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Love me some him! We will Celebrate 33 years on April 5!! God is Good! SPOKENWORD 45 1CRAZYDOG
3/23/19 3:35 P
Yes indeed, I can do it. Macros soooo close to what the doctor asked me to do yesterday. Felt amaz ROCKYCATSMAMMA 13 STAR135000
3/23/19 11:10 P
3/18/19 12:50 P
Thomas Edison never stopped trying. “I have not failed 10,000 times,” he said. “I have successfully ANNEMARIE001 4 JANIMOEN
3/9/19 10:03 A
Juicing this morning ♥️ FITMOMMY7878 12 MYTURN215
3/3/19 6:35 P
Those darn carbs add up so quickly !!! GLSRULES1 6 MYTURN215
3/3/19 6:30 P
I want going to post this picture of myself, but I decided to just step out of my comfort zone and d ALLYLIZZY 172 ALUNA1975SS
2/27/19 9:48 P
Two feet of snow in my neck of the woods MILLSERIKA2 18 AMYINTHEWILD
2/17/19 4:44 P
I tell Ronnie this story all the time ❤️🐶 OPTICALXILLUSIO 26 VEGANNATURELOVE
2/4/19 11:30 P
I weigh more now than I ever have. Today I decided I've had enough. I'm doing something about it, MISSYJO64 28 LORELEI781
2/3/19 7:28 P
Nutrition in broccoli florets ANNEMARIE001 3 ANNEMARIE001
1/31/19 1:07 P
Last night my mama curled my daughter's hair. My d ST3PH 38 CONNIE2019
1/24/19 6:53 P
I have been sick off and on for over two weeks. Unfortunately, I chose quick fixes and comfort food MANYSPLENDORS 10 LASOLA1
1/24/19 8:27 P
Mix and match nutrition tracker ANNEMARIE001 3 ANNEMARIE001
1/23/19 6:26 P
I submitted this to SP's suggestion box. Who else would like this? "It would be great to have a weig GREENSUBMARINE 7 GREENSUBMARINE
1/23/19 9:49 P
Kids today are just plain cruel. Got an email tod ST3PH 309 AZMEMA
1/24/19 12:23 P
Hi! I’m new to SparkPeople and I’ve been enjoying all of your posts. I have a question: I made homem SUSANNAHROSE05 9 ANNEMARIE001
1/21/19 6:24 P
My new workout buddy! KARENINAS 143 RODRIGUEZ41508
1/4/19 11:54 P
MonthlyTeam Challenge for January 2019 JUDITH316 31 JUDITH316
1/30/19 4:49 A
Looking for an answer on your voice mail that will leave people hollering with laughter? Look no fur NANASUEH 8 JUDY1676
1/4/19 11:58 P
Good Morning Spark Family! ❤️ Ok I have been thinking hard about my goals for 2019 and I’m not fini TEXASHSMOMOF3 94 TEXASHSMOMOF3
1/5/19 12:26 P
The old me and the me I've always wanted 💗 85 pou TMP0418 203 DOLPHINAGGIE
1/9/19 11:47 P
#BeforeAndAfter Started at 379.8 and this morning at 282.6! Still a ways to go, but over half way th DJSTARRIDER 282 PMBOURQUE
1/12/19 4:42 P
Meet my family! SPOKENWORD 20 1CRAZYDOG
1/3/19 1:43 P
Here I go.... January challenge 😁 #its #on O btw I have no clue who that guy is showing off he's TMP0418 35 NEWMIRROR
1/9/19 11:20 P
I just had back surgery 1 month ago, how can I lose weight laying THELDER_MOOSE 5 MSMITCHELL2696
1/1/19 6:28 P
Today's Thought in the Devotion For Dieters, for December 31st is, "I will be a conqueror, through t ALLENJOSEPH 4 SUSANSKI
1/3/19 3:20 P
Made my 20k steps yesterday! Now to do it again today! JACQUELYN-L-FIT 16 GEORGE815
12/30/18 4:05 P
I have a lot of things I want to accomplish in the coming year. I have about 100 pounds left to lose DRBENGSCH2021 25 FUTUREFOCUSED
12/30/18 1:50 P
Rarely seen photo of a cat's inner demon MIMAWELIZABETH 18 DEE107
12/30/18 10:04 P
Happy to be home with my pup! CHARMEDUSUD 36 NOCALORIES
12/28/18 9:54 P
Did SP get rid of the "Map My Route" feature? I can't find it! Can someone help please. LILLYMAGS 4 LILLYMAGS
12/30/18 6:40 P
Did it.15 minutes and away I go. #moveit CHANGEME62 7 BONNIE1552
12/29/18 9:05 P
Do I look the same ?? 👍🏽yes 👎🏽 no SWEETHEART4321 135 EDWARDS1411
12/28/18 6:20 P
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clot FFWONDERWOMAN 16 PWILLOW1
12/25/18 10:43 P
Minimalism! I read a few years ago that people with a cluttered refrigerator (tons of magnets and pa RIVERBENEDICTA 15 RIVERBENEDICTA
12/30/18 10:06 P
We have a family tradition of going out into the woods together and gathering branches,grasses,berri GHELBY 22 ALLYLIZZY
12/20/18 1:41 P
Officially, in 2 days from now. Am praying it will be short! SISSYFEB48 9 GRANNY2SK1
12/19/18 7:06 P
So I’ve had my twins.. And just like that I have 5 children now! The twins will be 4 months on Chris SIMPLYKEN32 70 WOMANOFLOVE
