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Posted a photo GIGI_0321 8 REDMANCHRONIC
4/22/19 10:28 P
4/23/19 11:44 A
What a great weekend! The ice went out of the lake on Saturday morning. So after a beautiful warm da JUSTME_MRSK 12 ALLYLIZZY
4/23/19 11:42 A
1 hour lap swim done. I'm not fast, but I keep going. Hope you are all meeting your goals and having ADKBOUND 12 SANZIENE
4/22/19 11:29 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 15 PATRICIA-CR
4/23/19 5:04 P
Getting started again... GIGI_0321 14 SISTERPRETTY
4/22/19 10:11 P
Ok, for real. I have gone from 224 down to 196. I have worked out every day and average about 11,000 ESMITH65 27 AIRIS_MOM
4/22/19 10:41 P
9/22/18 1:02 P
Posted a photo SARAHMBROWN38 7 TACT555
9/21/18 9:01 P
I've always hated looking in this particular mirror because (to me) it made me look wider than a bar MYSTERYBELLA 16 MOJOZEN
2/14/19 11:09 A
Enjoy Your Weekend! MSROZZIE 16 MSROZZIE
9/22/18 6:58 P
Sunset on the pond tonight. Country living really does have its merits and a jaunt around the lakes J2002HEIDS 22 SOULFISH80
9/21/18 11:21 P
What do you think? #BeforeAndAfter BEYOUTIFULCHAOS 34 FUTUREFOCUSED
9/22/18 3:25 A
What does sparkppl think of my sick pink hair? EMILYJCOLETTA0 33 KIMISUK
9/21/18 11:41 P
Last day of summer in rural Kansas. Couldn't think of a nicer place to take evening walks. REPLENISHINGHOP 8 LINDA7677
9/21/18 9:24 P
Progress picture! Yes, I went crazy with the emoji thingies. Still have a ways to go but I’m closer JAME0817 129 JAME0817
10/4/18 9:29 P
#throwbackthursday This person was so miserable in her body this was my highest ever weight of 386 DISCOVERING_VAL 21 DCWILLIAMS831
9/20/18 11:12 P
#thenandnow TRAY1229 22 WOMANOFLOVE
9/24/18 8:41 A
Turkey pattys home made with cheese on top. With a salad on the side. That was my dinner. Except m KMBR6819 13 AMBLEEBEAR2152
9/20/18 9:42 P
This is how I meal prep.. never enough bacon. #ket AMBERT1983 9 PIPPAMOUSE
9/21/18 11:39 P
50lbs down. Need to work at reaching my next goal of walking, continuing to eat better and reaching ANNGLOYD 42 GEMINI_0529
9/20/18 11:50 P
Tilapia seasoned with pepper and basil, asparagus, fried carrots, and cheddar mashed potatoes with b ALLYLIZZY 15 CHEIVOUS
9/21/18 2:05 P
#BeforeAndAfter ididnt make my goal of losing 100lbs but i got really close to it. Taking the weeken DEVONSCOTT3525 119 CONNIET88
9/21/18 8:27 A
This is what Sparks did for us! It was a roller co EHOUK3 187 ALLYLIZZY
9/21/18 1:29 P
A little late posting, but tonight's supper was bacon wrapped cheese stuffed chicken breast and a gr SHORTNSASSY422 23 LRJUSTUS1
9/15/18 12:01 A
Ran 4.3 miles round trip to do weights at the gym😎gorgeous day today! ZIGGYSTARSHAY 15 FANMAN1968
9/14/18 10:21 A
hope you all love a happy healthy Thursday TRAILWALKERJO54 13 TESSWILDFLOWER
9/14/18 6:19 A
Posted a photo WINGSDREAMS 14 HAPPYCPA1965
9/14/18 9:19 A
Not a bad day. ALLRONIX 17 YMWONG22
9/14/18 3:56 A
9/14/18 3:58 A
Been craving donuts so I made a healthier alt: homemade apple & blueberry preserves atop a peanut cr FREEDOMSKEY 20 PEGJW111
9/14/18 5:37 A
A few days ago I was ready to throw in the towel and give up. I've had a sick migraine since Sunday. ANIMAI27 18 FANMAN1968
9/14/18 10:20 A
Ok, I'm sick of feeling gross about myself. My mom and brother died within 5 months of each other, i KELLYLUCAS71 142 MIRAGE727
9/14/18 6:39 A
Tonight's menu: baby meatloaves, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Comfort food within reason and b KATBRUNNER 32 CHEIVOUS
9/12/18 10:56 A
-Wiped down kitchen counters -Washed dishes -Cleaned out kitchen sink -Swept kitchen floor -Dried of ALLYLIZZY 9 YMWONG22
9/12/18 1:11 A
