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6/17/19 11:12 P
SPCO Did you bite your fingernails today ? DEE107 1762 BKNOCK
6/17/19 11:10 P
6/17/19 11:10 P
6/17/19 11:07 P
Login in Points DEE107 4164 BKNOCK
6/17/19 11:07 P
SPCO What made you smile today ? DEE107 1019 DEE107
6/18/19 12:00 A
6/13/19 8:11 P
HUMMINGBIRDS (Smallest birds in the world) sure can eat! I make 2 1/2 gallons of nectar every other JUSTFURKIDS 20 JAMER123
6/11/19 10:49 P
Chat room DEE107 3675 BKNOCK
6/4/19 4:22 P
Today marks the one year anniversary of me dreaming a dream and wishing a wish. I am amazed and blo BEAGLEGIRL79 308 URBANWARRIOR
6/8/19 9:55 A MISSYJ0507 13 SILVAS7
5/28/19 6:19 P
We moved from a town we lived in over 40 years to a new state. A dear friend gave me some of her ir CAROLJEAN64 18 REGILIEH
5/21/19 9:48 A
Had to put my 12 year old pug down yesterday. Heartbroken! To top it off, I may have influenza. TEAGIRL49X2 145 PATRICIA-CR
5/15/19 11:38 A
πŸ˜‚ I’m a little scared to..... PIXIEDUST04 17 CYNTHIAF1976
5/8/19 10:02 A
1st Crochet Project Completed Well, I finally finished the my very 1st crochet project. I think I MSGNIX 21 -POOKIE-
5/3/19 5:57 A
Oh my gosh!!! I flipping did it!!! I’m crying! I made it to onederland y’all!!! I am bawling! TEXASHSMOMOF3 305 BKOIVIS
5/1/19 11:55 A
My lips πŸ‘„ are sealed πŸ˜‚ PIXIEDUST04 28 DENNIS99707
4/28/19 8:12 P
Have great morning and an even better day!! COLIVENT4 125 CLOUDWALKING
4/24/19 6:03 P
When all the eggs are twins I got excited then suspicious! Who gave the chickens fertility drugs πŸ€” SEAOFCARNAGE 21 SEAOFCARNAGE
4/23/19 7:40 P
#BeforeAndAfter I haven't made it to onderland yet N33D2LOSE50 143 MAHEDAGO
4/25/19 3:01 A
I've been so excited to do this #transformationtue DOUBLELSMOM 275 MARYJOANNA
4/24/19 10:48 A
Now there are lilacs! NITEMAN3D 27 GARDENCHRIS
4/21/19 1:55 A
#BeforeAndAfter. Feeling discouraged because this last pound to reach 50 pounds lost keeps fluctuati BOWL200LB 153 123THERESA123
4/17/19 5:58 A
Took a break from exercise and diet today. It's my birthday today! ;) However, I bought a brand new CMRKSU12 16 PBVHCCVH
4/10/19 1:39 A
Recently had some routine checks turn into some pretty scary possibilities. When doctors decided to WIMSONFLOWER 6 JAMER123
4/9/19 11:44 P
Today is my first 5k race since my hip surgery in January! I’m full of butterflies! PICKLEFISH7 157 CGARR442
4/6/19 9:30 P
4/2/19 9:48 P
Simply .... EMOTICON .... your day --DEBY-- 744 MOMMA48
6/18/19 10:21 A
The first litter of our kitten season is now four weeks old. There’s a pregnant cat in a trap in my MIMAWELIZABETH 23 MIMAWELIZABETH
3/15/19 3:24 A
For my NC friends! πŸ˜‚ CAROLINAGIRL69 25 GRAMMYEAC
3/8/19 10:49 P
It’s my dad’s 75th birthday today! Since we went AMYINTHEWILD 18 LILIANN400
3/3/19 9:39 P
I've been gone a long time. 2 years ago I had lost 45 lbs and was at an incredible 165 lbs. Now I' AMICHELLE570 9 AMICHELLE570
3/2/19 9:07 A
Posted a photo LOVINGCHANGE27 177 LBENNETT1959
2/28/19 9:12 A
adjustments I'm trying for week 2 JHDIETNOW 33 POETLKNG2LOSE
2/21/19 12:03 A
Lots of celebrating today in both USA and Canada for holidays. Nice to do it on my birthday with me SISSYFEB48 81 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
2/18/19 10:33 P
Here is to being another year older. Hopefully this is the year I hit my goal weight. I am a year ol KPARTX31 296 KPARTX31
2/14/19 10:39 P
Posted a photo BKNOCK 20 DEE107
2/12/19 12:04 A
Today is my birthday! So this is what 48 feels like? I have to say, I’m feeling pretty awesome. On MIAMI_LILLY 307 -_-HELLO-_-
2/8/19 3:09 A
What time did you go to sleep last night? LINDYSPARKLES 2774 TCANNO
