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Happy TGIF! Have a great weekend making good choices. AMYBRO1 39 _RAMONA
7/19/19 3:46 P
Yesterday I had a horrible embarrassing experience. After all day wanting to get on a roller coaste LAM200514 11 FRISKYCRITTER
7/19/19 11:09 A
Took my nephew fishing in 100 degree , full sun yesterday.... sweated the entire 2 .5 hours... caugh DEE230 11 SWEETGABROWN1
7/19/19 6:52 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 39 PATRICIA-CR
7/19/19 4:06 P
Breakfast this morning! 2 slices of turkey bacon, 2 boiled eggs, 1 slice of low carb bread ( 7g in t RENETTAJUNE 25 SWEETGABROWN1
7/19/19 6:50 P
πŸ‘ πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ Working out with heels helps me get a better thigh definition. At first I thought my Traine ZUBRUNSON 22 SWEETGABROWN1
7/19/19 6:48 P
Learning my blood pressure is high has given me motivation to be more fit as I age. I love this quo MELISSAHANSEN09 26 _RAMONA
7/19/19 3:53 P
This morning, I did the 36 minute Lower Body Sculpt with Libby by The Firm. I can feel that my abs a FROGROBYN 8 CHIP8790
7/19/19 8:48 P
Personal best on my 49th bday!! Over 30000 steps twice in a week, another personal best. Best part JULIEA7201 50 DLDMIL
7/19/19 4:48 P
Minnesota summertime; it doesn't get better than this! Yoga on the lakeshore this morning. β€œLove lif J2002HEIDS 107 DLDMIL
7/19/19 4:46 P
#BeforeAndAfter getting a puppy. My Bailey makes the best workout partner! She also never allows me JESNICNIX 163 TXMURDERINO
7/19/19 11:33 P
Started dieting again a little over a week ago after having my daughter about 6 months ago... Weighe KITREENA 10 KITREENA
7/19/19 9:05 A
Posted a photo CLANPHERE 23 STAR135000
7/18/19 11:22 P
I have been on myfitnesspals BMI calculator and this is what its shown for me, so I was right, my we BECCALOU09 8 BECCALOU09
7/20/19 12:22 P
I'm a little tardy on the post, but from June 26 to July 9 (14 days), I rode my bicycle from Memphis MNCYCLIST 49 FITWITHIN
7/21/19 7:05 A
Posted a photo BOWL200LB 16 GEORGE815
7/18/19 4:49 P
I've been asked a lot lately about extra skin. Specifically arm wings. Yes I have extra basically al DOUBLELSMOM 35 BAILE1MA
7/18/19 8:39 P
Today's timed Run brought to you by 2 Cups O' Coffee with guests Artificial Sweetener and Hazelnut C MAYDAY62 13 BAILE1MA
7/18/19 8:41 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 18 DEE107
7/19/19 12:12 A
My most recent book haul! Spent around $3 at a thrift store with a 50% off coupon! _SHERRY_ 20 LULU0809
7/18/19 6:50 P
This picture tells its own story. The funny thing about it is, this ruffled blouse is a a plus size ALLYLIZZY 88 JRDUPREE
7/20/19 1:56 A
Good morning so excited I officially got rid of 60lbs that will never get back on me ever again... S JASMINE2019 188 FITWITHIN
7/21/19 7:03 A
I mean are there actually people who say no to tacos? πŸ€” Last night’s workout nearly killed me but h MOWWOW77 11 ELSCO55
7/17/19 10:45 P
Zoe thinks she is flying ALESIATAYLOR 20 ELENAWEST1
7/17/19 8:17 P
#BeforeAndAfter HSEGELKE2 25 _RAMONA
7/18/19 2:24 A
7/18/19 11:57 A
I'm following the Wendy Plan this. It's when you take your culminative WW points (daily and weekly) AMGONYEA10 7 GEORGE815
7/17/19 3:56 P
Happy Wednesday! RAERAERAE62 39 _RAMONA
7/18/19 2:15 A
Thank you Spark Family for being my Circle!πŸ’ CLO333 9 PATRICIA-CR
7/18/19 11:58 A
Anyone else with menopause struggling to lose weight? CAROLINAGIRL69 25 _RAMONA
7/18/19 2:14 A
50 lbs. down since early this spring, and about 15 still to go. It's wonderful what eating better an JIMWONSOWICZ 101 CHERRYZMB60
7/17/19 4:09 P
It's been 6 months since my rare cancer diagnosis and 8 hour surgery to remove the tumor. I'm finall KATIE777KT 124 INPRAYER
7/17/19 4:29 P
Busy couple of days and didn't do so well tracking..back at it today. Happy Tuesday! STAYHOPEFUL 33 GMACAMI
7/16/19 11:52 A
7/16/19 10:24 A
Fresh from the garden. Gardening is basically my meditation/ yoga equivalent :) TXMURDERINO 14 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:30 P
