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This is my before pic. I am really struggling right now. I'm not trying to sound like "poor me", but ROSIEPOSIE19 24 PWILLOW1
8/3/17 1:40 P
Day 3: - I didn't buy lasagna for lunch. Instead I made a healthy salad! Who knew pumpkin in salad 21SPONGEBOB21 9 SPIEGY
7/31/17 8:23 A
Posted a photo TANGOJAVA43068 34 CGARR442
7/22/17 11:27 P
How true is this??? I am ready to grab the over eating bull by the horns and knock the crap of it! DINKER0798 14 MUMU2BIKINI
7/15/17 1:56 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 22 REGILIEH
7/13/17 10:12 P
I'm going on a 32 day cruise and I'm afraid, very afraid. Food everywhere and free drinks too. need BONMARCHE 7 MISSTRICH
7/9/17 9:23 A
Sad morning. I relied on people to go and do things for health with me and they backed out of cours SUSIESPARK4444 4 BONMARCHE
7/9/17 9:03 A
Spent yesterday writing out my goals, meal plan and workout plan. Today I am going to the store and JENNIFER2578 9 WFTGATL
7/9/17 10:13 A
Couch to 5k! Week 1, Day 2. Tana could have kept going, but I struggled. I don't know if it was my a GECKO722 64 _LINDA
7/8/17 10:29 A
Posted a photo BLESSEDMIRANDA 137 JO88BAKO
7/8/17 3:09 P
Run (10 min pace) / walk (15min pace) intervals this morning. Now heading off to yoga w my dear daug OUTSIDEJOJO 16 MOTIVATED36732
7/1/17 10:01 A
The Challenges of Going to the Gym: Challenge 1: Getting up the courage to go to the gym for the fi MCASKEY6 7 MUDRUNNER4
6/16/17 12:30 P
Okay y'all! I'm ready to start this journey! I wanna loose all this weight for myself & my family! I MSVARE 8 MDOWER1
6/16/17 4:08 P
Where are all our Spark community friends from? I'm from Rustburg,VA!! MBLANKFORD 22 NEWME
7/12/17 8:23 P
99 lbs down wow this is truly amazing. I was hopin THEJACKIEDEAN12 217 EDTRACY26
6/28/17 12:59 P
Fun weekend and stressful few days at work have lead to some really bad food choices. I need to get ALIGETFIT 4 BONMARCHE
6/15/17 7:41 A
I made it to the gym today, ugh...the struggle. Happy Thursday Yall! FEALSTON 2 BONMARCHE
6/15/17 7:41 A
Whether you're walking, running, or dieting, these OUTSIDEJOJO 103 DEBRAHLYNN
6/15/17 2:08 P
I have officially lost 100 pounds! First picture was November 2016 at 329. Second is this morning at CJONES7578 308 SWSHENANIGANS
6/9/17 8:31 P
6/8/17 10:45 A
Good morning Sparkers, Just got a new Nespresso coffee machine with milk frothier from Costco. Wow- JUST_DEBORAH 6 SOUTHTXXRNNR
6/8/17 11:24 A
21week streak of working out 90 minutes or more.. pretty proud of this one 😄 MWARNER211 12 JEMMSIE
6/7/17 1:54 P
I'm so done trying!!! I will start to lose weight get discouraged and then stop trying then I gain i TTRACKWEL 10 C97281
5/21/17 10:10 A
I want to make a granola. I need some advice, I don't like pecans can I substitute with maybe pumpki SUMMERFODRIE 11 BRENDA_77039
5/19/17 10:09 A
Yesterday was a rough day but..... JENNIFERBR51 29 BABY_GIRL69
5/19/17 2:22 P
Hello I'm beginning my diet plan today New Beginnings on a lot of things my goal is to lose 30 pound W13268 84 APACHESTEVE
5/19/17 4:33 P
I am in need of some motivation to continue this uphill battle. Don't want to be a "Debbie Downer", BRONTE1950 8 TMKTIG
5/18/17 9:16 A
Only lost one kilo in 15 days. The weight chart looks like a seesaw IMRAN99 10 AMBRINAIMRAN1
5/13/17 4:14 P
FINALLY!! ONE-derland! I know it just barely, but MISSHARTUNG1 272 TCDRAGON54
4/28/17 6:02 A
I did it met my goal this month. And under 200. Its fantastic to see this number! That's a total of DEBBIEABATEY 273 ANGEL2GOOD31
4/22/17 9:21 P
In order since January. The grey is current. As of this morning. Hit goal, down 36 pounds total! MRSKLAUSSNER 198 BABY_GIRL69
4/22/17 7:00 P
Waiting List for Winter a Challenge Team LOSINGLINNDY 165 LOSINGLINNDY
12/17/16 4:26 P
So few of us left... LOVENHWOODS 32 TALLYFL
7/22/16 2:43 P
Battery in red zone after less than 3 months use. BONMARCHE 5 BONMARCHE
6/27/15 7:59 A
My Spark not counting correct steps LLSTRAUB 130 BONMARCHE
4/9/15 10:13 A
12/29/09 12:02 A
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 87687 PREMAMEHROTRA
4/19/18 7:11 A