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Seen on today’s walk to and from school. GRATTECIELLA 6 RUSSELLFORD
5/25/18 3:13 A
Made Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie) for the first time. It was fun to try something new. I had ne GREEN-EYED-LADY 10 KATHYJO56
5/24/18 12:19 A
Tomorrow is my weight day. I started this a couple weeks ago and lost a couple lbs the first week. W HARRYCSTNRTHCC1 8 EMURPHY5793
5/23/18 3:31 P
I am being brutally honest with myself. I never have pictures taken and I’ve got to say I’ve been cr TIFFANYCH27 274 ELLEYANNA
5/24/18 1:57 A
Posted a photo PAR1251 10 _RAMONA
5/23/18 2:40 P
This is the boy who asked my girl to the dance. As I went walking on that day; I realized that soone DAWN1830 22 WLHOPE
5/21/18 8:55 P
I am currently 2.5 months postpartum. At almost 40, baby #4 weight is not "falling off". I am the he JESSICATOLBE 13 SLASALLE
5/21/18 5:52 P
Trader Joe's poke bowl for lunch. But it looks rather low protein. Too bad! GRATTECIELLA 4 GGRSPARK
5/21/18 4:46 P
Pep talks! Get your pep talks here! CASEYTALK 80 LIVELYGIRL2
5/20/18 3:50 P
Yay!!!!! I got my sparkpeople app back and now to get my butt back on track. I gained just about all SAMMEB17 13 LOSE72
5/19/18 11:55 P
Post your Woohoos here!!! BOGUSANNIE 5664 SPARKLINGME176
5/21/18 8:31 P
(15 lbs.) Lost so far. #BeforeAndAfter BHOLT_63 55 BHOLT_63
5/21/18 1:08 A
Ok I cheated on my diet today with Little Debbie Cakes I had two have not cheated in about two month _KANDY 20 CUIS1NE
5/20/18 6:57 P
How to stay on track when working in a restaurant? DGIGGLES3 10 URBANREDNEK
5/23/18 1:09 P
I got it done. MSJOFUNNSEXY 9 ZRIE014
5/19/18 1:02 A
5K Color run -- SO much fun! CASEYTALK 2 CASEYTALK
5/18/18 2:15 P
Today I took a bag with me and picked up trash I saw during my walk! I didn't get 2 miles before my FITSISTA79 63 HAPPYAT110-113
5/18/18 2:19 P
My exercise has consisted of working in the yard instead of the gym over the last few weeks. Trying INKBUD 198 BUFFCOAT1445
5/19/18 11:39 A
My hubby decided he wanted pizza for dinner- it looks like a big old heartburn meal to me- I am st KENNYBARBIE12 9 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
5/17/18 6:27 P
My little man..Yes! he’s my reason and my motivati BEASTMODE17 40 KSUE33
5/16/18 8:39 P
Here I go, starting...again. This time has to be different. I am weighing in at 198 pounds and I am LIGHTERLISSA 303 DJ4HEALTH
5/20/18 11:07 P
My second triathlon of the season Olympic distance 128lbs lighter HSARMYWF 21 KEKEIKO
5/20/18 10:16 A
Ask me about Keto!! 11 months in, 370 lbs, to 211. QUADDAWG 145 CSROBERTSON621
5/14/18 9:36 P
5/13/18 11:19 P
What my mother told me. CASEYTALK 1 CASEYTALK
5/13/18 10:39 A
Disabilities with high Cholesterol hoping to lose PSIZEMORE3 2 CASEYTALK
5/13/18 2:41 A
Hello I'm Christina and I'm new to this as I'm at my highest weight that I have Ever been I'm at 284 MRSWALKER090313 29 CNUGIN
5/12/18 5:10 P
#BeforeAndAfter Slowly but surely I will get to my goal! Sometimes it's hard to stay encouraged but NAOMIRUNS 181 MDOWER1
5/12/18 7:53 P
Spark America Points CASEYTALK 1 CASEYTALK
5/12/18 1:36 P
New to this. IRISHONE1960 2 CASEYTALK
5/12/18 1:44 A
What are some “rewards” you give yourself other than food? I need to break free from using food as a COURTPHX 32 ALLYLIZZY
5/10/18 10:14 P
Day 11 & 12. Yesterday was a very rough day! My son had a difficult time yesterday and the stress CKOLL22 8 DLDMIL
5/10/18 9:55 P
5/10/18 6:01 P
Lunch today..Salmon patty with dilled cucumber salad BCARTER73 12 GEORGE815
5/10/18 3:03 P
I have a confession -- I have as one of my streaks to get 8 hours of sleep every night. I mark it a CASEYTALK 2 1CRAZYDOG
5/11/18 10:15 A
Today has had so many set backs, tonight I just want to sit and relax but I’m not going to. Instead, DRKUHL2017 3 CASEYTALK
5/9/18 9:14 P
The scale is not moving, despite tracking every bite that goes in my mouth, and exercising 4-6 times GINGYN 22 JAXTELLERFAN
5/9/18 10:44 P
