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Injured my bad hip and am feeling very depressed. Had a hip replacement last year. Supposedly sprain CHERYLE51 11 GRALAN
2/24/19 7:18 P
Had a productive day cooking, cleaning up my mess and doing nails and posting obviously. 😉 My cat DIALYSISCHIC1 26 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/7/19 12:50 A
Yesterday's NSV: Went to get my hair trimmed, and one of the other stylists came and quietly said, " RAERAERAE62 189 SRAEWEBER
2/11/19 10:36 A
Dinner 324 calories- pork chop, green beans, and baked apple. Stayed within the calorie range for th KITTY5060 6 LKWQUILTER
2/2/19 8:10 P
15 days ago I hit 101 lbs down... then... 11 days ago I had gallbladder removal surgery. I ended up ANIMAI27 11 GODLOVESUALL
2/2/19 5:35 P
After 8 months of being laid off.... I finally have a job. It pays just above minimum wage and I’ll FREEMJ 28 DLDMIL
2/2/19 4:27 P
Found out last night that, the weather was gonna be good. So,...... I decided to "STINK UP THE NEIGH F5-FURY 18 LILIANN400
2/2/19 9:42 P
Today I am praying I can stick to journaling. I am not going to weigh myself for as long as I can st TAKE2ASAP 13 RANGE110-114
2/2/19 2:46 P
Up a pound. I hope it’s temporary. Makes me sad 😞 CHERYLE51 12 GRALAN
2/10/19 3:08 P
Continuing the journey still no carbs or refined sugars did it for 31 days in January and down 9.5lb SVIET10 5 ALLYLIZZY
2/2/19 12:56 P
I go through a lot of water 💧 #h2whoa CHERYLE51 10 GRALAN
2/9/19 3:25 A
No work/school again today. Started with two hour delay so I went in and it was canceled. CHERYLE51 5 EDLEAR
2/2/19 4:18 A
60 hours down and I also get, a 3 day weekend!!!! This Ol' Boy is GLAD IT'S OVER!!!! 😉 F5-FURY 19 ANNIEONLI
2/1/19 6:30 A
Went for my lab results and follow up appt. today. T2 diabetes. Put on meds. All other numbers looke AMBERHOLDER 9 GMACAMI
2/1/19 12:08 A
Another day off. Got out a little today. Still cold but the sun was shining. Did 20 minutes of exerc CHERYLE51 10 EDLEAR
2/2/19 4:19 A
Baby, it is COLD outside! What do you do? ARTSPARK 59 PETRA320
3/13/19 11:59 A
Chicken Soup!!! Homemade too!!! that’s what’s for dinner on my snowing Tuesday Night we have about 3 ENNAZUS176 8 MJ7DM33
1/29/19 8:20 P
Got home from work and, Tiffany had this pan of skinless legs and thighs for my meal prepping. Sorry F5-FURY 12 TIGERSEYEHEART
1/30/19 6:08 A
Not big but little differences ERINMAUREEN82 23 KSE1018
1/29/19 8:28 P
Dinner is served! Rice noodles, diced chicken breast, shrimp, zucchini, portabello mushrooms & kal MST_617 11 YMWONG22
1/30/19 2:09 A
No school/work tomorrow. Definitely going to do a two mile walk. CHERYLE51 4 EDLEAR
2/2/19 4:21 A
I got time on my hands to cook 😂🤣 TMP0418 35 OPTICALXILLUSIO
2/5/19 11:25 P
Sunshine this afternoon- up to 21 degrees. i did the plowing,then shoveled out the generator and the DXTECH 8 CHERYLE51
1/28/19 7:47 P
After 2 years I’m down 50 lbs. after 3 surgeries I’m finally able to go back in the gym. I still ha GALEKOSSLER1929 7 CANDY_ANNE
1/27/19 10:10 P
Dude I think I am getting faster! SEAOFCARNAGE 12 DLDMIL
1/27/19 9:25 P
Im just wondering, how much water is too much? I have been drinking around 1.5 gallons a day, I stay DTSHINAULT14 11 DTSHINAULT14
1/27/19 10:49 P
I did a two mile walk with Gina B. I really enjoyed her. I kept up the best I could. I had to just w CHERYLE51 8 ROCKYCPA
1/28/19 6:23 P
Tomorrow will be a better day.. #goalfeats CLO333 43 KOSHIE1
1/28/19 9:25 A
It’s my daughter’s birthday today! It’s hard to believe she has hit the big 3-0. 💕🎂🎉😘 CGARR442 18 FLASUN
1/27/19 4:20 A
Virginia says stay warm! DOLLYMELISSA1 33 DOLLYMELISSA1
1/27/19 3:45 P
I’m still trying. Walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes. CHERYLE51 4 EDLEAR
1/25/19 6:12 P
Kids today are just plain cruel. Got an email tod ST3PH 309 AZMEMA
1/24/19 12:23 P
Trying a new tea....Green w/ Lemon grass , mint , lotus and lavender flowers....and getting in my 8 STARFISH1961 19 TCANNO
1/23/19 11:56 P
I'm going to do 20 minutes of walking. Either Jessica Smith or Leslie Sansone. I'm still achy so I CHERYLE51 9 EDLEAR
1/25/19 6:12 P
It’s four o’clock and there is no snow, no rain. Nothing. So much for the weather forecast here in P CHERYLE51 7 CHERYLE51
1/23/19 8:05 P
Weekly weigh-in! And down 4.8 pounds! What?!? I guess my new trainer knew what she was talking ab TEXASHSMOMOF3 202 ALLYLIZZY
1/22/19 2:16 P
I woke this morning to my kitty of twelve years taking her last breathe on my kitchen floor! I absol MYKDSRDRVNMECRZ 307 RSSSLHB
