9/18 8:51 P
Yesterday was challenging... daughter became sick, and my time was spread thin. Fingers crossed I am VISUALLYRICS 7 LIFEFOUNDONARUN
2/9/18 9:51 P
Today is my birthday! LIVETOEAT70 306 SILVAS7
3/13/18 11:24 P
Ability is what your capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do and Attitude determines how TMP0418 109 MEGANJO14
2/7/18 2:31 P
Goodmorning, down 2lbs. Slow and steady. Have a great day spark friends! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 115 LILIWHEELER
2/7/18 7:38 P
400lbs to 239lbs in less then a year! I am still f MANDARI87 263 CAROLYNINJOY1
3/24/18 7:12 P
Walked briskly, intermittently throughout the day & night: 12,200 steps; about 5.18 mi according to COLUMBINE2 5 GLORIAZ
2/7/18 2:39 P