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Got really close to ordering some Arby's Chocolate Mint Shake and beef and cheddar sandwich, curly f CMRKSU12 15 ELECTLADY7
3/2/21 9:39 P
Do you do cardio on weight days? If so, how much? NSMANN 19 MOMWANTSNOWAIST
2/28/21 5:11 A
Do you wear underwear when you exercise? SPARK_MRUDY 962 MOTHERBOARDER
3/2/21 12:09 P
Question on logging Strength Training CMRKSU12 3 CMRKSU12
2/14/21 9:14 P
Not exactly diet food but yummy nonetheless! Broke out the deep frier for a change and made some ki CMRKSU12 11 CMRKSU12
2/11/21 3:45 P
2/28/21 5:15 A
My heart is broken today. Our 11 year-old dog Henry crossed the rainbow bridge. This photo is from w JLPEASE 196 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/21 4:08 P
The perfect walking weather! JENNIFERBR51 14 NAVYWIFESKI
2/8/21 8:48 P
What did you do to relieve stress today? CRINKLEDHALO1 44 SBURDEN
3/1/21 12:51 P
I lost my sweet little max this week. He was almost 16. He’s so missed here. My sweet little buddy. THE_FAE 176 JEN-JENG
2/5/21 9:38 P
Having trouble keeping the weight down the last couple weeks. With this pandemic I am stuck at home CMRKSU12 9 CMRKSU12
1/30/21 9:39 P
#BeforeAndAfterHolidays got me offtrack awhile with eating foods I normally don't even allow in my h LEWOODS55 61 PEGJW111
1/25/21 9:50 P
Posted a goal CMRKSU12 3 RETAT60
1/22/21 4:39 P
Ate a healthy snack this afternoon- pistachios and some hummus and celery sticks. :) CMRKSU12 2 ROSESAREBLUE
1/22/21 4:06 P
Mom gone 1 year today. Sad but a sunny and crisp day. #BeforeAndAfter FISHGUT3 25 SHERRYMATI93
1/28/21 1:34 A
It’s National Hug Day 🤗! It’s a simple, natural and effective way to give encouragement…Even virtua GCWILLI1 17 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
1/21/21 9:04 P
Homemade pepperoni, peppers, onions, and mushrooms pizza with homemade crust! It's what's for dinner CMRKSU12 23 CMRKSU12
1/17/21 11:15 A
I'm not tracking anything today. I'm trying to wrap my brain around what I need to do to get back on BEVERLY1501 37 WLHOPE
1/15/21 11:46 P
Thank you all for the prayers and support. Last night my most beloved Mother....and always my best SISSYFEB48 305 ANNA907
1/10/21 12:13 A
Please pray for my 92 year old Mother who is now being tested for Covid. She has symptoms and my sis SISSYFEB48 305 TREKPURRSON
1/6/21 2:28 P
Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn 48 years old. I also celebrate having lost ONE HUNDRED POUNDS. Ev FASHIONROADKILL 280 GMACAMI
1/5/21 2:23 P
Posted a photo BRENDAS55 35 ANNA907
12/29/20 12:21 A
Been eating aweful the last few days. Holiday binging. Stress eating. Time to get back on track ri CMRKSU12 6 RUTHIEBEAR
12/28/20 8:20 A
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 59421 KRISUA
3/4/21 12:49 A
Ok, thats the end of the butter & sugar season !! Today: back to tracking water. Tomorrow: back to TARATARA47 23 GMACAMI
12/27/20 1:32 P
Dinner was salmon patty, home fried potato slices, and carrots. CMRKSU12 14 FURRYMOM1
12/18/20 5:19 A
A simple tree this year just garland and golden birds and an Angel. To reflect on 2020 and how di 2BFREE2LIVE 24 CHERIE38
12/23/20 11:20 A
Today an extended family member went home. He lived a full life to almost 90 years of age and passed LAURASDAD 10 LAURASDAD
12/13/20 7:25 P
Look....the "official" cake for 2020. I would have a sliver of that in a heartbeat! SISSYFEB48 22 CHEIVOUS
12/14/20 10:02 A
These little fellas are such a big help at keeping me from snacking! I'm wondering...why didn't I th WORKTILURPROUD 18 GEORGE815
12/11/20 12:55 P
Vegan crustless quiche and a whole delicious grapefruit, breakfast is served! -KARMA- 32 WHITEANGEL4
12/6/20 3:06 P
Turkey soup (homemade) with rice instead of noodles, a large naval orange, and yogurt with a coupl CMRKSU12 29 CMRKSU12
12/3/20 5:53 P
Needing prayers today. Hubby is in the hospital (not for covid but maybe systemic infection). I miss CMRKSU12 16 CMRKSU12
11/27/20 9:00 P
Our son and his bride! The wedding was October 19th in Big Bend National Park, Texas! BMIHALIC 27 _RAMONA
11/25/20 10:08 P
Am I The Only Carb Lover? ON_A_DIET 19 MARTHA324
1/5/21 4:49 P
Remember... every miracle started out as a problem!! So keep digging and doing your best!! We're all GPALMER2019 45 CMRKSU12
