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Have a great day✌✌✌✌✌✌ EVANS1848 23 COOKWITHME65
5/19/18 5:53 P
Goodmorning everybody! Keep up the good work, stay positive, right now i just feel im at a stand sti JASZMONIQUE 28 MUSTANGMOM6
5/18/18 11:06 A
Morning walk turned into a morning run. Lol CARLOSLAKELAND 139 LIZZIE138
5/11/18 5:54 P
Not every day is a good day. some days it is enough just to get up and do something. 7 months ago my RUBYMICHELLE 310 RSSSLHB
5/9/18 10:42 A
Im struggling this week, so I need some motivation. I went through some pictures and found some good AUDSROSE 163 MANGO1960
4/14/18 11:45 P
For such a time as this. This is my time to do what I've been saying I'm going to! I love bible jour KIMBERLYNSTONE 11 LYNMEINDERS
4/8/18 7:11 P
No milk this morning for a low cal high fiber cereal. Two jelly donuts with jelly squeezed out. Some ILOVEOCEANS 13 LAURAFOOTE
4/6/18 9:27 A
After losing around 100 pounds and now, after losing 220. No surgery. All SparkPeople. ~INDYGIRL 321 CSRICHMOND
4/12/18 6:55 A
But we are supposed to get up to 35 degrees today (Welcome to Michigan).... GYPSYMOTHER76 84 MUSTANGMOM6
4/6/18 12:23 P
This is a great suggestion for closet purging. MISSPEACHES3 14 SPEDED2
4/4/18 7:31 P
My mother-in-law is the best. She cooks supper for my family on Wednesday nights so we have time t BERGEN127 12 BLUECAFE
4/8/18 3:18 P
Hello Spark Angels~ I'm a newbie and happy to try a new way of living for all the right reasons.I've AELDER122 61 BAMBOCCHIA24
4/21/18 3:32 P
Today I feel HAPPY! I hope you do too! WIZZLEWOLF1 8 GEORGE815
3/19/18 1:33 P
Need some advice?? Never in my life owned a pair of skinny jeans until these were handed down to me. TMP0418 306 CHELLE_2909
3/20/18 4:41 P
Only 4:30pm and ive gone over 😱 gonna be a long night without food. GHOSTILYUSHA 9 JUSTFURKIDS
2/27/18 7:42 P
Hi Friends, going to my first bible study tommorow and kind of nervous. I hope I don't look like a JUSTSTICKWITHIT 172 1CRAZYDOG
2/28/18 2:18 P
Just an Off day for me 😞I need a hug . Has anyone RKHATERA01 196 RKHATERA01
2/28/18 10:15 P
Note to self... RHOOK20047 12 MBPP50
2/17/18 7:04 A
Posted a photo MRSBLACKFUL 62 QSHEPP
2/17/18 6:25 P
Plz excuse my feet. I’ve been through a lot yet, I NEVER gave up!! At 288 I was morbidly obese. Ju DIANEDOESSMILES 218 SKCASON
2/17/18 12:51 P
2/16/18 3:47 P
My goal is to become a Competitive Native American Women's Traditional Dancer. I have a gym trainer WHITETURTLERAIN 10 1CRAZYDOG
2/15/18 3:55 P
Down 65 pounds today! KACKLEY5 296 MOONGLOWSNANA
2/15/18 5:46 P
We had snow in the deep south yesterday. We get ex LYONSFARM 97 NANCYANND55
1/4/18 8:17 P
Posted a photo ~INDYGIRL 304 MAYIE53
1/4/18 1:00 A
Day 3 post surgery and the nerve block is slowly wearing off. Pain meds are a must and sleep is min MARIAN326 16 FIDDLISH
12/31/17 2:09 P
My journey to Onederland begins today! I'm excited!!! I've set everything in place I need... 3 Spark ELF41978 106 COOLMAMA11
5/20/18 4:05 A
I’m back! After 4 years and several other programs that didn’t work so well I’ve decided to fully im QHASLINGER 149 BABY_GIRL69
12/28/17 3:01 P
12/17/17 7:44 P
Enjoying a warming, comfortable breakfast on this wicked cold weekend... BOOHOOBEAR 113 LOSER05
12/31/17 2:35 P
Have a great Tuesday. Lots to do today. Getting ready for Thursday Christmas Party at VA for nursing LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 TXCURIOUS
12/13/17 9:06 A
Feel free to comment your favorite Christmas movies. ALLYLIZZY 27 STORCH2000
12/11/17 10:59 P
Good Morning! Hope all have a blessed Saturday! Someone bring me my eggnog!! BOOHOOBEAR 7 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
12/2/17 11:33 A
Bug is sending a good morning to all. ROVONEYE 86 PWILLOW1
11/19/17 4:29 P
Not something I am proud of came out of prison at 208 pounds, now eight months later I am at 275 pou MOUNTAINEER1984 30 TMP0418
11/12/17 4:46 P
I am a female Veteran, and I honor those who have served before me, with me, and now DESERTDREAMERS 18 SILVERWITCH59
11/11/17 9:35 A
I was overwhelmed by all of the love and support I received from everyone yesterday. I can't thank y ASHWOO32 81 ABUELAMEMA52
