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Bands or Singers A-Z JENJEN1004 50843 GEMINI1977NM
6/19/18 12:51 P
Did you know US Nutritional Guidelines Are NOT Based on Strong, Scientific Evidence? The Food Pyram JUSTFURKIDS 8 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/19/18 11:09 A
First snack from my garden πŸ˜€ Everything tastes better when you grew it yourself! #eatyourvegetables SUGIRL06 17 OLDSKOOL556
6/19/18 9:44 A
Yummy fresh choice at Panera GRATTECIELLA 24 EVILCECIL
6/19/18 6:44 A
One step at a time DEM-TOM 6 -KARMA-
6/18/18 4:56 P
Reaching goals and always making new ones. #motivate #maintainer #keto SADIEMYERS 26 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/19/18 10:04 A
I know I'm late, but I just wanted to wish all you amazing Spark Dads a Happy Father's Day! FFWONDERWOMAN 8 FFWONDERWOMAN
6/19/18 12:02 P
I don't want to adult today but unfortunately that is not an option...forced a walk and told myself FINDINGBOBBIE 5 DOLPH79
6/18/18 7:18 P
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb Very late lunch for this mama. Stuck at the damn T-Mobile store all afte X-TINAKETOFIED 13 PIPPAMOUSE
6/18/18 10:49 P
6-18-18 Hummers fill my life with joy. I have several that 'talk' to me from our upstairs bedroom! S SPARKLINGME176 17 OLDSKOOL556
6/19/18 9:44 A
Ok so this is totally embarrassing to me but I’m posting for accountability. No judgements here righ ILOVEP17 238 GOIN4IT233
6/19/18 1:34 A
Keep the kitty on first page SCOOBYDOOBIEDOO 51136 PCSPEER
6/19/18 1:12 P
Today: 21 min treadmill 3mph incline 2, 261 kcal. ISNESS 9 BILLTHOMSON
6/18/18 8:46 A
Back at it, back on mental health meds. Hopeful to start back and lose weight. Been here before, los APORTER78 28 WLHOPE
6/18/18 2:30 A
items that remind me to keep going....not to mention it is by my desk at home and if I mess up every LIVEYOUNG2 12 CHEROKEE1946
6/17/18 10:20 P
The sunset just now. Perfect end to a really hectic day SANDOMINGO 16 BRLEE165
6/17/18 11:36 P
I've been waaaayyyy off track today.... Thankfully tomorrow is both, a new day AND a new week!! Abou KRISSYWHITE3973 6 RUNDARCYRUN
6/17/18 9:25 P
Sky after the rain AFWWTX 35 BRLEE165
6/17/18 11:27 P
On track for 300,000+ steps this month. #moveit MARSHASHADOW 8 NUTSABOUTMINIS
6/17/18 9:20 P
Motivation moment.... RHOOK20047 19 MBPP50
6/18/18 8:28 A
Happy Father's Day!! CHRIS3874 4 COMEBACKKID12
6/17/18 10:46 P
My dinner today. Yes that is a flour tortilla. Everything in moderation! Extra lean ground beef, spi NANCYKAYHERRERA 21 DIXIE-LUSH
6/16/18 2:20 A
Perfect ending of a good day....Blessings!!! C0C0BABE 17 YMWONG22
6/16/18 9:15 A
Grilled chicken breast with broccoli and cauliflower. Sprinkled crushed almonds along with ground fl ANGIEMARIEMALON 18 ANGIEMARIEMALON
6/16/18 11:20 P
First time making homemade butter.πŸ˜‹ got 2 cups of buttermilk too. Can't believe how easy it was. MAMABEAR989 14 YMWONG22
6/16/18 9:13 A
Posted a photo VICKI27655 25 YMWONG22
6/16/18 4:50 A
I am going to lose this weight! I am getting the hang of this great site and next month my picture w COUNTRYPOODLE 31 YMWONG22
6/16/18 4:47 A
Coffee today? HAPPYWIFE 130150 INACAR
6/19/18 9:37 A
The look you get when you soak in the Epsom salt bath a little too long and are late with providing CREPEDCRUSADER 25 DIANEDOESSMILES
6/14/18 10:42 P
Hi πŸ‘‹ Spark ⚑️ Friends - cat’s give great examples of resting chilling out well!! AOKDIET21 18 4CONNIESHEALTH
6/15/18 11:53 A
6/15/18 6:24 A
Recovering from gum tissue graft on both sides of my upper set of teeth yesterday. Not in much pain CATHYSFITLIFE 10 BONNIEMARGAY
6/14/18 10:33 P
Because it was either not exercise and cook so I can also clean before bed or do everything and not LAM200514 11 SADIEMYERS
6/14/18 11:06 P
I don't like sweet potatoes unless they are soaking in brown sugar with marshmallow on top. So my t KILLINGIT1 6 TKFRIEND
6/14/18 8:57 P
In years past, wore my Spark wrist band daily, returning now, I remembered it in my jewelry drawer, TEAROSE22 13 FOXYHOGG
6/14/18 8:26 P
