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It was a long day, but I still managed to achieve my goal with some extra credit ๐Ÿ˜ DARRELLK1 12 DARLAE1
9/16/17 1:20 A
I had another biopsy Friday (09/15/2017) This time it is on my left arm. Suppose to keep arm elevate MISSPEACHES3 13 4CONNIESHEALTH
9/16/17 11:00 P
I have let it go long enough.Years ago I let myself baloon up to 318.i got myself down to 266 then d KATHY075 38 MDOWER1
9/16/17 8:28 A
My son is down 23 pounds!! He is happier! I couldn't be prouder!!! LMURPHY88 183 YMWONG22
9/16/17 2:52 A
Im doing this for me... -9 pounds ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ฏ CAMILLEAPPWHITE 69 CAMILLEAPPWHITE
9/16/17 7:48 P
Posted a photo RHONDAA128 5 PWILLOW1
9/5/17 4:07 P
Down one pound since 9/1/17, yeah! SEETHINGAMY 3 BOGUSANNIE
9/5/17 12:42 P
#deliciousdailymoment Had this the other night... OMG! Lemon Fettuccine Alfredo- I was pleasantly BOGUSANNIE 2 FAT-N-SASSY40
9/5/17 2:08 P
Nice walk in the park today ๐Ÿ˜Š CGARR442 19 PRAIRIECROCUS
9/4/17 12:53 A
This pic is not me. But is my baby sister. I am so MRSKLAUSSNER 53 CIERAPOET
9/4/17 4:49 A
10 lbs. down! Still got a ways to go but feelibg proud and motivated to keep going! WENDY88855 9 POLAR63
9/4/17 6:36 P
I finally reached my 1st goal of getting below 200lbs Weighed 199.4 this AM Now my next goal is 185 CARHAR741 15 MYTIMEOK
9/4/17 2:53 A
I was at a yard sale one day and saw a box marked, โ€œElectronic cat and dog callโ€”guaranteed to workโ€. JUDY1676 8 KILTORE
9/4/17 1:03 P
#KETO. Went way over on the carbs today. I blame it on this darn chest cold and wanting comfort food JAMIELYNN73 9 JAMIELYNN73
9/5/17 2:49 A
Looking for friends! Just joined the site today but have been working to lose weight for 3 months. JACY0130 10 TATIANACARROLL1
9/6/17 3:12 P
#deliciousdailymoment vegan beefless beef stew with dumplings! Amazingly delicious... I am learning BOGUSANNIE 12 SPARKLINGME176
9/4/17 12:52 P
Rocking the flannel pajamas in Flat Rock, NC. It's 55ยฐ out here tonight. I'm already thinking of how LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 24 SADIEMYERS
9/4/17 9:17 A
This feels SOOOO GOOD!!!!! โœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธ DSMITH8737 9 BOGUSANNIE
9/3/17 11:53 P
I love sharing our garden bounty with our neighbors! Who knew just planting a few more plants would SKEMERICH 40 TCANNO
8/19/17 4:01 A
Hotel pool time with VIOLA1707! Trying to get the activities in while on a mini vaca! BOGUSANNIE 10 ABUELAMEMA52
8/19/17 4:51 A
In the last 4 day, I've walked over 15 miles. Feeling great. KCCAMERONCAM1 8 BOGUSANNIE
8/11/17 12:44 A
80 lbs lost hit today!! Can't even believe I lost 3 lbs this week...felt hungry all! A lo ALICIAMAG 53 TRI2_BFIT
8/11/17 8:12 A
Weigh in tonight! We started on July 13th and the last workout was last night. We met 4 days a week KOBRIEN13 221 KOBRIEN13
8/10/17 9:09 P
My goal is to loose 100 pounds by oct.2018. So far I lost 30 pounds. I'm walking every day for 50 mi MBROUSSAR2 5 SASSYBRE1
8/6/17 11:59 A
Walk to bank of Credit River with friends GGRSPARK 13 ANNDANDY
8/6/17 4:10 P
Started at 190 on June 11 this morning I'm officially in the 160's! Short term goal met! 19 more to MICHELLELYN44 14 AUNTRENEE
8/6/17 1:38 P
500 miles in 105 days equals 17 lbs gone forever. GRAMMICHELLE 3 DANNY_LCF
8/6/17 1:07 P
I am still moving forward on my goal to good health and weight loss. ๐Ÿ˜€. FARAHI1955 3 E69711
8/6/17 1:30 P
8/8/17 10:49 A
Two miles at the gym done! Now relaxing on the hydro bed! Love Planet Fitness!! CHEZBENTO 5 CHEZBENTO
8/5/17 2:32 P
Today is my day to start living again! I hope I can get a support team, I can't do this alone. I nee JULES0610 111 SONYALATRECE
8/10/17 9:56 P
Finally made it over a huge plateau this week. Had been sitting at about the same weight for at lea MHEDIN63 153 HIPPER502
8/5/17 9:08 P
Major NSV! Today was my final closet cleanout. Went from 24/XXL to 12/M and have been working backwa OVERDUECHANGE 176 SALAM4545
8/7/17 1:03 A
I'm moving into smaller clothes! Yay! JBLESSER 212 MSLOUIE3
8/3/17 4:23 P
My last peanut butter sand pic for a while...yummy tho LORI 8 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/31/17 9:06 P
