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So my baby boy, Chong, is not fond of Ohio thunderstorms. He started hiding in the shower years ago; MOTHER_OF_CHONG 41 CGRABER3
5/22/18 12:45 A
Posted a photo AMYMBUNCH 55 CGRABER3
5/22/18 12:44 A
A new week means a fresh new start! ALLYLIZZY 7 BCHARIE
5/21/18 1:25 P
35 down! I get some new clothes at 40-- yay! None fit anymore! :) FATGECKO 19 TMP0418
5/21/18 4:01 P
Two Roofers, Bob and Dan, were putting a new roof on a barn when a bundle of shingles slid down the NANASUEH 3 PRNCSCUP1-2FULL
5/21/18 3:51 P
I got all my hair cut off over the weekend. The new me is still evolving. MBLANKFORD 74 I-AM-TITANIUM
5/21/18 11:07 P
Question...does anyone else feel bloated while eating healthy? I feel so bloated and gassy even in MRSA2Z66 4 BUSYBERRY
5/21/18 2:25 P
I thought I'd do something different to put a fire back underneath me. This is my going backward pic MUSICLADY923 9 BCHARIE
5/21/18 1:21 P
5/21/18 1:20 P
Pumped class rocked today. Lifted heavier dumbbells and I feel I am ready to maybe push my heavy bar VICKICHICKI123 7 VICKICHICKI123
5/21/18 2:37 P
Down 2 more pounds, that's 107 total! Feeling great and seeing changes! So thankful for Sparkpeople! WINDMILLS18 30 HOLLY61FIRE
5/21/18 2:23 P
My new truth 💗 BIZZIEE 13 STEVE4476
5/21/18 1:43 P
5/21/18 2:46 P
I'm gonna be a grandma lol 😂 5 eggs two dads cant wait TMP0418 10 DIALYSISCHIC1
5/21/18 4:35 P
5/21/18 2:45 P
Started my journey 4 days ago. Legs sore, didn't feel like working out today. Did it any way, got in 580ROSE 6 BUSYBERRY
5/21/18 2:22 P
2nd weigh in for today. My medication has finally cooperated, it’s been causing constapation, sorry TBOYD5000 5 ZUZUPETALS10
5/21/18 1:58 P
Down 2 more pounds, that's 107 total! Feeling great and seeing changes! So thankful for Sparkpeople! WINDMILLS18 54 CSROBERTSON621
5/21/18 3:45 P
Today marks 20lbs lost!! I did it! I'm not stopping. I gave myself until my birthday (Aug 25) to los COLEYBANANA 85 THIA751
5/21/18 10:50 P
The goal is reached! In April 2016 I weighed 234 lbs. I don't think that was my heaviest, but it is PSALMISTSINGER 194 LOSE72
5/21/18 11:12 P
Down 102 lbs BOWDEA6 203 CSROBERTSON621
5/21/18 3:46 P
Finally made it to one-derland! It's been a long journey from 378 lbs. But we can do this! 10 more l MANDA2091 304 LOSE72
5/21/18 11:59 P
2lbs lost this week! 51 lbs down , 41 to go. #BeforeAndAfter MARIAN326 240 LOSE72
5/22/18 12:03 A
…:::It is always helpful if you can find a buddy to hit those spark trails with! ..If not, just keep 2BDYNAMIC 24 CHERIRIDDELL
5/22/18 1:34 A
Go Vegas Knights!!! JULIEA7201 9 BCHARIE
5/20/18 1:45 P
Went to a party last night and danced by behind of ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 8 CHEIVOUS
5/20/18 3:12 P
Happy Sunday!!! KHANSON10 9 DGIGGLES3
5/20/18 4:54 P
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 46 MDOWER1
5/20/18 1:32 P
My beginning photo OUIJA123 26 TMP0418
5/20/18 7:23 P
Beginning the week with excellent news!! Another 2 pounds off!! From 317 in January to 280 today!! Y MPGYPSIE1 180 TICKLEBEE
5/20/18 3:27 P
6 months between the pictures almost 50 lb difference ...I don’t see it but the scale does lol GLENDAK72 303 BEVERLY1501
5/20/18 10:37 P
…:::Does anyone else besides me have this experience? … Open wide and say 'gah.' 2BDYNAMIC 29 WALLAHALLA
5/21/18 10:23 P
No matter what weight I'm at, I am: Beautiful. Powerful. Amazing. I look forward to making myself a AGENTPANDA 129 FITWITHIN
5/20/18 1:57 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 13 KATHYJO56
5/20/18 12:23 A
#BeforeAndAfter I can feel it and i love it. Focused on me!!! #progress DAINTYLIZARD86 44 EVANS1848
5/19/18 11:30 P
2 week face change!! Still only down 5lbs from the MBOLTON7 15 MDOWER1
5/19/18 8:45 P
…::For those of you planning a vacation, you may want to pack your own bag ... 2BDYNAMIC 27 LIS193
