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Up trying to be productive. Antibiotics make me feel sick to my stomach so not doing too much but h JCOLEMAN15 10 BE-THE-CHANGE
5/21/18 2:58 P
I think I'm just ready to scream and give up..I eat the same healthy crap all the time, workout almo STIPTON803 9 KAKONOLADY
5/5/18 10:29 A
I put together a new weight loss tracker. Each paper ring is one pound lost. NDSTOIC44 50 EPSTAR2016
4/19/18 12:41 P
Want to spice up your cottage cheese and you don't have fresh fruit? Try applesauce to give it some DAWN1830 18 JUDYANNK4
5/10/18 8:16 P
The weekends are the worst. I just wanna snack and eat stuff I will regret later like brownies or pr STEPHANIEANN26 9 STEPHANIEANN26
4/16/18 9:46 A
I'm having a hard time pulling myself out of bed. MUSICLADY923 13 MUSICLADY923
4/10/18 11:53 P
Breakfast and lunch off to a bang. Doing the gluten free (I'm celiac) Flat Belly Diet. Managed the 4 MOMTOMYRTLE 14 MOMTOMYRTLE
4/6/18 4:39 P
Extremely depressed. My two daughters are driving me crazy. DD24 moved out suddenly with boyfriend. CHERYLE51 8 JMAHNKEN
4/7/18 6:28 P
I deleted my Facebook account today. One decision I think will help me be healthier. ANDI571 4 FRISKYCRITTER
4/6/18 7:41 A
Last week was hard. My husband being home affects the choices I make, and I can't claim to have made NIXXIEKITTEN 9 LISAMARIE2015
2/19/18 10:33 A
Hello Sparks People, this is my first post though I have used Sparks for several years off and on. B CFRAPPE 23 CFRAPPE
2/5/18 7:45 P
My camper hates the snow😁. Can’t wait for summer. LJBOWSER1 2 ANDI571
2/4/18 12:27 P
Anyone else a WW freestyle member? I just joined 2 days ago. I'm thinking of running this app in Tan HEAVY2LIGHT 5 ANDI571
1/31/18 6:25 P
I realized something yesterday. I went for a 2 mile walk (first one in a long time) and proceeded t HOLLYBARKER1 24 HOLLYBARKER1
1/31/18 5:03 P
#BeforeAndAfter PAR1251 304 FLASUN
1/28/18 6:31 A
Hello my friend's sparkpeople this morning my weight is now 297 pound and talk about cried like a ba PAMSIMS20163 201 REGINA45
5/29/18 6:08 A
Bonus Points For The Turtle Team LJCANNON 4215 ONEKIDSMOM
6/22/18 10:52 A
How important is exercise vs eating right? I know you need a balance of both but to go from a sedent ALPAKAPUNCH 11 2LEAHMOM
1/23/18 11:56 A
I really really really screwed up. My husband brought home a box of honey buns. I ate 4 yesterday & SONYA2575 9 ROBINVOTAW
1/22/18 1:55 P
How much does premium cost after the free trial? Has anyone purchased it? ARCTIC_ROSE 4 SHELLLEY2
1/22/18 12:30 P
Since I only wear contacts for workouts and dates with my husband these days, I splurged on a new pa SGDISIS 305 SGDISIS
1/24/18 9:53 A
I started Spark People today. I’m not sure what to expect. My goal is to lose 70lbs. I’ve failed mis MOMONVACATION 302 WAWPROPERTYMANA
1/22/18 9:30 P
Hey yall. Why are we collecting spark points. What are they good for. CINDEQUIZ 4 FEELINGSTRONGER
1/19/18 11:26 P
I need opinions. I’m 5’11, 150 pounds (at my goal ISABEAUSROSE 59 WLHOPE
1/19/18 9:16 P
Camping season is right around the corner! JSTETSER 28 PEGGY-BEE
1/19/18 2:43 P
#BeforeAndAfter the last couple of weeks I've been LIL1IAN 176 KARENE10
3/16/18 8:54 A
Hello! 😌 I came across this app today and so far I love it. I’m marking today as the official start LILI1987 52 LILI1987
1/16/18 8:39 P
I recently started my journey and what I find very hard is drinking 8 glasses of water. Any tips? VANIEUMRAO 9 VANIEUMRAO
1/18/18 8:41 P
I just shoveled about 8 inches of snow from around and on my car. Can I consider that my workout for PAMMIESUE81 8 LYCAN1
1/16/18 2:02 P
