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Have a great night! You got this. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 25 DJ4HEALTH
4/20/18 1:51 A
Look who is coming to live with me within about a week! Gonna need lots of energy for puppy!! MICHIGANHIKER 24 EDWARDS1411
4/20/18 1:08 A
First pick was about a year ago. Last weekend decided to try on a med dress dont think its somethi CRYSTALVT1983 13 1980GG
4/20/18 3:36 A
Another walk on the books. Weather wasn’t as horrible as I thought CHERYLE51 3 EDLEAR
4/20/18 2:38 A
Day three of ear infection. Able to walk today 😅 increased heart rate is not an ear infections frie DEEVIL 6 JEREMYINJERSEY
4/19/18 12:25 A
I received an email from Pizza Hut for 50% off. So tempting to just order especially after a long da TPUCKET1 10 ELISAGAL1
4/19/18 2:01 A
Dessert tonight; Chocolate rice cake, topped with Chocolate Hummus, Strawberries, Blackberries, and KOURTNEYWELSH89 27 LAH1222
4/18/18 11:23 P
In my current physical condition, I’m unable to do fitness activities to the extent I’d prefer. So, WATERLADY75 22 TKFRIEND
4/18/18 8:45 P
Getting my water 💦 in. CHERYLE51 3 EDLEAR
4/20/18 2:48 A
Somehow have to get back on track! PRAIRIEGIRL17 8 ANDREAGZZ145
4/18/18 4:22 P
Keep walking as much as I can. Every other day would be great if the weather would hold out. Went to CHERYLE51 4 EDLEAR
4/20/18 2:48 A
Well made it 6 miles yesterday but snow today😇 LULUDOG3 5 CHERYLE51
4/18/18 2:53 P
I have been dieting for 3 weeks and staying within my calories with good foods. At first lost 5 poun DMAGGIORE3 9 DMAGGIORE3
4/18/18 5:20 P
4/18/18 6:55 P
Cabbage soup is a favorite from my childhood, my mom was the weight watchers queen before she got st ANGELAHOPE81 15 CATNIP22
4/18/18 5:11 P
Went for a walk. Still at 3/4 of a mile , but getting there. Really need better weather. Right now s CHERYLE51 4 EDLEAR
4/20/18 2:49 A
Posted a photo MLBSLK 26 CHERYLHURT
4/17/18 9:37 P
#transformationtuesday GOLDIEFOXX 99 GOLDIEFOXX
4/18/18 6:16 P
New scale on it’s way. Yeah! CHERYLE51 4 RASPBERRY56
4/18/18 4:50 A
Home made banana oat pancakes... BOBBIE-DEAN 10 CHERYLE51
4/17/18 4:34 P
Anyone using an air fryer? Fav recipes? #recipes BLUECAFE 6 CHERYLE51
4/17/18 4:30 P
Sweet tooth craving tonight! Decided on 4 large strawberries, light whipped cream, and finely grate PHDGRAD2018 24 DINIEPUCKETT
4/18/18 4:38 P
Feeling motivated and full of positive vibes watching American Des Linden win the Boston Marathon - SHELLLEY2 19 KIWI3285
4/17/18 2:21 A
Made it back from Hawaii without gaining a pound. CHRIS-T-REX 4 TMP0418
4/16/18 1:18 P
Walked a hole through my new street shoes this week! Close to beating last months’ tracked walking/ AMYINTHEWILD 8 CHERYLE51
4/15/18 4:01 P
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 53 S57396
4/15/18 11:53 A
I thought I was seeing things, but alas, it really was a tractor pulling a boat in the snow. We Wisc KATBRUNNER 140 PROVERBS31JULIA
4/19/18 10:50 P
My new weight. Was weighing 186.6 ALGLJ19711 141 MUSTANGMOM6
4/15/18 5:19 P
Very blah day today. Went grocery shopping baked a cake and bought some liquor for friends tomorrow. CHERYLE51 3 EDLEAR
4/15/18 3:25 A
Woke up this morning to rain, sleet, snow and ice. Almost crawled back under a blanket for the day. B_RAZORSHARP 38 B_RAZORSHARP
4/15/18 10:35 A
Buffalo Wild Wings.....Garlic Parmesan.... 100 calories each and only had 3 , along with a salad, li STARFISH1961 12 MWARNER211
4/15/18 1:50 P
First major goal met. My doctor ordered I lose 50 lbs last August. He said it might take a year. I d ELF41978 235 ELF41978
4/15/18 9:26 A
I did a thing on my bucket list over spring break with my kids. I hiked to the bottom of the Grand C MICHIGANHIKER 45 MARBEALL
4/15/18 3:33 P
About 3 16 ounces of bottled water and ginger ale #h2whoa CHERYLE51 5 GRALAN
4/16/18 11:10 A
Got home late tonight, immediately got in a fight with my Sig Other, not even sure what it was about SEAOFCARNAGE 10 OPTICALXILLUSIO
4/14/18 11:05 P
My journey with health and fitness has been a long one. Standing “tall” at 5’1 I tipped the scales a JLBESTON13 112 JOC36BROWN
4/13/18 9:02 A
Having some pain today. Obviously I overdid it yesterday. Some groin pain. Ice, ice baby. Lol CHERYLE51 4 I-AM-TITANIUM
