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Oh my gosh! As long as I hit 30 minutes of exercise today and tomorrow, I'll hit my 500 minutes for BURBANOVSKY 4 FBAILEY24X
2/27/18 5:01 P
Where's everyone from? VICKYLYLES 152 BURBANOVSKY
2/26/18 12:44 P
Just for kicks ~ Every once in awhile I even get energetic enough to jump to a conclusion, but I ma DGFOWLER 11 REGILIEH
2/23/18 5:16 P
Chinese New Year Chat Room 70_TO_LOSE 119 HAPPYSOUL91
3/30/18 10:40 A
I am devastated. I got home and a fox has got in. It has taken my ducks. A neighbouring farmer saw t STATSCAT 23 SLJT23
2/21/18 7:36 P
I worked out and my arm didn't hurt. YAY! BURBANOVSKY 4 IAMAGEMLOVER
2/20/18 4:27 P
I screwed up last week. I skipped a whole week of Zumba and P90x with only two weeks left in the pro LSMILAN 13 KACEYSW
2/20/18 5:40 P
What is your weather today? TEXASGIDGET 67 DIROB57
4/19/18 8:24 A
Texas Chat Thread YIDDLE 6567 ELIZACG9
4/19/18 11:21 A
Two words - Change one: Game MCDIDDLYD 15371 BLUEJEAN99
4/19/18 2:58 A
Two Word Game- Change one SUNSHYNECOOKS 7077 GEORGE815
3/31/18 2:46 P
Let's count to a MILLION MIRFA71 10781 RRMADSEN
4/19/18 5:53 A
Last Letter Creates a New Word MIRFA71 9850 EAYW47
4/18/18 4:26 P
Two Words, Change One. STICKSNSTONES 935 EAYW47
4/18/18 4:24 P
Where do you live? CYNDIE2018 10 WEEBOT
2/24/18 6:47 A
Winter Chat Thread CJBAGGINS 65 ELIZACG9
4/8/18 11:53 A
Saturday Weigh In and Achievement Reports 70_TO_LOSE 25 SADIEMYERS
3/22/18 8:41 A
Challenge #1 Lunar New Year Day Challenge 70_TO_LOSE 12 LILYLOO4
2/19/18 10:28 P
3/25/18 10:13 P
Introduce Yourself 70_TO_LOSE 16 AMYSUZEQ
2/18/18 8:09 P
NEW GAME: Two words... change one. TERRACOTTAGE 2038 KAT7777
4/18/18 11:08 P
Posted a photo MSMAXPAX2 5 POSEY440
2/14/18 9:52 A
Catholic Traditions and Rituals JCEDIT89 120 MARRRBO
3/27/18 8:14 A
Spit or Swallow? GLORY63 662 ELIZACG9
3/27/18 9:02 A
4/18/18 11:05 P
Change one letter to make a NEW word MIRFA71 12152 EAYW47
4/18/18 4:22 P
2/13/18 4:11 P
This weekend, I decided I needed to try this morning work out thing. It was a little hard to wake u BURBANOVSKY 4 IAMAGEMLOVER
2/12/18 11:56 A
Daily Chit Chat KATIE100 28550 VICKYLYLES
4/18/18 8:31 P
Fabulous February Fitness Minutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 16 VICKYLYLES
2/26/18 7:49 P
Use EMOTICON to describe your day 8)) USEITRLOSEIT 3359 ELIZACG9
3/23/18 10:00 A
*** Game = Last letter Creates a New Word SUNSET24 24270 HBAILEYEA
4/18/18 8:26 P
I just completed my third set of 32 push-ups. JSTETSER 11 KATBRUNNER
2/8/18 8:20 P
My heaviest was 268 back in the early 2000's. It always amazes me when the weight starts coming off JUNES-HOPE 21 SAPHRAEL
2/9/18 7:33 A
Just bc they had an awesome parade for the SUPERBOWL champions in ur city is not an excuse is eat po AKELLY45 13 CHEIVOUS
2/8/18 6:30 P
I have an iphone and use the "health" app on it. According to SP, I should be able to sync the 2 to BURBANOVSKY 2 MERLECHRIS
2/8/18 3:53 P
2004 I start my weight loss journey did have a by-pass surgery. Highest wt 326lbs I got down to177 l STEPHD3566 20 STEPHD3566
2/7/18 6:06 P
Have u ever just thrown some ingredients together and hoped for the best? I did it last night and e BURBANOVSKY 20 FIDDLISH
2/7/18 1:50 P
Almost completed my second week of Chalean Extreme!!! Feeling really good, but need to meal plan so JANIE707 2 BURBANOVSKY
2/2/18 3:03 P
Last night I made a scrumptious side for dinner. And it has curry which the hubby said he didn’t lik BURBANOVSKY 3 ZINGIE825
2/2/18 12:23 P
Today I needed reminding why I am doing this. This picture says more than any words could convey. Th -_KITTY_- 24 EDWIDTH