New recipe, lemon broccoli spinach skillet pasta. It was easy and delicious! 455 calories. #food #h GIRAFFERULES24 13 GRANNY2SK1
6/14/18 8:48 P
These are some pictures I took on my walk today. It was so beautiful I walked 3.25 miles! PAMMIESUE81 20 GRANNY2SK1
6/14/18 8:49 P
First time sharing my progress. #BeforeAndAfter Down 30# and 2 pant sizes since I started my journey ROBINSONKJ25 40 MSTJAY1
6/16/18 10:38 A
Yesterday I reach my final goal . Freedom new life. No surgery just hard work and discipline. 1ye B33542 305 LILIANN400
6/15/18 6:35 P
Kayaked on Charles River for about 2 hours today. At closer to 900 calories. Felt great to be outsi TDROLREIKI 14 MDOWER1
6/10/18 8:35 P
My tomatoes are growing can't wait to see how many I get KATEMZ 24 TCANNO
6/11/18 3:33 A
A wonderful walk this evening NATASHA_D1 12 ZINGIE825
6/11/18 9:55 A
Tonight's dinner was so good!! Plus under 400 calories πŸ™Œ Unstuffed cabbage HELLOHOLLY76 10 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/10/18 10:55 P
Just putting this out there..... JAY61 23 ANDREAGZZ145
6/11/18 11:00 A
Dinner. Spinach & tuna salad with everything. Take care of your body & eat awesome food, your body w LRJUSTUS1 34 MWARNER211
6/13/18 9:08 A
March 5 vs. June 8, 2018...halfway to my goal! ANLYNN 162 ANGIEMARIEMALON
6/10/18 11:14 P
LOL! So true! πŸ™ƒ CLO333 23 GEORGE815
6/9/18 5:51 P
Had an amazing lunch! Tummy us do satisfied. 2 grilled chicken veggie skewers, boil corn & mix veggi CWINIARZ34 19 GEORGE815
6/9/18 5:41 P
Lunch time! LISSAM1210 10 GEORGE815
6/9/18 5:48 P
LOL! Yup! (Not my picture) :) SARA-SMILE128 31 PEGJW111
6/9/18 6:30 P
46lbs down. Trying to lose these last stubborn 9lbs! MUSICLADY923 116 1DAY-ATA-TIME
6/10/18 8:47 A
Posted a photo KYLEEWORKS 12 GEORGE815
6/9/18 5:37 P
So I’m new to this app. I have been using MyFitnessPal for the past year but it’s driving me crazy. CARIEITEL 283 CHEIVOUS
6/10/18 11:38 A
Hi I’m just started back on spark people about three weeks ago I’m tracking all my calories and wate SWILSON329 7 MOMMAKW
6/7/18 8:22 P
33 minutes on the elliptical this morning before w JENTILE3 7 TM403J
6/7/18 8:13 P
Green enchilada chicken casserole. MIAMI_LILLY 14 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/8/18 8:40 P
Another pound down. Love my spiralizer! CKATT3 17 WHYTEBROWN
6/7/18 8:29 P
Thanks for all the support SparksPeeps! Yesterday was able to tag the green screen of awesomeness. I DIXIE-LUSH 10 TCANNO
6/7/18 10:23 P
6/8/18 5:54 P
Song Titles with Girls' names GRAMMYLOLLY 593 CHRIS3874
6/7/18 6:55 P
songs A to Z SPORT410 543 RAYNAC3
6/17/18 8:58 A
Song Titles That Contain a Color SLENDER2B 1473 TOJOHO2005
6/18/18 6:17 P
Song Titles A-Z MRSCORRIE 9767 TOJOHO2005
6/18/18 6:14 P
Songs with Animals in the Title CRSMITH75 303 IMAREADER
6/18/18 9:33 P
Song Titles That Contain A Number TOJOHO2005 607 TOJOHO2005
6/16/18 1:00 P
OMGOSH! 🀒 I am so sick! Dinner was a 475 calorie slice of locally made, thin crust mushroom pizza.. CLO333 6 BUSYBERRY
6/5/18 8:06 P
So.... Was in the hospital for a week and didn't eat once. I feel like that justifies my 2 day fat k DEARDESTINIE 3 YANNIGJ
6/5/18 6:38 P
I did it! πŸŽ‰ I lost 100lbs. 267 to 167. Apparently the average king size mattress and also a ceramic LIL1IAN 73 FIDDLISH
6/6/18 7:32 P
Today I have reached a milestone. Not only have I lost another two pounds marking one-half of a ten BRUCELANGLEY 113 CZECHRN
6/5/18 11:28 P
I was worried I was getting out of shape on my walk, but it MIGHT be the heat. NDSTOIC44 16 PLUMBO42
6/5/18 7:25 P
TMI ahead...these past two weeks have been super stressful and the worst of it was Sunday night and FINDINGBOBBIE 19 AMYG5025
6/6/18 7:09 A
Nothing is impossible! 2 years ago I got winded walking, now I'm training for a Marathon and Triatha MC_DOWELL_BETH 244 MC_DOWELL_BETH
6/7/18 3:30 P
5/30/18 10:48 P
It just stopped raining and we walked around town to see the evening flowers after the rain. Exercis OLGA1122 20 SASSYSUZAZ
5/31/18 12:01 A
Today stats. 465% of goal. ISNESS 12 SASSYSUZAZ
5/31/18 12:01 A