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I want to lose 50 but how do you guys stay or have stayed motivated to keep going when there is so m JBALL21 19 JBALL21
5/25/18 8:49 P
I tracked my food 4 days in a row. That's pretty good for me! CHEETARA79 3 RETAT60
5/25/18 10:44 A
I mowed the lawn before work today. It was good exercise but I got way too sweaty! CHEETARA79 1 CHEETARA79
5/24/18 9:16 A
Question sparkies: Is it ok to drink ice cold water? CYWILLIAMSON461 6 INZSPARK
5/21/18 3:18 P
I know I need to get myself together but it's so h MELB1287 9 DIXIE-LUSH
5/21/18 6:31 P
I was supposed to go hiking with a friend this weekend but she cancelled on me. I am sad! CHEETARA79 6 GREGORYCOLE
5/23/18 9:15 P
This day has been so busy! I walked early this morning. I got home in time to shower and go to TOPS. 7STIGGYMT 14 AOKDIET21
5/19/18 8:12 A
Even if you're not meeting all your healthy living goals today, be grateful that you DO NOT SMOKE CI CHEETARA79 3 7STIGGYMT
5/16/18 5:06 P
Iโ€™m new to this. I am 20, and I weight more than I ever have. Anyone have any tips..? KENZIENSAFF14 6 LUANN_IN_PA
5/15/18 4:07 P
5/15/18 12:42 P
Last night I did my first yoga headstand. CHEETARA79 5 OVERDUECHANGE
5/14/18 11:56 A
Do you have to exercise everyday to lose weight and you are eating healthy meals _KANDY 7 CATMANDU
5/10/18 10:24 A
I gave blood yesterday! CHEETARA79 5 CHEIVOUS
5/9/18 4:42 P
Posted a photo CHEETARA79 22 HIPPICHICK1
5/9/18 8:52 A
Hollowed out Zucchini with turkey meatball marinara and thin sliced provolone cheese. Breadl less su 60WEEKPEG 7 CHEETARA79
5/8/18 9:18 A
Posted a photo CHEETARA79 10 CHEIVOUS
5/7/18 6:48 P
I am still a little tired. I got a little over 7 hours of sleep last night. Got home late from Bible AUNTRENEE 4 -POOKIE-
5/8/18 9:55 A
I had a little binge last night. I managed to stop myself before it got out of control. Winning! CHEETARA79 6 7STIGGYMT
5/4/18 11:46 A
Thinking I'm going to have to change my options for coffee with creamer! I think it's keeping me fro CAROLHALL13 9 WLHOPE
5/3/18 10:20 P
Welp...I decided to give this whole life style cha BEZZYWIFEY 8 FITSTARLIGHT
5/3/18 11:09 A
The 6 pounds I lost last week due to stomach virus (I thought) are staying off! CHEETARA79 2 7STIGGYMT
5/2/18 10:22 A
Yesterday I started a 30 day yoga challenge video series on Amazon Prime. Join me! CHEETARA79 2 7STIGGYMT
5/1/18 9:48 A
Inactive to Active Help METMER 4 MLAN613
5/1/18 6:45 A
Good morning spark people do any of you have a goal today or do any of you have a weight goal and wa HOLLEY18 9 HOLLEY18
4/28/18 8:19 A
How to do HIIT workouts without damaging your knees? When I started working out this morning I noti MCASKEY6 4 LRJUSTUS1
4/27/18 6:35 P
Getting a haircut tomorrow! I'm either going significantly shorter or keeping my style but getting CHEETARA79 3 MUSTANGMOM6
4/27/18 11:44 A
I have type 2 diabetes and just wondering how much carbs I need to eat a day. I been averaging aroun ALLENLISA5357 6 ALLENLISA5357
4/26/18 10:03 P
I am hurting so bad today. I went to Golden Corral with the idea that I would not worry about what I BRUCELANGLEY 8 BONNIE1552
5/1/18 8:56 P
Lost 6 pounds this week due to a stomach virus. Ugh awful. CHEETARA79 3 ORTATK
4/25/18 10:20 A
How do you stop eating? JAXNSAM 15 DAWN1830
4/29/18 12:17 P
Work in progress. KLR8309 6 MDOWER1
4/23/18 3:41 P
What food do you like but everyone seems to hate? MICHELLEXXXX 14 BRIDGETTEANNB2
4/24/18 9:38 P
Today is going to be a good day. I'm going to work hard. I'm going to move my body and eat healthy. CHEETARA79 8 DJAYBX
4/20/18 10:50 A today's workout. Killed it! CHEETARA79 3 CHEIVOUS
4/19/18 2:44 P
I started the SP 30 day Small Changes challenge. Anyone care to join me? CHEETARA79 2 7STIGGYMT
4/17/18 1:47 P
My husband is travelling for 3 frickin weeks this month and I'm having a hard time. CHEETARA79 8 STENOQ
4/17/18 11:55 A
I took a wonderful yoga class on Saturday and I'm still sore! CHEETARA79 2 7STIGGYMT
4/16/18 11:16 A
Posted a goal CHEETARA79 12 PAMBROWN62