2/1/18 2:38 P
Tucson's Blue Blood Moon DENNISBISHOP 66 JBLESSER
1/31/18 11:47 A
Starting at 215lbs and I am now 150 lbs I got 5more lbs till I reach my goal . SWIFT6913221 305 MPLSKEN
2/1/18 12:40 A
Doing assisted handstand push ups can freak some p KAIVANKA 32 KAIVANKA
1/9/18 10:12 P
Breakfast for lunch today. JFAIT3 14 M_AYALA92
1/9/18 2:54 P
Ideas on finding my trigger foods/moments? #coach BURBANOVSKY 1 BURBANOVSKY
12/21/17 4:21 P
I think that if I replace "No More Sodas!" with "Try Something Else First" I might be more successfu BURBANOVSKY 3 NANCYPAT1
12/21/17 5:01 P
I just realized that I'm going to have a bunch of vacation leave in 2018 AND I'm turning 45. So - I BURBANOVSKY 1 BURBANOVSKY
12/21/17 3:38 P
Lunch time DINA1017 40 SCYANKEE46
11/6/17 9:41 P
No Excuse November Fitness Minutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 21 VICKYLYLES
11/23/17 10:57 A
No Excuse November Step Challenge VICKYLYLES 16 VICKYLYLES
11/23/17 11:11 A
Rocktober Fitness Minutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 16 VICKYLYLES
11/2/17 1:30 P
10/24/17 9:40 A
Today I had a regular size tea instead of a gigantic soda BURBANOVSKY 3 KOFFEENUT
10/24/17 11:17 A
Just finished physical therapy! Nice 1 hour workout for my legs !!! MARILYNMURRAY 9 TPANANCY
10/24/17 12:15 P
First day. Im challenging myself to go to the gym 100 days. HUFFELPOWELL16 163 ZRIE014
10/24/17 6:28 P
I still have 1/2 a day to make the better choice. Restarting my Life to Wellness! BURBANOVSKY 1 BURBANOVSKY
9/12/17 1:54 P
I went to water park on July 4th Eve and walked so much. It's amazing at how taking a few steps up BURBANOVSKY 2 MAZUR157
7/5/17 3:58 P
Firecracker July Fitness MInutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 18 VICKYLYLES
8/3/17 10:17 A
I measured and logged all of my food and drink for 365 days and lost 83lbs. I didn't stay in budget OVERDUECHANGE 309 VOAGOLD
7/7/17 3:32 P
Oh goodness. Have you ever added salt to your ketchup? I just mistake of course. I don't re BURBANOVSKY 2 OVERDUECHANGE
6/30/17 2:52 P
Challenge Chat Thread VICKYLYLES 41 SYLVIEGIRL
2/19/18 6:31 A
Yesterday I went to my first vintage baseball game. What a great time it was! The theme was from JSTETSER 32 BURBANOVSKY
6/28/17 4:34 P
Talk about making your fat cry... I'm drenched. Coach Nicole's videos are what's up! KKRAVIG1975 4 BURBANOVSKY
6/28/17 4:32 P
Just Do It June Fitness Minutes Challenge VICKYLYLES 17 BURBANOVSKY
6/27/17 12:04 P
Lost 3 more finally out of the 2's!!...woohoo!!. TERRYSGIRL51 175 YBRADY72
6/19/17 8:10 P
60 lbs. Lost. Now to finally get that 6 pack!!! GROOMS74 247 MARYLOTUS
6/19/17 6:56 P
If it stays this hot, I might (gasp) dare to wear a tanktop IAN2409 11 BURBANOVSKY
6/16/17 12:52 P
Husband update 1st. Thank you for that beautiful and tremendous outpouring of prayer and well wishes SKITTLESNINJA 19 DANICONNOLLY
6/15/17 7:07 P
The last few weeks have been tough. I was in a weight loss competition at work and came in second. JATOMIC 23 KEATON753
6/13/17 1:32 P
Had some bad days with my depression and health overall where I didn't track anything and just ate w NATIXII 8 CHELSITA98
6/13/17 10:38 A
Not the goal any longer... I used to focus strictly on my weight goal...I have a number where I feel BGOEBEL2 2 BURBANOVSKY
6/13/17 9:43 A
Question? One day a week I work until 8 pm. I find it hard to work in all my calories in that day. T C97281 5 GOODFELINE
6/13/17 1:26 P
How do I find out what a particular exercise is? In particular, I typed in swimming in my fitness m BURBANOVSKY 2 KKRAVIG1975
6/13/17 9:40 A
Good morning from Minnesota RUTHSJOURNEY 69 CANNINGNANNY
6/14/17 7:03 A