4/18/19 3:34 P
Cheers to my 21st day of working out! #21daystoformahabit #day21 #progress #healthyhabits TH3PH03NIX 16 LADYBUG2917
1/21/19 12:34 A
How many of you workout every day? I don’t do anything but walking videos but I am still out of sha CHERYLE51 9 JMAHNKEN
1/21/19 6:07 P
first time ever - saw the red circle on the food tracker OVER YOUR GOAL - ya I know but nothing I ca REBECCA329 5 YMWONG22
1/20/19 12:12 A
Please read this. First, I love SparkPeople. It's a great, positive, supportive place. Having sai JESSALELO 4 CHERYLE51
1/19/19 10:29 P
I recommitted to a healthier me on Jan.13th. I'm so very proud of me! I made it through this entir MRSFANCYLADY 5 EDLEAR
1/20/19 5:01 A
So hard to eat healthy, when NOBODY in the house l NEWMEIN2019 15 WLHOPE
1/20/19 9:41 A
Did a thirty minute work out with Jessica Smith. CHERYLE51 7 ROCKYCPA
1/20/19 7:49 P
40 minutes Cleaning at work & Jogged in place #moveit WORKINGWOMAN31 8 ALLYLIZZY
1/20/19 2:39 P
Zumba gold class 50 min/ Elliptical 20 min,/Treadmill 20 min, and 5 trying to activate an app while YJNANA 9 JAMER123
1/18/19 10:14 P
I just did about twenty minutes of a kids type dance workout called “GoNoodle”. We do it at school. CHERYLE51 1 CHERYLE51
1/17/19 7:17 P
Good day for me. Did twenty minutes of Jessica Smith. I’ve been so achy lately I hope it helps. CHERYLE51 5 ALLYLIZZY
1/17/19 3:23 P
Colonoscopy prep is an awful way to to lose weight but I’ll take the four pound weight loss and 0 po DGRAB79 3 URBANREDNEK
1/15/19 11:07 P
Prayers for my poor Pharaoh as his heart continues to enlarge. His arteries are also larger than the DOLLYMELISSA1 11 DOLLYMELISSA1
1/16/19 4:06 P
My husband and I, in six inches of snow, thought it would be a good idea to go pick up a new weight RIVERBENEDICTA 7 CHERYLE51
1/13/19 5:52 P
Today is my first day here. 3 years ago I did another popular plan and lost 40 pounds. I let life ge RAEMAMA 8 PLANTBASEDLIFE
1/13/19 11:36 P
Found these delicious little Shrimp Power Bites at Aldi. 90 calories for 6, plus 1 tbsp EVOO. I adde RIVERBENEDICTA 23 RIVERBENEDICTA
1/14/19 8:35 P
Went walking with my Auntie! Usually I take a Sunday afternoon nap, but I’m trying to slowly change AUBURNANGEL07 20 ALICIA214
1/13/19 7:50 P
Posted a photo TFOSTER1978 5 TMP0418
1/13/19 6:15 P
Down two pounds. Let the games begin CHERYLE51 7 EDLEAR
1/14/19 4:10 A
I actually did 15 minutes of Leslie Sansone walking. I have been such a slacker that I have been hur CHERYLE51 4 ROCKYCPA
1/13/19 5:19 P
The beginning of my journey to loose 40 pounds, 5 yrs post second child the beginning is always the SLIMGYAL 4 ALLYLIZZY
1/12/19 7:07 P
Went for paint and supplies, and then groceries today. Hubster decided to get a freaky fast sub at t TALULAHLES 3 GEORGE815
1/12/19 7:04 P
1/13/19 1:44 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 KATHRYNL100
1/12/19 10:05 P
My son bought me Pepperidge Farm whole wheat bread. This is the best wheat bread I’ve ever tasted. T CHERYLE51 4 EDLEAR
1/13/19 6:51 A
Happy Friday Eve. :) LADY_KATHY 9 DEE107
1/11/19 12:16 A
Aldi flatbread toasted and topped with: leftover sliced FBD Spinach Steak Roulade, mushrooms, and a ENGINEERMOM 16 HOLLYM48
1/10/19 11:53 A
Posted a photo BOWL200LB 43 ALLYLIZZY
1/10/19 1:22 P
My Snow Angel. Love her CHERYLE51 21 ROCKYCPA
1/11/19 12:02 A
I have a question to my Spark friends. Who out there who is not in their 20’s or 30’s is moving to a CHERYLE51 1 CHERYLE51
1/9/19 7:51 P
It has been a tiring return to school/work. My baby didn't even make it to her bed before falling as BARBIEIAMNOT 13 GEORGE815
1/9/19 9:17 P
Its snowing and cold. So me and my walking buddy took a few laps around wal-mart (The cats belly i NEEDBU66 12 ALLYLIZZY
1/10/19 5:39 P
One year ago I started my new lifestyle by joining a challenge at my gym. I’ve lost 80 lbs by tracki KTANAMJ 314 YMACIAS4
1/28/19 11:13 P
I would totally buy one if she did! Lol CAROLINAGIRL69 20 CAROLINAGIRL69
12/28/18 12:02 A
Over a foot of snow in less than 24 hours! Ripping up and down this snow pile and around the yard wi J2002HEIDS 12 DLDMIL
12/27/18 8:26 P
I dunno if it's only me but I'm looking at pictures and seeing a slight difference. I can do this. ! VIRI1024 21 ALLYLIZZY
12/28/18 3:58 P
I received a spiralizer (or two, lol), so for dinner tonight I made squash noodles and added them to LESLIELENORE 26 ALLYLIZZY
12/28/18 3:58 P
Merry Christmas Sparkies!! SPUNKYDUCKY 18 SJH6149
12/26/18 12:46 A