I've never had a PB problem before...Now I can't get away from the Jar...I had a cupcake before noon PEREZJPRZ19 8 HAPPILY_ME
9/12/18 5:10 A
Expecting a lot of rain and wind hope not to get to much damage. Anyone in this path my prayers are MYAN1959 16 DEE107
9/12/18 12:03 A
First taste of fall here in Arkansas. SARIESUE 25 CATDUCK1
9/11/18 10:06 P
Can y’all say yum! Asian Stir fry. Cabbage, bell peppers, green onions cooked in toasted sesame oil BUGATTI_LOVER79 12 NMESANDY
9/13/18 3:12 P
45 minute walk with my babies CMK1996 33 EDWARDS1411
9/12/18 1:34 A
I am!!! I had some potentially life altering news today. May be losing my job of 9 years. I wanted t SOULFISH80 42 TRESSWANN
9/12/18 1:49 P
Currently recovering from an emergency c-section but I’m looking forward to losing weight and starti ERICAANN44 159 SWEETHONEY55
9/12/18 12:52 P
9/10/18 10:13 P
Here's the day I left hospital and my current photo VIKINGGIRL73 7 CHERYLHURT
9/10/18 9:09 P
Today's stats #moveit #fitnessfeats VIKINGGIRL73 11 YMWONG22
9/11/18 11:00 A
Posted a photo MARIAK88 6 CHRISTINEBWD
9/10/18 9:07 P
Posted a photo MARIAK88 11 LAH1222
9/11/18 12:00 A
Grandson #2 came last week. When my first grandson, Lucian, was born in 2012 it motivated me to lose TALULAHLES 18 TALULAHLES
9/11/18 6:47 P
My cardio workout today BIGRENTMAN 17 FISHGUT3
9/12/18 9:24 A
August 1st I got after way of eating WOE #BeforeAndAfter VIVAREAL 11 ROSALIE28
9/10/18 9:28 P
Air Fryer strikes again!!! MSUNEK 12 DDBIRD4
9/10/18 10:20 P
My hips went from 143 to 126 cm! Woop! NEKOMINI 44 DJ4HEALTH
9/11/18 1:02 A
Today marks three months since my work out journey has began. I’ve lost 14 pounds I’m extremely happ WIFEY92 21 WIFEY92
9/11/18 9:13 A
Posted a photo HAPPYANDREA2012 7 BOLEBRON
9/9/18 9:26 P
Because sometimes after a very busy week you have to say "Rain be damned, I'm going for a hike." TIKITAMI 19 QUAIL75
9/10/18 3:47 P
I'm back from cleaning culverts around the neighborhood!!! I've got 8 of them clean and, rainwater i F5-FURY 19 JAMER123
9/10/18 10:50 P
Discovered this and absolutely rather have it over SWEETSUNSHIN7 10 BOLEBRON
9/9/18 9:24 P
9/9/18 10:53 P
9/10/18 4:24 A
So proud of my hubby! This is a year & a half difference (sleeve procedure). GWEN4REAL 42 ELISAGAL1
9/10/18 4:21 A
Oops I ate more than I should have today. I am back on track now. DESTINEDSUCCESS 20 BIRBKITTEN1234
9/9/18 11:20 P
Today is active recovery day, so beach 🏖 time for my baby. We will go for a stroll later when it’s HWNHMMBRD 13 BRLEE165
9/9/18 10:48 P
Started 05/07/2018 279lbs. Today 09/09/2018 255lbs see pic. MOHCAMIX 23 APACHESTEVE
9/9/18 10:50 P
January 2,2018 and today. 73 pounds lost!! KIMMYWIZZIE1 162 ELSCO55
9/9/18 10:51 P
9/8/18 9:40 P
A chilly 55 degree run tonight, but I made 10 miles. And on my way past this field, I inspired this AMYINTHEWILD 42 2CGARRETT2
9/11/18 4:37 A
I've been doing a daily posting of my meals, it keeps me motivated to be on my best behavior and so TESHELLC 16 NIKKINIKKI136
9/8/18 9:54 P
9/9/18 12:09 A
Tapteal trail such a beautiful day for a hike. 2BFREE2LIVE 25 MOMWANTSNOWAIST
9/9/18 2:22 P
Still working on this lol SCYTHA_TOWNELEY 22 ALLYLIZZY
9/9/18 3:45 P
9/8/18 11:04 P
Whoop Whoop!(: #Facetoface TASHADSLOVE93 90 FUTUREFOCUSED
9/9/18 7:45 P
Ok everyone its sept 8th and my next weigh in is the 18th trying so hard not to focus on the weigh i FFEDUP11615 170 BAYOUGIRL319
9/10/18 2:11 P
#BeforeAndAfter I reached my half way point!! 40 down 40 to go! I am so excited and can't believe t SAMANTHAFETT5 177 123THERESA123
2/10/19 5:07 P
Zumba was cancelled, and I hate treadmills, but I walked 4.5 miles! UNKINDLOVING 12 GOODGETNBETR
9/8/18 12:49 A