Been a week so far and lost 7 of the 20 lbs I gained back 😁😁😁😁 DAISYKRULL 20 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:31 P
Monday was a relaxing day. Mediated, took nap and watched TV. 618LILY1 15 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:31 P
I love this shot from the weekend DD and I just spent with friends in Maine. It reminds me of both ROCKYCATSMAMMA 40 DUCKTURNIP
7/21/19 1:29 A
It’s mango season!! I could have a mango smoothie every day for life and never get tired of them. Fr MIAMI_LILLY 29 _RAMONA
7/16/19 2:47 A
Dr. appointment today 68.9 lbs lost so far. #BeforeAndAfter SPIDERLADY1313 48 TAYGRL
7/19/19 8:58 A
Beautiful day at the beach! I spent my summers here when I was growing up! Outer Banks North Carol CINDY247 52 PATRICIA-CR
7/16/19 3:00 P
With all the stress off losing my mom and raising MOMS3KIDS 82 ALLYLIZZY
7/15/19 1:03 P
This took my breath away on my walk this a.m., in a neighbors yard. BCHARIE 47 ILOVEROSES
7/16/19 3:09 A
The first pic was taken January 10th and the second was taken today, July 14th. Still got a way to g NEVAPATE3 160 PUPPYTUMMY0
7/15/19 8:07 P
7/14/19 5:21 P
Morning!! Today we celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary and 15 years together. Have a great day!!! 2B-ME-AGAIN 51 QUARTERMASTER3
7/14/19 5:21 P
β€œAre we done yet?!”... that must be what the Cooper-dog is thinking after a 90 minute walk... LESLIELENORE 45 CHERIRIDDELL
7/15/19 1:24 A
Gonna take this little one on a walk this morning before it gets too hot! INZIANN88 28 _RAMONA
7/14/19 5:10 P
Heading back to square 1. I love to run, but first you’ve got to learn to walk. So for the next 30 d OUTSIDEJOJO 24 _RAMONA
7/14/19 5:26 P
Canadian foothills summer sun FIT2FINISH 17 ROSALIE28
7/17/19 9:17 A
This is an amazing sunset from last week's vacation. I hope it fills you with joy and happiness. SANDYHOLM 48 QUARTERMASTER3
7/14/19 5:19 P
7/14/19 10:56 A
Well, mixed weekend for weight loss and health. Weight gained (1lb) but I walked and worked my butt NEWLINDSAY2019 51 GMACAMI
7/14/19 11:50 A
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 22 BARB4HEALTH
7/14/19 11:54 P
We were playing with our grandson last night and bought an outfit; it’s actually a sleeper with a ba NATASHA_D1 30 IGSBETH
7/15/19 7:19 P
For those of us who are in instant gratification mode, as I have been all my life with my eating, th DJAYBX 12 ROSALIE28
7/14/19 9:33 A
Lol i made a mistake on my last post. I weigh 119.6lbs, not 199! LR237787 18 LIVINHEALTHY9
7/13/19 10:16 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 24 GEORGE815
7/13/19 2:25 P
Doc: "Now that you're 50, what's the most difficult thing to do, Wiz?" Wizard: "Yes." NANASUEH 17 KHALIA2
7/14/19 8:51 A
The meal. Spanish food all from scratch DIZEIMAGE 13 EVIE4NOW
7/13/19 5:59 P
Happy Saturday LADY_KATHY 10 DEE107
7/15/19 12:27 A
Tai chi at the wAter, beAch walk , and Zumba on YouTube πŸ˜ƒ SUNNYWORKOUT30 22 EVIE4NOW
7/13/19 5:57 P
Posted a photo KATTQUE 11 _RAMONA
7/13/19 2:45 P
7/14/19 3:37 P
I weighed in at 152.4 this morning. I’m down a total of 76 pounds, with only 2 more pounds to go unt ALLYLIZZY 136 618LILY1
7/15/19 10:09 A
I rarely ever get dressed up. I wear yoga pants ju OPTICALXILLUSIO 25 PEREZJPRZ19
7/17/19 6:22 P
I'm in love with this Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing πŸ’›! It's so good & refreshing! Made with real fruit WILD_ONE 19 _RAMONA
7/12/19 9:27 P
On July 12 1990 I married my best friend. Today 29 years, 2 sweet & awesome kids and a "little" ov DEM-TOM 179 CRAZYEXWIFE
7/14/19 7:50 P
Been a while since I've been on here. I had to get medications situated, home life in place, and wor SUNFLOWER524 21 ELENAWEST1
7/12/19 10:16 P
7/13/19 11:59 P
Posted a photo NOOKA_74 23 GRAMMYEAC
7/12/19 10:29 P
7/12/19 2:29 A
My vision board was more fun AND inspiring than I thought it would be. If you want to change your mi THE_ZEN_OF_LUX 8 _RAMONA
7/12/19 2:14 A
I had a friend send me this this morning and I couldn't help but share! This is too funny!πŸ˜ƒ MYKDSRDRVNME2 8 _RAMONA
7/12/19 2:30 A
4/14 before still working it 6/19! New goal, 20lbs more! MOWWOW77 26 _RAMONA
7/12/19 2:37 A