5 strawberries, handful of raspberries, black berries, blue berries n grapes! Its so yummy!!!! SAMMEB17 7 KOFFEENUT
7/31/17 11:41 A
I must remember this- as I find myself at the end of a month and just shy of my goal. It's hard not BOGUSANNIE 4 YMWONG22
7/31/17 11:39 A
All this and 50 push-ups too! 50! GRATTECIELLA 18 WHYTEBROWN
7/30/17 8:17 P
I think I'm one of those people that is a really bad scale watcher. If I don't see results I get rea 21SPONGEBOB21 13 CAROLINEEET
7/30/17 10:23 A
NSV: Size 14 jeans! Down from a size 24 when I started! MISSHARTUNG1 100 SCYANKEE46
7/30/17 10:37 A
#hoops I pulled my hula hoops out-- tested one- I still got it!!! Some may need retaping but still BOGUSANNIE 8 VERONICA678
7/28/17 6:46 P
#fitbit So my goal is 5000 steps because I have been fairly ill the last year or so and 10k was ju BOGUSANNIE 17 MIKAHALE
8/27/17 6:48 A
The days is done. Our office had make your own grilled cheese sandwiches today. I opted for the 12 SNDANIEL1073 17 TIBURONA
7/28/17 1:26 A
Long to sleep. A successful day...stayed on the program. Have a restful night all. ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด TAMMYLEEYATES 6 GETITDONE79
7/28/17 1:45 A
7/27/17 11:20 P
Walked, jogged and sprinted 3/4 of a mile with my 14 year old daughter. Took us about 10 minutes but ANNIM80 22 DCWILLIAMS831
7/27/17 8:27 P
Got my workout in and its my birthday ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰ CHRISTINA332017 306 PAMMIPOO
7/30/17 4:32 P
How long? CINDITA56 71 SHEILA084
5/14/18 10:30 A
Half my size! ~INDYGIRL 122 PETERSONLISA373
6/12/18 7:38 A
Teriyaki tofu lettuce wraps for dinner tonight! SEAOFCARNAGE 13 BOGUSANNIE
7/27/17 11:10 A
Anyone want to be friends on TIMETOLOSEIT99 4281 FLASUN
6/23/18 4:15 P
Hello I'm new to this family, my goal is to loose 50lbs that I gained in the period of 3 years after AVINADY1105 6 AVINADY1105
7/27/17 12:28 P
You're not alone -xxoo CYNDI2017 8 CINDHOLM
7/27/17 2:37 A
7/26/17 11:20 P
Is SP in countries other than the US??? I'm curious and would like to know :)) JBDTRI 8 CHERIRIDDELL
7/27/17 1:18 A
Back in Feb I could barely walk from my car to the grocery I am walking 9000+ steps a d HRODGERS4 31 TENACIOUS10
8/27/17 6:35 A
I need all the motivation I can get!! JMSKREDE 33 SIS_GALLAGHER
7/26/17 11:33 P
Linking Fitbit and Sparkpeople JUNIORSSISTER 826 SUSANCATS422
6/12/18 8:24 A
Saw doctor today and: A1C down, blood pressure a bit low, cholesterol normal, triglycerides normal, RAERAERAE62 40 GOODYBAR58
7/26/17 8:18 P
good mornin' from St. Louis- it's going to be a scorcher today, keep cool & spark on ! THE_PLAN 7 BOGUSANNIE
7/26/17 12:56 P
My newest Vision Board - I create these a few times a year. They inspire and DRIVE me to reaching my BEFITSPIRITED 9 IAMAGEMLOVER
7/27/17 9:40 A
Left work early. Stomach feels icky. Taking a me day. ADARKARA 12 MISTY_MOUNTAINS
7/31/17 11:16 A
#deliciousdailymoment delicious morning vegan shake! Chai latte with Vanilla Ripple non dairy pea m VIOLA1707 5 SASHASMOM1122
7/26/17 1:31 P
Today I am celebrating 5 full years of LIVING my L JOYCEHARRIS3 159 JGB1159
7/27/17 10:17 A
First small goal reached: 15 pounds gone in 7 weeks, down to wedding weight! Reward: a pedicure. I'm LKMANNING7 233 SUNQUEE
7/27/17 2:23 P
Question for women who run with a CHEST STRAP heart rate monitor: how do you prevent the strap from ADARKARA 5 ISNESS
5/5/18 11:16 A
1000 SparkGoodie Points :) RASPBERRY56 3 BOGUSANNIE
7/25/17 10:19 P
7/25/17 10:11 P
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 5 KAMAHULME
7/25/17 10:42 P
Down 90 pounds. I want to lose more tho! Was 340 now 278 F5-FURY 95 AMAYDRAKE80
7/26/17 10:20 A
Okay, I started two weeks ago on July 11th. I was 381.8 pounds. I began because I saw this pic of VKEITHLEY 195 COURTENAYE
7/27/17 5:19 A
FINALLY! Under 300 for the first time in 20+ years, AND a total of 150! Whoot! ABINATHRA 257 ANNIE1114
7/26/17 9:17 A
40 pounds down and counting KCGREEN82 198 CSCOTT_06
7/25/17 6:44 P
Celebrating 50 lbs gone! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ RANAF222 143 FROSTY99
7/25/17 9:23 P
New here, I'm 181 lbs, my goal is 155 lbs MELISSASAUNDERS 13 BOGUSANNIE
7/23/17 4:20 P