11/22/20 6:18 P
Today is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. I learned of this thru the VetAdmin. There are GRALAN 4 TOMSTONE1
11/22/20 6:48 P
If 2020 was an ice cream flavor?? IMLOCOLINDA 40 JER-BER
11/22/20 4:13 A
Sign of the Times #73 SPEDED2 27 CD4114015
11/20/20 5:47 P
Posted a photo VHAYES04 26 TRIMNUP
11/19/20 2:26 P
My beautiful Niece Heather has covid, just found out this morning. Prayers are needed! Thankyou! CMRKSU12 11 CMRKSU12
11/10/20 7:17 P
Maybe this is too sensitive and personal information and if so I apologize in advance. I'm feeling CMRKSU12 11 WLHOPE
11/25/20 10:12 P
Grilled Chicken Breast, Butternut Squash Spirals w/ Garlic and Crispy Roasted Balsamic Green Beans & CATWMNCAT 35 ISNESS
11/8/20 12:38 A
God’s beautiful creation MZADAMS 31 GMACAMI
11/8/20 11:18 A
Dinner was yummy! Pork chop, 1/2 Butternut squash, baby carrots. CMRKSU12 13 CMRKSU12
11/7/20 9:24 P
For one minute this morning, I got to soak in this view from my happy place. And just like that, it J2002HEIDS 119 CHERRYZMB60
11/2/20 10:00 P
Posted a goal CMRKSU12 4 EVIE4NOW
10/29/20 10:10 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 _RAMONA
10/26/20 1:28 A
3/3/21 4:46 P
Anyone have a favorite low carb snack they would recommend? I only eat cheese and it’s getting old! RSTIGLER 7 CLICK50
10/19/20 7:40 P
Nice 3.5 mile hike.....but a little chilly. Time to break out the winter gear. So lucky to have so VICKI27655 25 ALOHAALO
10/19/20 11:21 P
Maximum nutrition in this vegan Butternut Squash and Wild Rice Stew. Fall flavors from squash, carro MIAMI_LILLY 20 AQUAGIRL08
10/19/20 9:28 A
My husband made the most delicious dinner is vegetable oils melt-in-your-mouth there so tender it's MSAAMAANDAA 11 ISNESS
10/18/20 8:03 P
Had to look straight up to take this pic. Wish the sun was out but still gorgeous day nonetheless! CMRKSU12 22 GMACAMI
10/13/20 12:44 P
My view on my 10 mile bike ride this afternoon. Taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather and c CMRKSU12 40 GMACAMI
10/13/20 12:42 P
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 53099 KBEHNKE81
3/3/21 5:08 P
A funny photo of my dog Weston sleeping. Doesn't look comfortable to me, but obviously he was fine ZTGF04 13 ZTGF04
10/6/20 10:40 P
Posted a photo _BABE_ 40 ERIN_POSCH
9/30/20 11:03 A
Roasted carrots, yam, celery, broccoli, sugar peas, and red onion. Lightly tossed in olive oil with SISUGAL906 9 STILLSPARKLEIGH
9/27/20 6:40 A
Today I decided to make a Pina Colada Smoothie and it was a hit with my husband and children as well SIMPLYKEN32 20 WHITEANGEL4
9/26/20 10:17 P
I lost my day today. I have no words. My dad was this guy that you couldn’t help but like. He recei MIAMI_LILLY 224 BERRY4
9/28/20 2:27 A
Do you Track on Spark? SEAGLASS1215 316 DRDIVA28
3/3/21 6:56 A
Happy Monday! The ingredients to a perfect weekend: A morning run after coffee through a nature trai MIAMI_LILLY 39 AIYANASMAMA
9/22/20 12:02 P
Breakfast for dinner w/ coffee I wasn't allowed to finish this morning... Busy, busy day, but I am g CATWMNCAT 32 LILIANN400
9/19/20 2:08 P
Happy Thursday S*P*A*R*K*L*E*R*S! Just thought everyone could use a giggle. My new nickname is - SAS POGIRL17 25 NVRGIVINGUP
9/3/20 9:20 P
Having a tough day moodwise today due to feeling so isolated from loved ones. No I don't have covid CMRKSU12 6 GEORGE815
8/31/20 5:16 P
Forcing myself to go to bed so I don’t eat the fridge. Goodnight world HAIRMODA 8 EVIE4NOW
8/24/20 11:10 P
Taco Stuffed Peppers for dinner last night ❤️🧡💛 You can’t really tell by looking at the picture, ALLYLIZZY 63 1CRAZYDOG
8/25/20 8:46 P
Fitness goals met! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 14 JAMER123
8/20/20 10:48 P
It's 2 months today that my sweet hubby has been gone. Time flies and moves at a snail's pace simul LLOURAY 52 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/18/20 2:56 P
How did you feel when you woke up this morning? CD13444141 13178 ROCKRS
10/5/20 8:51 A
8/14/20 11:26 P
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 26 LIBR@RYL@DY
8/7/20 10:58 A
About sums it up EVIE4NOW 17 QUARTERMASTER3
8/7/20 4:31 P
Breakfast Tacos for Lunch!!! Happy Taco Tuesday🌮🌮 CATWMNCAT 32 EVIE4NOW
8/4/20 11:11 P