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Keep the kitty on first page SCOOBYDOOBIEDOO 50692 CHRIS3874
5/21/18 7:18 P
Today is what I call Sunday fun day... Every Sunday I make eggs, sausage, and biscuits for me and my CJPLUS3 11 JORDYB3
5/20/18 5:15 P
Down 43 lbs. from June-December 2017. I'm currently 9 lbs. from goal weight and ready to finally ac MARYELLEN1951 38 PWILLOW1
5/20/18 7:41 P
We started with a mission today, a mission to ride bike to those houses in the top picture. There is 2AWESOME4U 15 EDLEAR
5/20/18 5:37 P
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 21 JORDYB3
5/20/18 5:07 P
@chrisdunnson and I have been working hard this year!! We are each down about 50lbs now! We’ve come DOGMOM1230 85 JULIEA7201
5/20/18 8:53 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 20 NANASUEH
5/21/18 1:04 P
6 months between the pictures almost 50 lb difference ...I don’t see it but the scale does lol GLENDAK72 303 BEVERLY1501
5/20/18 10:37 P
5/21/18 1:51 A
Im almost down 20 pds..Had to take my wedding ring in to get it sized from an 8 1/2 to a 7..I was go THATSME1964 8 CHRIS3874
5/19/18 6:34 P
Yes I want to see if and I’m not giving up let’s do this together SparkPeople _KANDY 20 HIPPIEMOMMIE
5/20/18 11:06 A
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb Lasagna stuffed chicken recipe: 2 chicken breasts *butterflied and lightly X-TINAKETOFIED 24 PIPPAMOUSE
5/21/18 12:04 A
Stepped on the scale and I'm 10lbs down from my st NDSTOIC44 18 GEORGE815
5/19/18 7:13 P
2 week face change!! Still only down 5lbs from the MBOLTON7 15 MDOWER1
5/19/18 8:45 P
Crockpot deliciousness. Broccoli, spinach, onion, green, red, and yellow peppers, shredded carrots, EMMAY29 13 GEORGE815
5/19/18 7:12 P
Holy butt 😂 not where I wanna be but what a difference 😊 I'm so proud of me and thankful for all o TMP0418 179 SADIEMYERS
5/20/18 8:55 A
I kind of like this quote...I am new here and would love to give and receive support. My weight is MRSA2Z66 12 FLUTTERFLI
5/17/18 10:08 P
One month ago there were 2 feet of fresh snow on the ground. Yesterday we hit 82º. I'm having a hard KATBRUNNER 18 CHEIVOUS
5/18/18 10:09 A
Made this awesome Spark Recipe for dinner tonight -- Crispy Baked Egg Rolls. I definitely recommend 18LOVEME 32 18LOVEME
5/18/18 8:08 A
Made a big bowl of this coleslaw. I added some kale slaw mix to give it some extra crunchy. Goes wel PRAIRIEOMA 11 I-AM-TITANIUM
5/17/18 10:11 P
Stronger is better! Loving the changes in my health. I have more energy and I’m pushing to be a bett KSUE33 10 ALLENJOSEPH
5/17/18 10:11 P
I am starting this program today. I weight 231. My goal is 120. Let's see how far I can go. RCCKLAHORST 168 FBAILEY24X
5/18/18 7:37 A
Dark choc berries and no carb left overs yummy healthy mothersday. Xoxo SHESACOUNTRYSWE 26 LILIANN400
5/13/18 5:45 P
This Blue Jay also caught my attention. ALLENJOSEPH 12 ROSALIE28
5/13/18 8:30 P
Mothers Day 3 mile walk! Beautiful day! DIANEWITHASMILE 29 DLDMIL
5/13/18 6:49 P
Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s the painting my dad did of my mom in the early or mid 1960’s. NEEDBU66 15 SDHSFCCLA
5/13/18 6:33 P
First time running outside in about 4-5 years, not great but I’ll take it. MIKE2378 19 LINDASOUTHER
5/13/18 5:55 P
I just could not resist this Purple Finch, looking so very perfect to me! ALLENJOSEPH 23 ROSALIE28
5/13/18 8:29 P
Walk in Chittagong Division, Bangladesh CGARR442 12 SADIEMYERS
5/14/18 9:15 A
Was a gorgeous day for ball! My team was so much better than last year! #didntstopmoving #sundayfun BABYSTEPS2015 26 FLUTTERFLI
5/13/18 6:26 P
Its been busy day--ready for bed! LEANJEAN6 30 DGRIFFITH51
5/13/18 10:40 P
I worked out at 9pm today, but I enjoyed the day w ADDYR78 8 ADDYR78
5/13/18 6:49 P
Had a little too much apple crown, just can't do the 5 miles but ended at 21 floors and 4.? Miles. DEVERIJ 6 ZRIE014
5/13/18 1:05 A
To all the moms and dads doing the mom roll have a beautiful Mother’s Day💕💕💕💕 MYAN1959 10 ZRIE014
5/13/18 1:04 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 22 YELLOW09RED