4/15/18 8:14 P
I'm already having a spooky Friday the 13th because I had to deal with a zombie mouse in my house. CHEETARA79 8 NITEMAN3D
4/13/18 2:24 P
The best part of people posting their weigh-ins on SP is seeing all the interesting foot tattoos! :D CHEETARA79 5 -POOKIE-
4/12/18 12:46 P
I did not have the motivation to straighten my hair today but I'm getting a lot of compliments on my CHEETARA79 4 7STIGGYMT
4/11/18 12:53 P
4/11/18 7:55 A
It's snowing again! CHEETARA79 7 CHEIVOUS
4/10/18 11:48 A
I apologize... this is kinda long. Just looking for some support. I was doing really well on trackin MADDIEG0721 17 MADDIEG0721
4/9/18 11:24 P
Apple with breakfast, baby spinach and mushrooms w HADASSAHSMOMMA 6 GEORGE815
4/9/18 12:11 P
What food do you hate but everyone else loves? MICHELLEXXXX 173 LADYJANIE1970
5/27/18 11:28 A
I went for a nice walk and it's going to be a great day! CHEETARA79 12 _LINDA
4/6/18 12:31 P
To go to the gym or not go to the gym? That is the question๐Ÿค” MELSBELS13 14 EVANS1848
4/5/18 4:39 P
Started at 287 down to 220 my goal is 170 ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ MSLISAGEE74 38 MSLISAGEE74
4/5/18 11:04 P
I need help on gaining weight. Any tips other than eat food lol. Also need workout techniques for ga MISTIHARRIS39 9 URBANREDNEK
4/3/18 12:05 P
PMS makes it hard to stay on track, nutritionally speaking... CHEETARA79 4 FRISKYCRITTER
4/3/18 12:19 P
Just cleaned out my Sparklers I was following. Sad to see most did not make it past their initial si ELF41978 8 KENTTUPPENCE
4/2/18 6:32 P
Posted a photo CHEETARA79 6 JENNI814
3/30/18 7:20 P
Chag sameach to everyone celebrating Passover tonight!!! CHEETARA79 4 CHEIVOUS
3/30/18 2:23 P
My walking partner, Sunny the dog. CHEETARA79 19 FISHGUT3
3/29/18 11:04 A
Saw the Dr. and I'm doing good he said I may had a calcium deposit in my knee that broke free. It's POLAR63 8 CHEETARA79
3/28/18 9:12 A
My friend gave me a high proteinVanilla shake to try. They come in other flavours. She loves them. N DEEDEEGRAM 3 NDSTOIC44
3/27/18 5:00 P
Posted a photo CHEETARA79 2 7STIGGYMT
3/27/18 1:47 P
My biggest hurdle is going to be portion control. I always feel hungry or at least think i am. Tryin KATHYMAC91 9 DJAYBX
3/27/18 12:00 P
Dinner! Mediterranean style vegetables with a home -POOKIE- 16 BDTHOM
3/27/18 1:51 P
I look like crazy crap but I have made it up this mountain three times I feel like I'm going to die VICTORIAKLING 21 GEORGE815
3/23/18 5:59 P
๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒผ Legs Up The Wall ๐ŸŒป ๐ŸŒผ This looks interesting.... Has anyone tried this? CLO333 12 GEORGE815
3/23/18 6:08 P
I just went for a short walk on this lovely, brisk day. CHEETARA79 3 CHEIVOUS
3/23/18 5:16 P
Too cold to try STARGAZER838 6 BETHS60
3/24/18 9:45 A
The scale is not budging but I feel like a million bucks anyways. :) CHEETARA79 4 7STIGGYMT
3/21/18 3:59 P
Posted a photo CHEETARA79 16 MUSTANGMOM6
3/20/18 7:21 P
I've lost 25lbs , so happy.. I started my journey at 450lbs. Keto has been the best... It is so stri ALAINAABDUL31 14 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/20/18 7:18 A
My Spark app stopped sending notifications so I didn't log in on Saturday. I lost my 300+ day log i CHEETARA79 4 7STIGGYMT
3/19/18 10:32 A
I've been at a weight loss wall seance I hit my l POLAR63 6 CHEETARA79
3/15/18 9:04 A
This is hilarious and worth a click atch-drag-elsa-frees-boston-polic CHEETARA79 3 ADRIENALINE
3/14/18 2:56 P
I have downloaded this app to help me log my calorie carb and food intake. I have decided after a l KATIESTEWART151 7 KATIESTEWART151
3/14/18 1:30 P
Amazon Prime Workout Videos TORIH5 10 NITEMAN3D
3/16/18 11:41 P
I had a big lunch so I will skip afternoon snack. I probably won't be hungry anyway! CHEETARA79 3 CTNURSELMB
3/12/18 6:55 P
Doing yoga with my boys. CHEETARA79 16 CHERRYZMB60
3/11/18 12:41 A
Here's the picture I tried to post earlier. Its the dress at Target. Originally it was $24.99 and go AUNTRENEE 6 CHERRYZMB60
3/5/18 5:03 P