No one else would go for a walk with me. So I asked my best friend and he said yes! LYONSFARM 47 TMP0418
5/10/18 8:15 A
Hey. New to Spark. DNLGORZ 193 SOVERYBLESSED23
5/9/18 9:20 P
Weighed in today and lost another 1.6 lbs bringing me to a total weight loss of 35lbs! Which doesn't GIRAFFERULES24 302 RAYMOSSISTER
5/9/18 8:27 P
Is it normal that y lost weight fast my first 3 weeks and in my fourth week I only lost 2pounds. Fro DIANALUIS081020 16 JESSIELRICKS
5/10/18 11:00 A
Yummy salad for dinner. TULIP6197 10 MUSTANGMOM6
5/7/18 9:12 P
Hello. First time back in probably more than a decade. Couldn't even find the account to reset pas NWILLIAMS2018 21 SHARMIE2018
5/9/18 2:44 P
Meet for coffee CASEYTALK 49 CASEYTALK
5/7/18 11:52 A
today’s weigh 354.8 I’ve hit a milestone 25 pounds GLENDAK72 300 KMILLER31
5/7/18 7:13 P
Not every day is a good day. some days it is enough just to get up and do something. 7 months ago my RUBYMICHELLE 310 RSSSLHB
5/9/18 10:42 A
Picture on the left was gender reveal for my grand IDREAMINPURPLE 179 DJ4HEALTH
5/8/18 12:04 A
my newest furbaby SIS_GALLAGHER 10 MUSTANGMOM6
5/6/18 2:14 P
For the longest time, I didn't want to track my food because it seemed like such a hassle but I star SBABEYTA1 23 SINDYANA
5/11/18 9:17 P
My food intake is not good today or yesterday. Yesterday was my birthday. And today my beloved fur b ANGELICMOMMA 65 JENK919
5/5/18 8:54 P
Yes this is time to prove everyone wrong, so come on let's do this y'all. It's a beautiful day! MWISDOM37 7 ANNAMAY2018
5/5/18 8:49 P
#BeforeAndAfter LONG way to go, but I am doing it!! I haven't worn a dress this short since I was 6 SENIMMO 120 DLDMIL
5/5/18 5:22 P
Still feeling a little beaten up from yesterdays yard work so had a really light day and finally wee VICKICHICKI123 17 DJAYBX
5/5/18 3:31 P
Huge NSV for me tonight. I haven't been able to shop anywhere except Lane Bryant or Dress Barn plus ELF41978 159 ZUZUPETALS10
5/4/18 11:39 A
Ive come a long way!! Down from 400 lbs!!!! NLINDEN8790 214 GATOR12
5/4/18 8:58 P
It has been very hard to last the weight, because with all the medicines I am taking each day. BOARDM13 10 CASEYTALK
5/2/18 9:13 P
I am 8 months Addiction free. This is the longest I've been without and still going strong. 💞 AMYMBUNCH 79 EO4WELLNESS
5/2/18 12:59 P
What changes are you making? CASEYTALK 1 CASEYTALK
5/1/18 2:01 P
Bought my wedding dress and I'm finally back down to a size 12! My goal is still to lose 10lbs befor MARYHAWAIIAN6 28 MDOWER1
5/1/18 1:36 P
Backup meal ideas? NADINE200 40 CLMART3
5/24/18 10:59 A
Welcome! We are glad you are here CASEYTALK 1 CASEYTALK
5/1/18 3:13 A
How to get started CASEYTALK 1 CASEYTALK
5/1/18 3:04 A
Day 2 of changing my life weight-loss and eating JESSELEESGIRL93 14 JESSELEESGIRL93
4/30/18 11:16 A
Every morning I weigh my cereal :) GRATTECIELLA 32 CHERIRIDDELL
4/29/18 1:31 A
Just finished my first 5k! JLJAYNES0529 181 IRONADONIS
4/30/18 8:06 P
Walking a mile a day. Going to increase as I go. Also eating healthy. Feels good. Coming down from 3 MIRR7880 7 LOTUS737
4/24/18 8:41 A
Day 1 tonight I decided enough is enough. These are my raw unedited before pictures. My body disgust HEATHERLYNNE85 32 TKFRIEND
4/23/18 9:16 A
Today is our 20th wedding anniversary. I feel blessed that I found someone with the same level of cr LYONSFARM 21 DOLPH79
4/21/18 6:55 P
Looks like I’m not the only one around here enjoying a few moments of sunshine on the back patio! JUSTFURKIDS 31 JOSIEPOSIES
5/4/18 10:38 A
4-20-18 I can't believe it! I made it to my first weight goal of 160! I've been trying to do this fo ANNAMAY2018 267 KIPPER15
4/20/18 9:16 P
4/15/18 3:13 P
4/15/18 3:13 P
Posted a photo TBOYD5000 6 MUSTANGMOM6
4/15/18 5:15 P
Show tonight -- I'm doing a new set for stand up, doing a sketch, and a Harold! It's going to be fu CASEYTALK 4 STARDUST53
4/21/18 12:37 A
#BeforeAndAfter I feel like I am smaller and alot more toned! But the scale is still the same. NAOMIRUNS 47 ANNAMARIEPRICE0
4/13/18 5:28 P