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Hope you enjoy an inspired Sunday! Today's Healthy-Happy Do List: * Reflecting on walks to remembe JAMESEVER 17 GEORGE815
5/17/20 2:54 P
My new favorite meal for either breakfast, lunch, or snack. Kashi cereal, greek yogurt, blueberries CYNLUWHO 15 GEORGE815
5/17/20 2:53 P
Has anyone had any success with OA?? BOOTYLICIOUS83 6 SILVERSADIE
6/18/20 11:46 A
My son was just voted in as the next Chief Residen -RESAMARIE 88 GEORGE815
5/12/20 4:23 P
I will share my cake with you! Oh wait no I won't we are all in Quarantine. Anyway it was only 33 de BOMBCHELL23 126 JANS-JOURNEY
5/13/20 1:29 A
My workout today!! Downloaded the app BOOTYLICIOUS83 6 GINNABOOTS
5/6/20 8:34 P
What is the last thing you ate? ELAINOVA 15482 CHERYLSCOTT54
10/19/20 10:35 A
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 52373 KBEHNKE81
10/19/20 7:48 A
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 94235 DOLLYDUMPLING
10/19/20 11:21 A
What was your Cardio of the Day? RAJOLYRISHI 39637 BIGTOSS03
10/18/20 10:25 P
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 87677 PREMAMEHROTRA
10/19/20 5:52 A
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 58619 MIMIOH
10/19/20 7:46 A
Healthy choice ravioli and chicken . Has onions and tomatoes so took those out . BOOTYLICIOUS83 8 GINNABOOTS
5/4/20 8:39 A
Did watp booster miles 31 min BOOTYLICIOUS83 5 EDWARDS1411
5/3/20 9:09 P
โญ๏ธ ALLYLIZZY 24 PCK12J
5/3/20 5:58 P
I'm at 198.2!!!! Wow! Didn't think I'd see this during lockdown! That's almost 45lb down since Decem MAMAELIZA 14 LOOTJE
5/3/20 2:06 P
Starting over again, upgraded to Premium SP CD17012754 53 BESSIEBELL
10/8/20 7:03 A
Diet Soda...Yay or Nay? DIZZZY_BLONDE 1729 MARYJOANNA
10/19/20 7:15 A
Sugar Addiction RAYNEWATCHER 21 REENIE605
8/25/20 2:08 P
Did you take your vitamins today? HARLEYANGELONE 64000 EDEACONTX
10/19/20 10:12 A
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 63168 ROCKRS
10/19/20 8:39 A
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 20979 URBANREDNEK
10/19/20 9:16 A
#BeforeAndAfter Before - 3X top / 18 shorts Now - large top / 6 shorts (Same top pinned back for pho CATWMNCAT 155 ISNESS
6/2/20 4:31 P
This is my least favorite part of my body. Absolutely loathe it. It like the rest of my body is fat, BOOTYLICIOUS83 15 7STIGGYMT
5/1/20 2:26 P
So this is my spaghetti I had yesterday. Now I just ate some and before I put the sauce on just for BOOTYLICIOUS83 11 7STIGGYMT
5/1/20 2:33 P
Since pandemic, my adult son has shopped for me. He gets large order and has made the choices. He pi IRENEMADAMS 43 NENEBFIT
5/1/20 8:28 A
Something I love to snack on! BOOTYLICIOUS83 18 7STIGGYMT
5/1/20 3:19 P
Posted a photo BOOTYLICIOUS83 7 GEORGE815
4/30/20 4:59 P
Oat & yoghurt loaf (made from a recipe by Ken McGuire) - that's caramelised onion mixed in - YUM! I SUPERSTRONGME 8 KWOOD1955
4/29/20 8:09 P
Snack time!! Kettlekorn popcorn!! BOOTYLICIOUS83 6 ARNETTELEE
4/30/20 7:07 A
Did up to the best fit 30 min walk and tone BOOTYLICIOUS83 10 EVIE4NOW
4/30/20 12:29 A
Message Removed CD25286720 21 SURFIE
4/30/20 5:46 A
4/30/20 12:53 A
Newcomers! Introduce yourself here! JANINE8969 633 KPHEALTHY4LIFE
6/9/20 9:04 A
Ground beef tacos BOOTYLICIOUS83 6 ETHELMERZ
4/28/20 3:18 A
Dinner . Only ate half was so good BOOTYLICIOUS83 16 EVIE4NOW
4/27/20 11:02 P
Walked my younger dog earlier for about 30 min then took them both to the park a bit ago walked abou BOOTYLICIOUS83 4 7STIGGYMT
4/27/20 7:43 P
Cinnamon and spice oatmeal for lunch BOOTYLICIOUS83 16 7STIGGYMT
4/27/20 5:05 P
Breakfast for lunch today mushroom/spinach/cheese omelette yum yum! ๐Ÿฅš๐Ÿณ๐Ÿง€๐Ÿ„ #vegetarian #550cal JARAHLYN1 23 ISNESS
5/5/20 10:01 P
Good morning everyone. So I made a gigantic bowl of spaghetti and ate most of it and now feel disgus BOOTYLICIOUS83 8 7STIGGYMT
4/27/20 4:54 P
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 28 _RAMONA
4/26/20 2:35 A
