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First of May. First walk after a two week break. My time was slower, but I did it! BONNIJEAN 9 LOSER05
5/1/18 2:08 P
Went to the doctor today and they put me on antibiotics for me leg because a bit of an infection has MELB1287 7 -POOKIE-
3/16/18 4:23 A
I don't want time in a bottle. I want motivation in a bottle. I enjoy the journey when my motivation BONNIJEAN 4 LEAHLED
3/16/18 1:11 A
Non-scale victory! I reached for a shirt I bought BONNIJEAN 4 ALLYLIZZY
3/14/18 1:00 P
4/1/18 12:25 P
I haven't done laundry in a few days (ok, maybe more than a few...) so this morning I didn't have an BUTTERNUTTS 151 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/11/18 8:50 A
Finally, 20 pounds released! BONNIJEAN 6 DRINKALOTH2O
3/10/18 11:39 A
I'm finally down 10% from my highest weight. I need to repeat that weight release several more times BONNIJEAN 4 ALLYLIZZY
3/8/18 1:58 P
I just noticed that now I weigh less than my driver's license says! BONNIJEAN 6 LIZZIE138
2/27/18 12:13 P
Today I went for my fourth walk this week. Not shabby. Before this week, I've been averaging less t BONNIJEAN 6 MIYAMO
2/23/18 7:39 P
I document most walks with pictures. It keeps me a BONNIJEAN 15 RDCAGAIN10
2/22/18 1:23 P
Feeling GREAT for a 63 Year Old Lady Today! Come Celebrate my Years with ME SparkFriends!!!! FLASUN 310 JAMER123
2/20/18 10:54 P
When you're trying to scan the girl scout cookie box to track your thin mints quickly and realize yo EDDIEBEAR71 12 MAIZIEPAIGE
2/15/18 9:13 P
I cannot force my body to release weight, but I CAN move my body, and I CAN fuel it with the right f BONNIJEAN 2 MSMITCHELL2696
2/14/18 1:50 P
I have shed 6% of my highest weight. I am now where I was 3 years ago. I think the fat I'm trying to BONNIJEAN 3 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
1/29/18 11:38 A
Veggie curry tonight for dinner, that alone has 7 veggies in it. #eattherainbow MOLLIEMAC 4 CEILIE2
1/24/18 7:28 P
Since I boosted my vegetables, I'm seeing the scale move down. #eattherainbow BONNIJEAN 3 MCJULIEO
1/23/18 10:57 A
2018 - First 100 *DONE* days! WOLFKITTY 77 ANCHEN2
5/3/18 9:56 A
I just hit the minus 5% mark! BONNIJEAN 1 BONNIJEAN
1/12/18 2:23 P
Non -scale victory Clearance Christmas candy did not entice me to save money! I walked past it with BONNIJEAN 5 SPARKNB
1/10/18 6:59 A
I think I am having too many occasional treats. I am not good at moderation. For the near future, I' BONNIJEAN 4 SADIEMYERS
1/4/18 9:59 P
It was sprinkling when I walked out the door. The old me would have gone back inside and pretended t BONNIJEAN 11 TOBYBIRD
12/23/17 7:57 P
Not a good day DIVA2SWEET4U43 9 RETAT60
12/19/17 9:46 P
Giving the star fruit a shot. VERITAX808 14 WHITEANGEL4
12/17/17 9:23 P
Boom! Out of the blue! I'm having a very hard day today. I struggle with emotional eating, but I don BONNIJEAN 7 SOOZIE12
12/13/17 12:33 P
My type of evening!!! Didn’t struggle with food te MANONAMISSION73 24 SLYDE-GLYDER
12/11/17 8:43 P
Enjoying some Saturday morning coffee in my new mug, which is a non-food reward to myself. ☕ KATBRUNNER 94 CHRISTISEO
12/9/17 3:47 P
Two weeks of eating right and increased activity and no weight loss. Frustrating! Finally started se BONNIJEAN 1 BONNIJEAN
12/6/17 7:47 A
I'm not seeing victory on the scale yet, but I'm feeling better and moving more easily. BONNIJEAN 10 CIERAPOET
11/30/17 1:46 P
Monday it was cold. I had to trick myself into a walk. I was not motivated to walk because I was tir BONNIJEAN 8 HEALTHYANDFIT27
11/29/17 5:05 P
For the first time in many years, I stuck with my eating plan on Thanksgiving. BONNIJEAN 6 SADIEMYERS
11/24/17 11:35 A
Bright Line Eating? Engine 2 Eating? Opinions? BONNIJEAN 1 BONNIJEAN
11/19/17 7:32 P
Delicious ginger curry carrot soup. So good. Easy with electric pressure cooker abe immersion blende BONNIJEAN 12 INSPIRED26
11/17/17 10:25 A
Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ~Albert Camus #EveryStepCounts #walkingforhe BONNIJEAN 7 NEEDBU66
11/8/17 10:37 A
Food is not a reward, and exercise is not a punishment. I saw this quotation on another website, an BONNIJEAN 3 APPLEVEE
11/6/17 12:53 P
On yesterday's walk I pushed myself for both speed and distance. Today I barely made one mile in 30 BONNIJEAN 7 BELLSH1BELL