5/20/18 12:37 P
So I did get off early today but as soon as I got home my neighbor saw me and asked if I wanted to m GONTOP22 6 GEORGE815
5/19/18 7:10 P
260cal huevos rancheros! MALLARYMARIE8 10 GEORGE815
5/19/18 7:08 P
You can simply start by eating healthier meals to become a better healthier you _KANDY 16 GEORGE815
5/19/18 7:06 P
If I haven't gotten my steps in I play with my cat and run on the stop. Didn't need more steps toda BBBONNIE1 11 GEORGE815
5/19/18 7:07 P
Made it to an hour on the arc trainer. When I firs SONOGIRL12 14 GEORGE815
5/19/18 7:06 P
Sparkers - do you prefer a certain brand of water, or adding flavors or fruits to water, or are you ASF220 16 GEORGE815
5/19/18 7:05 P
Holy butt 😂 not where I wanna be but what a difference 😊 I'm so proud of me and thankful for all o TMP0418 179 SADIEMYERS
5/20/18 8:55 A
140 days ago I retired and have logged on every single day! Yea we! Winning!!!!! BCHARIE 5 GEORGE815
5/19/18 7:12 P
Day 4 last night was a struggle I woke up at 130 due to the pain in my legs so I get up and move to RAGEFRIENDLY 2 BCHARIE
5/19/18 10:22 A
Gardening an vacuuming this morning. #moveit ALEXTHEHUN 2 BCHARIE
5/19/18 10:21 A
5/19/18 10:20 A
My go to breakfast this whole week. Some form of egg whether boiled or scrambled. A meat. And. Banan MZALEXANDRIACOL 20 FISHGUT3
5/19/18 11:16 A
Made Cheesy Garden Green Pepperoni Frittata Muffins (#mealprep #KETO #LowCarb) yummy 24 medium muff JUSTFURKIDS 46 JUSTFURKIDS
5/20/18 6:14 P
Posted a photo MLBSLK 18 TOCONNER
5/19/18 11:12 A
This is my bunch. Blessed to be their wife, mom, and Mimi 😍 MIMIOF03 3 JOSIEPOSIES
5/19/18 10:22 A
Meal prepped a crustless quiche with grilled veggies left over from last night's kabobs. Added sausa MARSHASHADOW 36 CHRISTOPHER63
5/19/18 12:04 P
Posted a photo RASMUSSEN5 37 TERRIC853
5/19/18 11:13 A
Posted a photo MLBSLK 47 LINDA7677
5/19/18 12:50 P
Today my baby turned 13!!! I'm so blessed to be her mama!!!☺️❤️ ST3PH 52 LAURAFOOTE
5/19/18 1:43 P
My husband spoils me! ELIZABETHBECK1 14 PATRICIA-CR
5/19/18 9:55 A
Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends- proud of myself because I was emotionally upset😠. Instead of reaching for i AOKDIET21 7 ISNESS
5/18/18 9:48 P
Something beautiful bout to happen! GINTIME 7 BCHARIE
5/18/18 5:20 P
Question I was talking to my friend and told her how I've had a lack of energy and feeling tired alo KINYA4571 10 WLHOPE
5/18/18 8:14 P
Worked my ass off to lose 38 pounds. Worked my ass off so I could feel comfortable in my own skin. W MARICRUZJIMENEZ 30 MARICRUZJIMENEZ
5/18/18 5:55 P
Pretty walk today!! Love Springs time as the leaves come out. It's 53 today so it's nice here In M DIANEDOESSMILES 17 CHERIRIDDELL
5/19/18 1:22 A
One pound at a time! 🔹Total lost: 23🔹 JORIEFM 23 ALLYLIZZY
5/18/18 6:13 P
Beautiful forest preserve walk with son and dog BCHARIE 11 CASCOTT62
5/18/18 6:09 P
5/19/18 4:08 P
Me & My hubby today after Career Day! We had a awe AELDER122 13 ALLYLIZZY
5/18/18 6:16 P
200lbs vs 185lbs ... I guess I don’t really see a difference NAZYTEACH 300 REVMIKE10
5/19/18 7:54 A
Posted a photo LUVS2BIKE101 9 75HEALTHYME
5/18/18 3:40 P
Heyyy~ nice option McDonald's. Oatmeal w fruit ! M RKHATERA01 9 AUNTRENEE
5/18/18 9:52 A
Dinner today was Amaaazing!!:) RKHATERA01 13 BCHARIE
5/17/18 11:55 P
Sometimes the minutes seem so long when I’m on the treadmill help me 🤷🏽‍♀️ _KANDY 20 KMILLER31
5/17/18 8:08 P
My brother has been great.... He is my workout buddy... Keeps me moving... Even when I don't feel li BLHAKE 7 NUTTYGIRL2105
5/17/18 7:26 P
Does this look ok? I'm know...that three letter word. Sorry, I don't have a full leng MARIAN326 30 GRAVITYFIGHTING
5/17/18 7:18 P
Posted a photo NERDYMAMA2 14 ALBREDA1980
5/17/18 8:11 P
Two days of hard labor in my yard, burning serious calories. I'm praying for rain, because when it' BCHARIE 5 ADRIENALINE
5/17/18 6:20 P