6/18/19 3:41 A
Changes from being a night owl and sleeping all da HEALTHYGOALS4ME 9 GRAMMACATHY
1/24/19 7:47 P
Hello everyone! I hope y'all are having a great start to your day! After losing just over 100 lbs wi MONICACONQUERS 57 BLOGGSJOE118
1/19/19 6:34 P
"You're time is limited so don't waste it living someone's life" - Steve Jobs SWEETNEEY 23 ALLYLIZZY
1/11/19 2:03 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 26 ALLYLIZZY
1/11/19 2:01 P
Take time to enjoy the beauty around you! LITTLEREDHEN8 17 ALLYLIZZY
1/11/19 2:05 P
Happy Tuesday! Today is my first day at my new job! LPORTER2015 157 TUBLADY
1/9/19 9:14 A
A few days ago, I was diagnosed with Psoas Syndrome. In 2006, my husband took me to the emergency RIVERBENEDICTA 30 BKNOCK
12/31/18 3:56 P
I did it guys I hit my goal of 100lbs lost today! It took me 1 year 4 months and a couple weeks but ITSASECRET6915 304 MEERA11
5/16/19 3:56 P
Today I turn 40 and these will be the healthiest years of my life! Up bright and early to volunteer WINTERRAIN 137 HOPEFULHIPPO
11/10/18 11:56 A
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 151645 REGILIEH
6/18/19 7:35 P
Celebrating my 46th Birthday Today! Start Weight was 355lbs in 2016. Toady I've been hovering at 239 ALOFA0509 124 GRANDMABEAST63
11/8/18 4:23 A
It's my birthday!!! Whoop whoop!!! Happy to be sharing it with my Spark fam!!! The big 46!!! .....n LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 234 LAPPEROO
10/31/18 11:21 P
I am 49 today. Trying to get 5 miles in before a birthday party today DEBSANKS 215 I-AM-TITANIUM
10/23/18 12:15 A
I have never posted a pic that showed my extremely nervous about that. But i know, this BRANDICOOK 101 SHOWKINDNESS
10/20/18 12:41 A
This was a fun SnapChat Filter!..Well, the day has finally come...I turned 50 yesterday. What I'm POGIRL17 143 AKELLY45
10/19/18 7:17 A
Fell hard at work today... LISA6101 18 LISA6101
10/3/18 8:58 P
My NON guilty pleasure! These are called moon drop black grapes. Instead of grabbing some chocola ESSENTIALLYME 31 ESSENTIALLYME
10/1/18 12:22 P
Today is my birthday. Here's to making my 38th year the best one yet! WHITTY_ONE 141 MCJULIEO
9/13/18 9:05 P
Expecting a lot of rain and wind hope not to get to much damage. Anyone in this path my prayers are MYAN1959 16 DEE107
9/12/18 12:03 A
I am!!! I had some potentially life altering news today. May be losing my job of 9 years. I wanted t SOULFISH80 42 TRESSWANN
9/12/18 1:49 P
9/7/18 1:54 A
So...this just happened...I said yes! AMYR2019 171 CHEIVOUS
9/1/18 11:00 A
Good morning Sparklers! Today I'm spending a little extra time counting my blessings. Four years ago NOT2OLDJUDY 180 VFAITHFUL1
8/28/18 6:23 P
It's my birthday today! I am saving up my calories for cake. NDSTOIC44 304 CATDUCK1
7/30/18 5:54 P
Week Three Check-in WBERRY57 20 POETLKNG2LOSE
3/13/19 4:35 P
6/18/19 4:23 P
#BeforeAndAfter seeing changes... He has lost 50 and I’m down 15 since January 1st πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ NAZYTEACH 121 STOPPLAYING2011
9/5/18 10:13 P
write the first word this word makes you think of KEEPITUP 99068 PEGJW111
6/18/19 3:34 P
How High Can We Count... *.MICHELLE.* 30210 PATJOONWW
6/18/19 8:55 A
Today I Am Happy Because... STEELERCRAZY 1339 BKNOCK
9/2/17 6:24 P
8/30/17 4:28 P
Quick! What's the first word that comes to mind? LEANLIVIN 53752 KSMOMMY79
6/18/19 12:47 P
trying to go to sleep on time ZAMWPB 11 LIN1263
8/24/17 4:17 A
A-Z girls names JENNYDREDFUL13 255816 ALFBUNDY
6/18/19 10:08 A
6/3/17 9:22 P
Latisha's Sleep Goals - Week 1 Discussion LPORTER2015 10 LIN1263
8/24/17 4:55 A