11/4/17 10:57 P
I took my new diabetes medicine at night I went to bed. And this morning no nausea! I know if I took ALLENLISA5357 4 ALALADY
11/4/17 7:43 P
Feeling pretty down on myself today. Last night I overheard my ex discussing with his family how muc ASHWOO32 309 BOOTSIE15
11/4/17 11:04 P
After owning this phone for months, I checked out the health app. The walking coach is hidden under BONNIJEAN 8 ZRIE014
11/3/17 10:09 P
At the end of my walk this morning, I felt a like droopy like the flowers in the bottom of the pictu BONNIJEAN 6 SKEMERICH
11/2/17 12:24 P
I take at least one picture on every walk. Taking a photo keeps me aware of my surroundings and make BONNIJEAN 8 TURQUROISE
10/26/17 12:35 P
I lost 11 pounds and still some of my family says I need to lose more. It's not like I'm just sittin AMYMBUNCH 102 YMWONG22
10/8/17 5:42 A
It feels like the more weight I lose,the hungrier I am on a daily basis. After losing 65lbs, I am st SCEEJAYE 5 SCEEJAYE
8/1/17 2:03 P
I looked at my online medical records yesterday. At first I was angry at my doctor, at myself, at th BONNIJEAN 2 LADYARTIST41
7/27/17 5:05 P
I went for my walk before it got hot today. I feel much better. BONNIJEAN 15 THOMS1
7/20/17 9:36 A
Although the temperature was mild, the sun and the humidity and a week of not walking made today's w BONNIJEAN 3 YMWONG22
7/17/17 11:59 A
Need some encouragement this morning. Our 10 year old Corgi mix passed away last night. LJBOWSER1 303 OVERWEIGHT
7/15/17 3:05 P
Today's walk was brought to you by the color yellow and the color purple. #MyFutureSelfWillThankMe # BONNIJEAN 7 ZORO22
7/7/17 11:22 A
I'm going to the neighborhood pool party today. I will wear a swimsuit and get in the pool. I will e BONNIJEAN 4 9CRYSTALEE21
7/4/17 12:33 P
One day I'll look forward to exercise, but for now it's just another thing on my to do list. Looking BONNIJEAN 2 ROSELCOVDOW
7/3/17 11:17 A
Reached a milestone this morning. I was 18-19 years old when I weighed this amount. I'm now in my 50 ARCHIMEDESII 303 MUMWIVBIGBUM
8/14/17 10:17 A
Non-scale Victory! Trader Joe's even with all of its healthful food is sometimes a calorie trap for BONNIJEAN 3 DRINKALOTH2O
6/28/17 9:35 A
I walked a mile today despite feeling unmotivated. I am catching a cold and just wanted to lie aroun BONNIJEAN 9 COOKIES450
6/26/17 12:39 P
It Fits! The last time I flew on a commercial airline, I had seatbelt problems. Either I had to gree BONNIJEAN 4 KKRAVIG1975
6/24/17 8:31 P
I have the hotel fitness center to myself BONNIJEAN 4 REEDSKI
6/19/17 9:39 A
Every Step Counts. Find beauty wherever you go. BONNIJEAN 11 MAYIE53
6/17/17 11:29 A
7/10/17 9:36 P
Another walk, another flower picture BONNIJEAN 5 3SISTERS
6/10/17 12:23 P
Greenville County ELIZABETHBECK1 9 MSANN59
6/9/17 7:56 P
Except for pausing to take a few pictures, I didn't have to stop to catch my breath even though I wa BONNIJEAN 5 RETAT60
6/8/17 2:23 P
This dog is so sweet. It never barks at me. Walking for health. Walking for fitness. My future self BONNIJEAN 8 GINGERMACC
6/7/17 1:11 P
I didn't feel like walking. I made excuses. My husband brought me my walking shoes and a pair of so BONNIJEAN 5 JTHEALTHY1
6/1/17 10:47 P
Picking up the pace. Whew! BONNIJEAN 6 JOANIEF2
5/31/17 11:23 A
I feel awful today. I hope that I won't lose momentum by not doing my walk, but I feel so sick. BONNIJEAN 5 JONIBUSHELL
5/27/17 6:56 P
Today I was able to walk up the last hill without stopping. I try to take a picture on my walks. Yo BONNIJEAN 3 KOHLRABIGIRL
5/26/17 11:50 A
It's pouring rain today. I guess I'll go up and down the stairs for cardio today. BONNIJEAN 2 MYRANDA30
5/23/17 9:07 A
I have started a different type of accountability. Each time I go for a walk I post a photo of somet BONNIJEAN 3 SARAPAPAYA
5/22/17 5:59 P
Three days, three walks. Thus a streak begins. BONNIJEAN 1 BONNIJEAN
5/20/17 2:08 P
2017 Motivational Emails TRAIN_2_RUN 3 KLAROCHE1515
1/10/17 7:35 P
6/14/16 9:48 P
Week 5~ (6 weeks from now you'll thank yourself) MERAINA 10 JIBBIE49
5/30/16 10:27 A
5/21/16 7:23 P
7 - Day Challenge TRAIN_2_RUN 2 BONNIJEAN
3/20/16 8:56 P
1/9/16 9:32 P
I am looking to re connect w/ the Southern Party BONNIEBONNEAU 4 HOMEINTR
7/24/15 8:46 A