4/12/18 11:38 P
What is your Weather today? RAEBONNEY1 14617 KARLA2018
4/19/18 11:48 P
What year were you born? NACHTSKAI 1666 MIZKAREN
4/19/18 9:03 A
Easy Chicken Chili...I added spinach & cilantro too...400 cal. Yum 😉 ,and I only ate half of the ro STARFISH1961 13 CATSNCOFFEENY7
4/11/18 10:04 P
One year ago today, I married the most amazing man. He waited for me for to come to my senses and s CRYSFOOTE 153 PIPPAMOUSE
4/11/18 11:39 P
Got my 3/4 mile in. There was a degree of difficulty since it was extremely windy. #h2whoa CHERYLE51 8 EDLEAR
4/12/18 2:59 A
Today was the first day I drove the car with my right foot on the brake. 7 weeks post op. So happy CHERYLE51 7 EDLEAR
4/11/18 3:14 A
ate within my calorie range today LEANJEAN6 29 LUNA_IS_MY_HERO
4/13/18 8:18 A
4/10/18 11:37 P
Posted a photo SCAREDOFSCALE 58 GEORGE815
4/10/18 6:03 P
Always good when the doctor walks in the room and MARIAN326 236 EO4WELLNESS
4/10/18 11:29 A
Went for a 20 minute walk with snow flurries. Tonight and tomorrow will tell if I am in pain. I HA CHERYLE51 4 FITMARY
4/10/18 7:40 A
Posted a photo 1DAY-ATA-TIME 146 COMEBACKKID12
4/9/18 8:20 P
Making new friends. Going to join them tomorrow to walk. CHERYLE51 7 EDLEAR
4/9/18 3:34 P
Walked by the water today.....burrr...still cold in Michigan ! STARFISH1961 28 AMPC30
4/8/18 10:50 P
Had to share this one. Decided to weigh myself tonight. According to the scale I lost 22 pounds. CHERYLE51 5 VICKICHICKI123
4/7/18 9:19 A
Spring? Snicker, snicker. Maybe another day. Have the flu so no exercise today DIANEDOESSMILES 30 SKCASON
4/7/18 1:01 P
Started on April 2nd today is April 6th and I have lost 9 pounds. Really exciting for me LILANNIE34 8 LILANNIE34
4/6/18 4:12 P
Extremely depressed. My two daughters are driving me crazy. DD24 moved out suddenly with boyfriend. CHERYLE51 8 JMAHNKEN
4/7/18 6:28 P
So true!!! God bless you all!! We can make it.. We just need to keep on pushing and not giving up!! STARTGOODHABITS 13 FITNFABMOMMY
4/5/18 7:10 P
Well I turn 41 today! 🎂. Where does the time go? Hope everyone has a great day!! KENNYBARBIE12 290 JULZ09
4/6/18 11:56 P
Last summer I couldn't even pull this shirt down over my fat roll! 😎 LINZHORN 36 STAR0721
4/5/18 9:11 A
Hello fellow spark friends! It’s been a while since I have visited but I see there is still plenty o ROSALA727 3 MYTURN215
4/4/18 10:39 P
Got my hair done. Blonde highlights on dark brown hair. Funny no one mentioned it. Also got an inch CHERYLE51 3 RASPBERRY56
4/5/18 4:36 A
lots of snow falling here-indoors exercise! LEANJEAN6 31 PEGGY-BEE
4/5/18 7:00 P
Was having and ok week. Then got phone call from daughter's school and my life was turned upside dow JENNABEAR2020 16 CHERYLE51
4/3/18 8:53 P
Feeling very depressed and alone. The holidays can DISCOVERLLH 8 CHERYLE51
4/3/18 8:47 P
I will NOT let one bad day derail me!! DISCOVERLLH 13 KMILLER31
4/3/18 10:18 P
One mile walk with Leslie Sansone. It seems very small but I don’t want to overdo my new hip CHERYLE51 11 EDLEAR
4/3/18 3:06 P
I have 25 years clean and sober today!! DYANNE4293 302 1958TMC
4/3/18 1:27 P
It’s my weekly weigh-in, down another 1.2 lbs! 🎉 Its slow going, but I’m enjoying the process this TEXASHSMOMOF3 136 SCAP12
4/3/18 12:59 P
Bunny cake and flowers. Great day with my family. Great meal made by my kids. No exercise today my h CHERYLE51 7 FITMARY
4/2/18 7:07 A
Beautiful roses my hubby gave me this morning along with other gifts for our 2 year anniversary 😍😍 MRAMI018 24 JOC36BROWN
4/2/18 3:29 A
Ate so much Easter candy that I feel sick. Tommorow the challenge begins. I gotta be accountable as JUSTSTICKWITHIT 33 VIRGINIAGIRL
4/3/18 3:58 P
This is me before and after. Keep up the good work and stay strong. The results will show up slowly DOLLYIII 107 GOINGFORSKINNY
4/2/18 2:37 P
does work routine count toward daily exercise? MAMATAMMY5 8 KRISUA
4/8/18 12:10 A
Yoga- Yes or No? SHILT3 257 FAETTA
4/19/18 12:58 P
Trying to move more and do more around the house. I did load the dishwasher today and threw in a lo CHERYLE51 5 GRALAN
3/31/18 7:25 P
My healthy hint For Friday ! Happy Week end Spark Friends SPARKFRAN514 11 CHERIRIDDELL
3/24/18 1:02 A