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Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 205724 PRAIRIECROCUS
8/18/19 4:16 A
Last night dance was to a Tribute band to Billy Joel. Was So Good!!! Lots of dancing!!! FLASUN 27 LIS193
8/18/19 3:11 A
30 min walk #moveit NEVAPATE3 7 CGARR442
8/17/19 9:39 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy not sleep in Saturday! 😜 Ok I would be upset that I’m up so earl TEXASHSMOMOF3 37 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/17/19 10:36 P
My yummy breakfast I’m hooked on these WORKINGWOMAN31 10 CGARR442
8/17/19 9:36 P
Taking advantage of these two weeks of summer break before school starts back! Lord help me with thi SPOKENWORD 10 CGARR442
8/17/19 9:36 P
Posted a photo ALLYSONBETH1 11 CGARR442
8/17/19 9:35 P
Heeeey my family KEENA47 13 CINDY247
8/18/19 4:44 A
40 min walk at the park. #moveit NEVAPATE3 5 BILLTHOMSON
8/18/19 5:02 A
Walk in Winthrop, Massachusetts CGARR442 7 FLASUN
8/18/19 3:40 A
TGIF! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 6 LIS193
8/17/19 3:21 A
Another day to enjoy and improve! #foodfeats JSTETSER 10 LIS193
8/17/19 3:20 A
Sad day for Elvis Fans! Gone at 42 yrs and it has also been 42 years since his passing. He was quite FLASUN 30 LIS193
8/17/19 3:21 A
I have been having the most INTENSE chocolate cravings. I am eyeing the chocolate jar on my desk lik GOODFELINE 9 CGARR442
8/16/19 7:52 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Friday!! I haven’t flexed it in a while, so thought I’d give it TEXASHSMOMOF3 51 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/16/19 11:33 P
Today’s lunch! Sparkers: you have to understand that I am not a picky eater, to say the least. Lol. SPOKENWORD 10 -RUBIES-
8/17/19 11:39 P
Post 7 Times for 21 Points ZELDA13 63586 BELLYDOG
8/17/19 12:06 A
I have slept most of the evening and woke feeling better. I think I was emotionally drained. I even NEVAPATE3 6 GEORGE815
8/16/19 9:06 P
How many Glasses/ounces will you drink of water today ????? FLASUN 24 LIS193
8/16/19 3:43 A
Another Great day! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 35 TOMORROW-C
8/16/19 12:19 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday! Yesterday was a good day! A few good things. 1. I TEXASHSMOMOF3 24 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/15/19 11:50 P
Daughter gets out of hospital tomorrow so hopefully things can get back to normal and I can get my w NEVAPATE3 5 CGARR442
8/15/19 8:54 P
I have done well this week, but then I messed up today. Decided to splurge this morning and have min GOODFELINE 6 CGARR442
8/15/19 8:54 P
Look who goes to school now Master... He is 9 months now 😍😍😍😍 KEENA47 31 HAPPYCPA1965
8/16/19 10:36 A
My granddaughter and I have the best time together. There's a rumor that I'm the instigator in this ALLYSONBETH1 14 SWEETGABROWN1
8/15/19 9:49 P
Walk in Vlichada, Greece the hills were so bad 😅 Plus I walk another mile to meet my goals. CGARR442 12 FLASUN
8/16/19 4:40 A
This week’s lunch prep: Baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, grapes and homemade chicken salad. With cleme SPOKENWORD 24 1CRAZYDOG
8/15/19 3:56 P
8/17/19 3:06 P
Walk in Žužemberk, Slovenia plus another 1.5 miles. CGARR442 9 FLASUN
8/15/19 5:05 A
No pictures on my walk today since it was around the perimeter of a local shopping center, but I did NITEMAN3D 16 GABY1948
8/15/19 1:52 P
Went for a ride! THE_ZEN_OF_LUX 8 EO4WELLNESS
8/14/19 1:28 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Yesterday was an emotional day. Thanks for all the TEXASHSMOMOF3 35 RREDFORD5
8/15/19 1:33 P
Make today great! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 31 GABY1948
8/16/19 9:19 A
My FAVE shopping day! Happy to say I've lost 2 lbs this week! FLASUN 29 LIS193
8/15/19 3:15 A
I am me! I can be free! #foodfeats JSTETSER 32 GABY1948
8/15/19 1:56 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! Yesterday was a great day!!! All of the love, suppor TEXASHSMOMOF3 34 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/14/19 6:17 A
Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday Spark Friends!!! FLASUN 38 MADEINBRITAIN
8/14/19 3:39 A
Did a 30 minute walk. #moveit NEVAPATE3 2 CGARR442
8/13/19 8:45 P
It's 102 degrees here and that's before the heat index which is 114. This is ridiculous. Glad I walk NEVAPATE3 8 CGARR442
8/13/19 8:45 P
8/14/19 10:32 A
Walk in Morrow Mountain, North Carolina CGARR442 13 FLASUN
8/14/19 3:52 A
Took one of my girls in to get a broken tooth pulled and a cleaning. I think she suspects something CGARR442 29 FLASUN
8/14/19 3:51 A
Dinner tonight was cauliflower fried rice and egg drop soup. Yum!! IDGEEK87 11 HOTPINKCAMARO49
8/12/19 11:07 P
First day completed. Went over on my calories by 100 but I logged everything and got my water in to MICHALA2020 11 NITEMAN3D
8/12/19 10:56 P
We found a great new place to walk today and our butts are draggin', but well worth the effort. Man NITEMAN3D 24 COMEBACKKID12
8/13/19 6:51 P
Happy MONDAY! Going Grocery shopping today....Enjoy your day ! Stay Motivated!!! FLASUN 39 JAMER123
8/13/19 1:39 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!! Not my usual happy post, I just need to be real and may TEXASHSMOMOF3 69 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/13/19 6:47 A
Today is day one again. Fresh new start with new personal goals. GOODFELINE 7 CYNTHIAF1976
8/13/19 8:45 P
35 minute walk done #moveit NEVAPATE3 5 CGARR442
8/12/19 9:51 P
Posted a goal IAN2409 12 GABY1948
8/15/19 2:01 P
2.4 mile walk in Abura Dunkwa, Ghana plus another 1.5 miles CGARR442 5 DLDMIL
8/12/19 7:33 P
Thrilled! Got back from vacation and stepped on the scale. Lost two pounds over the week! DAD_AINT_HIP 28 DESERTDREAMERS
8/12/19 11:07 A
My poor grand daughter just can’t catch a break. Last weekend she had pinkeye in both eyes and an ea CGARR442 68 CGARR442
8/11/19 9:06 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Sunday!!! Yesterday was a good day, or at least a very productiv TEXASHSMOMOF3 27 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/11/19 11:52 P
HOPE you have a HAPPY SUNDAY!!! FLASUN 23 LIS193
8/12/19 4:51 A
I believe that your life is always waiting for you to discover it ALLYSONBETH1 8 CGARR442
8/11/19 9:01 P
Did a 35 minute walk #moveit NEVAPATE3 7 BILLTHOMSON
8/12/19 6:32 A
Walk in Long Beach Island, New Jersey plus another mile. CGARR442 14 YELLOW09RED
8/12/19 10:01 A
On My Way! #foodfeats JSTETSER 37 GABY1948
8/11/19 12:38 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy sleep in Saturday!! This will actually be my last one for a while TEXASHSMOMOF3 24 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/10/19 11:52 P
Had a great time dancing at Hard Rock "L" Lobby - 11K steps done yesterday! FLASUN 39 MADEINBRITAIN
8/11/19 4:59 A
35 minute walk this morning #moveit NEVAPATE3 5 CGARR442
8/10/19 9:05 P
Daughter took me out to Chili's to eat. I divided my food in half and got a to go box for half. It'l NEVAPATE3 10 JERSEYGIRL24
8/10/19 11:10 P
Before and after 53lbs lost so far. 33 more lbs to go. NEVAPATE3 60 CGARR442
8/10/19 9:04 P
Good evening it's been a while KEENA47 14 MOJOZEN
8/10/19 11:31 P
Posted a photo ALLYSONBETH1 8 CGARR442
8/10/19 8:40 P
Seen on this afternoon's walk. (Silver Spotted Skipper?) NITEMAN3D 12 GARDENCHRIS
8/11/19 11:57 A
Walk in Unimäe, Estonia CGARR442 5 YELLOW09RED
8/11/19 7:18 A
Happy Friday Spark Friends!! Going to Hard Rock - Lobby Band playing for some Dancing! New Guitar sh FLASUN 21 JAMER123
8/10/19 1:18 A
Liking this 5:2 IF. I've lost 4lbs since starting it Monday and doing 2 fast days. NEVAPATE3 6 CGARR442
8/9/19 9:14 P
Posted a photo ALLYSONBETH1 30 CGARR442
8/9/19 9:14 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Friday!! Yesterday was a good day!!! But it was HOT! I went for TEXASHSMOMOF3 38 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/10/19 12:06 A
Taking a step forward! #foodfeats JSTETSER 37 EGGBASKET1
8/11/19 8:48 A
Walk in New Paris, Ohio CGARR442 11 DLDMIL
8/9/19 7:33 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! Yesterday was a CRAZY day. My youngest and I left t TEXASHSMOMOF3 27 JRDUPREE
8/8/19 11:15 P