11/6/17 6:05 P
Just had a cry in the dressing room. Went dress shopping for my 25th anniversary dinner. Grabbed my LLR630 147 CANNINGNANNY
11/6/17 5:05 A
11/5/17 10:02 A
Tim Hortons seen my face 3 times last week & pumpkin spice Timbit’s invaded my tummy... but not this HERNEENEE 20 PWILLOW1
11/5/17 11:07 A
You are built to last beyond your moments of failure no matter how hard you are pulled or how far yo BOOHOOBEAR 7 EO4WELLNESS
11/5/17 12:33 P
It is time to change your game plan. It is time for you to stop waiting for the perfect moment and g BOOHOOBEAR 13 KATONTHEMAT
11/5/17 12:41 P
Hi started spark 2 weeks ago.weighed in at 263.5.last monday weighed in at 259.I will weigh again to SCHRADER5 169 ZRIE014
11/5/17 6:55 P
11/5/17 7:16 A
Hello Spark Community! I was once on this app. I lived and breathed it, actually. Then, I fell off SAMMOLSONNNN 8 SLVRMANE
11/4/17 10:00 P
11/6/17 8:41 A
Feeling pretty down on myself today. Last night I overheard my ex discussing with his family how muc ASHWOO32 309 BOOTSIE15
11/4/17 11:04 P
Early morning walk of 238 m of the Track at the Canada Games Ctr. Halifax, NS. Strength exercises BOOHOOBEAR 283 MDCALIFORNIA
11/5/17 12:16 P
Unusually cold today! Good day for a sheppards pie. To cold for salad. Am I weird? I only like salad DIALYSISCHIC1 34 LKMANNING7
10/30/17 10:30 P
Greek yogurt, honey, blackstrap molasses, cinnamon, blueberries and a smidge of mint for beautificat KPILVER 21 CHELZANNE
10/30/17 6:49 P
Health Tip! Anyone suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes look into 100% pure organic Cacao powder. CONSISTENTFAITH 7 HOPE77X7
10/19/17 4:29 P
#family Wishing my Dad a Happy 82nd Birthday today! So glad you are still enjoying each precious day COOKWITHME65 43 GARDENCHRIS
10/7/17 12:12 P
Feeling proud of myself wearing a xs blouse and size 6 jeans.👍👍👍👍 SASSYK11 16 ALALADY
9/29/17 5:16 P
This is the hardest and most rewarding journey I've ever been on! But I see myself again.. And I am CMILLER0525 45 ALALADY
9/29/17 5:15 P
Posted a photo ADUKE6 43 COWLEEN1
9/29/17 2:32 P
I'm back at another attempt to lose weight. *crosses fingers* M_MCCOLLUM00 14 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
9/7/17 8:35 P
Intro BEULAH45 19 NOMI_822
9/19/17 4:59 P
My 2nd Great Grandbaby. BJGWO40 14 TWEDEE777
8/19/17 8:24 A
New life for me.. Prepping is the way to go NINE2LONG1701 40 PILLARPOINT
8/19/17 2:25 P
8/19/17 7:12 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 18 PATRICIA-CR
8/19/17 10:09 A
Yesterday I turned 31, and as I laid in bed I couldn't help but think how awful I felt. I can't go u MISSMANDYBLUE02 48 LEEWORD
8/19/17 9:39 A
Came back from the doc yesterday and it seems I was in worst shape then I thought. My scale is off b N42542 198 SKANTRA
8/19/17 5:56 P
I haven't posted or really even been on here much for the last couple of weeks. My precious daddy we MADDIEBSMAMA 33 SPRKYMOM
8/19/17 12:41 P
Good morning or afternoon everyone!!!! So today is THEJACKIEDEAN12 307 NATASHA_D1
8/24/17 5:44 P
One yr difference!! 120lbs later 60 yrs old 👍👍 DIANEPAG 129 CHELSEA_GLAM1
9/14/17 5:41 P
Hi Sparks Friends, back to see the wonderful Bexar County Property (home below) Appraisal unelected AOKDIET21 14 1CRAZYDOG
8/17/17 1:04 P
I need you all to pray that I don't fall off. My m MISSCNJ 173 QSHEPP
8/17/17 7:29 P
Nothing irritates me more about SP than to see some of the "advice" some of you are trying to give. KKRAVIG1975 10 VIRGINIAGIRL
8/16/17 8:26 A
Are You Plagued with Common Illnesses? Will You Be Able to Take Care of Your Family in The Long Run? MIRAGE727 7 MADEINBRITAIN
8/5/17 4:18 A
Goodmorning, fast forward to November, will you be scrambling to drop those xtra pounds before the h JUSTSTICKWITHIT 58 VIRGINIAGIRL
7/31/17 3:24 P
Breakfast/pre-workout smoothie. Banana, apple, pea MISTERTARA 30 L64387
7/15/17 9:57 A
Need some encouragement this morning. Our 10 year old Corgi mix passed away last night. LJBOWSER1 303 OVERWEIGHT
7/15/17 3:05 P
I absolutely love eating fruit in the summer! What's your fav summer fruit? FITSISTA79 250 ADORENE
7/17/17 5:26 P
7/12/17 7:29 A