I’m new here and am looking for a good group of people to help keep me accountable! I’m 37, two wee BBQUEENMEL 35 KOSHIE1
1/16/18 2:39 P
This morning my son (he's seven going on twenty-one) decided to sneak a picture of me... as I was ge JESSICA_G23 242 GIANTOCR1
3/14/18 10:48 A
Hello everyone. Today is my first day on here. I am starting 3rd semester of nursing school Tuesda KORNY14 85 ZZSUSAN
1/13/18 5:42 P
I've been on here about a week and I've lost 2 lb this made me pretty happy until this morning I too BLUTHER16 37 JFAIT3
1/10/18 9:32 P
Ugh!! Idk why I do this to myself! I was doing so TMOODY84 307 CARPROTH
4/9/18 11:14 A
Introduce yourself HERE! SPARK_COACH_JEN 93 FRESHSTART21
4/18/18 2:55 A
This is the kind of Temptation that I have to deal with now that my daughter, her husband, and my gr MUSICLADY923 13 MUSICLADY923
1/8/18 5:33 P
Good Morning!! How Many Points Did You Spin Today? LJCANNON 8958 MOMINE
6/22/18 12:21 A
Why oh why can't Superfoods taste like candy 😂😂 Trying to eat cleaner and it's not as simple as it BECKYS0801 4 SOFT_VAL67
7/13/17 10:14 A
In green 2 yrs ago!! Yikes!! Down 110..18 to that me on the right? I still feel overweight DIANEPAG 199 RIVERVIXEN44
12/3/17 4:40 P
I'm feeling extremely frustrated today. I was looking through pictures on my phone and I got so dish CHRISTYHARRIS84 301 CHRISTYHARRIS84
6/27/17 9:05 P
A Smile for today VICKI-N-FLA 459 AIRFORCEBOB
5/19/16 12:06 A
6/20/18 8:49 A
Daily check in - are you on track today? SEARCH4BALANCE 7198 TAMMYAND
5/30/18 2:45 P
Post Your Total Miles Here LJCANNON 951 BERRY4
10/27/14 9:06 P
Discuss Week 2 here SP_MELINDA 1463 FAT2FIT2018
5/29/18 6:27 A
Discuss Week 1 and your challenge goals here! SP_MELINDA 4095 IMEMINE1
1/7/18 2:48 P
Emoticon Your Day! D-ABBY 7210 WALLAHALLA
2/28/18 10:54 A
Finish this sentence...Today I'm Thankful For.... IWANNABEALOSER 27347 FITMARY
6/20/18 6:36 P
Let's Go To The Moon Together!! LJCANNON 164 CBRINKLEY401
5/20/13 5:15 P
What is the one thing? ANDI571 9 LJCANNON
12/12/12 9:24 P
Please introduce yourself here! COACH_NICOLE 1016 CGH-ARTYPANTS
6/1/18 10:45 A
2/17/12 1:52 P
One Day at a Time: Check-in! PS343MAMA 58 TRAINEDBYHORSES
6/3/11 9:54 A
As of April, 2011 - reading? introduce yourself! NANA717 42 CHANGING-VICKI
9/27/12 5:19 P
hello everybody im new REFECTION 6 SHAPNUP
2/5/11 9:06 A
Post Anything Green LJCANNON 205 LJCANNON
3/9/13 1:24 A
Post Anything Red LJCANNON 194 LJCANNON
3/2/11 9:11 P
Post Any Fitness Icon LJCANNON 234 LJCANNON
10/22/13 7:56 P
What Is Your Favorite Way To Cook Vegetables? LJCANNON 11 JILLITA55
12/11/11 8:45 A
I'm on this weight loss journey because..... ROXMATHIS 22 MARVEEME
1/29/11 7:35 A
What Are You Grateful For Today? LJCANNON 87 THISYEARSMODEL
5/22/11 2:55 A
I'm a old turtle but I'll finish the race MAGDAVIS4458 3377 INACAR
6/21/18 2:30 P
1/23/11 3:07 P
100 Days of Smiles LJCANNON 355 GABY1948
10/1/14 6:36 P
Nothing Tastes As Good As HEALTHY Feels LJCANNON 42 KASEYCOFF
3/11/14 12:35 P
Weight loss/est ogen/hot flashes?? CAWESTY 47 SHAPNUP
6/17/10 8:41 P
Pedometer Batteries ANDI571 6 ONEKIDSMOM
5/24/10 8:13 P
Pit Stops And Side Trips On The Way To The Moon LJCANNON 16 KASEYCOFF
8/8/10 3:47 A
What Snacks Are You Taking With You? LJCANNON 40 KASEYCOFF
8/4/10 5:22 A
Packing Our Suitcases LJCANNON 168 PATJOHNS1
9/2/10 2:52 P
Talk about Ruby/ Discuss Ruby Episodes LITTLE_QUEEN 985 LAINIESNEWLIFE
8/27/10 11:05 P
QOTW: 4/5/10--Lunch Date? LJCANNON 17 NOBLE53
7/12/10 3:56 A
ML 2010 Change one word DEE107 872 DEE107
10/31/10 9:30 P
The Songs Game OKANOG 25078 EDWARDS1411
6/20/18 6:56 P
ML 2010 New teammates introduce yourselves DEE107 120 MOMMA48
9/16/10 8:04 P