Two walks with the dogs! BOOTYLICIOUS83 21 ARNETTELEE
4/26/20 6:57 A
Consistently is the key to getting where you want to be!! CINDY247 36 JOCELYNH711
4/24/20 6:28 P
4-17-20 I'm having a lovely, low energy day. I worked VERY hard yesterday, gathering food & doing er SPARKLINGME176 31 BOOTYLICIOUS83
4/24/20 6:24 P
Just took dogs for a walk. BOOTYLICIOUS83 2 7STIGGYMT
4/24/20 5:55 P
Walking and having that lower back / butt pain . Anyone else? How to get rid of it? Didnโ€™t have it 1 BOOTYLICIOUS83 5 7STIGGYMT
4/24/20 5:54 P
Ate some oatmeal for breakfast and did Jessica smith Zumba dance workout love it BOOTYLICIOUS83 10 GEORGE815
4/23/20 5:58 P
A view of my yard, where I walk my laps. I am up to 45 minutes of walking. I hope you are all doin RUTHIEBEAR 129 DEE107
4/24/20 12:23 A
Posted a photo BOOTYLICIOUS83 10 SILOBEND1
4/22/20 10:19 P
Why am I fat and overweight?? Because I binge eat, emotional eat, boredom eat. Just this morning I a BOOTYLICIOUS83 4 GEORGE815
4/22/20 5:47 P
Walked both my dogs ๐Ÿ• at the park today separately did over 11,000 steps ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช BOOTYLICIOUS83 8 7STIGGYMT
4/21/20 6:38 P
Grilled chicken ๐ŸŒฎ for lunch. Small shells so I have 3 BOOTYLICIOUS83 10 SWIMSTERLING94
4/20/20 4:51 P
Did some squats some jumping jacks, some watp moves, did bicep curls tricep kickbacks BOOTYLICIOUS83 2 7STIGGYMT
4/19/20 7:05 P
Took a 30 minute walk with my dog got 4,000 steps ๐Ÿ‘ BOOTYLICIOUS83 3 7STIGGYMT
4/18/20 4:42 P
Lunch. Healthy choice chicken rigatoni broccoli so good. BOOTYLICIOUS83 13 EVIE4NOW
4/18/20 11:58 P
Did Ellen Barrett yoga sculpt BOOTYLICIOUS83 5 7STIGGYMT
4/16/20 6:33 P
Did Ellen Barrett cardio Pilates one of my favorites ๐Ÿ‘ Iโ€™m so out of shape and overweight that I ca BOOTYLICIOUS83 6 GEORGE815
4/15/20 6:32 P
Ideal you weight loss. Who has done it?? My friend has been on it almost a year and sheโ€™s lost 100 p BOOTYLICIOUS83 6 GEORGE815
4/15/20 6:46 P
Walked my dogs this morning at the park and just did watp 3 mile fat burn BOOTYLICIOUS83 4 GODSCHILD2_2011
4/14/20 4:06 P
#BeforeAndAfter my goal weight is 200 lbs Im 5'7 and was told my goal should be 150 or less. I thi WRITERSQUIRREL 48 KAITMARIIE
4/26/20 1:13 P
Whatโ€™s everyoneโ€™s favorite healthy snacks? I love yogurt and fruit, and now baby ๐Ÿฅ• and veggies dip BOOTYLICIOUS83 6 7STIGGYMT
3/11/20 4:01 P
3/5/20 11:03 P
Did Morning Meltdown 100 + worked overtime today. TGOTCHER 18 BOOTYLICIOUS83
3/5/20 6:24 A
Was feeling like I needed to eat ( had already drank a bottle of water before hand) and so made a bi BOOTYLICIOUS83 5 7STIGGYMT
3/5/20 1:11 P
Apples and cinnamon oatmeal with a banana BOOTYLICIOUS83 11 7STIGGYMT
3/5/20 1:17 P
I've cut gluten, meat, and soy out of my diet for autoimmune issues. Still working on nixing dairy. LMK777 10 BOOTYLICIOUS83
3/4/20 2:25 A
THIS is my new goal. I took a few days to re evaluate my Lifestyle choices. I've decided as far as f SWEETTEANFRUIT 23 LINDA719
9/20/20 7:13 P
4 weeks of excitement losing 15lbs has vacated the building. Need spring.. push to get outside and w CARINBEUKEMA763 7 BOOTYLICIOUS83
3/4/20 2:21 A
So I started eating good about 9 days ago. I stopped buying those mega bowls filled with over 1,000 BOOTYLICIOUS83 12 7STIGGYMT
3/4/20 3:36 P
Edit!! Thank you for all the love. I just wanted t DOUBLELSMOM 101 ARNETTELEE
2/28/20 6:36 A
2/27/20 1:28 P
Meant to post this before and after pictures earlier to my previous post. I have gone from weighing JCHARLES1972 110 LE_SIGH
2/20/20 8:14 A
Can you believe this was Zander?! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ This was Zander just a few months ago (summer 2019) wow, they OPTICALXILLUSIO 24 ALLYLIZZY
2/20/20 11:50 A
Just was at the dr today. Gained 5 pounds from 6 months ago Iโ€™m at 262 . ๐Ÿ˜• I feel just stuck. Like BOOTYLICIOUS83 11 7STIGGYMT
2/20/20 2:15 P
I was wondering how i can lose weight #BeforeAndAfter JENNIFERPALM6 19 MAMAELIZA
2/10/20 6:55 P