12/22/18 1:10 P
This was the severity of my cousin Taylor's injuries. Parts of his skull was lodged in his brain. Th ST3PH 17 GEORGE815
12/19/18 6:57 P
I thank God for the healings I hear about! PICKIE98 5 BONNIEMARGAY
12/16/18 1:14 A
Posted a photo DETERMINED2019 19 ADRIENALINE
12/12/18 4:56 P
#BeforeAndAfter BREBBY3 78 OLA165
12/11/18 11:05 P
Hello everyone I haven't been posting like I did ..but then I haven't been watching my eating like I MHUMBERS1950 20 MHUMBERS1950
12/12/18 11:05 A
Snowy Monday. WORKOUTMAN4252 6 BONNIE1552
12/10/18 6:11 P
I know I don't post a lot about my baby boy Seth, but today I heard him talking and said, " I'm not GINNABEE 12 ANNEMARIE001
12/7/18 6:49 P
#BeforeAndAfter Me squeezing into a size 10. Started at size 26. OLA165 171 BURNINGTHYME101
8/4/19 7:47 A
Could really use some prayers!! Got labs back and everything has tripled and my health is declining HILLARYA90 32 FRISKYCRITTER
12/4/18 1:51 A
Do you count chewing gum in your calorie count?? COURTNEYK2306 5 ANNEMARIE001
12/3/18 7:48 P
Good evening SparkPeople, I have not posted a blog in over 2 months I believe. Mad at myself and not EVANS1848 45 EO4WELLNESS
12/4/18 4:09 P
Woo hoo jumping jacks Jr. section size small NSV..... So be honest I take criticism well my sister s TMP0418 149 OPTICALXILLUSIO
12/5/18 6:49 P
Help me change my heigth on the mobile app. Im 8 foot 6. ;) nah. jk 6 foot. BRENDEAUX 3 ANNEMARIE001
12/3/18 7:33 P
My family picture BIGRENTMAN 29 SCHNOOTIE
12/5/18 9:57 A
I am new. I see a lot of resistance band training but no instruction on what type of band(s) to purc PIXIEDRAGON33 12 ANNEMARIE001
12/3/18 3:52 P
The feeling you have after over a decade of shopping in the plus section of clothing and wearing you BEAGLEGIRL79 25 JEN-JENG
12/3/18 9:10 P
Big challenge coming up today. Going out to dinner to a nice (expensive) restaurant for our 24-yr w MARCIE18 14 PDTB58
12/3/18 6:26 P
Hello everyone, i am sort of new to Spark. Any advice on how to resist the temptation to eat sweets? CECILIALUCIA 13 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
12/3/18 10:35 P
12/6/18 4:22 A
I get a chuckle out of people at the gym getting their "cardio" white reading a book. Particularly NANCYANNE55 11 NANCYANNE55
12/4/18 9:33 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 MOMMY445
12/3/18 1:46 P
Spaghetti squash and chicken for lunch...yummy! CELTIC79KITTEN 11 NIKKINIKKI136
12/3/18 2:17 P
Sad to say I have not been consistent in any of my goals /challenges...been especially bad on my med SARGE200564 5 GEORGE815
12/3/18 1:51 P
Happy Monday folks. Today I increase my treadmill walking from 5 minutes to 7.5 minutes twice a day. LORENE64 7 ALLYLIZZY
12/3/18 2:11 P
been eating healthy and making healthy food decisions at home and when we go out. Small victories! FRITZYS_MAMA 9 RESORTA25
12/3/18 2:07 P
Monthly Team Challenge for December 2018 JUDITH316 22 JUDITH316
12/31/18 12:33 A
Feeling good about my journey. I hope to lose another 10 pounds by December 31st. Wish me luck. MSPALMR1123 65 JAYJAY357
12/3/18 12:27 P
I know the picture on the left look bad of me but I found this picture in my old pics I have to ask SWEETHEART4321 22 ALLYLIZZY
12/3/18 2:41 P
Making progress, feeling great! PLANAR 153 EDWARDS1411
12/3/18 7:24 P
Hi. I need help with a decision. I am looking to get a piece of home exercise equipment to help me l LISALOUW001 3 ANNEMARIE001
12/3/18 10:34 A
Why is it so hard to get up to work out in the winter!? I was doing so good now I'm lucky to get up MOLLIKROWN 5 TOWBALL59
12/3/18 11:00 A
Made an amazing first night Hanukkah dinner for family - brisket and latkes. And thanks to yoga, end GRATTECIELLA 14 CHERIRIDDELL
12/4/18 1:13 A
Posted a photo KAMBAB 11 ANNEMARIE001
12/3/18 8:03 A
My before and after picture! I lost 75lbs. in 9 months with hard work and clean eating, tracking e KAMBAB 32 NVRGIVINGUP
12/3/18 10:32 P
I am a little sore today from the weather and I think that my TOM is getting ready to start. I hope AUNTRENEE 2 ANNEMARIE001
12/3/18 7:51 A
My cute boyfriend decided to propose to me!! After three years he figured he better give me his last SUNFLOWER524 6 BLESSOME
12/3/18 9:21 A