5/13/18 9:13 A
#beforeandafter 200lbs - 164lbs CRYSTALVT1983 145 OLDSKOOL556
5/13/18 8:21 A
Good mountain bike ride today. Except...well...oops 😁 #GetOutside!!! B_RAZORSHARP 28 TXSUNSHINE512
5/14/18 10:48 P
Posted a photo MARIAK88 6 EDWARDS1411
5/11/18 11:20 P
5/11/18 9:00 P
Today: 30 min indoor cycling are better than nothing. I was icing my knees and took it easy. ISNESS 6 PANDAJOY
5/11/18 9:01 P
Came straight from work, showered and went shopping in Little Rock for 5 hours with my darling wife. F5-FURY 12 JAMER123
5/12/18 10:33 P
Holy moly! So I was aiming for time on this ride and did I crush it! PR'ed everything but a downhill 2AWESOME4U 14 EDLEAR
5/12/18 3:32 A
Beautiful end to a very fun day!! This included walking over 7,500 steps!! My journey began with b DIANEDOESSMILES 22 _RAMONA
5/12/18 2:13 A
Posted a photo WALTSGIRL74 30 BIZZIEE
5/12/18 10:33 P
I caved the other day, pants fell down while jogging on the treadmill. So.. new workout gear ILARIAMARCUCCI 13 ZUZUPETALS10
5/20/18 3:43 P
Hip hip hooray!!! I overachieved my walking goal today. BDJOHNSON 8 DLDMIL
5/10/18 9:54 P
What are some “rewards” you give yourself other than food? I need to break free from using food as a COURTPHX 32 ALLYLIZZY
5/10/18 10:14 P
Totally loving this beautiful weather 😊 Hope you all are hahaving a wonderful week TMP0418 17 CHEIVOUS
5/11/18 9:41 A
Leftovers tonight. I was really hungry today and had leftover calories before I even made it to 1200 JESSYMCBITES 10 PINEMB
5/10/18 9:39 P
Inspiring others feels great _KANDY 19 POLAR63
5/10/18 10:11 P
Hubby and I went treasure hunting yesterday. He has bad knees and I get heel spurs so we will be rid CINDYBEEBEARDS7 29 TESSWILDFLOWER
5/11/18 6:41 A
267lbs to 169. 5'2. It's been 1.5 years. I'm not d LIL1IAN 234 TEXASHSMOMOF3
5/14/18 6:27 P
🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ I won’t stop u KEENA47 39 ROSALIE28
5/10/18 2:11 P
5/10/18 2:39 A
Not true for me but funny DIGER718 10 LIL1IAN
5/10/18 10:34 P
Aaannndddd GOAL!!! 135 This morning!!!!!! STITCHWITCH2017 45 LOTUS737
5/10/18 9:50 A
I baked goodies all day for the kids band banquet tomorrow and I didn’t taste any of them. I’m going BERGEN127 55 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/10/18 8:37 A
Walked 2.5 miles this evening. It was a absolutely beautiful evening for a walk! MELAMA210 26 PRAIRIECROCUS
5/10/18 2:38 A
Ended my walk to a beautiful sunset MELAMA210 30 -POOKIE-
5/10/18 2:39 A
When i started this journey on Feb 9th i was tipping the scale at 250...i was told in order to have CAROLJORDAN49 143 LILIANN400
5/10/18 10:34 A
5/9/18 12:45 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 13 CHEIVOUS
5/9/18 4:42 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 CHEIVOUS
5/9/18 4:42 P
Angus sirloin steak for dinner 85calories A1sauce did what it wanted lol DEMONCLOWNZ666 13 LUANN_IN_PA
5/9/18 8:23 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 22 KATHYJO56
5/9/18 12:41 A
#BeforeAndAfter I have reached my goal. I feel honored having such a great support system. I could SWIFT6913221 26 MPLSKEN
5/9/18 11:21 P
Posted a photo J_HENNINGTON 27 JAMER123
5/9/18 10:39 P
This is the type of happiness i have never experience and i feel great ....started at 198lbs now im CAROLINEMEJIA11 193 CSROBERTSON621
5/8/18 11:20 P
Song Titles That Contain A Number TOJOHO2005 598 TOJOHO2005
5/16/18 6:14 P
Workout 1 of 2 today. Not too bad for a lifting session. I’ll be taking a walk a little while later. DRKUHL2017 5 COOP9002
5/5/18 4:05 P
A salad for my very late lunch WALTSGIRL74 14 7STIGGYMT
5/5/18 5:14 P
Last evening I could hear the woods around me, singing with a full choir of (Frogs)Peepers. The woo ALLENJOSEPH 9 ROSALIE28
5/5/18 8:09 P
Just for fun I tracked my distance and calories bu NTHORNT2 26 NTHORNT2
5/5/18 5:42 P
Last night's dinner… 4.3 oz grilled shrimp and 3 melba calories =123 GBENITEZSITA 11 SCHATZISMOM
5/5/18 6:40 P
#BeforeAndAfter I can't get over what just 12 pounds have made in my face! WALTSGIRL74 21 ICUC2ONWARD
5/7/18 4:53 A